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ArenaNet CEO Responds to Fired Guild Wars 2 Dev's Ridiculous Claims

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YongYea (4 days ago)
EDIT 2: A correction. For 18:58, turns out Peter did make it a gender issue and diss the Guild Wars 2 community (http://archive.is/CQ5BB). However, Jessica still overreached with her interpretation of his tweet. EDIT: Apologies that each video on the matter has only gotten longer, but Jessica Price's claims continue to get more ridiculous. Great response from Mike O Brien, and hopefully this will be the last video on this circus show Jessica's putting on. Show your support on Patreon.com/YongYea or PayPal.me/YongYea! It's completely optional, but even $1 a month contribution will go a long way. Also, follow me on Twitter.com/YongYea for the latest updates. TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Thelionsam - Shawn Duane Cottrell [BIG BOSS] - TheKingSolomon - Vin Giorgio [BOSS] - Zander Rose - Flying Seafox - Joel Wesley Salyer - John A Perez - James Holden - Alex Moretti - justconst - comfyHat - Jonathan Ball - Michael Redmond [LEGENDARY] - Michael P. Reid - Ahmed Al-Khayyat - oh2on2 - Mark Taylor - blake brown - TITOtheGamingGod - Christopher Davis Kildahl - D Kurtti - Jade Rose - Prismat Dragoon - Darien Cunningham - Teemu Hattukangas - Princess Stabbity - Jake Betts - Jonah Ferguson - Pawel Dziemian
Morning Star (14 hours ago)
Like I hate you all now!
Morning Star (14 hours ago)
YongYea, you’re so slow...
Avalloc (2 days ago)
From 6:05 she is lying, all companies do respect their employees to be outspoken on issues as long as it does not bring the company into disrepute - which she did - at the same time companies also warn that as an employee you are considered to be representative on social media as they are public forums.
Kmangod (2 days ago)
A dishonest company that consistently craps all over its customer base is now eating its own.  Hilarious shit, anyone for popcorn?
Thomas Winstead (3 days ago)
Thanks for covering this. Its good to see honesty and the full story. The verge post with disabled comments is absolute garbage. https://www.theverge.com/2018/7/12/17565218/arenanet-guild-wars-firing-games-social-media-harassment
Thegoodoldays (40 minutes ago)
Oh looks someone was fired for being an asshole. How "controversial". Oh boy the consumers despise this person for being a massive shithead? How unfortunate for the objectively terrible person that cutting out what is bringing bad PR to your company is an optimal move.
Iain Kerr (1 hour ago)
So to put it simply. Like always. Everyone with this agenda and ideology. Like such people, she will force lies down throats VS take a stand and admit her own fault. Therefor slowly killing a great company. Gw has quite a few liberal writers these days. Those with LGBT and eonens rights agenda. Yet they don't go on rants or spew ideology or propaganda. Same with their concervative writers. They keep their personal beliefs aside from their jobs at arena net. I personally don't give two shits what side someone sits on the political scene. But anyone who thinks the way Jessica does.... Doesn't deserve to have a job like this. They should be in the back of a McDonald's cooking fries.
Iain Kerr (1 hour ago)
He's the ceo he has EVERY reason the be involved when externally destroying the name and reputation of a company she worked for. She signed a contract upon being hired that gave Mike and any higher up the authority to fire her if she did such a thing. She shot herself in the foot by making her disgusting agenda public especially while representing the company. She is 100% ignorant and stupid and 100% at fault.
That guy... (3 hours ago)
O´Brien did the right thing, if he let this go on it would be a much MUCH worse situation.. It would have just escilated to a massive storm of shitflinging…
patakasu (3 hours ago)
I'd say that she's sexist
Elmo Heyns (3 hours ago)
I hope Arenanet sues this jessica into oblivion!
shamkand (4 hours ago)
They make such a big matter about the girl that was fired, she even had 2 interviews on some blogs... it was all about gender issue how she was fired because she is a girl and that other men ( from other companies) did the same thing but they were never fired.. .only her. Seams like they all forgot about the other person that was fired, and yes he is male!!!!!! This Jessica just got her 5 min of fame obviously with a scandal because she is too dumb to do it in a decent way (she is no role model) also I think she has some other problems... a narcissist (she obviously thinks she is perfect, or she likes to play the victim for attention).
