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Airborne Cannons guide - Battlefield 1

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The key to completing this challenge is understanding the enemy flight patterns so in this video I will be showing you exactly where the enemy planes will be coming from to help you complete the challenge! Some more Battlefield 1 videos are on the way, in the meantime, why not check out some of my other videos ;-) Rainbow Six | Siege: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJ2fvq1g83I&list=PLP2MwDk1r3q2uAFwAZrqddJZK-4joHNYj Video Games Live - Qatar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMjSGl2CT2E&list=PLP2MwDk1r3q2f2N3hSnY0aeywbUk9KbXh Payday 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzIdLqwikDY&index=1&list=PLP2MwDk1r3q1ChcWEGKJcEOD4CHfJ2inA Intro/Outro Music: "RetroFuture Nasty" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
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Text Comments (396)
The Spleen (1 year ago)
Guys for those who are on PS4 and don't have the Hitmarkers : Remove the game from the ps4 and reinstall it without the update 1.03 (pause it) launch the game offline and Tada ! the hitmarkers are back. Tried 100 times without hitmarkers and passed it instantly with it (first try). Turn the difficulty to easy and restart the whole mission (cause of version incompatibility). Good luck :) P.S. please be indulgent with my english, i'm french ^^
Mark de Smit (6 months ago)
Ivan Mejia just do they way where you remove all updates and then do it. It is the most easy thing to do ever.
Ivan Mejia (6 months ago)
The bombers takes 10 shots before they go down...
MrDoctor9th (7 months ago)
Mark de Smit i doing the way like John Cena and im not lose my progress
Mark de Smit (7 months ago)
John Cena do you actually lose all your progress or not?
John Cena (7 months ago)
The Spleen man you saved my life thanks man ,i tried like a 50 times i dont know it didnt worked but when i saw your comment i just deleted the app and reinstall without updating it, i just got the codex entry on my first try because of you thanks.
Ciggie Butt Bryan (21 days ago)
Oh my fuck I finished it
Ben Fiesta (1 month ago)
It is easier to do this challenge if your are stand-up kinda guy!
Luis Rivera (1 month ago)
Thanks to your guide I did it , thanks I m so fucking happy , I m about to get the Platinum trophie.
Daniel Sherar (2 months ago)
Your'e a stand up kinda guy.
chow joe (2 months ago)
I could only say after I try for an hour for this codex , I find this guideline and its quite useful , and in addition I use the 'uninstall' method to restore it to v1.00 in my ps4 and then I got this codex and achievement at offline status. And now I am waiting for my v1.26 update now for another hour again .... lol
علي البديري (3 months ago)
Thank youuu a really big help
Yağız Örs (3 months ago)
Thank you so much i finally get the platinium trophy
dOb Live (5 months ago)
Before watching this video I was trying for 2 hrs with no luck. After watching your video I got it on my 3rd attempt on "hard" difficulty with latest patches on the game, so it is possible to do it without uninstalling game like others suggested. THANK YOU !
JoMcD21 (5 months ago)
This is such fucking bullshit, I swear this is broken now.
Luka Krpač (5 months ago)
Tysm for this, tbh i thaught it will take me much more tries than it actually did (on ps4) thanks to your guide
Mr. Checo (5 months ago)
Since 2016 the only challenge / trophy missing for my PLATINUM. Thanks
jordy van rossum (5 months ago)
Thank you thank you thank you ur the best couldn't do it ur the best bro
xReaperModz (5 months ago)
it took me 17 tries to finally get this achievement
garrett sagerhorn (5 months ago)
Now that they have nerfed AA damage it takes 3 hits for bombers and 2 sometimes 3 for fighters. It's impossible, I have given up on this fuck Dice and the guy who designed this challenge he lost my support for future battlefield games with this shit.....
kevparker11 (5 months ago)
Thank you so much it took 18 months but done
NockLaumOK (6 months ago)
For those wondering. Still possible in 2018 on latest patch.
