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How To fix PUBG Download error code 495 [Solved 2018 Part 1]

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How to fix Error code 495 during PUBG Download Link for the part 2 ( https://youtu.be/mFQvPnyEzis )
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Text Comments (161)
Cyber Gears (7 days ago)
If this method does not work for you please follow this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svJ8q9fPfLg
Evil Devil (1 day ago)
Vai, half download hoke rukh jati hain... 😔
mdparvez ali (1 day ago)
bhai aadi(half) download ho ka ruk ja ri
Cyber Gears (1 day ago)
bhai direct download kr lo pubgmobile.com se
Ismail Wazir (2 days ago)
how to fix PUBG error 495 in bluestacks
Cyber Gears (2 days ago)
download it externally from pubgmobile.com
Anjum Ara (5 days ago)
Bhai..Mera 81% pubg download ho gya tha fir ye problem agya Mera jio Ka 2 GB bhi khatam ho gya meko uss download ko continue fir se nhi kr skta kiya
Cyber Gears (5 days ago)
nhi kr skte .. dobara se krna padega download
Giov Takla (7 days ago)
Guys clearing data will it delete our games or apps?
Aamir Lone (7 days ago)
thank you sir
Cyber Gears (7 days ago)
I won the Match Today have a look .. winner winner chicken dinner https://youtu.be/Y6m369Pb-as you can join me in the game find me my username is cybergears
ɾҽՏհɑʍ 27 (8 days ago)
Just do what he does stop asking why aren't u english
It worked for me
Pinky Joshi (9 days ago)
You have done right but in my mobile there is no option of pubg my play store can't can't understand
Cyber Gears (9 days ago)
that means your phone is not supported
SIDHU MUSE ALA (9 days ago)
Divyansh Chandwani (12 days ago)
Thanks a lot it helped! HAPPY DIWALI
Cyber Gears (12 days ago)
Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro
Divyansh Chandwani (12 days ago)
+Cyber Gears which phone using
Cyber Gears (12 days ago)
happy diwali 😊😊
BOOM Boom (13 days ago)
tera sab kuch sloww hain ,U need a better spec phone , idiot
Cyber Gears (13 days ago)
tu 1 gb ram wala hai na hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤗 idiot
gurpreet singh (13 days ago)
Thanks 😘
Freezy (14 days ago)
How do you fix it on bluestacks 4??
Cyber Gears (14 days ago)
in that case download it from www. pubgmobile.con
Rakshak Hingawe (14 days ago)
Bhai redmi 5 pe Hoga kya
Rawal Baloch (14 days ago)
Bhai mene sare tareqe kiye hn phir bhi nhi ho rahi..mobile bhi reset kiya hai
Cyber Gears (14 days ago)
bhai direct download kr lo fir www.pubgmobile.com me jaa ke wha se download kro and install kro chal padegi
Luan Kryeziu (15 days ago)
Thanks for help bro
Sami Khan (16 days ago)
Thank u bro it's worked
Adil Jamal (17 days ago)
Does not work for me by the way how did u got the (google play services insta) I dont have it on my phone
Cyber Gears (17 days ago)
you will have to install it from play service
johnbenhur robles (19 days ago)
Guys im the creator of playstore this vid is fake because 495 error code happens because of your internet maybe ur net is slow or it drops the mbps
Elizabeth Wilson (17 days ago)
Yea! But please make another English instructional video pleeaseee.
Cyber Gears (19 days ago)
please update your knowledge .. slow internet speed have nothing to do with 495 if this was true then all the snow internet users could not download anyting from app store .. this error occure when dowbload miss some part or crc fails . stop fooling people lol
Cyber Gears (19 days ago)
and i am fuckin engineer .. please watch my other video on this topic and and think before you speak
Bharmappa Helawar (20 days ago)
Why my game is.not.working
stanly Dcruze (21 days ago)
Plz 😣 help
Cyber Gears (20 days ago)
i have 2 more videos on this .. please open my channel and watch Download pubg without goolgle play video .it will surely help you
stanly Dcruze (21 days ago)
Asa nahi hota hai
Arbaz Khan (21 days ago)
If I clear data so my coc game continue or not
Cyber Gears (21 days ago)
yes it will continue ..
Abinash Pathak (22 days ago)
Bhai maine Har chiz kar k dekhli hai par nahi hua
Cyber Gears (22 days ago)
pubgmobile ki site se apk download kr ke bhi nhihua ??
GREAT REYAD (24 days ago)
J7 prime not work
GREAT REYAD (24 days ago)
Download laga diya
Cyber Gears (24 days ago)
yes chalegi .. google play se bhi apk hi download hoti hai farak etna hai ki google play khud install kr deta hai yaha khud se install krni padegi. download kro and apk file ko open kro installation process same rahegi ...