Kato minari (5 hours ago)
Jesus Christ i have heard that there are developers who ridicule there fan bases BUT NOT TO THIS EXTENT.
Slimword (5 hours ago)
I'm not saying that sexism doesn't exist in the gaming industry. It does. However, when people make something into a gender issue when it's not makes it much harder people really dealing with sexism able to move forward because, unfortunately, they are often lumped in to crap like this.
cammo353 (6 hours ago)
Pretty sure the _CEO of the entire company_ has every reason and right to be there
Lead Paintchips (6 hours ago)
Looks like another step to make their workplace as toxicity free as possible.
Richard Bass (7 hours ago)
Jessica is a product of the #MeToo culture and it is good she was fired. Maybe she can go work at Pylygon.
/\'Cypheir (7 hours ago)
If Jessica just wanted to write something for herself, why didnt she open a god damned diary entry and write it in there? #Femsplaining
Just like every other feminist in the gaming industry, she can’t take the heat and doesn’t know how to play the game, so she wants everybody to delete their save file, and start a new run on easy so she can feel more comfortable. #gamingpuns #wahmen #gamergurl #killmeplz
If I ever own a business, I’m going to pay a lawyer to find the the law that allows me to include “humorless, litigious feminists need not apply” along with my “now hiring” sign.
Spike .Strat13 (8 hours ago)
Looks like the games media as well as the usual suspects have chosen another bad hill to die on. Ego... It will destroy you in the end.
Watch out, Yong! You don’t want to get labeled a misogynist, would you?! She’s a wahmens! Wahmens dindu nuffin’!
Lol I love how everyone wants equality but cant handle the equality of punishment and have to make things something they arent, yes it was bad that she didnt get a chance defend her self same as peter but when you call your buyers ass hats theres nothing you can say that gets off the hook and as a boss I would have done the same thing no matter what backlash I got. I think O’brien should call her and peter out for being hypocrites.
Jess Montgomery (8 hours ago)
Playing the victim is a cowardly game.
The Gorilla Guy (8 hours ago)
Well that FUCKING came out of no where 😂
Jaime Smith (8 hours ago)
I would like to share this meme I made, very much, but YouTube.....gah!
Slaxbox (10 hours ago)
Drop it.
FlyingRedRocket (11 hours ago)
SJW=Stupid people who think they are always the victim even though they are the bullies.
Mr Macky Brown (12 hours ago)
She is a fuckin ass hat anyways
ViPER5RT10 (12 hours ago)
Oh. She’s one of “those” women. The kind that thinks the entire fucking world revolves around her because she’s a woman. So incredibly annoying.
Ogami Itto (13 hours ago)
Typical Feminazi bullshit
Fefnir Eindraer (13 hours ago)
absolutely delusional. she drank too much of the 'derp' cool-aide
Ian Mansfield (13 hours ago)
Also I think its crazy that people think that they can be awful and face no consequences just because they are on "their time". If people dont want to employ toxic people they shouldnt be forced to regardless of gender, especially when that toxicity is targeted at that companies OWN COMMUNITY, thats equality. The women with in the GW2 community have been some of the most inspiring voices in gaming and I really dont want to see this whole thing bring out the worst of the male backlash.
Will Wilson (13 hours ago)
What a truly horrible human being. Using the very real problem of the shitty attitude towards women in gaming to try to divert attention away from her bad behaviour is beyond deplorable. The next time a woman dev has a legitimate complaint, you can bet all the misogynistic a-holes are going to point back to this.
Jared DeMarzo (13 hours ago)
WHY DOES SHE KEEP BRINGING UP THE OMFG WAHMENS THING? It's so fucking annoying. She just doesn't get it! Jessica, your vagina has nothing to do with this.
