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25 CHOCOTACO MOMENTS YOU WILL NEVER FORGET Best of ChocoTaco the kindest Streamer & one of the best PUBG Snipers ►Realm Royale Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCVAASae4xoIuho9lg-Xzqw ►Win now Skins: https://gamdom.com/?ref=PanPUBG ►Use Promo Code "PanPUBG" for Free $0,50! ►Submit your Clip to get featured: https://bit.ly/2Joqqqj --------------------------- ►If you are one of the players in the video and don’t want to appear in such montage videos or are unhappy concerning other copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] ►Business: [email protected] ►Discord: https://discord.gg/nd4WCcD ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/PanPUBG1 --------------------------- Credits: ChocoTaco: https://www.twitch.tv/chocotaco Missed you? Just leave a comment or write us a E-mail to [email protected] & you will be added instantly! --------------------------- ►Footage Permission by: https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/playerCreated.pu ►Video footage is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ --------------------------- Hope you enjoy! :)
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Text Comments (189)
Pan (3 months ago)
Make sure to check out our Realm Royale Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCVAASae4xoIuho9lg-Xzqw
KING of legends (2 days ago)
lulle min brulle (3 days ago)
How old is he?
DeathBot Gamma (5 days ago)
You yell at players for teaming but the shopkeeper keeps you supplied. Hypocrite.
Naise_ Draws (6 days ago)
*tafuck yu jump above da vaan?*
Rifqi Ys (7 days ago)
No scope ? WTF 😂😂
Muhammad Asif Khan (11 days ago)
I LIKE this guy more then shroud
CodMaster (11 days ago)
Hhhhmmm 25 things that choco taco did that u will never forget hhhmmm let’s watch it. 2 days later hhhhmmmm wait what was the thing that I watched 2 days ago about choco taco and never forgetting about it hhhhmmmm I guess I foregot... Trollers be like CLICKBAIT this obviously isn’t true I forgot in 2 days so it’s got to Be drumroll please CLICKBAIT.
Barjonah Buxton (15 days ago)
Can i have some context fir the wadu + asian clip
NoobGunner (19 days ago)
Edu Gator (21 days ago)
The dude never, ever has recoil on his weapons...does look like he cheats.
Alain Procs (22 days ago)
1:17 What the actual fuck
Crzy Snkeman (23 days ago)
1:18 that reaction though
Si Dracko (24 days ago)
What Intro Music ?
Victor P. (24 days ago)
Choco is such can awesome streamer.
MR.LENNY MCLENINS (25 days ago)
Ryo (29 days ago)
He is amazing i love him
Armand Azhari (1 month ago)
Is there a full video the one he use the crossbow?
Stephen Q (1 month ago)
5:24 "We're actually quite proud of our vehicle physics."
Arafat Emon (1 month ago)
Some bullshit motherfucking nerdy player play fps, tps game on online but don't know how to control a mouse, then blame a ordinary pro gamer as a hacker.. Brainless idiots.... 😏
Victor P. (24 days ago)
Stop projecting
Reggy Henda (1 month ago)
4:27 taco is high😂😂😂
I Am GROOT (1 month ago)
The moment when he changes his camera angle
Turjak_art (1 month ago)
5:14 seems the game is fixed!
Mesuko (1 month ago)
Use my code "pubgwinnerdinner" on Gamdom.com :D (first time using this thing, not sure what to expect)
RaxDen YT (1 month ago)
12:12 think you can win ChocoTaco? WAIT LONG LONG!
RaxDen YT (1 month ago)
ChocoTaco and Shroud are the best
Stock Brazen (1 month ago)
Wow you think its gonna be a happy ending and then they just gun his son down
Ricky Luo (1 month ago)
Reported. hahaha
Senbugaming (1 month ago)
WTF was that quickscope???
MrPelle Perkele (1 month ago)
Oh... My... God... what a shot with Kar98k
The Chilled Gamer (1 month ago)
5:12 had me laughing !
RaxDen YT (1 month ago)
Enzo Lin (1 month ago)
Beningame (1 month ago)
0:17 to skip intro
Baby Gravy (1 month ago)
6:03 why did so many people die to the playzone?
