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Journalist Brags About Leaking Cyberpunk 2077 Demo Audio, Then Complains He Got in Trouble

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Text Comments (5032)
YongYea (4 days ago)
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Neon P Lotus (20 hours ago)
Seriously what the fuck is wrong with this guy??? Forget it, I know: Textbook narcissistic personality disorder
Zink Shecoat (1 day ago)
Call it like it is Yong. It's not game journalism dying. This douche nozzle just has no sense of honesty and integrity.
Mr Grey man (2 days ago)
His body language says he knows he is in the shit, but is trying to save face by blaming the victim. watch it.
TWC (3 days ago)
Wow the more I watch of this the more this guy sounds EXACTLY and 100% like DSP. "It wasn't me who was the problem dude *SNORT* its just that I'M the ONLY real journalist out there ACK ACK ACK Can you believe these guys think they're real journalists when *SNORT* they're not like me, Polygon and Kotaku? ACK ACK ACK Its ridiculous ACK ACK ACK"
TWC (3 days ago)
Don't you guys know? Journalists are so far above you that neither ethics nor morals apply to them. Journalists are your god-kings and you should worship them absolutely and without question.
Palaquack59 (31 minutes ago)
Wow seriously fuck these guys. This guy is a shit journalist if he even is one at all
mark Meier (59 minutes ago)
What an idiot
Aura Wolf (1 hour ago)
Anyone else think it's hilarious the other two are just staring at him intensely the entire time shane is running his mouth? dude in the middle is so dumbfounded he cant even put down the mic that he isnt even using lol.
Playinglikea meng (1 hour ago)
I hate gamers, entire generation turned into zombies.
abol Kilgen (3 hours ago)
What a cock
Aikurisu (4 hours ago)
I only have two words for this guy. SHAMEFUR DISPRAY!
Alex C. (6 hours ago)
Alex 03 (6 hours ago)
The arragonce.
Kewee (6 hours ago)
Damn this guy is delusional. People get copyright strikes for uploading videos with music in the background all the time - just because he recorded it, doesn't mean he owns the sound lol
Fefnir Eindraer (8 hours ago)
mental gymnastics are off the charts. and his relationship with project red? its been nuke, there is no relationship...
Kano (8 hours ago)
"spme small website" Ive never heard of SIFTD.net. dot net?
Nathren CC (8 hours ago)
Man, I understand that this is some news and all that, but this video isn't reporting, or even a real opinion piece. This is really weak content, of a 24 minute video, where 20 minutes of it is ripped directly from another persons content. I keep seeing this stuff coming out of you, and I'm honestly not impressed, it's sort of just getting frustrated. Many of your videos are 60-70% filler time where-in you're reading an article word for word, or just copy-pasting the video of the topic at hand directly into it. It's sort of unacceptable, and I expected a little bit more. Some of your videos lacks this format, but many MANY of them have it, and I expect more. I would genuinely be surprised if I didn't see a lot of copyright strikes coming out of this. It's not transformative content.
billytheferret (9 hours ago)
No good recognition, all negative on there side, and people he know turning there back on him... one word K-A-R-M-A
Peter Dennis (10 hours ago)
I hope this guy used some hand sanitizer after this video. I lost count of how many times he wiped his nose. I guess audio isn't the only thing he leaks.
karlmarcs31 (10 hours ago)
Did this idiot not realize he would be blacklisted the second he released that audio and admitted it? Regardless as to whither it's legal, ethical, or not no publisher would allow this journalist near them after this. I've never seen someone so hell bent on destroying their career and livelihood.
Gonzalo Gonzalez (10 hours ago)
You can tell the other two guys are looking at him like “Nah dude, you f*cked up”
damncrazylove (11 hours ago)
He's never getting invited back lol
Tiberius 209 (11 hours ago)
Fuck this Shane guy messing with CDPR.
What a piece of shit
wolfpack 9701 (13 hours ago)
the two guys next to him are just like " this mother fucker just fucked us over."
