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EA is Selling DLCs for their DLCs in Sims 4, and Fans are Pissed

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Text Comments (7812)
YongYea (4 months ago)
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mgsv killer (2 days ago)
YongYea where can i het that diamond dogs shirt
Heavenly Star (11 days ago)
DLCeption ... How is EA still going on strong? -.-
Heavenly Star (11 days ago)
YongYea, in your opinion, how much longer must gamers wait for Cyberpunk 2077. 2, 3 or 4 years?
YongYea All I can say is FK EA!
Redfish 103 (20 days ago)
*whispers* Darn someone said it before me *looks up* UH WHAT UM ITS GONNA BE A BAD TIME FRICK NO BAD JOKE UM AND K N U C K L E S
Willy Wanker (5 hours ago)
EA "Chlnge is evri tim" * *clap*clap* *
Selor Kiith (7 hours ago)
Yo Ho, Yo Ho and just a bottle of Rum!
Jack Wood (8 hours ago)
I torrented that shit because I won't give ea my money
Joseph Torres (10 hours ago)
#easuxhard glad I never got into the Sims...
Name (10 hours ago)
Seen some video of peopl playing sims and got some nostalgia. Went to buy it and couldn't believe the price, even for Sims 3. The Sims is a game nobody should feel bad about pirating
Mr.Binks (12 hours ago)
It's time for EA to die, and before you say it's impossible. Remember the whole industry collapsed in the 80s basically due to greed. It's happening again and one by one the old guard will fall.
Arctica Frostbite (14 hours ago)
so exactly what's been going on for sims 3?
D Flatt (15 hours ago)
Selling DLC for DLC. lol.
LackOfInjistice (19 hours ago)
This is so duuuuuuuuumb just give me like 4 GIANT DLC packs with a crap ton of new features and I'd be fine (Or maybe they could JUST MAKE A FULLY FLESHED OUT GAME)
Scott Benda (20 hours ago)
Sims is still a thing
Brag Saint (20 hours ago)
What EA doesn't know is that if there's no one aging their games, there's no one to scam
I'm pirating the game and all DLC just because I miss the CAS after my account got hacked (don't buy accounts, kids). From the start, I always knew how disgustingly scummy it was for EA to charge players *£423* (correct at the time of posting) worth of DLC, so I just bought discounted codes from other retailers. People are totally right in saying that if EA released a game with aspects from previous titles, we'd all be a lot happier. I mean, if we had: Sims 2's addicting gameplay, Sims 3's open world and Create A Style, Sims 4's Create A Sim and toddler gameplay, plus University and Seasons in the base game, I'd buy that, no questions asked.
Rusty Shakelferd (22 hours ago)
It's like inception, except with DLC.
JD Uchiha (1 day ago)
On a side note: your hair is goals
Alex Skye (1 day ago)
I was actually considering playing sims again and getting expansions today after buying the base game way back 4 years ago. Then I saw this video and changed my mind.
Theolas (1 day ago)
i have not bought any of there stuff cause of this
Derethevil (1 day ago)
This is why i am not even mad with people who pirate it. No i even encourage them to do so.
Murky (1 day ago)
Sims 3 forever
J R (1 day ago)
pretty sure at this point illegally downloading any and all EA games is completely justified
nolaz010 (1 day ago)
Yo dawg, I heard you like dogs, so we make you pay for your dog while you pay for your dog.
nolaz010 (1 day ago)
I pirated sims 4 and I can't get any mods because every update they do (that they push without asking if you want to update) requires most mods to be rebuilt for that version.
finallyanime (1 day ago)
Small medium & large DLC....?? Loll The fuck is this mcdonalds??
Best comment.
Really, just pirate it. Don't buy shit like this if you don't want them to keep doing it.
Armin Servati (1 day ago)
yo dawg i heard you like DlC's , so we developed DLC's for your DLC's so you can buy loot boxes , while you buy loot boxes for your loot boxes
Zane Lassiter (1 day ago)
Hey EA, ive got an idea. $60 for a game, but its just the main menu. The Campaign/Story is an additional $40 multiplayer is also an additional $40. But here's the catch. Every campaign/story mission is ALSO a DLC costing $10 a level. And you guesed it, in order to play multiplayer you need to buy every map individually for $10 and every time you lose a multiplayer game, it costs you $1. Don't even get me started on the Pay to Win ideas I have for multiplayer!
niizzy a (1 day ago)
I don't care. I just pirate EA games and to hell with it.
niizzy a (1 day ago)
The thing is, they have some cool subsidiaries like the old Bioware, Visceral, Maxis, Respawn and etc (note how almost all of them don't exist anymore). But EA sucks them dry until they becomes the "new" Bioware then close the studio. Those studios can make good games by themselves but in the hands of EA they can't because even the good becomes bad.
