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B Basar (1 month ago)
Plz send me some keys i cant get the keys my ID name BASAR 007
B Basar (1 month ago)
Gift me some keys to this BASAR007
Robert Raygoza (4 months ago)
well, ill never spend $ on this game, thanx for doing the dirty work
Ray Foo (6 months ago)
And now on mobile u jus need to spend any amount to get the leapord bandana
Prince LJ Official (7 months ago)
Ohhh wow!! Tomorrow’s my birthday can you gift me one of those baggy pants and punk gloves? Like I would really appreciate it like, they are really my best wishes on the game.. I just don’t have money to buy keys and crates. 🙏🏻
Harace (7 months ago)
Wong Wai-Kit (7 months ago)
what does these items do?? cosmetics only?
Aleksandr Stasyuk (7 months ago)
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오노데라코사키 (7 months ago)
andepandegaming (8 months ago)
He made profit easilu
Nikkenaldo (8 months ago)
CrispyCrust (8 months ago)
I wish i had a leather hoodie... I unboxed it first crate on test server made me sad ever since...😔
Mad Rick (8 months ago)
How much u pay for this 102 creates and keys ?
LC3lClash (8 months ago)
The mobile version of pubg has better case opening
Nathan Caplener (8 months ago)
Last night I bought 20 of these crates and 20 keys and I got the Leather Sweaters first the black then immediately right after I got the white one I was so happy !
difenz (8 months ago)
how many money u spend?
Roni Albz (8 months ago)
You just spend so much money broo
-_BEAST_- (8 months ago)
So u have much things come give us some if u want
Mert (8 months ago)
Juan Garzia (8 months ago)
For free coins: https://fast-pubg.com/#r/29sd6s
Craze Stewart (8 months ago)
Dragon lore at 2:35
주영석 (8 months ago)
Holy fucking shit
gntailiciouszone (8 months ago)
Sometimes it's good that people upload these videos, so you realize that it's not worth opening boxes if you do not have to spend like Amel, better or think to buy boxes and keys, because if he opened 100 boxes with a key and many of them was Articles are worth almost nothing, make up for what cost you the keys. Better, it's selling your boxes and little by little buying the skin you want and you like. (I've done it that way and I have an outfit that I like) Greetings Amel and thanks for the video.
AgentMrDrSir (8 months ago)
Ibought 2 keys for my 2desperado crates but pubg doesnt show them in my inventory but their in my steam inventory... how can i use those keys or did steam/pubg jus fuck me wit no lube? Lol
Patryooo (8 months ago)
Hahah you buy my create
Gruby PvP (8 months ago)
hahhahaa i opened 1 desperado crate and got the black leather hoodie
Gruby PvP (8 months ago)
i swear to fuckign god ask jesus man he knows
mrk mndz (8 months ago)
CareyPvP sure
isaiah claxton (8 months ago)
Do you get crates for wins
Aceras Fire (8 months ago)
i was planning to open 4 desperado create today and i saw this video = nah am good
Учитель БЖ (8 months ago)
Тоже делаю похоже видео!
random guy (8 months ago)
Sreams Alot? (8 months ago)
Keep it up and I subscribe sub to me I u want
SnowBalz (8 months ago)
mate your character is worth a lot of money
Sw!ftyRoo (8 months ago)
I might actually stop playing now. Before you could get good loot. I saved up a big sum, and was waiting for the new crates. I shoulda just dumped before the update
what the fuck are these keys, i never seen them on xbox. if i hve to microbuy this piece of shit im flipping
kamasi (8 months ago)
I opened 1 and got the black hoodie hahahahah
Fu Brian (8 months ago)
U might as well sell all the crates, u get more money
Ridiculousss (8 months ago)
suprised people are even spending money in this game with all the present cheaters, every NA server has cheating asians in it lmfao
FUNKY MARILENE CAT (8 months ago)
Ridiculousss true
Malthus Brother (9 months ago)
WOAHHH nice one
Aat (9 months ago)
How much you spend your money for this ???
almst (8 months ago)
Aat 700$
shiba plays (9 months ago)
Fun how everyone wants the mask and hoodie and here's me like I want the aviator sunglasses lmao
iSLoWicZ (9 months ago)
cost ?