Ian Mansfield (13 hours ago)
She is trying to gaslight everyone, convince people that things happened that didnt happen by using over generalist facts, YES sexism is a very real issue but THIS IS NOT WHAT THIS IS, and while I have seen some disgusting truely sexist remarks about this whole debacle, in the end of the day she was vile to a consumer and she didnt act in a civil manner in a public sphere... UGH this is so frustrating because nobody will shift their stance and its just a yelling frustrating shitfest.
Danger Level 10 (13 hours ago)
These lefties include their race and sex in every conversation they're in. Who's really racist/sexist?
Na Na (14 hours ago)
Toxic person, and she deserved to be fired.
Shlomo Shekelstein (14 hours ago)
Sidenote. Nathan Grayson was one of the 5 men who slept with Zoe Quinn in exchange for giving her positive press. He doesn't have a leg to stand on when it comes to what justifies unfair treatment of women in gaming.
malotschino (15 hours ago)
Well done, sir. Very objective and intelligent look at the situation.
Kiddeth (16 hours ago)
she has no case most employees can be terminated for any or no reason
Daniel Bob (16 hours ago)
Honestly the given reason probably isn't why ArenaNet even fired them. They've been whiny SJWs to us for years, and were probably that way around the office too.
Estevan Valladares (17 hours ago)
Another chapter of "freedom of speech is freedom to mistreat people". There are several ways you can express your thoughts and feelings, and few of them are being an ass in the process. This is one example where you see gender card actually hurting the gender. If this things keep happening, people will think twice before letting themselves and their companies be dragged on it.
Technicasualty (17 hours ago)
Great video covering the issue in a very neutral manner. I know there's a lot of speculation as to why Peter Fries was fired, but I think it likely comes down to this: Fries was a manager for the writing team and, as such, he is responsible for maintaining a professional atmosphere, within his division, that adheres to company policy. By condoning, supporting and encouraging Jessica Price's over-the-top comments and vitriol, he failed to properly manage an employee under his supervision that was quite egregiously stepping beyond the bounds of decorum for a company representative. If you want to yell and rant and be a total jerk on social media, use a pseudonym. Tying your company name to your Twitter bio means that you are publicly representing your company when you engage on Twitter. I worked at a grocery store where people earn a about 1/10 of Jessica Price's salary likely is, and they were also beholden to social media contracts and told that whenever they wore the company uniform, they represented the company, even if they were not on the clock. Jessica Price can take her crocodile tears and stuff them up her obliviously wealth-privileged ass.
Technicasualty (17 hours ago)
Also, there's a very interesting note with the media coverage that was favorable to Jessica Parker: the fans of these media outlets (which are notorious for their hive-mind-like communities) greatly and overwhelmingly disagreed with this warped narrative of JP being the victim of sexism. I saw a lot of comments on RPS, Kotaku, and Polygon where readers were respectfully disagreeing and pointing out the absurd flaws with the assertions being made. The majority saw this for what it was: a complete pile of BS. Only a handful of loons were on board with the "JP is a victim" narrative. The notion that JP's firing was because of a mob on Reddit is insane. She was fired immediately after coming back from holiday. It had little to do with a vocal-minority-mob on Reddit and much to do with her completely overreacting in an absolutely unreasonable way. The framing, that this sends a chilling effect for devs who try and defend themselves against online harassment, is complete rubbish. Furthermore, as was stated in this video, she was exactly the type of person she preached against. She was rude, belittling, demeaning, abused her authority as an ANet employee and freely abused and harassed someone based upon their gender. Lastly, it's adorable that people like JP are glad to build mobs to shame others and try to get people fired from their jobs over hateful or improper things they have said, but somehow JP is a completely exempt from that same treatment. The hypocrisy is glaring and that's why she has immediately lost the narrative. Generally speaking, most people despise hypocrisy.
Satbir Singh (17 hours ago)
Hypocrisy, Lies, Deceit.... Loot boxes!!! Oh sorry wrong video (great work by the way)
engelsseele2 (18 hours ago)
DOes she not realize that her boss was called in to fix a problem she made ON HIS VACATION! This means the higher ups thought this was a VERY serious matter that needed her boss to step in to fire her. This was to save her face. If any one above her boss had stepped in to fire her. The boss would have been gone as well. They would have been less kind.
