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Our Jurassic Park Has The Lowest Yelp Rating Ever

5763 ratings | 134747 views
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Text Comments (379)
Kayeln Toyofuku (2 days ago)
More videos like this
MegaCaptainswag (2 days ago)
Make ebmontosaurus I live where they were first found and found quite a bit of ones bones
lawrence rodriguez (4 days ago)
Play this again it’s sick
Max Goldman (4 days ago)
Jay Hawk (6 days ago)
gimme moar
Billy Button (6 days ago)
I would definitely love to see more. Gotta get them carnivores in there to mess things up!
datsoliderstuff toxic (6 days ago)
I like it
Alessandro Borrega (7 days ago)
Play some more!
westward acorn02 (7 days ago)
I wish I could. Send you in game money I have 238 million
Kionjin g (8 days ago)
Play this at half speed its fuckin hilarious
Mr. Lemon (8 days ago)
Samuel Jarvin (8 days ago)
Aa (8 days ago)
I don't understand. Why can you not tranquilize your guests and employees? I've been waiting for a good dinosaur park management game where you can also ride around in a jeep or fly around in a helicopter for a looooong ass time now. Just my luck that when it finally appears it turns out that you can't tranquillize half the entities in the game. That's lazy game design if I ever saw it. Should've never been greenlit.
Gage Harrison (9 days ago)
Do more ples
Adam Faizal (9 days ago)
XxTheGameCollectorxX (9 days ago)
MOAR VR!!!!!!111 play new standout map. we need vr biker babes on the new map.
Confused 2 (9 days ago)
Shame your money status messed up, it worked fine for me this last week! hope you enjoy the game.
LordSothMajere (9 days ago)
I'd love more of this game
Greyson Sturgill (9 days ago)
.75 XD
More jurassic!
Dakota Summers (10 days ago)
Brandon and D need to do more Episodes together!
Kane Wyatt (10 days ago)
Pleas do more of it I won't the dino world to be gone 😈
please make a whole ass series of this. I've never seen you guys play a game like this or cities skylines or planet coaster. Would be really cool.
Ayden Tisdale (10 days ago)
Yes!! More Jurassic park vids
Ceelomon Andy (10 days ago)
MORE MORE MORE!!! Awesome gameplay, and different from the other stuff you guys do, and that's good :)
Brian (10 days ago)
It might fix the glitch to quit and start it again. seems like a random bug. probably not a common thing
PigeonLaughter (10 days ago)
Moar! +1 for dino incident.
Gusty Broadcast (10 days ago)
Joel Slattery (10 days ago)
We want more Jurassic world videos!
SageMac26 (10 days ago)
More Please this is one of my favorite channels and this game is really cool.
outbackshaqYT (11 days ago)
I'm glad the editor noticed how much money they actually had, even if D and Brandon didn't
Diamond Ninja4 (11 days ago)
Diamond Ninja4 (11 days ago)
You could probably just restart the game and the money would be fine
Emerald Fire (11 days ago)
More please. I need to justify this $60 purchase (-_-)
Virusnzz (11 days ago)
Check your description - someone forgot to fill it in.
TurntUpGamer (11 days ago)
I hit like, But ive played for like a week and all I do is tranq unruley dinos. This might not be a good good for you guys
Chris D (11 days ago)
I want to see it too
Jasmine Cardero (11 days ago)
I want more
Cabe Buffalo (11 days ago)
Live Stream this game
Andy Vroone (11 days ago)
for sure keep going
Ethan B (11 days ago)
Something is screwed up with your game because I haven't had any glitches and I have unlocked all 5 islands.
CIA#15546 Classified (11 days ago)
When the gate opened up and d said it works wow he sounded so unenthusiastic. I think it's because he said it in one tone
Oottaakkuu (11 days ago)
Jason Lin (11 days ago)
More Jurassic Park!
Choptactless (11 days ago)
Plz continue
TechGoggles (11 days ago)
I M just happy u stopped with the VR
mrtyman (11 days ago)
YuckyPump (11 days ago)
do more fam
neillesl489 MDS (11 days ago)
I'd like to see more.
Joseph Bareford (11 days ago)
Make more. This is the perfect game for D and Brandon to play :)
Aaron Gygie (11 days ago)
Loving this, keep going!
Operator Sarge (11 days ago)
0:34 You did what D?