Deargodwhat (13 hours ago)
"This person is not a journalist." (Shane) - ..? And Neither are you Shane, the guy you're whining about like a manchild has the same credentials as you, he can literally just blog like you do about video games and call himself a journalist just like you do Shane. Wake the fuck up. You aren't some Victim. Your "training" obviously failed. This guy is legitimately incapable of not being a fucking whiny manchild about every aspect of this whole situation. "I don't want to call myself a journalist" That thing you been doing the entire time you been on camera and including in your own posts elsewhere? You're sounding more like a self proclaimed journalist than a "I don't want to call myself a journalist" type of dude there Shane. His video comment section is entirely if not obsessively fine combed to only allow supporting comments and people kissing his ass. Pathetic. Basically fucked your own company.
OG BamBam GO (15 hours ago)
who cares
Max Leys (15 hours ago)
6:43 the way that guy looks at the camera tho
TheLonelyEon (15 hours ago)
Lol what a dick... xD Hope he never gets invited to another private demo.
Zchrarion (15 hours ago)
"When i realised i was the only one that had the audio" you should probably have realised that you shouldn't be having that audio...
Stefan Voorhout (15 hours ago)
What an asshole!
SolosDragon (15 hours ago)
I'm not a journalist, but I've more brain cells than shane & anyone else that defends shane
Trevor R.N. (16 hours ago)
Disingenuous prick.
Pedro Vanderlei (16 hours ago)
it's pretty pathetic considering it's CD Projekt RED we are talking about here, they are pretty much the definition of integrity in this short-sighted industry, this guy just pretty much thinks that clickbait = journalistic integrity, and that is, once again, pathetic.
LetoZeth (18 hours ago)
What a fucking asshole.
Danger Level 10 (18 hours ago)
Jeez I always seem to click on your videos. Might as well subscribe.
Tinywars (18 hours ago)
Why is always an American?
Boston Towny4life (20 hours ago)
What you are witnessing here, ladies and gentleman, is 1 man, ruining his own life, with his own mouth. Quite literally... amazing....
Paul Banks (20 hours ago)
A verbal agreement is can be used as a contract like a gentlemen agree as it's known
Joe Carne (22 hours ago)
"Hey guys, welcome, please respect our privacy and conditions" "lmao no way sucker." "OMG WHY DID YOU STRIKE ME"
Maciej Kaczorowski (22 hours ago)
That situation is so ridiculous that made me laugh. How this idiot didnt expected to video got deleted by CDPR, when they said that recording gameplay or audio from it wont be allowed because that is from pre-alpha version of this game.
Nightowl358 (23 hours ago)
He sounds like a real narcissistic asshole. Oh, and the classic, "Well, they didn't tell me I COULDN'T do it." SMH. Good job burning that bridge, bro.
Eshana Strothers (23 hours ago)
This guy arrogance makes me want to punch him in the face 😂
TransSpeciesMafia (1 day ago)
That guy is clueless. Possibly he is not quite in his right mind. Maybe he is on something.
Guillermo Biasini (1 day ago)
First, is the ArenaNet dev, and now this guy. What with this industry not understanding that actions have consequences. So delusional too.
dootu (1 day ago)
Not a fan of him at all but he did make a good point about "games journalism". Most of it is just a competition of who can fluff publishers the most.
Min Reynolds (1 day ago)
A cinema is a public space and it's still illegal to record a film.
David LeBlanc (1 day ago)
Does he not realize that California has a two party wire tapping law that requires all parties recorded to give consent to the audio record when privacy is expected? Yes, it was public property, but for the same reason you can record audio in a public bathroom, you can't record in a exclusive setting that was expected to be private for those inside. If he is loud enough, this could be a criminal case, not a civil one.
robert limbrick (1 day ago)
Hypocrisy + Denial + Spots of lies = Shane The Asshole We all have opinions, but we do agree that Shane's actions were/is stupid just so he can basically get popularity (that he so readily wanted). Thus we call him a asshole.
Gordian Buß (1 day ago)
Seems this piece of shit has been one all his "career".