GREAT REYAD (24 days ago)
APK download karenge to calegi kya
Cyber Gears (24 days ago)
bro download directly from pubgmobile.com
Zeynhx (25 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue, The title is english So why aren't you
santosh prajapati (25 days ago)
Maine ye steps ko follow kiya jo aap bole the is video me par abhi bhi mere phone m pubg download nhi ho rha h jb bhi m kar rha hu download toh can't download app hi aa rha h mere phone m
Cyber Gears (25 days ago)
go to www.pubgmobile.com and download the android application from there .. and install it
Wow we have same phone j7 pro
Unik Saru (27 days ago)
I have also j7 pro
Rakesh Mishra (29 days ago)
Bhai isme ke clear data karne se mobile ke sare cheez dete ho jayenge
Cyber Gears (29 days ago)
sirf app store ka search udega
Tata Elang (1 month ago)
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
Blablabla 🤣🤣🤣
Mohak raj (1 month ago)
Is it is necessary to on wifi
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
no ..
Shubham Singh (1 month ago)
Bhai 1 gb se upr download hone ke bad ye problem aa rhi h bar bar ye sb b kr ke dekh lia clear data bghra
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
bhai www.pubgmobile.com me jao wha se android ki file download kro and install kro .. wha se ho jayega.
F3res ٰ (1 month ago)
speak english pls 🤬
discover hidden (25 days ago)
send me num i will translate it
Pro Android Malaysia (1 month ago)
u should put hindi language on ur video title if u wanna talk hindi in the video u stupid idiot
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
i actually selected content type hindi in advanced settings .. if you are seeing this post then either youtube is stupid or you dont know how to use it . and you are calling me stupid idiot
bhavya singh (1 month ago)
Error in network and account login plz help
bhavya singh (1 month ago)
+Cyber Gears I have tried it, the problem continues
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
do one thing .. go to mobile phone setting and removr your google account .. after that re add that account .. and then try to login again ..
bhavya singh (1 month ago)
+Cyber Gears I have account in pubg via google but now when I try to login its show an error, network and account error. Plz first login into google play before login into pubg
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
please elaborate the whole problem
ANIL PATEL (1 month ago)
Cyber gears I have a doubt please help me
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
tell me i am here to help you
Samiul Alam (1 month ago)
Kannada Tech Life (29 days ago)
Fun Hub Zone (1 month ago)
Please tell me that...PUBG can download on my phone I have J7 Nxt... Please reply fast as quick you can... please please please please...
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
os version is good but ram is minimal .. the game will run but it will experience lag .. or hang after intervals of time...
Fun Hub Zone (1 month ago)
I have 2GB Ram and version 8.1.0
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
yes .. you can min requirement for pubg mobile on android is v 5.1.1 and atleast 2 gb ram.. your phone has 3 gb ram and android nogut with is above v5.1.1. you can download
Fun Hub Zone (1 month ago)
Samsung J7 Nxt..
Sourav Mahiya (1 month ago)
Thnax bro
KROPTIC (1 month ago)
Well... I have J7 prime 2....will it work for it?
Cyber Gears (7 days ago)
Giov Takla (7 days ago)
Guys will this delete our games or apps?
trying to install rules of survival
GREAT REYAD (24 days ago)
Not work
Aman Kohli (1 month ago)
Phir bhi nahi ho raha ha download
Doom Bringer (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/cwAqNka2Zuo try this
Sakshi Sweety (1 month ago)
Nahi hoori
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
there is another video i made few days ago .. it will tell you how to download the game without google play store .. its very easy .. try it has worked for everyone so far
Marcelo Avalos (1 month ago)
The Indian accent is the worst that exists in this world, kill yourself.
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
why would i kill myself its just accent... for the record .. there are different accents in different part of india .. north india - east india - south india - west india .. we all have different local language.. different language has different tone and different tone gives different accent .. why are you bothered with my accent .. like you understood what i said 😂😂😂
Sanobar Sherwani (1 month ago)
Bhai mere 7-8 gb waste ho gaye
yo yo (10 days ago)
meri 3gb
Shubham Mate (25 days ago)
Mere bhi
Always bindas status (27 days ago)
Mera bhi bhai log
Gameonz Master (1 month ago)
Mee too
Akshay Murali (1 month ago)
Not worked
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
download the apk file from the external source go to www.pubgmobile.com and download apk for android
Manoj Kumar (1 month ago)
Should I download from apkpure? Bcoz am unable to install on play store 😭
cj kaliber (1 month ago)
Me too i tried so many times to d.l pubg pr ros amd any big files game but everytime the downloading stops suddenly. And error code 495 always. Is there a way to fownload it outside playstore? Plz
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
else you can download from apk pure but be alert for any unusual behaviour .. security comes from you .. all the best
Rakesh Bhandari (1 month ago)
Bro Maine mi apps se bhi download Kiya lekin vo bhi adhe me hi ruk jati aur phir dubara se install hone lgti now what I m do plz reply me😭😭
Bryan Seno (1 month ago)
If you can ever speak fluent english i can understand it well...thnk you
Divyansh Chandwani (12 days ago)
+Cyber Gears the site cant be reached if we try
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
this video was recorded in hindi language .. do one thing go to wwwh.pubgmobile.com and downoad the apk file directly and install it .. it will work for you .. if you are getting error 495
Roly Sinha (1 month ago)
Main pubg ko blue stacks 4 emulator pe jab bhi download karna shuru karta hu toh woh thodi der mein yahi error bar bar dekhata hai. Please help me
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
nilima deshmukh (1 month ago)
Bhai meri 5gb download krne ko west ho gye aur ab uninstall krke install
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
Shubhjit Kaur (1 month ago)
mi phone mein software update ka size kaise pata lagaye and what is the latest version of mi phones note 4
Shubhjit Kaur (1 month ago)
actually na maine pubg update krni hai (sanhok version) to vo update nhii ho rhi hai maine do baar update pr lgaiyi lekin wo saara data khaa jaati hai lekin update nhii hoti
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
setting > about > software > software update > if any the size will be mentioned along
Prithvi Puri (1 month ago)
Aapke pass bhi j7max mobile hai
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
j7 pro
Abhishek Shewale (1 month ago)
It worked. 🤘 Thanks
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
winner winner chicken dinner 😁😁😁
Coké Colá (2 months ago)
Doom Bringer (1 month ago)
U can find the solution in my channel in English.