WooloolooBitches (1 day ago)
You know the sad part is we'd like a good EA game but we just cant give them cash anymore. They are so scummy.
Falney (2 days ago)
Just wait until EA starts charging for bug fixes
Ernesto D. (2 days ago)
This has always existed in the Sims. I think is bullshit but that game has always gone overboard with expansions and dlc packs
Ruben de León (2 days ago)
Is finally happened... was inevitable, im surprise it took them that long, as we players are ok to buy trash since a long time ago... stupid dlc, microtransactions, p2w, etc. F&%f#, I dont even blame them anymore, "its not the pigs fault, its who feed them"...
Alec Bartzman (2 days ago)
Complains about shady business practices. Proceeds to support companies, by buying their games. Gamers in a nutshell.
TheIndianDude (2 days ago)
That's why i love piratebay
Hideika (2 days ago)
Only dudes who wear crocs play the Sims
Jackie (2 days ago)
It's EA, what do you expect?
CHEEKI BREEKI Blyat (2 days ago)
*Fucking EA*
FlyingSpaceKatt (2 days ago)
I only got one DLC and I made sure I got it when it was on sale. Unlike some people, I do my research on each DLC. I don't just blindly purchase it just because it's for the sims 4. They wouldn't be able to pull this crap if people stopped just throwing their money at EA for every DLC and every DLC for their DLC. It's ridiculous.
I am an avid Sims fan, and have an addiction to Sims 4, but I agree. S4 has little replayability value without DLC, is full of bugs and glitches that often ruin things you want to do, and once you hit level 10 of every skill, your playthrough is pretty much over. This game doesn't suck absolute dick, but is still boring and has problems with being consistent.
Pro tip = don't buy EA games. If you must play EA games, then don't get DLC. If they can't make money from DLC, they will stop.
Zzznake Doctur (3 days ago)
Cmon Yong, it's EXACTLY what CEO Andrew Wilson said this year @ E3 2018. This is all about PLAYER CHOICE. If you don't want the content, you don't have to buy it. IT'S YOUR CHOICE.
LögìçãllyLëxì (3 days ago)
I would have loved to see horses as well in the Sims 4 Pets expansion pack. Now *whenever I play Sims 4 ant my friends house, I wish she had Sims 3. It was way better and it would have really made my experience better, I wish they just took the time... ;-;
Sonic Sez (3 days ago)
EA pls stop.
Eagle 011 (3 days ago)
So basically you have to feel pride in order to feel accomplishment,right?
Johnny Chavez (3 days ago)
Well this is an old meme...but... "So, I heard you like dlc, so we added dlc to your dlc to purchase more dlc"
Reague of Regends (3 days ago)
Wouldn't be so bad if this old ass game dlc wasn't STILL LIKE 25 FUCKING DOLLARS. FOR EACH DLC. FUCK.
Zenebikol Sermel (4 days ago)
I never bought an ea game.. I am proud
Lord Lurk (4 days ago)
EA has shat all over their major titles they have absorbed into their company. I'm still glad I own and can play the older games before EA shafted them with the focus on making money on the name than the gameplay. Sim City - They really, REALLY fucked this one up with saying it needed to be "Always Online" to play it. Not to mention its pretty terrible mechanics wise for the era of gaming it was released in. Sims 4 - Somehow a downgrade from Sims 3 and nothing but a DLC shovelware platform. Remove features only to slowly introduce some back in with a pricetag on it. Way to go EA. C&C 4 - Command and Conqueror was such a great RTS, one of the few that stood up there with Dawn of War, and Starcraft in popularity. EA still managed to fuck it up somehow with some super buggy releases...also theres now some crap mobile game they are making that apparently "C&C Fans Totally Want".
Brash Crandicoot (4 days ago)
480 dollars for a fucking Sims game. This is why we can't have nice things, EA. I swear they're gonna cause the next Video Game Crash. I mean, Atari flooded the market with shitty, rushed games and look what happened there.