Ray Lee Cs (1 day ago)
"to create news" bloodly cunt. That's journalist to him
fenrif (1 day ago)
Either roll the footage or narrate word for word what the dude says. Doing both is a bit redundant.
rush8able (1 day ago)
I really cannot understand why people (some people) are completely unable to take responsibility for their actions. Let's make an example: I do something and I think I am right but I mess up; I still think I was right but I keep having doubts about it with every minute passing; I finally realize I messed up; I realize I have a job and it depends on my relationship with the industry; I realize I have some dignity left since I was born; I publicly apologize with every person involved. Problem solved. Is that fu*** hard?
Evangeliman (1 day ago)
What an idiot.
Master James (1 day ago)
What a great journalist...man so smart to post audio of a private session so you can really make sure you can get access to those future private showings.
Albert Marion Lim (1 day ago)
That is the problem with too liberal ideas thinking they can do everything without recourse.
Albert Marion Lim (1 day ago)
who is this motherfucker
YetAnotherYoutuber (1 day ago)
he's killing the word ultimately, the shane guy remove ultimately from sentences hes saying
ReaperStrike 17 (1 day ago)
Listening to this guy speak makes me want to punch him in the throat.... Just to be clear I want to punch the guy from sifted in the throat... I personally wouldn't mind hearing young speak all night... Young has a voice built for radio.
Nigel Mamitag (1 day ago)
Well good luck getting invited to anything after the asshole move you pulled 🤣. I can see CDPR have signed waivers on any future private showcase if any.
xfinafire (1 day ago)
Top 10 anime villains who dindu nuffin.
Yasmina Langeslag (1 day ago)
I listened to the whole recording. nothing special really, hearing some voice actors and some sound-effects. Dev talking about what you could see on screen. If you watched Yong’s video about what happened in the demo, then the “leaked” audio has no new info. Why is this guy bragging about this lmao
No-one...\o/ (1 day ago)
12:50 sounds like he doesn't understand the purpose of an embargo. A trained journalist is he supposed to be? Suuuuure....
Alfa Omega (1 day ago)
Great reporting as usual my friend. This prick is upset for being called an arsehole. Well hows he feel with being called a “cunt” 😕
Serj Rozov (1 day ago)
This guy should be ass then mouth fucked with the iron pipe for ex.
Plural (1 day ago)
Oh no fellow babies!
Mark J. Kim (1 day ago)
I want to kick his head crack open his skull in half and see what the actual fuck really is in his fucking skull. I wouldn't be surprised if I find a pile of dung. What a fucking asshole.
Ennui Boringcone (1 day ago)
title looks like an onion headline
ATLAS (1 day ago)
Showed off some „gameplay“ yea nice gameplay they showed there at E3!
Lazrusto Sadow (1 day ago)
I covered wars you know
Lazrusto Sadow (1 day ago)
I just went in and shot the guy I front of everyone, wasn't being sneaky everyone saw me kill him so I didn't do anything wrong
Laura Efron-Carter (1 day ago)
Ugh. Just ugh.
vellathewench (1 day ago)
I couldn't finish listening to this lying blowhard. Shane, go away. You don't deserve to be able to be invited to any of these events anymore, and I hope that's what happens to you. You deserve to be forgotten in the annuls of gaming history.
toxman99 (1 day ago)
The only time a journalist should be doing what he did was if they were exposing an injustice or criminal activity. His goal was neither. He'd make a great paparazzi with his attitude.
tenalpoen (1 day ago)
People like this don't know how to do anything but make excuses for how they act, because they never learned how to be responsible as kids.
Bret Terry (1 day ago)
"Waa! I stole something that was supposed to be private and leaked it to the public. Waa! I got in trouble with YouTube and don't get any ad revenue for the stolen content I uploaded. Waa! Somebody else took the thing I stole after I made it public and gave it away without giving me any credit or ad revenue for it." What an absolute dipshit.