Damian h (11 days ago)
Keep going
Chris Unander (11 days ago)
Keep going this game is amazing
Ian Whitley (11 days ago)
I was skeptical about this at first, but it was actually a lot of fun to watch you guys play it.
adam kelly (11 days ago)
Ye get those meat eaters bois
Zay 95 (11 days ago)
hypersapien (11 days ago)
I'm enjoying these, wouldn't mind if you played more of it =)
ThrustFrom Behind (11 days ago)
This game is boooooooorrrrrrring
Daniel Fischer (11 days ago)
Play more for sure!! This was fun to watch. I'd love to see you guys make a series out of it.
YaBoi Alex (11 days ago)
Omg Henry Wu is playing JWE
KnightSaint (11 days ago)
boring asf game..
Adam Weber (11 days ago)
Cruddy Basher481 (11 days ago)
Can't wait for them to get a trex or itrex
laxbro3331 (11 days ago)
Definitely keep going with Jurassic world!
Jackson Crane (11 days ago)
I liked watching you guys play this! Wouldn't mind seeing where this goes
Milenco Dol (11 days ago)
do more!
Ryan Wood (11 days ago)
I used to love these types of games. Keep playing this one, so I don’t have to!
Super Arafa (11 days ago)
Is this going to be a series
attacking maple (11 days ago)
Take this park visitors!!! This is what you get for leaving a bad review!!! You will now be food for what you came to see
snype1215 (12 days ago)
More jurrasix park
Jaime de oya (12 days ago)
Great video but you should reinstall the game to fix the money.Plus you are reading the finances tab wrong thats not how much money you have its what you have expend over the month.
unholyrevenger72 (12 days ago)
yes keep playing
jaxelt1 (12 days ago)
Play more!
afroman527 (12 days ago)
Yes more Jurassic Wold game please!
Unknow0059 # (12 days ago)
i like this series. continue pls
abel bos (12 days ago)
Pitcher current task recovery training garbage wedding fellow no attack
Max Brynildsen (12 days ago)
pat M. (12 days ago)
Keep on goin
Vover- san (12 days ago)
Do More
TwenGames (12 days ago)
your gasts cant see your dinos make watchingtowers or those balls
T. Crown (12 days ago)
Please do a series! I love getting emotionally invested into sim games/worlds like this. moar.
Carlos Galvez (12 days ago)
Tomas Beckett (12 days ago)
yamcha65 (12 days ago)
More please
kiler Mammot (12 days ago)
I don't get it 60 bucks for this game?
CapSkybond (12 days ago)
I heard a gun shot von yonder, pleas don't shoot the dinosaur, he's running pleas play more Jurassic park!!
Cooper Schneider (12 days ago)
Please do more
ryan rhino (12 days ago)
you guys sound so baked
Dayland Wolf (12 days ago)
yo get a 40 mike airsoft gun it wrecks the battle field
NSha1D0W Gaming (12 days ago)
Ok I love Node i love brandon and D but I also love this game i bought it in its first week im a huge jurassic park/world fan and i just gotta say you guys are hopeless. I hope this was all for comedic purposes because its not that hard to understand each of those campaign missions have multiple stages not just the first step that is said. Each island has 3 missions entertainment science and security (i apologise if later they find this out but im writing this at 4:45 in the video because i got so frustrated with their incompetence) each time they switched missions they cancelled their progress in the other ones because you can only have one at a time. Im sorry for this rant but i just needed to let out some steam but i still enjoyed the video. I have nothing against d or brandon or this video its just i feel they arent giving this brilliant masterpiece of a game justice.
NSha1D0W Gaming (12 days ago)
Also just incase node sees this and still havent worked it out your money is bugged its never happened to me but when they went to the finance menu and looked at their monthly expenses those are expenses meaning the spent 660k that month but that is not their total the total is shown in the bottom right although theirs was bugged so im not sure how to fix that
Pyro NateCastle (12 days ago)
Bro King Kong the game has better graphics then thjs
Ivan _FIRENIGHT_ (12 days ago)
I look at the background I see a redbull
Zen VanDusen (12 days ago)
Please, do more
Illuminazi (12 days ago)
derek6986 (12 days ago)
Keep going
Benjamin Pavia (12 days ago)
I liiiiike it
Drima (12 days ago)
more dinos!
Giordan Biascan (12 days ago)
Can I get a friend request o pubg mobile.my friends and I is a big fan of your channel my user name is IEatRice9
CC Productions (12 days ago)

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