StarTsurugi (6 months ago)
F this challenge
Tacoma K (7 months ago)
Pos gun overheats too quickly
FuckinAntiPope (7 months ago)
Fuck this codex and fuck the guy making this fucking Codex, thinking it's a good fucking idea! It's almost impossible on PS4. I always get these Critical Kit Kill things but almost NEVER a kill. This fucking annoys me. Sometimes I also got the feeling that this shitty AA doesn't even hit. I wish someone could do that for me...
Max Gamer (7 months ago)
пошел ты нахуй! нихуя эта ебата не раскрывается.
PlayStarDE (7 months ago)
i want to kill clyde blackburn and his family
Dani Palomo (7 months ago)
Yes, done it finally! Shooting the bombards down is a pain in the ass, took me 1h and your video to realise I have to shot much more to the left as I was doing, thanks dude
Brijendra Chaudhary (7 months ago)
Need ur psn id pls
Andraž Plesničar (7 months ago)
I love how i accidentaly clicked restart mission on the 50th try...
Justin Brewer (7 months ago)
Thanks for the video, very informative unlike many others where they just do it, and they're like "just do that". I still haven't gotten it but at least I have a good idea of how now. I swear I've downed 10 in less than 30 secs multiple times already. Is it 30 seconds from the first kill, or from the start of the checkpoint? The thing that keeps throwing me off is it say "critical hit kill" shows up orange, "kill" shows up black, and headship shows up red (which doesn't matter here), but when I get a "critical hit kill", it doesn't always kill them it seems. It seems to take 2 critical hit "kills" to down a fighter, and multiple to down a bomber. Rarely I'll get straight black. I assume it counts towards my kill counter when they spin out of control and explode but that shows up as orange not black...I'm concerned for some reason it's not counting those as kills
MrDoctor9th (8 months ago)
I play this on ps4 and cant get the 3 bomber plane, i know they just reduced weapon damage with update. Only 3 bomber have to be destroyed. Anoying challange just like in Titanfall 2 gauntlet challange they both EA
Gibbo263 (8 months ago)
I've tried this 100s of times and recorded a number of my attempts, I have managed to destroy 11 planes on some occasions but it wont unlock for me
v3nours (8 months ago)
So, I just got the game on sale during the apocalypse DLC release on pc (feb 2018) and I'am not getting hit markers half of the time. I get mostly critical hits but no kills. Sometimes the plane goes down sometimes not. It takes 4 shots for an attack plane and double that at least for a bomber. But as I said the plane burns and that's all. It won't count as a kill, and I'am sure of my aim. It's definitly not on me. I wish Dice looked into this... It seems broken to me because I tried every difficulty and nothing changes. I feel like I wasted hours for nothing. Don't hesitate to comment here and share your impressions if you tried post apocalypse DLC. Thank you for your input.
John Martin (8 months ago)
Coming from someone that has yet to get this down im kinda glad its more difficult. Its going to make that platinum that much more enjoyable. I'm determined but damn that barrel overheats fast
Péter Lázin (8 months ago)
For any of those who still struggle to get the codex here's a method: It only works if u have a physical copy of the game!!! I tried it on Xbox ONE, perhaps it works on PS4 as well dunno... 1st - Uninstall the internal storage of BF1 (this will delete the game but keeps the saves) 2nd - Go offline and reinstall the game but remain offline 3rd - When you now retry the codex challenge, the planes should be easier to take down. 4th - After it's done go back online and if you had this last codex entry the achievement should pop up as well!!! I've struggled to get this too, but this way I got it on my first try. Bombers went down with only one hit!!! Like this so others can see and maybe we can cure others affected by this cancerous codex :D
Carl Cardigan (8 months ago)
This is some controller-through-the-wall type of shit right here.
Void Reaper (9 months ago)
Dang it I wish I could set it to easy mode
Pascal Dörr (9 months ago)
thx a lot
evo michel (9 months ago)
Finaly fucking did it! Now i'm a fucking stand up guy! And a gambler.