TurkVanGogH GameZ (1 day ago)
Go get em Yong
Den Mother Arkala (1 day ago)
What's with this guy's excessive blinking, and the sniffling? God, he looks like Nixon when he lied. 😂😒
Jonny2myren (1 day ago)
I hope his channel gets taken down permanently and that every game developer and game convention bans him.And if there was "nothing secret" about the recording and he wasn't doing anything wrong, why didn't he actually take a video of the presentation?
Kevin van der (1 day ago)
well he seems to be a bottum feeder if i google it he been in more trouble before... https://www.neogaf.com/threads/save-our-siftd.1409646/
ientereda name (1 day ago)
This guy is so full of himself that is not even funny.
Nate Hill (1 day ago)
holy shit to be this oblivious is just wow lol... like ignorance is bliss but dude critical thinking is like journalism 101. unfuck thyself man
Justin Vance (1 day ago)
I wanna actually fight this guy.
Justin Vance (1 day ago)
Journalist lmao it's video games not political movements what your doing on this situation is the definition of sleeze bag journalism.
Justin Vance (1 day ago)
How did he live this long without dying you'd think Darwinism would take him out.
mazdanoff (1 day ago)
I like how he's keeping the eye contact with the camera until the part of "someone downloaded the vid, ripped the audio and reposted it". Then his eyes start dancing all around the place.
himmelsturmerIX (2 days ago)
CDPR should by pass these game journalist and go straight to the consumers or at least youtuber or twitch streamers
Whiplash (2 days ago)
This dude is a retard for real ahahahaha
LambdaDiamond (2 days ago)
I have been to an Ubisoft behind close doors and they have guards watching and specifically say no recording and if they catch anyone they will immediately stop the demo.
Anders Jellum (2 days ago)
Fuck fuck fuck fuck. This guy is a full on psycopath, I genuenly fucking hate this shit face. And he is an asshole
alan mendeezy (2 days ago)
He should have assumed no audio, but they should have specified audio recording...he's an asshole maybe, but hes kind of in the right here.
Sir I.K Elzyy (2 days ago)
Don't call him a journalist he ain't worthy of that title. He's a fanboy that snuck in audio. Stupid childish antics
A Wily Wolf (2 days ago)
Meh, I'm glad I got to listen to the audio, point blank. He made the mistake of admitting to it, identifying himself, and allowing his sense of entitlement blind him to the very obvious repercussions. However, the sanctimony and self righteousness of YongYea needs to be reigned in.
Julien Gravier (2 days ago)
"Maybe you should start thinking critically about your coverage next time" Wow, the irony-o-meter just exploded ! Funny how most people who brag about "thinking critically" are the least likely to ever do just that.
ChibiGingi (2 days ago)
What an asshole...
SebLeCaribou (2 days ago)
"this PR guy who I respect very much". Not enough not to not record the audio in a private showcase he invited you to...
PersistentBacon (2 days ago)
Wow, Shane Satterfield is a piece of shit.
Ted Cameron (2 days ago)
How can he say he didn't break any copyright? The game has not been released yet which say's to me that he has released information before the game is in the "open". Also Shane, A journalist is a person who collects, writes, or distributes news or other current information to the public. A journalist's work is called journalism. Nowhere does it say anything about not being a journalist if you take money for disseminating the information.
Xbox One (2 days ago)
This dude goes ON & ON basically saying the same bullshit. You got caught. You F*CKED UP. Deal with it. Don't try to beat around the bush & sugar coat shit
Carlos Loff (2 days ago)
Im praying for this game to replace GTA V Online, as long as it does not have microtransactions
UNSTABLE GIT (2 days ago)
The guy is after money & fame, a cd project red dev explains https://youtu.be/_TKv8Q-w-WY
White Void (2 days ago)
Gaming journalism is a parody of itself at this point
NstHarlequin (2 days ago)
What a moron...this guy ruins it for all you guys trying to make news on YouTube
Demose Aries (2 days ago)
A pundant creates news, a real jornalist finds news and reports it.. pundants need to be banned from all forms of media..

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