Christian Veng Espersen (9 months ago)
Its on the test server LOL
almst (8 months ago)
Christian Veng Espersen no isnt
Sum Fuk (9 months ago)
More money than sense.
USA NEWS 24 (9 months ago)
I love You!
Fred Bat (9 months ago)
Give some knuckles XD
Ryan Lim (9 months ago)
Sir Can I have 1 horn-rimmed glasses D:
Ryan Lim (9 months ago)
If only I had time to farm BP and money to buy keys :(
SneR85 Gaming (9 months ago)
PIONEER SHIRT | PUBG Original T-shirt (US) LIMITED EDI. Go to: teespring . com /stores /sner-design-studio-store
Pat Rose (9 months ago)
my life: i play pubg for a few months now=nothing my vga dies, one week till my new one comes=new crates hella profit, millions of dollars bruh where can i sign to die?
Burak Kaynar (9 months ago)
mübarek ne katladı be
gearbie (9 months ago)
keys 100x2.50=$250 des/crates 100x3.80=$380 Equals $630 and if you get a mask sell it for $1300 you came up around $600. winner no matter what.
Rodolf Ramos (9 months ago)
advanceddarkness3 (9 months ago)
Test Server. They gave everyone on test servers 250K Battle Points to unlock crates. This was to make sure that the Crate system was stable when it went to LIVE servers.
Jendrik (9 months ago)
omg i got AVIATOR SUNGLASSES CHECKERED JACKET Pubg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLc4RIE_Djs&t=219s
AcidIce (9 months ago)
nice test server footage LMFAO
Ry Empire (9 months ago)
how did he get the 102 keys on the test server? you can only buy them for the main server, the test server only gives 6 keys for free, not 102.
ProleMc (9 months ago)
This new crates will disapeer?
Zeke Bence (9 months ago)
Profit ??
Roel Versteeg (9 months ago)
how can you have that much bp????
sad (9 months ago)
can u give me biker case ? xd
Mmq (9 months ago)
They should make a Key-to-lock animation that opens the case, and while it opens it shows the color of the rarity inside the case. That'd be amazing.
game home (9 months ago)
Nice omg
Rowan Burns (9 months ago)
that's a huge profit
AdnanYeh (9 months ago)
Should've spent them in bit coins ahHAA
Марио Петров (9 months ago)
woooow ... well you are well on profit :D
Music Style夜少 (9 months ago)
Can u give me 1 bandana
Julian de Bruin (9 months ago)
Opened one, got black leather hoodie XD That's what I call luck
MrLufus (9 months ago)
You can sell the Leopard Masks for each 800 on the Steam Community Market and you are in Profit 100x4€ = 400€ (Case) and 100×2€ 200€ (Key) so sell it to receive 1600€ on steam or 1450$ on opskins
REGINOX (9 months ago)
Fuck...I'm tempted to get keys just for the knuckles and baggy pants (black)
Tymz12367 (9 months ago)
give me something PLS :) https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=348305670&token=2l9Ohes5
Satorik (9 months ago)
а я открыл на видео 50 кейсов
Robert Brooks (9 months ago)
First case got the black leather hoodie. RIP price in 7 days :(
Onestone_son (9 months ago)
Dude you made hella money
Athrix (9 months ago)
Most of these are high prices right now cause they're new, if you sell them right now it'll be much better than keeping them for no reason but you know just a suggestion.
hiimmatthew (2 months ago)
Bl4de_Samakeh it’s now a hundred lmao
Chris Tan (8 months ago)
it dropped.
Mansoor Ahmad Khan (8 months ago)
what do u say now ?
Electra (9 months ago)
SMAK sell them asap and get most money? They will drop very fast after everybody has one
DatSavageGamer (9 months ago)
Mfw I get a leather jacket on my first crate
Giovanny Rangel (9 months ago)
They should do a cut scene like they do in bF1 for opening the crates it'd make much more entertaining
LeagueGames (9 months ago)
i literally opened one of these and got the bandana
CHRZANAMI W JAJ (9 months ago)
Good but do you know da way
Stain (9 months ago)
wow i cant belive you got 2 bandanas
Kuba Hołownia (9 months ago)
If you want you can give me some shitty skins i will enjoy them:) My nick is NakedByo:)
Bruce Lee (9 months ago)
fuck off
nice man!
