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Insomniac's Spider-Man is a Dream Come True

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Text Comments (1639)
Ravenjim93 (2 hours ago)
Spiderman 2 on ps2 was pretty similar on the traversal. It was one of my fav games. Glad to see something similar made again
Luis Perez (2 hours ago)
The Spiderman games on the PS1 and Spiderman 2 on Xbox/PS2 were so great (cant forget Ultimate Spiderman) will always be my favorite for gameplay purposes and nostalgia.... I can’t wait for this game, especially since it reminds me of the Arkham games WHICH I LOVE (of course the games would have some similarities with both characters having an open world aspect to them, that’s my opinion). I’m still pissed that I gotta buy a PS4 for this.... this is like if the Arkham games were only on Xbox. It should be multi platform
Drakulas Kuroyami (5 hours ago)
Now if only we can get a Dr. Strange game.
Eric Kelly (14 hours ago)
wonder if there will be riddler... I men Mysterio challenges.
Erik Christiansen (15 hours ago)
the web slinging sounds too easy and will get boring. should have made it more skill based.
Lonnie Dearing (22 hours ago)
I need to say it . People need to shut up about the this is copying off of Arkham . It’s obvious that it’s the other way around Batman copied off of Spiderman watch him fight in any other form of media and you’ll notice how less flippy Bats is during fights Spiderman has always fought like that.
tvoja mama (1 day ago)
Xbox boys must me so salty
Anirudh Pai (1 day ago)
Dunkey was right. This game does make you feel like Batman.
"All you do is hold R2 and the game just takes care of everything for you..." Why do people consider this to be "good?" That's boring. The first time they showed off the movement, it was clearly automated to a lethargic degree, but it has since lost a lot of the obvious tells that the game was pulling the player along a track. I was hoping that was because the movement systems were growing more complex, but following the philosophy of the rest of the game, it is probably just an improvement in animation and the game will still play like hot air.
Brady Reuter (1 day ago)
So its like a mix of spiderman 3 and batman as in gameplay cause idk if you dont remember thats a lot like how SM3 played as in how the controls worked for fighting and swinging
thegamer hawx (1 day ago)
Yh I can't fucking wait to play the shit out of this game my ps4 pro is ready all I need is a 4k tv and I'm good to go 😎👑👑
Profanity Gaming (1 day ago)
All these comments saying that Spider-Man 2 had 2 different swinging mechanics, what are you talking about? I played Spider-Man 2 on the PS2 and as far as i know you only had to use R2 to swing, i think people are mistaking Spider-Man 2 for Spider-Man 3 on the PS2! I know for a fact you used R2 and L2 to swing in sm3 on PS2! Tell me if i'm mistaken?!
CAUSTICCOMMANDO569 (1 day ago)
Its good to see yong having good games to talk about for once. Lets keep these quality games coming!
mo reza (2 days ago)
Just imagine if EA was producing this. You d run out of web in no time only to be prompted to pay for more
The Oracle (2 days ago)
No questions, happy to say I gave you a first thumbs up in 2 years.
Ryan Kharisma (2 days ago)
spiderman and god of war in same year damn the game award will full of emotional
Frozen Death Knight (3 days ago)
So this game makes you feel like Spider-Man, huh? Guess some old memes never die. :P
Diablotiamo88 (3 days ago)
Am I the only one who loved the web of shadows I think it was called? Where you could change to black suit spidy on the fly. It was a good game
Dimitrios Zotos (3 days ago)
Hey Yong, during an open world demo with PS Access they had Spidey find a backpack which had a Crusher Hogan flyer. The backpacks contain the materials for the craftable alternative suits, if I have understood correctly. Do you think this confirms the paper-bag-on-head-suit (the one spidey wore when he fought that first wrestling fight where the Uncle Ben murderer passed by him)?