Joshua Keith Pearson (1 month ago)
"It's the mexican space program" Hahahahahaa
Tyler Ziemer (1 month ago)
the 1v1 pan fight in smoke how come u could see through those smokes so easly?
Ilham VCC (1 month ago)
I love this guy than shroud, but shroud the best ✌️
JaXa GAME (1 month ago)
"Shut the fuck up you Ni-" Twitch: You're playing with fire son. Keep it muted.
animal cancer (1 month ago)
Chocotaco is so cute
animal cancer (1 month ago)
That second moment tho
Smelly KneeGrow (1 month ago)
Tsm Chadd (1 month ago)
Smelly KneeGrow all the afk died to the zone
Rade Vuckovic (1 month ago)
I often watch twitch, and even tho I enjoy it, I would never consider my self a person that admires games. But when I came a cross this guy, I had to follow him right of the bet. What an amazing person. He has great gaming skill, but his personality is unmatched. Love to watch him. I also met him once in Hacienda del Patron. But whole encounter ended in less than a second, if you know what I mean.
Kristian V (1 month ago)
Hate hes attitude.
Kristian V (16 days ago)
RaxDen YT Son.... you dont even know What i do for a living.
RaxDen YT (16 days ago)
Lol you hate his attitude because you jealous of his success
Oliver Madden (1 month ago)
Kristian V why would you hate his attitude? He's super calm, kind, and humble
Sam Tyson (1 month ago)
🌮's hairline is the real MVP.
Niklas Gandeborn (1 month ago)
Zaid Patel (1 month ago)
Living legend
Roger Aspelund Stangen (1 month ago)
ChocoTaco moments without his touchpad first game chicken dinner?
Rebellen007 (1 month ago)
He's the best streamer in my opinion.
Alweezy (1 month ago)
1:54 I fucking lost it LMAO
SlapChawp (1 month ago)
Choco, you're and absolute savage
Nhất GôKu (1 month ago)
01:50 close
Simon Schandorff (1 month ago)
The only streamer that actually makes me laugh, and not just say "that's funny".
Daniel Williams (2 months ago)
ace ventura shit
Daniel Williams (2 months ago)
chocotaco is lumi
PappaSqually (2 months ago)
Mexican space program 😂
Rohit Jobish (2 months ago)
i think he's the most calmest PUBG player .
lulle min brulle (3 days ago)
lulle min brulle (3 days ago)
No its shroud
BaSkA (2 months ago)
*His hair is majestic*
Wurst Blinker (2 months ago)
That Kar98 no scope is just unreal! Great Stuff!
Binge Bammer (2 months ago)
wtf is this piece of shit gambling site, this is an advert with stolen chocotaco content. fuck this
104th_Maverick (2 months ago)
Choco has the most chill I have ever seen!
sumit kesarwani (10 days ago)
He's the opposite of doc
Cytus Xora (2 months ago)
Hmmm hmmm 8:08 was he looking at the mini map or something else?
bader7 (2 months ago)
JoOnDy Bapaylo (2 months ago)
mexican space programme so good i cant breathe ahahahaha
Vishnu Teja (2 months ago)
0:29 bruh im dying from his reply 😂
fff ghj (2 months ago)
10:29, hi youtube
NOVΛ (2 months ago)
5:15 that's how vehicles make babies
Kiwialien (2 months ago)
Placenta_patrol. Amazing nickname, I'm jealous
Christian Goooman (2 months ago)
You can kiss that hairline good bye in a few years.
lulle min brulle (3 days ago)
Oliver Madden (1 month ago)
TREMENDOUS! Wow not sure if it was that serious lol. Wasn't an attack on his character or anything. He is balding.. Stop jumping to defend your favorite streamer insecure cuck
Araib Irshad (1 month ago)
TREMENDOUS! lol fuckin A my man
lautaro (1 month ago)
TREMENDOUS! (1 month ago)
Who cares about his hairline you closet faggot, you've got a profile pic of a fitness model and you upload videos of him you insecure little pussy, stop looking at other men you cuck boy.
GN 32 (2 months ago)
I love chocotaco so much. I watch his stream on Twitch and highlights on YouTube. He is so chill. Doesn't RAGE on stream and he isn't loud.