Cyber Gears (2 months ago)
i will make one in english aswell .. dont worry .. tell me what is your issue i will make a video demo for that ..
Zayn Abad (2 months ago)
Please i can't understand u and the video its not clear i have a note5 mobile i can't install pubg i don't know whats worng help me please when i try install the game i see page appears that says,i cant install pubg worng495 what can i do
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
in that case download directly from pubg mobile website .. follow this video for the steps https://youtu.be/svJ8q9fPfLg
THE ANIME GUY (2 months ago)
Meray pass redmi note 5 pro hai nahe ho raha hai
Cyber Gears (2 months ago)
please watch part 2 of this tutorial link in the description
HARMAN BAJWA (2 months ago)
Mobile network par download kar reha hu pubg ki update ko Complete hona k baed "PUBG MOBILE" can't be updated. Try again, and if the problem continue, get help troubleshooting. (Error code: 495) likha aa reha hai ab mai kya kro??
Ale Machiavello (14 days ago)
Fk u apu
Cyber Gears (2 months ago)
HARMAN BAJWA (2 months ago)
+Cyber Gears han bhai bat toh teri sahi hai kayi war download karta waqt ruk jara hai or likha aa jata hai files are restore par maine toh unstall kar k v install kari fir v update likha aa geya
Cyber Gears (2 months ago)
sir agr file download hote hue corrupt ho jaaye tab hota hai aisa .. .. is process of follow kr ke dobara se try kro and make sure ki net proper chale and speed bhi aachi ho .. jitni der downloading me lagegi utne hi chances process fail hone ke rahenge
Discover Scooty (2 months ago)
Bhai same condition I'm using honor 9i 4 gb ram I tried twice the way you said but still its not working 😭😭😭 error 495
Cyber Gears (1 month ago)
update tabhi hoga sir agr update aayi hai apke os ke liye agr ni aayi hai to ap skip kr skte ho wo step
deepak sharma (1 month ago)
Cyber Gears bhai update kse kre to,,,,apk.se.update to nhi hoga na...update ka koi trika btao
Cyber Gears (2 months ago)
Soufiane Bououd (2 months ago)
Dont work pfffff
Cyber Gears (2 months ago)
it worked for me .. let me find another solution ..
Moreover Gameplay (2 months ago)
Not working, I have 50gb of free space and 4 GB of ram and adreno 506 GPU and Android 8.1. :(((
Cyber Gears (2 months ago)
Moreover Gameplay (2 months ago)
Okay thanks
Cyber Gears (2 months ago)
okk i will find another way to fix that meanwhile do one thing restart your phone and thdn clear the data of google play store and then restart your phone again .. then clear the data again and then try to download again .. this error also comes if internet connectivity get diaconnected during download .. or you can do the alternate rather than downloading the apk file from the play store download it from the main pubg mobile website ..
ARIPACT FILMS (2 months ago)
I also have redmi note 5 pro bug I will try
Ruthvik BV (22 days ago)
Cyber Gears (2 months ago)
Cyber Gears (2 months ago)
so you downloaded the game successfully ??
ARIPACT FILMS (2 months ago)
I got it
Abhinav Khanna (2 months ago)
Arey bhai jldi point pe aao baji sab pata hota h logo ko
Cyber Gears (2 months ago)
Cyber Gears (2 months ago)
update tab hoga agr koi update pending hai .. aap cache clear kro bhai .. goolge store ki fir try kro . lets see hota hai ya nhi
Abhinav Khanna (2 months ago)
Cyber Gears yr mera toh chl ni ra update ni ho ra Redmi note 5 pro h mere pass
Cyber Gears (2 months ago)
bhai sabko nhi pata hota .. hume 0 level se start krna padta hai .. any way it wil work if you try though ..

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