DarkerMS (4 days ago)
Starting out with MGS V in 2015, Spider-Man, along with other titles in the works cement that we are reaching a point of flexibility where if you can think of a creative way to play then chances are the physics and engine of the game will let you do it. Player freedom is entering a new level.
Mr Incredible42 (4 days ago)
I know when YongYea says a game is good, it is. He doesn’t tolerate bullshit and design laziness in games
Travelling Gamer (4 days ago)
Is there a Peter Parker element in the game? Like taking pictures and selling them to the Bugle? It could be fun to actually web up a camera and take pictures like Spidey does in the comics.
looks promising
Naruku2121 (4 days ago)
Not gonna lie the only games I'm ACTUALLY getting from E3 is the Spiderman Game and well Smash because of fucking course.
themarcshark (4 days ago)
I'm buying this game just to swing around New York. That's enough for me 🤣🤣
Tigar0411 Arkham (4 days ago)
Will you cover the latest fortnite controversy involving Nintendo and Sony
isaac navarro (4 days ago)
My favorite Spider-Man game still has to be Ultimate Spider-man. I'm glad that universe survived Secret Wars after all.
BigBossMG (4 days ago)
greeeat choreographed take downs and stealth elements just Like 80% 0f games 0ut there
Juan Hansen (4 days ago)
"Negativity for views."
m.vs (4 days ago)
Its such a shame they didn't include pizza delivery mission
Camilla Valerius (4 days ago)
A dream come true? More like a waste of time and money. PS4 owners deserve better than this.
AngloLatino (4 days ago)
What?! Yong talking about something other than Metal Gear, Zelda, Cyberpunk, or Destiny 2.
MrThunda51 (4 days ago)
I agree with everything that you said about this game. I got the opportunity to play yesterday and I was blown away. This is the Spider-Man game that fans have been waiting for. I'll definitely be getting this one day one.
Chris Kartana (4 days ago)
Prototype > Spider Man
Chris Black (4 days ago)
PS4 exclusive? Oh man, that sucks. I want it for PC :-(
Chris Doria (4 days ago)
I preordered the game already and I can't wait to play it! Also it's awesome to play on a PS4 PRO. Hey Yong have you heard that leaks are saying that the PS5 will use Zen GPU and a NAVI CPU, just wondering what your thoughts are about that if it is true. Forbes reported it. By the way I am your fan for a while now and I usually buy games after you have reviewed them.
James (5 days ago)
Key thing is it’s not tied to the movies, which means it can be a good game, as with Arkham.
Gilgamesh (5 days ago)
Because fuckheads were crying that CyberPunk wasn't 3rd person, I'll make up for it here by saying "WAAAAAH! Why isn't Spiderman 1st person! Waaaaah" ***This is a parody, calm your farms***
Robohobobob (5 days ago)
Hah suck my penis Xbox
Terror Sausage (5 days ago)
This looks so genuinely good, but with me already owning a PC and an Xbox One I don't think this is a good enough reason alone to justify buying a PS4.
TheImperfect (5 days ago)
looks like the super generic open world collectathon all them big publishers love to release on an annual basis. thankfully it's PS4 so it will pass me by unphased :D
Joshua Stremciuc (5 days ago)
Congrats Marvel, your first good video game! 😂
Joshua Stremciuc (5 days ago)
Looks awesome...too bad Marvel sucks rn
Carlos Custodio (5 days ago)
Man, Yong Yea is a true Youtuber to say the least, his videos are outstanding. Keep up the great work, man! As for this game, seems enough to make me remenber the webhead's stories I red all those years ago.
Tristen Howard (5 days ago)
Thumbs up just for the title, it made me happy seeing that. I'm gunna add my unpopular opinion here, Ultimate Spiderman was better than Spiderman 2
Ghostkirby (5 days ago)
Sounds awesome. However I don’t really like the sound of “crafting system”. I feel like it’s in every modern open world game, especially Sony exclusives. I’m not saying those games a particularly bad it’s just it feels kind of forced and repetitive. Oh well maybe it will fade away, only time will tell.