Cliff H (2 months ago)
what is that ending
Smashed Crab (2 months ago)
Where is the "Redzone" clip? !wall
Jacob Fraas (2 months ago)
"I'm just gonna iron sight this guy" *BANG, downs him* Teammate: "Ok"
azhariwarman (2 months ago)
5 ads. GG
Lord Satan (2 months ago)
Alfrizky Elnesta (2 months ago)
You just can't hate this guy
Federicoo (2 months ago)
Mexican space program part had me dieing
Just Arachi (2 months ago)
4 mistakes from choco 4:25
Mike Hock WINNER (2 months ago)
fuck the intro off its a shit scamming website its already been proven
Implexity (2 months ago)
"mexican space program" xD
6mehul9 (2 months ago)
3:22 Wow did chocotaco just rage ? Was that his rage ?
RaxDen YT (1 month ago)
僕はナイヴェル true
僕はナイヴェル (2 months ago)
Choco and shroud's rage and equivalent to a normal person's mild annoyance
aatos 108 (2 months ago)
ragequit =D =D
dizney jnr (2 months ago)
Choco is better than shroud
PUBG DE (1 month ago)
dizney jnr they have a big difference but they are both good
Optimus27 (2 months ago)
When it comes to tactics, yes, but shroud still too OP in aiming
Slavemaster Saddur (2 months ago)
Love this guy! Good player, calm but a nice fun personality as well.
ApeX (3 months ago)
I cant believe hes dead now
ApeX (1 month ago)
Austin Boyd tf is wrong with u its a joke
ApeX (1 month ago)
Carson Julvezan wtf lol hahaahha
Tsm Chadd (1 month ago)
ur fucking stupid
Carson Julvezan (1 month ago)
ApeX ?????????? Edit: looking at this 1 month later I now get the joke.
iNeo (3 months ago)
Prénom Nom (14 days ago)
one of the best jokes ive heard
GamingWithSuresh (3 months ago)
"Averyone report this bull$**t. really? Chaco taco is pubg pro player..
Mark Lemus (3 months ago)
Chaco is too chill
PackerBacker 12/18/87 (3 months ago)
I enjoy watching Chaco no or minimal cussing talking trash, just a great player
Orashgle (3 months ago)
GabeTheDoggo The Dogo (3 months ago)
TheWatchDog22 (3 months ago)
Oh the good stuff (I’m not funny anymore 😂)
TheWatchDog22 (3 months ago)
You would get the joke if you read my comment from yesterday
Ornstein 241 (3 months ago)
He has the most chilling stream
Hello Guys (3 months ago)
Wow good player😤👌👌
rahmat kurniawan (3 months ago)
Choco needs his own skin too.
АндрЭ (2 days ago)
lulle min brulle NP dud
lulle min brulle (2 days ago)
+АндрЭ oh... Im new in pubg sry
АндрЭ (2 days ago)
lulle min brulle Doc already has own skins
lulle min brulle (3 days ago)
And Dr disrespect
lulle min brulle (3 days ago)
KennethJohn Uy (3 months ago)
What happens pan pubg? NOT ENOUGH CLIPS TO MAKE A 10 MIN VID THIS DAY?
Toby (3 months ago)
50 Shroud moments you will never forget plz!
lulle min brulle (3 days ago)
+Vulquos then they should have 600 best moments
Vulquos (2 months ago)
Toby nah he overrated
Shadow GearX (3 months ago)
11:25 shows how awesome players can be.....
Daulat Rais (3 months ago)
now do with shroud
БИД ЛО (3 months ago)
Wadu heek?
lulle min brulle (3 days ago)
Freestyle wady
Aditya Janghale (3 months ago)
Wadu heck
Wadu SQUAD (3 months ago)
Jax Patchett (3 months ago)
Wadu SQUAD (3 months ago)
ツB4k wadu...
Banty Manek (3 months ago)
Hairul eQ (3 months ago)
Chocotaco is different, he never rage or swearing, what a guy
lulle min brulle (3 days ago)
+O' Doyle u font event know what it means u little natzie bitch
O' Doyle (3 days ago)
+lulle min brulle thanks you to :)
lulle min brulle (3 days ago)
+O' Doyle horrable name u got
ens44n (1 month ago)
he is fking noob with that good ping
RaxDen YT (1 month ago)
I love ChocoTaco and Shroud!

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