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NEW SIEGE - Rainbow Six: Siege

3193 ratings | 97828 views
Trying out the new and improved siege with some friendly banter as usual. Merchandise can be found here! ►https://aculite.fanfiber.com/en You can connect with me here: (I only use Twitter. Facebook is for upload notifications.) ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/AculiteGaming ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Aculitegaming ►Livestream - https://www.twitch.tv/Aculite Community Discord: ►https://discord.gg/9vfCzsR Who I'm playing with: ►Tom - http://bit.ly/tomographic Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Intro: Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental Version) - Loving Caliber Outro: Mistaken Identity (Instrumental Version) - Martin Carlberg Looking for a YouTube partnership? (referral link) http://bit.ly/2mEacP0 Settings and Equipment: http://bit.ly/2nHTspq Please report any hate speech/spam comments.
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Text Comments (195)
hunter malone (5 months ago)
hunter malone (5 months ago)
Wait doesn't tomo play with trich2g ??
Kody Ross (5 months ago)
3:45. It was just so epic.
Kody Ross (5 months ago)
That stair angle was nasty.
rob sim (8 months ago)
Miss u playin r6 bud
Elite. (8 months ago)
More siege
Hunter Sollestre (9 months ago)
I want to see u play siege more often again
ُSir Mohammad (10 months ago)
You Are Great Bro! Wp
Freddie Patel (10 months ago)
Hello ! ! adequate Anyone understand smarter this version! . .
Hassan AL Iraqi (10 months ago)
New siege new bugs <3
Seajay (10 months ago)
You need to make tips and guides for people who suck like me
No One (10 months ago)
I like your videos but how are you unranked? Smurfing?
Filip Suciu (10 months ago)
Aculite died before Tom!? Unsubbing ASAP!
uberSpiel (10 months ago)
Paul van den Berg (10 months ago)
Its like a Tom Clancy movie watching you play this game. Damn thats a good video. Keep it up man!!
Knockout02 (10 months ago)
Tariq Franklin (10 months ago)
That mans gun sounds are legendary
Firelics (10 months ago)
Oh nice you play Siege again! Pubg and Siege vids are my favorite, we should play some more again :3
Luis Rodenkichen (10 months ago)
Please make more Rainbow you are my Favorite Rainbow Player
Zinccv (10 months ago)
What microphone do you use would really like to know
Amarvir Johal (10 months ago)
I like r6 without the new operators
Conorseanery , (9 months ago)
Ray Clemenes (10 months ago)
Please more PUBG
Brett Nixon (10 months ago)
Yes I will comment my great joy on every new seige video
Qritik (10 months ago)
"Gratatataat , gratatatatata" Tom - 2017
E. C (10 months ago)
Why does the other guy sound like he reads books for a leaving
Ty Stallard (10 months ago)
Just awesome, I love watching you and Tom play on the same team. Keep the videos flowing, I'm learning a lot.
Captain Cobalt (10 months ago)
So, I was thinking of getting this game, is it worth it?
Chi3fGiraffe (10 months ago)
It has quite steep learning curve so i didn't find r6 fun until I learnt the maps and operators but you should watch tutorials to help learn, but yes I think you should buy it it's lots of fun
Max S (10 months ago)
I always wondered why you use a laserpointer... doesnt it just tells the enemy your location..?
Anders Swendsrud (10 months ago)
Love seeing Siege videos!
MrFredstt (10 months ago)
Holy shit, you're a God, mate.
censored voice (10 months ago)
hi Tom i missed your voice
JosrRocks (10 months ago)
is this the new pubg first person update?
Nitro Golden (10 months ago)
JosrRocks nope this is r6
O_o \_/ (10 months ago)
I would put a holographic on ela
Oliver P. Andersen (10 months ago)
Yes! Siege! :)
l0gic bbk (10 months ago)
zakaria med (10 months ago)
Aculite pleaaaaase upload more siege content . We love it more than PUBG . Do it for the channel at least 😣😣😣
David Marks (10 months ago)
Do more siege
Dante Rizzuti (10 months ago)
Play more siege ☺️
Mc.Quacky (10 months ago)
JGuilherme (10 months ago)
Siege is here to stay. Great game.
Leo Onhisphone (10 months ago)
He so good at every damn game he's playing
keshavisgood tv (10 months ago)
RB Productions (10 months ago)
Not even joking I'd pay to see Aculite and Trickery play 😍
RB Productions (10 months ago)
ItsHighNootNoot yea I know that, but just imagine if Trickery played pc as well
Childish Penguino (10 months ago)
Rockerboi Production the problem with that is trickery plays on ps4 and aculite plays on pc
scalpingsnake (10 months ago)
with echo's drone the affect goes quickly if you don't move as much. That being said if you move after sitting still for a bit the affect starts getting worse again.
Wulbo (10 months ago)
Bought siege last week, can't stop playing it! amazing game
Joshua Harris (10 months ago)
Play more siege!♥️
Cool Moo5e (10 months ago)
Love siege when im with a squad of friends
Miguel Sousa (10 months ago)
Bruh u were straight carrying them
yourboysonny d (10 months ago)
acculite is a beast tho
2nd Sniper battalion (10 months ago)
anyone willing to give my channel a loo would be greatly apreciated i love aculite's vid
Josh Lad (10 months ago)
Playing on Eu servers...
