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All highlights are from my stream :D ► Follow me! TWITTER → https://twitter.com/C9shroud TWITCH → https://www.twitch.tv/shroud STEAM → https://steamcommunity.com/groups/EclipseTV ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► Sponsor Shout-outs! G2A: http://c9.gg/C9g2a Zowie: http://c9.gg/zowie Intel: http://c9.gg/useIntel HTC: http://c9.gg/useHTC HyperX: http://c9.gg/useHyperx Logitech: http://c9.gg/useLogitech iBUYPOWER: http://c9.gg/ibuypower Lootcrate: http://c9.gg/lootcrate USE “Cloud9” code for 10% discount ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♫ Outro song - MajorLeagueWobs - Deep ♫ Intro song - Thron - Izotope 👌Channel Manager - https://twitter.com/stun_empire ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (921)
Throw Gaming (1 day ago)
if moe qualifies as a pro so can anyone who kills him constantly
Tamer Massalha (2 days ago)
Kill the under you then there. ROFL ahahhahahahaa
Ryan Cramer (4 days ago)
holy shit at the beginning moe predicted c9 dropping shroud for stewie.
epichunter11 (5 days ago)
More is fking trash
Hillary Clinton (7 days ago)
shroud and the minecraft shirt
Ajti prince (9 days ago)
Dude thats fucking bullshit. Your crosshair was litterally dead center on his head when shroud was defusing in round 2
MR. BENZ (9 days ago)
U are the best at all things shroud
Carverex gaming (12 days ago)
Are you the real SHROOD?
SimpleGamers (13 days ago)
did moe believe the crosshair setting?Lol
Mauro Escobar (13 days ago)
intro omegalul
Quoc Nguyen Anh (15 days ago)
moe just likes a 5 years old kid in an adult body dude
System Rebel (12 days ago)
And you are a adult with a childs body
Tibuwi (16 days ago)
The intro was horrible xD
eh (18 days ago)
Moe is a moron. Summit was the only reason they got rounds.
ImJustBas1c (22 days ago)
this is why i hate moe, hes so annoying
saltykid 100% (23 days ago)
GG : Gay Gay
ilusjon (1 month ago)
celery (1 month ago)
Damn, shroud used to have one of those twisty text intros
JGolfer (1 month ago)
This video had me ROFL
Weeti Hietala (1 month ago)
moe is such a meme
randombotp (1 month ago)
Mike The Shroud
منحہ فہ ۧ (1 month ago)
this is gold
Pro Games (1 month ago)
Moe is just jealous
Pro Games (1 month ago)
Moe is a meme
AZiM (1 month ago)
Moe is the kind of guy that would get cancer, then blame it on lag
Reinarudo Junichirou (1 month ago)
word on the street shroud has fat cock
Abhishek Sathe (2 months ago)
Its funny how moe rages like a 12year old🤣
AnAveragePerson (2 months ago)
Bruh m0e said that summit wasn't doing his part in the 2v2??? What the fuck is wrong with him he was a fucking ball and chain tied to summits ankles
藤原Fujiwara (2 months ago)
Tommy (2 months ago)
Eustaquio Estefanía (2 months ago)
he said "stewie is the future" there we go
Zaccy Boy (2 months ago)
They only get fun out of pugs for fucking with moe lmao
kuba wieczorek (2 months ago)
Lee Brooks (2 months ago)
best vid i've ever seen hahaha
GamE wOrlD (3 months ago)
Miss shroud playing csgo
Chris Apps (3 months ago)
Moe is way too tryhard
GoddaaamnTV (3 months ago)
the intro sound is way too much :/
ChaosFactor Central (3 months ago)
Alright 2016 Shroud, you gotta explain yourself Mike.. Why are you wearing a Minecraft T-Shirt??
jun xiang (3 months ago)
is this too much? And I will leave in the first roung if i am moe
Jacky Jackerson (3 months ago)
Minecraft intro?