That86guy Patrick (4 days ago)
It's sad because aims 4 is actually quite fun
Arithmophobia (4 days ago)
Just pirate.
Adam Dang (4 days ago)
Paradox interactive should come in and kill off EA as a whole. Like how they finished off the simcity franchise.
princess Ty12 (4 days ago)
Nathan R (4 days ago)
I never buy the "stuff" packs. They're all pretty pointless. Don't promote or enable it. Avoid buying them if you can.
Jaime (4 days ago)
Only one company I can think of doing this...
B Will (4 days ago)
PCTube MessedUpMyName (5 days ago)
But, no one is forcing you to buy them right? Fucking hate those people, that and the whales is the reason this practice is here to stay and kill games as we know them.
Mario Cabrera (5 days ago)
Everybody complains about EA and micro transactions....but people buy there stuff more than ever. Literally look at their Stock Price, its been going up hardcore over the last 5 years. Like through the roofs, business is booming, and were still buying.
xKarma _ (5 days ago)
MYthic Gamer (5 days ago)
Didn't EA learn anything from the disaster of star wars battlefront 2 or are they on something 😂😂😂
Riza Alfarisi (5 days ago)
You pirate the sims 4 or you don't play the sims 4, at this point buying the game or the dlc is not worth a dime anymore. You fight greed with piracy, no need to be mad. Yarr.
You know even Civilization 5's Brave New Earth expansion included and built on the mechanics from the Gods and Kings expansion meaning you didn't need Gods and Kings to play Brave New Earth - just saying... Anyway, this is part of the reason EA annoys me - they make, or could make, cool games that I would like to buy but they keep pulling crap like this so that I can never buy anything they make. Stupid company.
socalisskateable (5 days ago)
The sims and fifa franchises are known to be some of the most micro transaction ridden franchises ever. This is not a surprise...
Kai BIG (5 days ago)
lol hilarious,nobody should buy eagames anymore :D. 420 wtf..
Omega Badger (6 days ago)
Damn, the Sims used to be my shit
smiith5 (6 days ago)
Hey-oh! Anyone wanna help unite the comunity, and collectively drop kick into EA's face?
Jared From Statefarm (6 days ago)
This is why I just pirated the game, I dont really give a fuck about supporting them, they are greedy as fuck.
I love playing Sims 4 and the expansion packs, stuff packs and game packs but,my first pet is going too far. I'll definitely never buy that particular pack!😒😠
BeagleBear Gaming (6 days ago)
classic ea
LazärheaD (6 days ago)
Anyone still supporting EA is out of their mind.
you don't know (6 days ago)
Yo dawg, I heard you Like dlc's so I put a dlc inside a dlc.
Clayton Anderberg (6 days ago)
death to ea
Knuckles in your face (6 days ago)
If you want to read the name of the worst company in America, than you must buy the expansion for 49,99 bucks and an additional dollar for the Christmas head edition
SaiyanWarrior50 (6 days ago)
This is fucking mentally retarded
Kaaz (6 days ago)
The sims 3 is just a better game in so many ways that Sims 4 seems more like a cartoony casual friendly downgrade.
KRS-two (6 days ago)
...but nothing will change
Hexosan17 Gaming (6 days ago)
I loved Sims 3 and its expansion packs. I didn't buy the game right away, though. I waited until the Sims 4 came out so that I could buy the Sims 3 and all its expansions for EXTREMELY cheap. I have Sims 4, but I have never played any of the expansion packs except for Get to Work because they are expensive and Get To Work is the only one I cared about. As for Battlefield 4, I forgive EA for that. That game came out YEARS ago, and I never even noticed any bugs or glitches. Most of the ones I did care about were really funny and great to mess around with. I am still REALLY pissed about EA shutting down Maxis years ago though. I know at this point a possible sequel for Spore 2 is out of the question, but at least we don't have to worry about them trying to make us pay for expansions for another SimCity game (I hope they don't make another).
Focken Nazi (6 days ago)
In my life i've never legitimatley bought an EA game , i just pirate them like the rest of the sane world.