SucculentAnal (10 months ago)
Soooo happy to watch your siege content again!! Lovin you and Tom's banter.
yourboysonny d (10 months ago)
acculite stop trying to get people to play this game?
neXib (10 months ago)
I love the idea of Siege, I love Rainbow 6, but I just think the graphics look outdated and the gameplay gunplay seems very consoley. I mean even the way people die looks like it was coded in 2006. Really stopping me from actually trying this game properly. Ubisoft did the same with Ghost Recon, it plays and looks a bit weird and outdated imo. Compared to realistic looking games like BF1, or even PUBG (though that has it's own issues).
That pasty White Dude (10 months ago)
Can you play more islands of nyne?
Damien Talrose (10 months ago)
So *this* is the game that Tom is good at :P
kuba 0516 (10 months ago)
420 renown FTW
Sketchy Bach (10 months ago)
lol u got 420 coins
joe montemayor (10 months ago)
I get triggered when I get torched by the new operators Cus they're so op
Christian Wurm (10 months ago)
Do you play without Ambient Occlusion AO like HBAO+ ?
Quick Freshie PN (10 months ago)
Tf your channel has grown really fast. I remember subbing at around 15k cuz I liked your editing and u were good at siege but dang 300k well done.
Austin Johnson (10 months ago)
If you mained Siege you'd easily be top 500, probably top 100 lol
DatVader (10 months ago)
Hey man. Do you use some sort of thingy that makes the game look better? Something like sweet fx
Robi Neuvonen (10 months ago)
Every time Aculite got low, for a second I was questioning him for not using a first aid then realizing what I'm even thinking.
Ferl M (10 months ago)
Still laggy.
Ingy De Gmar (10 months ago)
300k subs, congratz!
Thunder (10 months ago)
Siege=best game ever
SoFrostyYT (10 months ago)
Finally siege
dylan 笑 (10 months ago)
omg the legend is Back
Ma6Re - ماطري (10 months ago)
0:30 that was hard comeback :D ggwp
Games Dingley (10 months ago)
This guys voice is stuck on ASMR amiright
Siow (10 months ago)
I'm from Poland and i find it funny how everybody on yt and twitch tries to pronounce grzmot mines, but they all fail miserabely.
Dan (10 months ago)
I hope your name is actually Dan
Hernan Garcia (10 months ago)
It's ya boi
Slice (10 months ago)
Adamos Channel (10 months ago)
You play pubg for like 3 months straight, comeback to rainbow like a fucking legend?! Its like you never left! How o.O?
Bigfoot2476 Lott (10 months ago)
Which operater do you guys think is best
Bigfoot2476 Lott (9 months ago)
Cameron m. O ok
Thunder (9 months ago)
Graham Lott I own it on ps4 but I have never played. The game is my brothers.
Bigfoot2476 Lott (9 months ago)
Cameron m. O dang I was hoping you were on ps4
Thunder (9 months ago)
Graham Lott I play Xbox 1 and pc. I'm level 60 on pc and level 51 on Xbox.
Bigfoot2476 Lott (9 months ago)
Cameron m. Are u on ps4?
Shav (10 months ago)
How do you move and lean my fingers can't move that fast lol
Manuel96OMG (10 months ago)
I really missed your Siege content <3
Drendse Glory (10 months ago)
Balwant Singh (10 months ago)
#aculite please play game like, resident evil 7 and gta with tom. u will be good and entertaining combom in gta
Royal Agent (10 months ago)
10:00 I hope that dropshooter will die in the hell
Clifford Lee (10 months ago)
+Aculite what app do you use for streams and recording. Cuz im wanna try streaming ^^
DatZombieSloth (10 months ago)
jesus ure nuts at this game LOL
Tuncay Tekin (10 months ago)
I love you very much. I watch you from turkey.
Peo .7 (10 months ago)
Can I play with you?
Icyman (10 months ago)
It's isha boi not its ya boy
Teddy Spelberg (10 months ago)
When did Orissa from overwatch join siege? x)
Red Hayzz (10 months ago)
I always loved your siege videos glad to see u might be back to em 👌👍✌️
we1fare (10 months ago)
bad game
Leo_OFWG (10 months ago)
His voice makes his game play 7000 times better
Julian Flix (10 months ago)
waiting for your PUBG video.. but Rainbow Six: Siege now.. okay i watch it then :v
SPEKTRE Marvel (10 months ago)
He's back on r6, take a picture so we can rember this moment 😂
CakeArmy_Max Gaming (10 months ago)
Shield glitched in ranked -1
RunnerUp (10 months ago)
Quality content !
Master. Y0da (10 months ago)
BTW it was Ela shouting not Mira and she said sticking mine!
A. M (10 months ago)
Please upload more rainbow six!!
theo innis (10 months ago)
hi (sory 4 mi bad engwish)
SwampBewdy (10 months ago)
Yes! Siegeeee
Dylan Debenedictis (10 months ago)
Ela needs a nerf
Dylan Debenedictis (10 months ago)
Cameron m. Here gun is a laser that has little recoil, high fire rate and a huge 51 bullet clip that will always win you a gun fight because you never half to reload, I was mainly talking about the gun when I said "her"
Thunder (10 months ago)
Dylan Debenedictis no she doesn't. She's not even that good in my opinion. If they did anything to nerf her I think they should change the way her mines work so you can actually see them before setting them off.

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