Maledictus92 (9 months ago)
What actually constitutes as a ‘kill’ or ‘destroy’? Because I changed the color of the ‘critical hitmarker’ to green, and I only get green hitmarkers, and no red (kill color).
Yasin Ayas (9 months ago)
Thing is, I can't f'in aim.
Adrian Chigurh (9 months ago)
S4side (9 months ago)
Bruh it takes alot more to destroy the airplanes even on easy mode
Elliot Broadhurst (9 months ago)
I finally did it! Hahaha! Enjoy the insanity everyone!
Ben Cozart (10 months ago)
Thank you *really, thank fucking you oh my god yesss*
Fabrizio Cuofano (11 months ago)
Thank you very much man, you definitely saved me! It took me ages to unlock the codex entry until I found your walkthrough that was really useful. Keep it up with this good work 🤙🏻
Luiz Antonio (11 months ago)
Aws Alx (11 months ago)
the only one who shared a bery useful video about this codex so i'll share and suscribe :)
SuperWomann_ (11 months ago)
Damn, took almost half an hour.. Advices I'll give are of course to use easy mode. Save your ammunation. Meaning u have to get all those planes destroyed before reloading. Then to turn sensitive really low. After those tree first planes, there will come a plain slighly to your right. If u shoot that, you have a change to hit plane below/near it(other wise it flies away from your right side) So do that instead of going to the left after those 3 firts planes :)  After those, from the right distance comes 3 planes towards you. Shoot 2 of them. ( start with the furthest left plane and when the middle plane comes closer to the left plane, shoot it down) And after them, shoot those 3 bombers or 2 and 1 ordinary one after them. Idk if this made any sense without any visuals. But good luck to anyone who stilö doesn't have the codex!
nucliosis (11 months ago)
You almost sound like a young Ewan Obiwan Kenoby.
p_nny (11 months ago)
Jesus I'm actually about to hire a pro codex guy for this shit..
deidjera (11 months ago)
I finally got it after 3 bloody hours thanks to this guide. Thanks a million. I need a drink now...
Toxic Twat (11 months ago)
Phereon (1 year ago)
I give up it's just not worth it... it's like it's hard like dark soul it's just painfully annoying
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
+Phereon muting the sound helps
That1Guy (1 year ago)
I got this out of pure fucking luck! I somehow shot down all 7 planes and then 2 more before I shot down the middle bomber and got this! 😆
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
That1Guy (1 year ago)
This is the best tutorial I’ve seen for this! Thank you for doing this right
Zaid Khan (1 year ago)
“I’m a stand up kind of guy” will be in my nightmares
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
+Zaid Khan I still can't listen to the music that plays during this sequence... and that voice line... I don't even want to imagine it
Clyde Blackburn (1 year ago)
I fucking love you.
Varpi Varpi (1 year ago)
Thanks for the help!
No Boddday (1 year ago)
I have all codex and field manuals in the campaign except this one
No Boddday (1 year ago)
This code entry is cancer
Niq (1 year ago)
Fucking SMOKE MOTHA FUCKING EVERY WHERE and it made me make me break my fuckin monitor
SobiesKiing (1 year ago)
finally.. after an half hour of raging. just had luck with the 2x3 planes
hawkar perot (1 year ago)
hawkar perot (1 year ago)
KainetheWusky (1 year ago)
Roberto No (1 year ago)
This is a way better guide then this other YouTubeer his dumbass didn't even highlighted where they'll be. Thanks
Feynanimous (1 year ago)
You are a stand up kind of guy, did it first try from trying your methods compared to the others on youtube. I can finally live my life.
itsMakzLele (1 year ago)
After the 13th time i got it!!!
Marline Louw (1 year ago)
Me after I finally get the codex "Im a stand up kind of guy☺"
Imperialdude94 Gaming (1 year ago)
Finally finished it. I hope whoever made this gets fired, and gets a job at a dildo factory. Having to color and test them.
Achizile Zone (1 year ago)
Immediately after watching this video I got it. Thank you!