420 Gaming (19 hours ago)
Tired of your negativity, im Not subscribed to you and I am tired of seeing your videos recommended.
Redfield70 (20 hours ago)
Every SJW has a victim card up their sleeve. Too bad for her O'Brien's hand was still stronger.
D. Prospero (20 hours ago)
I don't see what there is to debate. Saying the things she said to customers at any other job would've gotten her fired, all the same. If you want to rant and rave about customers, post that shit anonymously.
Drakh Valor (21 hours ago)
How deluded cann someone be? Where did Peter say, its about gender? As far as i can tell, (or as far as you showed it to us) he only said that jp did not ask for feedback. But thats not about gender in any way....
jandoc3015 (22 hours ago)
Another case of identity politics going too far
Ivanna Nukya (23 hours ago)
Bravo to employers standing up to sjw feminist hypocrites and the msm mob
CMDR mARZ (1 day ago)
Her tweet about TotalBiscuit's passing speaks volumes about what a cunt of a person she really is. Fuck off and play the gender card elsewhere.
ignaeon (1 day ago)
it's an uphill battle man, all you're doing is increasing awareness, which will give her new people for her inevitable patreon.
Killwithsound (1 day ago)
I hope she does not work in the game industry ever again. This woman is a toxic employee. Put her on a blacklist and make sure no developer or publisher hires her ever. :)
Drakengard65 (1 day ago)
This whole thing is so stupid that it makes me cringe. Jesus fucking christ how can someone be this retarded. Jessica Price has to be one of the dumbest persons alive imo if she thinks this is about women in the gaming industry. How fucking deluded can you actually be.
so media still represents gamergate wrong? i am not surprised
the assassin 1989 (1 day ago)
Its just sad.. but she deserved to be fired and so did peter fries ...
Octothorpe (1 day ago)
I think firing her was the right decision, holding onto her or letting her go would have hurt the company whatever they did. If they did hold onto her the community would be angry at them, if they let her go she's going to try and take them down with her by spinning this narrative to gender politics where people tend to fold like a pack of cards. Whatever writing contributions she had at the company wasn't worth this and it's a good idea to let her go before any political swings happen and people who will buy into the sexism argument gain more power.
Devan Rutherford (1 day ago)
Gonna get downvoted but Jessica Price is a bitch. She turned the feminist movement into a ploy to ascend her own personal gain. I hope she never finds work again. And people like her deserve nothing less than flipping burgers at a chain fast food restaurant and plunge into mediocrity that the same every day gamers find themselves in.
IPushHard (1 day ago)
Sorry folks. Jessica is an extremely mouthy bitch. She's not unintelligent, but she is stupid because she believes her own lies as if they are reality. I already dislike feminists.... for behavior of this type across their spectrum. Jessica needs to shut her pie hole. Use that thing for something constructive honey, and if you can't think of anything else to use it for... I can. Jessica cannot stand to be corrected, or even equaled on any level by a man. She simply hates men, and has a deep seated inferiority complex against men. Penis envy at its finest. Basically, I really feel like if she continues insisting that GW2 fans are sock puppets? She could probably go a long way to get past that feeling by fixing me up some fried chicken and bringing me a nice cold beer. ...and yes honey... those pants DO make you look fat! You do value honesty dont you? : )
Craze Flayer (1 day ago)
Seems like she doesn’t understand that she wasn’t fired for speaking out against sexism or standing up to an online-harasser (cause THAT’S what anet probably meant when they said they were fine with her addressing women’s issues), but for the fact that she started insulting fans after someone offered very civil criticism in a polite way. Doesn’t matter if the criticism was good or not, that is not how you represent your company (which you are doing if you are talking about about their game)..
P K (1 day ago)
Jessica Price sucks cock! Too much drama! END OF STORY
Jux Zeil (1 day ago)
She got what she deserved in my eyes.
senih yuksel (1 day ago)
It's because of people like this that feminism is a joke.
Andrew Gwin (1 day ago)
I think all press thinks like Ms. Price. Honestly they are losing their minds. The mental institutions have taken over our colleges and press.