The Outsider (5 days ago)
Can't wait to see StealthGamerBR do some crazy shit with this game.
Nishant Ganesh (5 days ago)
We shared a common fantasy Yong, now it's real.
Katie Tha G (5 days ago)
An open world spider man RPG? Yes please
michael medina (5 days ago)
not nearly as articulate as you usually seem yong. take care of yourself
EnterTheLyon (5 days ago)
I thought the last two games were decent, but this game makes them look like Friend or Foe garbage. This game looks fantastic but I still want a 4 player co-op superhero game at some point that isn't top down :/
Jorge Marquez (5 days ago)
Man I can’t wait for this game! I wanna preorder the Collectors edition so bad but it’s sold out EVERYWHERE :(
Me Me Jub Jub (5 days ago)
Cory Drummond (5 days ago)
Insomniac? Twisted Metal Black Insomniac? Oh that’s all I need to know. This is going to be lit!!
Mäxchen Musterhausen (5 days ago)
Cant understand the hype here. I think people are blinded by the fact that you can „fly around“. Remember prototype? Wasnt a good game because of that. In the end, it could be of arkham-quality. But i still dont see the appeal, because the first arkham was a really good stealth game with focus. Not an open world-game...again.
daniyalkhan2000 (5 days ago)
Every time I see the gameplay footage I legit wanna cry. I’ve been waiting for so many years to play a game like this...
Rick B (5 days ago)
What about the PC master race?
MaverickV4134 (5 days ago)
Good reporting sir, you are literally so much more professional and down to earth than other game reporters your videos are truthful and very good, props bro
Little Shy (5 days ago)
Played spiderman game on ps1 when I was kid. I remember you can only limit to swing 2 times and the world is not open world at all XD. It's amazing how gaming technology has evolved...
Jacen (5 days ago)
Almost had a nerdgasm
Jack Hazardous (5 days ago)
But what we need is another origin story.
tskwared667 (5 days ago)
Damn, it sucks that I've kinda grown out of my spiderman phase when this is coming out, it sounds like the game I always wanted, but I really don't care for it now. Also the fact that it's playstation exclusive doesn't help
STR8L8CED (5 days ago)
No a super hero fan of any kind but this looks fun as hell.
Bread villa (5 days ago)
What time does this spiderman game take place in or is it a spin off
Weirdo (5 days ago)
It just looks like a quick time event game
Forgotten Syrup (5 days ago)
except that it's a PS4 exclusive :D
Lucas Monteiro (5 days ago)
Did you ever run out of web fluid or anything like that?
Brian W (5 days ago)
I use pc, there is no triangle
NASH4203 (5 days ago)
This is totally the best Superhero game ever made. It’s just perfect.
Frank Huang (5 days ago)
Does the city feel alive? Are there a lot of interactions between the citizens and Spider-Man?
honeyhotsauce (5 days ago)
Sony second masterpiece in one year?
clxwncrxwn (5 days ago)
I’ll buy it when it gets discounted 👍🏼
Mazemaker4life (5 days ago)
Insomniac games has always been one of my favourite development studios :)
SnowblindOtter (5 days ago)
Lol, like Insomniac could make a shitty game. I mean, granted Resistance wasn't too good, but it wasn't a shitfest either.
Zac D (5 days ago)
Wondering if you meant craft custom costumes that you choose the design elements of, or pre-created costumes
Wilddog73 (5 days ago)
Looks like a puffed up spiderman 2 remake. Worse than Parker's job ethic.
Michael (5 days ago)
Just subbed to your channel a few days ago keep up the great work man! It looks like Spider man could be GOTY....that said GoW looks to take that honor,that game is an masterpiece you only get every 5-10 years.
Tacoman Tony (5 days ago)
Games been kinda done before
Wilddog73 (5 days ago)
This guy knows what's what. The new movies are terrible, shoulda ended with Spiderman 3.
