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We Visited what we thought was a Secret Island in PUBG in Search of Loot!

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Send us your best gaming clips to feature in our next video! - [email protected] We visited the offshore island on PUBG to see what loot it had. This island is actually the same island you wait on before each game, so we were hoping to find the same loot that spawns in the pre-match Lobby. Was this the case?... Thanks for Watching! Subscribe for more videos from Gamedrop!
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Chuckie Gravesfield (1 day ago)
you have to go to the other side of the island to find loot
Sabir Choudhury (1 day ago)
Oh I never knew that there was a secret island in pubg
Safwan Samir (2 days ago)
There was a whole bunch of loot in the buildings...| Wait...isnt this island familiar?>
nemani bai (3 days ago)
bruhhh that’s where players spawn . nice try tho
rup rup (5 days ago)
Don't make us fool ..I go there every day n I find whole stuff out there...u skips all main house purposely....btw I loot there even after blue zone stars because first circle never hit that hard
Esther Sosa Abraham (5 days ago)
It is the place we start and punch each other
Shahwaz sheikh (6 days ago)
Its the island from where players gather
Teodor Damjanoski (6 days ago)
The secret island is called the spawn island
that's where you start in pubg mobile
Vaishnavi Haldankar (7 days ago)
This the area where we wait for 100 people to come onl and plane takes off later
Jonathan Foo (7 days ago)
Oh wow its where everyone spawns
Anish Kumar (7 days ago)
Its not secret island...its thevwaiting area
SteveXander playz (8 days ago)
Who also got a rules of survival add while watching pubg?
God King (8 days ago)
Who knows it was the same game as that one before
w5monkey (8 days ago)
Found it! Destructible wall x2 grenades in bunker! MINIGUN!!!
virat dhiyanesh (8 days ago)
Lol its the starting point
Anurag Naik (9 days ago)
Its a mobile pubg spawn location
Jahan se game start hota hai secret Iceland Nahi Hai Pagal Kahe Ke bana rahe ho
aryan sreepuram (9 days ago)
Everybody spawns here XD
chanel esperanza (9 days ago)
Lol that’s where everyone spawns
103,835,735 views (10 days ago)
Its not a secret island that is were you spawn
Satyam Saraf (10 days ago)
Nep Game (10 days ago)
We found kar98 and 8x https://youtu.be/OTkBXt2E3MQ
Khaizer Wasi (10 days ago)
Most worst video
mohamad azlan (10 days ago)
Rhythm Bose (11 days ago)
I found a lvl 3 vest, lvl 3 helmet and m416
Gaanphiu Printers (11 days ago)
matiasf209 (11 days ago)
Jajajajaja puedes ser tan idiota?
jason`s plays (11 days ago)
That's not a secret Island that's where you spawn in
Cara Doyle (11 days ago)
That's the island you spawn in!
NEERAJ GUPTA (11 days ago)
Bro you should have checked out into buildings as their m416 and Akm with so many bullets with lvl3 bag Shield And helmet
toko ballay (11 days ago)
Love u r laugh😂😍😍
Samit Verma (12 days ago)
this is a fack vidoes
Expender thegamer (12 days ago)
Lol dats de spawn island xD
Juice Mobb (12 days ago)
You only had 2 kills tho 🤦🏾‍♂️
capconco (12 days ago)
I found a vss on that island before
Crazy God (12 days ago)
I guess that's the starting point before Match
Just to let anyone know I HAD DISCOVERED IT ON APRIL
Pixelated Rules (13 days ago)
Thatsthe spawn
Genie Lingweenie (13 days ago)
I landed there once thinking there was good loot, but i pretty much found 1 bandage pack and a lvl 1 helmet. And because i chuted in, there was no boat to mainland so i died there in the bluezone lol.
sergio ramos (13 days ago)
Atleast you found something :/
Aniket Chauhan (14 days ago)
Which map is this.
Adi Pratap Singh (15 days ago)
That is the island from which everyone starts😮😮
Adwaith J Pachen (15 days ago)
There is loot in the buildings on the Island. I got a Vector and an M416
Balraj singh Ramgharia (15 days ago)
I have visited here already 🤨
Everything Rebel (15 days ago)
No guns because that's where everyone starts
Technical Rohit (16 days ago)
I think I have seen this place in pubg experience
son of a gun (16 days ago)
Clickbait 😑
ALPHANUMATIC AGK (16 days ago)
Add me in pubg user name ANGELOFDEATHAG
Hey It's Tara! (16 days ago)
My heart was racing for you guys 😱😭 Hahaha.... and #4 came into clutch! *literally* 😂👏
The Gamedrop (15 days ago)
Hey It's Tara! 😂😂😂 thanks Tara, glad you enjoyed the video!