TB FP (3 months ago)
Just9n: “Shroud is wearing a Minecraft shirt right now” Moe: “what’s sad is that he got that at the mall” Shroud:*looks down at shirt with a sad expression* “no I didn’t”
Streety (3 months ago)
dislike if you're watching in the year 500018
Max Hahn (3 months ago)
Very long ago I wonder how many people still watch shrouds Csgo videos
el_swan0man (3 months ago)
Am I the only one who noticed that Shroud is wearing a Minecraft shirt
jesuszggb (3 months ago)
Just Click Fire (3 months ago)
notice meh shroud
ScaRy NGU (3 months ago)
AbnormalBat (3 months ago)
Who takes moE in his team !! man he's annoying af !!! :| always blaming others !
Ron-Kevin (3 months ago)
Moe is always talking or yelling. Damn fucker.
Spaghetti And meatballs (4 months ago)
It’s pollen boys
michael (4 months ago)
moe is so much salt with so little skill to back up his mouth dude jeeeeesus
Jasper (4 months ago)
William Cook (4 months ago)
D-ViiCE (4 months ago)
Annnnnd this is why I fcking hate Moe....
[BOT] Paint_ (4 months ago)
I like how one of the enemy said "ez" on first half and then got utterly obliterated on the second lmao, what a bunch of losers.
Gipsi (4 months ago)
I ran in his way xddd
Momo De rep (4 months ago)
xD moE told the truth, stewie was the future
banksh0t (4 months ago)
Young Kelz (4 months ago)
fuckin love m0e, he's a character lmfao
TiTaN John (5 months ago)
Moe gets one kill by accident and tells everyone I’m insane!!!
Mhthemuffin (5 months ago)
Moe suck balls and say ur bad
Zuna (5 months ago)
Parker Kopp (5 months ago)
Please fuck up moes day
Boris Barkili (5 months ago)
How.to get crosshair like he has
Cedric De Asis (5 months ago)
5:08 m0E got absolutely destroyed
OMGxGunner (5 months ago)
Those are My tatertots (5 months ago)
0:32 supreme team
James Dalzell (5 months ago)
Luv u shroud
NYAAR! (5 months ago)
"you're such stupid"
Tyler J.P (6 months ago)
what is it with teenagers and intros that are loud as FUCK
Dylan Barker-Duggan (6 months ago)
Alexander Werner (6 months ago)
Feel bad for Moe :(
Morpheus Neotrinity (6 months ago)
wow csgo looked so much better 2 years ago.
jared harden (6 months ago)
lol shroud is hilarious Moe eats all of his words in this video
Ivan Richard (6 months ago)
Jmcdon 45 (6 months ago)
This intro is fucking loud
Lhyme (6 months ago)
Shroud we will always miss you.
Cimaster (6 months ago)
Aleksi (6 months ago)
Fucking moe he is so annoying person. He should stop playing this game. He never can be the professional gamer.
slushy (6 months ago)
DemonLincoln666 (6 months ago)
relax with the intro volume damn
Long Hoang (6 months ago)
Why is shroud playing with fire ._.
TWIGSTER (6 months ago)
m0E rage cause doesn't wanna derank from supreme (i know this is late comment but still :D)
adam marrow (6 months ago)
fcken love moe when hes triggered
Jacob De La Rosa (6 months ago)
16:28 *voice crack*
Cole (6 months ago)
Moe is suck a trihard
ConDor (6 months ago)
moe screaming makes me lmao every fucking time
DeadStuff Mansournia (6 months ago)
Chips (7 months ago)
Now literally make me lose my chromosomes
Chips (7 months ago)
Herbro (7 months ago)
damn mike nice minecraft shirt
SplicE (7 months ago)
MOE toxic xD
CHECK MATE (7 months ago)
5:07, XDDDD , the death and reaction is GOLDEN XD
James Gannon (7 months ago)
8:36 Under you and there. KILL UNDER YOU THEN THERE.
tubayit (7 months ago)
TheJuice Man (7 months ago)
idk why he plays with a known caught cheater lol.
I Trike (7 months ago)
Now is such a fucking pleb " Mike what do u have that I don't " everything XD moe is shit
Sleezie (7 months ago)
M0E said we have to find what game shroud is good at. The PUBG came out
Tomyy cruzo (7 months ago)
his crosshair
chilled (7 months ago)
Top 10 saddest anime deaths
Landon Marinan (8 months ago)
If only shroud knew moe wasn’t joking at 1:34
Ömer Demirtaş (6 months ago)
Landon Marinan what did he say? I couldnt unterstand him
yEETer (8 months ago)

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