У - фортуна
Shasvat Raj (9 months ago)
Plzz do a giveaway
רן מור (9 months ago)
Smoke (9 months ago)
Fuck man on *TEST* i opened the white hoodie and its almost 1200 euro (you can sell it for 600 too) :(
Mike I (9 months ago)
I got brown baggy pants, pretty good if I say myself
Savage Lonj (9 months ago)
gimme some of those daddy ;)
RADICAL LARRY (9 months ago)
Bro your fuckin profit is insane
Sunnyman (9 months ago)
I crecently unboxed the aviator glasses and im having a hard time trying to find out if they are good or not. I know they are hella expensive on steam market but thats cause it just came out... anybody know if they are good or not?
skunk12 (21 days ago)
What does "hella" mean?
Ryan Lim (9 months ago)
sell it and get a cheaper jacket, you could buy some games with the money
Death Walkthroughs (9 months ago)
stoptakingusernamepls Just sell It and then buy again when It get cheaper
its Graaze (9 months ago)
stoptakingusernamepls sell that right away
stoptakingusernamepls (9 months ago)
Just got the black leather jacket and im thinking the same think, its kind of an achievement for me to get something this expensive so im having a hard time thinking whether should i sell it or not tbh
Leo Touliver (9 months ago)
Can you give me a steamer in steam account: kiento6351
Rexzone (9 months ago)
money, money money XD. leaving the relax, 100 boxes or give you a chance to get something decent, pure bad things. moral, if you do not have money left over, there will be no boxes, sell them and do not buy
Jason (9 months ago)
u can give me the skins u have more of
Jason (9 months ago)
how much did it cost u
MUHAMMED KH (9 months ago)
800~ if he bought all and he got around 4300 in skins
Sup Bonez (9 months ago)
Did u buy the keys ingame or from market
Hesh_Walker77 (9 months ago)
what key do I need? Please help!
reamdream (9 months ago)
Where will you sell your items ?
Amel (9 months ago)
Steam market.
Aldi Syahrudin (9 months ago)
give me 1 shirt in desparado crate haha
DrooG (9 months ago)
leave your steam profile link pliz )))
Rhys Cater (9 months ago)
People like you are destroying game thanks :\
ghoul (9 months ago)
Death Walkthroughs idk about you but how could someone be mad if they made their money back I rarely ever buy them like $30 max buy I made more than I spent by far
Death Walkthroughs (9 months ago)
stoptakingusernamepls not gonna discuss with a fucking supporter of microtransactions. The game costs 30 dollars, and yeah you van have a fucking profit with It, but i'll never support paid microtransactions in a game that you already have to pay to play. I do like the Guy above, i play and sell the crates, but you Will see... Someday this game is gonna be like h1z1, only microtransactions and broken game. It's already breaking with ALL chinese hackers
stoptakingusernamepls (9 months ago)
Death Walkthroughs oh and lets not forget to mention that this game only cost like 20 dollar, and yet you can get a huuuuuge amount of replayability from it, so im pretty sure thats a 20 dollar well spent, even coming from a cheapskate
stoptakingusernamepls (9 months ago)
Death Walkthroughs and what is the diffrence beetwen desperado crates and the normal crates? Nothing, they give you skins and that is all. Cant you be like the guy above? He didnt like the lootbox system, he didnt open the crates and moved on with his life and keep playing the game, why did you have to cry about a completely optional choice that doesnt impact your gameplay at all? You keep making a bold assumptions about how bluehole will turn into one of those greedy company which hasnt happened, they gave us a free map, fixed some bugs, and optimized the game so it can run better, they made a good and fun game yet you think they didnt deserve the money that they got at all? They even kind enough to make this battlepoint system so you either can look like other "paid user" or you can sell the crates to actually make some profit with it, hmmm either they are being way too greedy.... Or youre too much of a fucking cheapskate and a crybaby.
Death Walkthroughs (9 months ago)
Rhys Cater you're super right my friend
Avivso (9 months ago)
thanks my dude
Vind Qhia (9 months ago)
I want that Knuckle so bad . Gift me please Amel (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚

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