Sweet Cheeks (16 days ago)
sidthe sciencekid (16 days ago)
That is spawn island
Ervitas (16 days ago)
this isnt secret! its the starting island most of the times
Amir Najjar (16 days ago)
That's the spawn point for PUBG MOBILE
Tay eu (17 days ago)
That’s the place when we were there before game started
Aron The Pokemon (17 days ago)
Heart me or pin me , have you pinned someone before , should I make a funny joke to get a heart or be a special person to be pinned , this is nah first time to be in your channel , dunno if that footage is yours or not?
Aron The Pokemon (16 days ago)
The Gamedrop , well then , this is my first time subscribing you then
The Gamedrop (16 days ago)
Aron The Pokemon all my footage bro 👍
Muntazim Jambharkar (17 days ago)
Yeh koi secret island nahi hai balke yaha se to pubg game start karte hai hahahahahahhahahah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
CarenKline (17 days ago)
be BLUE (17 days ago)
Harsh Parikh (17 days ago)
Worst pubg vedio ever made
Ludovic Allouch (17 days ago)
Yeah it was the spawn zone in the Vanilla PUBG (before people spawn on a random place on the map), I thought they let the MASSIVE loot available before, but no, this is disappointing because you lose the reward of getting through the ocean to find it (and it could be a fun battlezone like school or whatever)!
Fidgety_ Fpv (18 days ago)
That's not secret island it's the lobby where u wait before a match
Yashwant Dewangan (18 days ago)
Blue circle will fuck ur ass
Anurag Prakash (18 days ago)
That's the island that we start from
voidxgrimes (18 days ago)
that’s where you spawn lmao but it has pretty good loot ngl
Mr Dankmemes (18 days ago)
I smell clickbait
Weak Nation (18 days ago)
Ive Been playing Pubg for Almost a year now......and ive never Been to this island.....🤔🤔🤔🤔
It's spawn
Anshu Kholiwal (18 days ago)
It is the lobby
ichigo43043 (18 days ago)
That not secret island loh..... That where everyone gather and start the game
Saurabhsam Abraham (18 days ago)
The DrunkDuck (18 days ago)
I’d wish that island would be filled with loot: -Many Med Kits and Needles -Unlimited ammunition -A great selection of guns, yes including AWMs -All types of scopes and grips -Military vests and lvl 3 helmets all around -Trench coats for style -A whole crate of throwables -Oh and pans
komal choudhary (19 days ago)
I found an kam and s868 over there but I died from the blue zone and I even killed 2 people I took screenshots also
Kaleb Priest (19 days ago)
This dude is actually retarded
Rudra .s. Mishra (19 days ago)
I'm gone there one time
Ajab Gjab Experiment (19 days ago)
There is. Starting point.
abhijeeth ramayanam (19 days ago)
I visit this island on mobile pubg everyday and there is enough loot for only 1 person and you can lvl 3 vest and 8x for sure
Saurabh Palkar (19 days ago)
Lol So basically my hometown is secret place where i born
kanavy khith (19 days ago)
I just came this island then a kar98k AKM Pistol
ZedGod _ (19 days ago)
I wanted to this but ... lazy as fuck
REIKO (19 days ago)
I never know about this thing before!NO FUCKIN WAY!
jorge moreno (19 days ago)
That's the spawn island
Abby Faucher (19 days ago)
Thats spawn island
Chicken Noodles (19 days ago)
Your voice is so cute
Jean Letegio (19 days ago)
Hey, better watch the video where he was left by the plane 😂😂😂
Rachel Paton (19 days ago)
Wtf is this music
-H P- (19 days ago)
Massive respect for that 4th guy... ♥
Raghunandan Reddy C (19 days ago)
That's the opening island
chris (20 days ago)
Chriss34 add me yall
TheChosenOne (20 days ago)
U didnt check all the houses though
TheChosenOne (19 days ago)
The Gamedrop did u end up going back to check the other houses yet ?
The Gamedrop (20 days ago)
TheChosenOne I know we didn’t have the time bro :(
Person Here (20 days ago)
If that isn't good teamwork I don't know what it is.
Frank Murray (20 days ago)
And you are trying to give the rest of us tips and advice? WoW... Sounds like you need to stop.
earn money (20 days ago)
Nurul Sarafyna (21 days ago)
That is where everyone waits for thr game to start
Abdurrahman Mahmoud (21 days ago)
What if you are playing PUBG when the world is ending 🧐🧐 😩😩😩
vasu97 (21 days ago)
You dumb fuck thats lobby/spawn area
Ali Nofal (21 days ago)
What is your phone??
Elvis Balasuit (21 days ago)
That's not secret,
fajri muhammad (21 days ago)
that the starting area😂😂😂
Anthony Schultz (21 days ago)
It's spawn island

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