All Might (6 days ago)
BY who are these stupid gaming studio run like what the fuck how can they let themselves bought by FUCKING EA
Flyinghotpocket (6 days ago)
this started with relic on company of hereos 2. they sold expansions and single player campaigns and then to not suck at those single player campaigns you could buy a commander for your army so you dont totally suck. dlc for DLC and they GOT AWAY WITH IT. people were hardly upset with relic. but now its a big shiny turd. relic went ahead to ruin dawn of war 3 with this same exact principles. and we will never get a coh3, or a dow4 game. because of this greed. and those who say its sega doing this. ITS NOT. its relic.
RunningThe RightWay (6 days ago)
*Paradox fans grimace in understanding*
Sir_Meow_ 77 (6 days ago)
I'd rather get an actual pet if the game gets that expensive.
the gamester 117 (7 days ago)
EA: Hey I hear u like dlc so I pit dlc in a dlc so now you can play 2 dlc at one Translation: Fuck you give me money right fucking now or I'll skin your cat
FlyingSpaceKatt (2 days ago)
Pretty much. lol
bananafingurs34 (7 days ago)
Honestly if you want the sims just torrent it. Too much dlc costing an ungodly amount of money thats clearly not worth it. Out of all my friends who have it i cant name a single one whos actually bought the game.
PK_Melody Omega (7 days ago)
In my opinion, the Sims 4 is the poorest excuse for a Sims game to ever grace the surface of this earth. EA wants to make a quick buck and the entire game, including all of the DLC, is just a quick cashgrab.
Fenix Anime BG (7 days ago)
Fenix Anime BG (2 days ago)
FlyingSpaceKatt why companies aren't like CD PROJEKT RED?
FlyingSpaceKatt (2 days ago)
A super greedy company. You may as well just update the DLC with more stuff but noooo. They know they can slap a price on a DLC for a DLC because some people are stupid enough to purchase it anyways. People need to stop enabling this damn company.
DiamondTurtle (7 days ago)
Honestly I thought Sims 4 wasn't good. It felt horrid actually it feels like a input machine. You click a button it does this. You do this thing that thing happen. Relationships were horrible over one day you could get married if you tried. Though you probably could in sims 3 it just was harder.
japzone (7 days ago)
At this point, I feel like dusting off my PS2 and my old copy of Sims 2. No bs back then, just a game.
Alan (7 days ago)
The funny thing about all this EA bs is people will keep buying it and EA will keep bringing in all this bs.
darkhorse0404 (7 days ago)
Poor sims fans
darkhorse0404 (7 days ago)
xXxAce (7 days ago)
Idiots should have raged at this shit when they started with it on Sims 1
I RuBiiX I (7 days ago)
Wait wait wait... DLC for DLC? I swear I must be in a nightmare. This can't be reality surely? I am so glad I have added EA to my blacklist. Never again will I ever purchase another EA game, ever.
undeadmaster666 (7 days ago)
egay can go suck my hairy balls. dlc for dlc.... wtf. im done with ea they are never getting a penny out of this gamer ever again. yes thats me at my limit with there bullshit
o0julek0o (8 days ago)
I really don't understand why people are even buying ea games anymore
Da Ho,ast (8 days ago)
this is why i torrent every ea game
AwesomeGuy2000 (8 days ago)
thank god for fitgirl
Alexterix 700 (8 days ago)
Thanks EA you ruined a good franchise. It would be better with maxis but we all know what happened.
Michael Martin (8 days ago)
my first pet stuff was a test on the consumer
William Norton (8 days ago)
I was going to get this for my wife but now I’m not because if it’s cut just to make more money then the base game isn’t worth it if anything the base game should be free then then sell the large expansions for 20 the mediums for 10 then the stuff for either 5 or 2 dollars depending on the content then people wouldn’t be mad but I’ve lost repeat for Eletronic Anti-Christ even more now
OMEGALUL Support BTW (8 days ago)
Buying all of this shit isn't worth the price. I'd rather illegally download it.
R K (8 days ago)
Isn’t this just like Bungie’s Forsaken DLC and the Annual Pass? Bungie is basically selling DLC for their DLC. Why isn’t anyone talking about this?
R K (5 days ago)
Darren Because its content that directly relates to the Forsaken DLC just with an added price tag. So when you buy the Forsaken DLC you aren’t exactly paying for EVERYTHING the new expansion has to offer because these annual pass has these small end game DLCs that will included new weapons armor and vanity items all STILL under the Forsaken DLC. So you are technically paying for DLC of a DLC.
Darren (7 days ago)
Season passes have been a thing for a long time now, I don't see how they're the same thing as this.

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