Insanity Engine (1 day ago)
I'm trying to convince myself this is a massive hoax. I can't comprehend a person's reasoning for pulling something like this and not getting why what happened, happened. Maybe it'll turn out that someone hacked her account or something and that the articles on stuff like kotaku were just fake news. Right?
Insanity Engine (1 day ago)
It's like if my sister got a job as a writer and was more prone to using the gender card.
Ani Ga (1 day ago)
For fuck's sake, how can this Jessica person be this conceited and stuck this fucking far up her own ass? How does anyone even deal with a person like that?
Mephiston (1 day ago)
"Building a non-toxic work environment" presumably includes not going off on massive undeserved intolerant rants at CUSTOMERS. This seems to be something this person did not understand.
Richard Embree (1 day ago)
fuck this delusional bitch
machinech (1 day ago)
There was nothing for her to argue in presenting her case. The entire issue in it's chronological entirety was there for the world to see. Frankly the reasons for firing here were many and clear cut, no discussion required. The only thing remotely unprofessional about her removal from the company was her lack of intellect and understanding as to why. You don't get to do something so monumentally stupid can call yourself a professional anything (unless you count being an idiot a profession). Example - You work for a major car company, you design said car, you frequently use an open forum social media outlet to discuss said venture regularly (personal or otherwise)... Customer mentions a differing method of design in conversation regarding some choices made. You lose your shit, call them sexist and begin to rail on about how you're being discriminated against.... all of this done on said public social media forum... fast forward - your ass is getting fired if you can't find a tactful means of doing a 180 containing an apology, at the very least, IRREGARDLESS of gender. Getting fired for exactly this kind of idiotic thinking is akin to doing bong hits on social media and wondering why you're suddenly being drug tested and fired while working for a federal job.
Weyland Yutani (1 day ago)
Of course Anita Sarkeesian grabbed this stinky Sock up as well and btw she should stop digging, her grave is already too deep. "speaking up" and "offensively swearing" is the same based on her arguments, she did the last thing and said it just was "speaking up" There are People and Countries out there where this Topic is a real Issue not just a broken Fingernail and Woman like you falsify the Problem, shame on you ! I have never met or talked to a Person who thought or said "private" Social Media, what a Developer, isn't a bit IT knowledge recommended, i mean wtf !!! PS: She was fired because she caused a bad working climate, what and why or whatever doesn't matter, every Company would have you fired. I am Male and i need to be the nice Guy or i loose my Job simple as that.
Snarbalax (1 day ago)
Also, I see why the redpill community likes you.
Snarbalax (1 day ago)
"Viciously aggressive" Pff, that's cute. I completely agree from a business standpoint to fire her but I don't know whom I dislike more. Jessica or the people trying to make her into a super villain. You're both ridiculous.
volthunter3 (1 day ago)
"it often feels like jessica is not fighting for the cause but often feels like she is exploiting it" this is the entire SJW movement in a nutshell in reality it isnt about "improving everyones way of life" its improving their life and if others are ruined so what as long as theirs is better
Cooper Lewis (1 day ago)
Its a victim mentality at its most vocal. Spoken through a jaded and irreverent woman using the banner of gender issues to mask her own failings and insecurities.
Darkpharoh (1 day ago)
This kind of crap will just stop developers talking to players. I know i would never talk to the little trolls anymore.
jim gem (1 day ago)
haha half way through this when you mentioned other media oulets jumping on it' i thought to myself why havn't i heard what polygon have said if anything' and low and behold they didn't let me down' is that place ran by a bunch of angry dykes as it sounds exactly like the other angry dyke JP..
englishguyuk (1 day ago)
Jesus the way she explains it, it sounds like a god awful place to work, I'm vomiting in my mouth a little bit just hearing all those SJW trigger words.
Erised (1 day ago)
This public comment is my private, personal place and none of your business. "I was told that Arena.net respected my willingness to speak up on issues in the industry." and not "I was told that Arena.net respected my willingness to put down males over my issues with feminism and misandry."
Sayad Khan (1 day ago)
Lol, this whore keeps playing the woman card for every little thing. What an arrogant, bitch.
