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PUBG: WTF Moments Ep. 26

19801 ratings | 1824465 views
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Text Comments (642)
Dark's Day (6 hours ago)
Dnyanesh Avhad (3 days ago)
5.10 tumbails
Carlos Villalobos (6 days ago)
Mir ŞAD (6 days ago)
My tooth fell out while watching lol
What the fuck?? How can you see at such a great distance.... Without scope?? Means how??
EAGLE HAWK (13 days ago)
Ahhhh .. ... Later dude
HeyClashy Gaming (13 days ago)
Can Gazi Tek (13 days ago)
Emanuel Mendez (13 days ago)
anyone got a fucking fortnite ad ??
Marvin Dirty (14 days ago)
Hahahaha WTF
kevin lapian (14 days ago)
When there is no gravity in the game.
Aftab Parkar (14 days ago)
Maa chudao pubg waalo
Phatzoot (15 days ago)
Does he say a 10 scope on 3.45?
Derian Ortega (17 days ago)
This game and clips online are all sad copies of Fortnite
RageDarkPrince (18 days ago)
Games r mostly funny cuz of bugs/glitches
Did he say donateing to azzy?
Link (20 days ago)
I got the fortnite ad
john birru (20 days ago)
The second to last was hilarious
Ultra[]Z[]Gamerz (20 days ago)
a PUBG video which has a ROS advertisement? alright
Shanky 1234 (21 days ago)
What the heck is happening with the vehicles??
AwkwardPanda (22 days ago)
pretty sure that was ron weasley in the first clip
King VS (23 days ago)
is pubg free ? I just got to know about this game yesterday....
baggett0522 _ (23 days ago)
I bought a controller for pubg mobile and now i am a god
Adil Nadaf (24 days ago)
So in Asia they have anti violence policy so they ( BANGG... ) so they... 😂😂😂
Kyler Mann (25 days ago)
I was surprised that the thumbnail was real😂
Raini Rogers (25 days ago)
DeadMau5 💘
Toko Tara (27 days ago)
A joke Kids play-fortnite Teens play-ROS Mans play -pubg
Toko Tara (27 days ago)
Super funny
Ada Mäkinen (27 days ago)
Omg a Finnish player
FlyingMonkies325 (30 days ago)
LOL that guy flying through the sky! and omg that end clip! how did they accumilate SO many people for their team? i guess they got fed up of you beating them all the time so they teams up ahaha xD
هاذا اني مو وآحد ثاني
Jack Rexx (1 month ago)
Did u guys used emulator to play this game
Just some Gamer (1 month ago)
The first clip should have the Harry potter theme earraped
Kunal Rajput (1 month ago)
This is the reason why I Love pubg over fortnight
Audery Allysa (1 month ago)
José Luis Urrutia (1 month ago)
The clip from the Asian guy is fake. He lifts both thumbs but his character keeps running forward! How is he doin that without hands in the keyboard o controller.
Tạ Quý Phú (1 month ago)
Click bait
Police 159 (1 month ago)
FOR REAL!!! AN 8x Scope can go on a SK12 but not an M16!? Like WTF, also you can put a 15x scope on a SK12.
michaL czajkowski (1 month ago)
Damn this potato quality.
Super Gamer888 (1 month ago)
Pubs is a copy of fortnight
#mkgamerboy (1 month ago)
Yash Raut (1 month ago)
3.16 Haha WTF
Rendra Saputra (1 month ago)
Wooow godd
Veg Dog (1 month ago)
Never drive a flying car!!
Putu Saputra (1 month ago)
Luis Ontiveros (1 month ago)
Potato Kid (1 month ago)
Don't say bad word
Potato Kid (1 month ago)
Why there was a bad word?
mr.blackops.s (1 month ago)
mr.blackops.s (1 month ago)
I called The clip recording "Harry Potter PUBG edition"
Maria Luzia (1 month ago)
No PABG vc ver de tudo ate carro voando pra moto.