Sneaker O1ogist (1 year ago)
Fox1223 (1 year ago)
This is codex is fucking stupid
S H O K (1 year ago)
phoenix legend (1 year ago)
After watching a dozen videos of people getting lucky, yours gives the best guide. After two accidental restarts instead of checkpoint and 2 hours later I got it before the bombers even came. So indeed I got lucky too. By far the worst codex in the game clearly made by someone going through a divorce and/or castration.
IamThatIam (1 year ago)
I dont know how your hitting them so fast, i get tons of hit markers and they just keep on flying,,,IDONT GIVE A FLYI NG FUCK!!!!
IamThatIam (1 year ago)
I SWEAR TO GOD IF I EVER SAW THE HEAD OF DICE< I WOULD SHIT DOWN THIER THROAT, then say FUCK YOU!!!! I hate this challenge, totally wrecked my opinion of this game
Samuel Reyna (1 year ago)
JESUS CHRIST!!! For the hundredth time your a STAND UP KIND OF GUYYY!!!!!!
Zerexy (1 year ago)
Samantha Gilley (1 year ago)
OMG thank you so much i tried this a thousand times and could not get it i watched your video and read your comments and followed your tips it took like 15 i am so happy i do not have to hear im a stand up kind of guy any more thank you once again
Jazzy (1 year ago)
As soon as I got it I started 'straight flushing' muthafuckas
TheGrindedGamer (1 year ago)
Man it is hard on consoles without a Kontrol Freek
Sean Henderson (1 year ago)
How do you hit the last 3? Can't seem to hit him but this is very hard.
Soup (1 year ago)
Just did it, thanks rogue!
MontyBullfrog (1 year ago)
I just got it after two days of constant "I'm a stand up kinda guy". All I can say is don't give up (Ik you are all probably tired of seeing comments like this but anyways) and just shoot the fuck out of those bombers. Also try tapping the trigger and not holding it. Last tip 8 can tell you is lower your sensitivity on console and mute the game! Good luck to all of you stand up kinda guys who are trying this challenge right now.
Billy Mays (1 year ago)
I wanted to cut my dick off because of this mission
animedude171 (1 year ago)
animedude171 (1 year ago)
this honestly reminds me of how hard the Chocobo training in FFX was. So stupidly hard
Monkey Shaolin (1 year ago)
I've been trying it for 7 months now and I still dont have it. Now I know what type of guy he is...
starting 5th hour are you sure this  is possible????
Martin Ivanov (1 year ago)
This fucking codex is so evil it had me going to the bible for help!
Rick Harrison (1 year ago)
I hate this codex
Pablo Marin (1 year ago)
Broken Helmet (1 year ago)
Attempt 473...
Silberner (1 year ago)
this is impossible for Xbox no matter what I do how many guides I look up I still can't do it
Liam Lintag (1 year ago)
My 23rd try (yes I counted), I hit all 7 of the first planes and went to target the bombers. Only got one before they got near the blimp and pretty much impossible to kill. Out of rage and frustration, shot randomly and mostly into smoke. Somehow got two more in that last second and got the challenge. feelsgoodman
Joe Gillard (1 year ago)
Thanks so much I was getting very frustrated with this one and u helped a ton
Jay B (1 year ago)
It's like the planes die easier for you. I lowered the difficulty to easy and still can't even kill the first 4. This challenge is ridiculous.
MDSmith 51 (1 year ago)
Thanks it helped ALOT
caruanadre (1 year ago)
7 fucking shots on the bomber or what the fuck its called and it still goes on fuck me this codex is fucked up
Ah, he playin' on pc....he has better aim so he going get this chanllenge done faster than us (some) console players.
Eva Lyk (1 year ago)
Thank you very much sir. This helped me get the codex on the first run.
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
+Eva Lyk nice! 😎
Dion Sanchez (1 year ago)
Who are the cunts who made this codex?
R.I.P Robbie Rotten (1 year ago)
Mostly pilots, gamblers and stand-up kinda guys...

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