Helmut Ouzi (1 day ago)
What I don't understand is, if she wants to fight back toxic behaviour, why is she insisting on being part of the problem? Being a sexist douchebag is not helping anyone, least one herself.
Ryan Trahan (1 day ago)
She has no right to defend herself to keep her job. If your boss wants you gone, man or woman because of some toxicity towards the community that funds it's game. BYE FELICIA! You out of there! This isn't your company. The content you create isn't yours and the fans that follow it aren't your punching bag. The money you make from performing the service you signed a contract over is the only thing that is yours Jessica. Also, social media isn't private, It's your physical presence. It's no different then you doing something at work as opposed to being at home. You don't get the right to talk your way back into your job just because you feel this was your private feed. There is nothing Private about social media when it comes down to interacting with the community you work for. Your boss was right and you were wrong. Enjoy that perma vacation!
Nadav Halevi (1 day ago)
One thing is for sure... Jessica Price is pretty good at crafting a narrative.
HowardTheDork (1 day ago)
This woman tried to make a martyr out of herself. It's likely that her ideas were not as important as she thought they were (the shameless grandstanding tells me this). Being what she felt was underpaid and under appreciated tried to get herself fired in a way she could leverage with a specific group in hopes of getting some press and perhaps a settlement. She knew what would happen. I doubt "stupid people" get such jobs. Attacking customers has never been ok for any reason and companies rarely side with employees... Or maybe she was drunk. Who knows.
Deargodwhat (1 day ago)
Most of the "News" and article places defending her seem to always leave out information or Deroir's actually posts while attacking him at times. I think Fried played his part in escalation of the whole situation. It would be common sense to see it would escalate. Also their justifications in the comments boil down to changing the definition of "Micro transgressions." Just to note. She is also trying to fearmonger propaganda. By the way, in any other job. She would have been fired or warned. Twitter isn't what she should try to use as a shield in this at all.
Stre Led (1 day ago)
Wait, Polygon and Kotaku are still alive?! HOW?!
Theodore M. K. (1 day ago)
Post modern reality. Thats what that creates that level of disconnection with your world. In her world she's always right. She doesn't care about context or motive or doing the "right" thing. I hope she has fun creating her next indiegogo campaign.
Stre Led (1 day ago)
Fucking damnit... That's STILL a thing?!
screamingchimp (1 day ago)
There are "ugly things" to speak up about in the industry Jessica. This was not one of them. You chose the wrong battle. You were unprofessional. Goodbye.
Jinxtah (1 day ago)
Holy shit she's a huuuuuuuuuuuge cunt. Fucking hell, it's infuriating how much of shitty person she is.
Drogon 298 (1 day ago)
Jessica has PewDiePie and other YouTubers blocked that she's deemed as being sexist that she's never actually even been contacted by on twitter. She's a nasty, toxic, man hating libtard cunt. The world would be better off without her. If you don't like my last comment, well, that's a quote taken right out of her very own mouth when she said how she felt about Total Buiscut, a man who had just died. She's a disgusting human being and I hope no game developer will hire her.
I RuBiiX I (1 day ago)
Being a woman seems to get you a free pass to do whatever you want. Just like being an immigrant does in the UK. Political correctness has now got to the point where it harms society because we have a generation of people who play the victim/gender/race card as a way to avoid responsibility and punishment for their actions. You didn't get fired because you are a woman, you got fired because you are a vile piece of shit who thinks it is acceptable to attack a customer who did nothing but give constructive criticism in a polite and respectful manner. You deserve everything you got and more.
TikkiMeek (1 day ago)
peter was trying to smash typical white knight behavior
The Glow Stick Guy (1 day ago)
I love how she thinks she's the star child of ArenaNet and her "I can do no wrong" attitude is maliciously unyielding. If she thinks this is goibg to work out for her in the end, only add more to her delusional sense of pride.
Majabuu (1 day ago)
Younyea, there is only one mistake in your argument, @18:48 you say that peter fries didn't talk about gender on twitter, but he did. Price correctly quoted him there. All your other points hit home though, I post your video to all my friends and family who ask me what is going on because you give the best logical explanation, and dont resort to demonizing jessica price, like some other youtubers.