MAXGAMER 3D (1 month ago)
Moments epic WTF fails ok
sabrina yff (1 month ago)
You need some more Xbox game play. Lots of PC stuff.
vladimir martirosyan (1 month ago)
Juicy 10min
cindy xo (2 months ago)
when the car was flying in the air it was when kourtney was driving and kim and the other bitch were saying omg kourntey LMAOOO
Zaidan Fabiano (2 months ago)
deadmau5 is fucking retarded
Coffee Jaytee (2 months ago)
Anak Bocah (2 months ago)
Fly car
Cristian Cernea (2 months ago)
Lol 666 dislikes
DARK SHADOW (2 months ago)
Pubg is trash
Danny Duncan (2 months ago)
Banua Android (2 months ago)
Muhammad Rahadiansyah (2 months ago)
I got a PUBG Mobile app AD 😂 Ps: Idk if you ever heard Rules of Survival, but its basically PUBG copy on Steroid. Its free, so its like Fortnite with PUBG graphic.
Bossripper94 (2 months ago)
That 2nd last clip reported teamaz
TomThe1ST (2 months ago)
First clip ... That was only Harry Potter
Effigy Faraj (2 months ago)
It's mostly just idiot laughing. Don't watch. Thank me later
eLi FILMS (2 months ago)
Jesus. I was watching this video and my YouTube lagged out. Cant win Pubg
Ethan Gulati (2 months ago)
They became Tuscan raiders at the clip at 2 mins.
Toby 8462 (2 months ago)
Is that derby
Edmar Soliva (2 months ago)
Can anyone give me a pubg account? Really wanted to play but I have too buy it... I'm too poor to buy one... 😭😢 just watching people play it on YouTube always... I only spectate people like shroud... and pubg players like Dr disrespect... I like how they play.
Ryan Anjasmara (2 months ago)
Kocak gile
Aniceto Garcia (2 months ago)
so funny last match so a lot people.
Ziko Koti (2 months ago)
am I the only that gets the vibe dat like... pubg is PlayStation wgile fortnite is xbox?
Striker_1502 (30 days ago)
And it is on xbox.
Paradox XVI (1 month ago)
Ziko Koti pubg isnt even on ps
Nguyen hoang Quoc viet (2 months ago)
WTF= Welcom to facebook
bannanakiller132 1 (2 months ago)
Reno Reins the BH (2 months ago)
knocking car with bike priceless
Jocelyn Kawai? (2 months ago)
Cuando él pubg se convierte en él gta sa y ya ponen sus trucos de carro volador
aljohn lepail (2 months ago)
second to the last is really funny haha
Carollox (2 months ago)
Press F for respect
GOKU 232 (2 months ago)
chk back (2 months ago)
game for cheaters
Thompson Kirkpatrick (2 months ago)
So like how the last guy says the glock sucks but all he did was hip fire lol, learn to aim and guns tend to work better ;)
Lucas Miranda (2 months ago)
Arma 3 still has better combat mechanics.
Rekt (3 months ago)
Noobinator: You are the epitome of fucking cringe. Holy shit.
Aceman (3 months ago)
Why does the game look so vivid in some of the videos
Jc851 C (3 months ago)
Love these video just shows how broken this game is and how lazy the coding guys are
Owen Kniss (3 months ago)
That first guy was talking through a potatoe
LiVeen (3 months ago)
Just for the record, an 8x scope on the M16 would mean it's no longer the M16. It doesn't have a railing that supports the 8x scope, unless maybe if you put it on the bottom like a flashlight.
诚橙程 (3 months ago)
Chinese crush the world in the pubg with million players, in reality they have billions, OMG
Fahrenh3it_ (3 months ago)
Narudol JP (3 months ago)
FahrenCyz โคตรๆ555
SinSon (3 months ago)
Robin Rivers (3 months ago)
hi guys, hily recommended kearui headset, it works well for pubg, you can find on amazon.
TropicalSS (3 months ago)
*WTF was that a bird* hahaahha
Alex 5432 (3 months ago)
What's the best spot? Inside the circle...
elias (3 months ago)
I really like this game, but it'll be cool if they could optimize more the game
angus L. (3 months ago)
I love seeing videos of people fucking around and getting shot and then after that say video of someone shooting someone who’s fucking around
FinTheDew (3 months ago)
People who dont understand why M16 can take the 8x scope is so fucking annoying

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