Mars Argo Is My Mom (5 days ago)
Great. now i have to buy a fucking playstation >_>
wilbert alvarado (5 days ago)
Do i have ur eyes open?
Brian Huis (5 days ago)
Shame its a ps4 exclusive, I am well past owning consoles. Still, its very good to see insomniac flipping ea the bird with their sp is dead bullshit.
backroom12 (5 days ago)
Spider-Man 2 has better swing set up, right for right hand , left trigger for left hand . I didn’t like the one trigger swinging like in ultimate Spider-Man and this is gonna be the same . A bit disappointed with this news .
Internet Spider (5 days ago)
But there's no Pizza missions
ksm95 (5 days ago)
is this the new arkham?
Tom Mullins (5 days ago)
Yes it is got the chance to play it on the last day.pleasure meeting you at the food stand yong hahaha
dads secret recipe (5 days ago)
Hey, look! It’s that Spider-guy!
Cedric Alcindor (5 days ago)
A lot of people talk about spiderman 2, but personally this seems to have more parallels with the 'Ultimate spiderman' I played on GameCube. The web-swinging in particular.
Keith (5 days ago)
*I hope part of the plot involves this older Peter mentoring Miles at points throughout the campaign, setting him up as an eventual successor so Peter can finally move on and have a chance to live for himself (possibly start over with MJ).* It needn't be a rehash of *Spider-Man 2's* "no more" storyline adapted from the comics but there should be some event that makes Peter ask "How much longer can I do this? Why is this my responsibility alone, what about what I want?" Perhaps he inadvertently endangers and/or almost loses a loved one? Maybe he escapes a near-death experience from being overwhelmed by villains united against him and MJ finds him in his apartment healing severe wounds? She can be a voice of reason for Peter, questioning why he feels compelled to keep fighting for NYC when it always seems to breed new trouble even 8 years later? How much more should he endure at the cost of neglecting family/friends? At the same time, similar to Rachel in *TDK,* MJ would keep a boundary of asking that Peter not make her his one hope for happiness, as it's not fair to (intentionally or not) put that weight on her (This may factor into why they broke up before). *Even if they ultimately stay exes, I still believe relationships should be a strong driving theme of this turning point in Peter's career/life, including references to past bonds & tragedies (Ben and Gwen's graves, Harry, Green Goblin, etc).*
The Majestic Spider (5 days ago)
*Reads the title You're goddamn right, Yong. You're goddamn fucking right.
Markus Winterson (5 days ago)
Hope there's alternate/unlockable costumes I'm not too crazy about this one
Jeremy Burlingame (5 days ago)
It really makes you FEEL like you're Batman
The Idiot Reviewer (5 days ago)
so this is better than Spider 2 back in PS2...
Kevin (5 days ago)
Wow, Jin from Ghost of Tsushima is breaking the fourth wall!
Dominic Underhill (5 days ago)
That moment you realize that this is a Sony game and you don't have a PS4. _Why are we still here?_ _Just to suffer?_ All these Sony games are making me want a PS4 but I can't handle the Playstation controllers, anyone know alternative PS controllers?
Ayman Nimer (5 days ago)
Lol wtf is wrong with you
Owain Glyndŵr (5 days ago)
Malik Peele (5 days ago)
Game of the year 👏👏👏👏👏
Zesty The Walrus (5 days ago)
This looks so fun. It's a bummer that ps4 is getting all these great games that I'll probably never get to experience, since I don't own a ps4.
The RockStar (5 days ago)
I hope the open world is interesting, generic new York open world's can feel stale and copy pasted. Other than that I've loved everything I've seen of this game, spidey is my favourite hero so I'm happy to see him finally get his justice. I even played the shitty Amazing Spider Man games hoping it would give me my fix..it didn't: (
Tryhard Gamer69 (5 days ago)
Can you make the rest of your videos Spider-Man swinging around while you talk in the background?

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