Majabuu (1 day ago)
EVen without that point, your arguments stand well by themselves.
Majabuu (1 day ago)
On screen, there should be a fourth comment saying" that he has never had anyone question him", like the deroir did to jessica. It was in response to someone else saying something, though I can't find the comment myself.Anyway, just wanted to provide feedback cuz I respect you.
I wish this Woman would just learn from her mistake like every mature individual does.
Joey Montanez (1 day ago)
I can think of a few companies that would've defended these employees to the death in way more extreme circumstances. Like she could've responded to his comment with "this is why we should kill all men" and still been defended and had a job. So either the company felt the customers were more valuable than these particular employees, or they aren't completely brainwashed and overtaken by SJWs and their rhetoric. I'm actually so tired of people pulling the sexist or racist card at every turn, it's unbelievable. It's already pretty much destroyed the comic book fandom, and came close to doing the same with videogames. I'd like to see all these people fired to be honest. I know it may be extreme, but the forced diversity and people being able to make accusations to get out of being held accountable is even more extreme. I'm all for having all sorts of diverse characters; but now it seems to be going the opposite direction of its intent...just slap some gay on it and we are good to go. The past few months I have seen more lesbian characters in comics than I've seen in anything in my life. Even in books like Nancy Drew and Goosebumps, which are marketed towards children who should have no concept of sexuality. I don't know. There was a time when I would've said the firings may have been too harsh, but not in the current climate. If you are willing to pull out false claims of sexism at whim, who knows what accusations you'll come out with the next time someone says something you don't like.
freddydakidd 0 (1 day ago)
more toxic SJW's fabricating the narrative.....what else is new. Bye, Jessica!
Signe Hughes (1 day ago)
idk what job allows you to call a customer an asshat and not get fired
Venomine (1 day ago)
Time to go spend some money on GW2
Bob Smith (1 day ago)
It's like this ... People who make computer games need to have a thick skin. There are times - when it is extremely frustrating for a player to deal with problems they are having with a game - and when that happens - there is a real possibility of the player losing their cool. This is part and parcel of dealing with not just games - but computers (and other machinery) in general when the fucking thing just won't fucking do what you are damn fucking sure it is supposed to do. Profanity is a common method for releasing that frustration on the part of the player. Thus - if you are making computer games - you need to have a thick skin and be understanding of your customers frustrations. It is PART OF YOUR JOB - to deal in a positive constructive manner with your customers frustrations. It doesn't matter WHAT they said to you. YOU are the one who is supposed to be professional in your behavior - not the customer. YOU are the one GETTING PAID for this. That is what being a professional IS. Someone who gets paid for, among other things if it's part of your job OR IF YOU TAKE IT UPON YOURSELF - interacting with customers. The customer ISN'T GETTING PAID to play your game. They don't have to do it and if you give them crap about it - they may just go play someone else's game. If you want to privately participate in public media - do not identify yourself as a member of any specific organization. In my public postings I try really hard to NOT associate myself with any employer I have ever had. This results in a lot of vague posts - but that is what you SHOULD do. If you just want to post - as yourself - then don't identify your employer. She could have just said she was a software developer for a game company. She didn't have to NAME the company. That was crossing the line. Once she did that - she had connected herself and her remarks to that company. THAT IS ALL THERE IS TO IT. For someone who is publicly representing themselves as an employee of their company to respond derisively to a customers polite remarks - is something that has been getting people fired for ... like forever. This is NOT a new thing. However - some people - who have some particular feelings about their identity, whether it's gender or race or national origin or religion or - whatever - will take ANY criticism of themselves as an attack on them because of that identity. For example: "I wear a size nine hat! You are saying bad things about me because I wear a size nine hat! YOU are a SIZE NINE HATEST!!!!" Those people deserve what they get if they get fired for pulling that on a customer. I applaud the fact that this person was called out on that. .
Reason over Dogma (1 day ago)
It would be quite a spin if deroir was female and that Jessica price playing the sex card on a woman .

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