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SLR DOMINATION - PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds)

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Finding and only using the SLR in this game. I think the gun is a little too powerful... Merchandise can be found here! ►https://aculite.fanfiber.com/en You can connect with me here: (I only use Twitter. Facebook is for upload notifications.) ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheAculite ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TheAculite ►Livestream - https://www.twitch.tv/Aculite ►Discord - https://discord.gg/aculite Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental Version) - Loving Caliber Looking for a YouTube partnership? (referral link) http://bit.ly/2mEacP0 Settings and Equipment: http://bit.ly/2nHTspq Please report any hate speech/spam comments.
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Text Comments (422)
Mayur borah (2 days ago)
SLR is the worst gun both in the game and real life
Marcus Locklear (3 days ago)
Slr should do more damage than sks. Its a 308 cal rifle. Sks is 7.62x39 which is the same as an ak. The slr is basically an mk14 with no full auto. Technically the real rifle is just as powerful as a kar98 and m24 just not as accurate as the bolt action rifles
John Muller (8 days ago)
pls pls
John Muller (8 days ago)
aculite pls do call of duty blackout
D frost (10 days ago)
Yeah well it ain't as strong anymore guy came at me with a level 1 vest and I dump the whole mag in him still didn't drop.
Abdullah Bahaa (11 days ago)
Abdullah Bahaa (11 days ago)
Hay watch me on YouTube
Luca Berta (12 days ago)
I've never seen anyone slower than this guy in picking up and changing equipment.
Timothy Baumann (15 days ago)
this woulda been cooler if they just called it the FAL
Amar Kumar (27 days ago)
Belgium made
Justin Deavitt (30 days ago)
I'm curious as to why he keeps shotguns 🤔🤔 especially when passing up ARs..he does this a lot I've noticed
RIPX rxque (1 month ago)
On mobile the SLR has no damage😂 its a semi auto laser baster
Tomáš Prieboj (1 month ago)
one does not simply switch shotgun over AK lol ..
Paul Bobby (1 month ago)
SKS,mk14 are best dmrs
Dank BonkRipper (1 month ago)
All they need to do is make it a 4 shot to lvl 2 vest and it will be balanced
DeeJay LJ (1 month ago)
Levi Fontaine (1 month ago)
I got it just a few minutes ago and won
Tufao5byte (1 month ago)
Weapon of the Brazilian army. fal 762 or parafal 762. Send a hello to Brazil !!!!!
Evelyn Alfonso (1 month ago)
I killed 23 players win
RB Productions (1 month ago)
SLR perfectly *BALANCED* honestly though that thing is beautiful
hungrydonuts251 (1 month ago)
Super leet rifle
hungrydonuts251 (1 month ago)
Super leet rifle
YuyoPlayz 4529 (1 month ago)
kG channel (1 month ago)
xaxa ak 47 - shotgun
Colton Spencer (2 months ago)
More damage than SKS but less fire speed, it's balanced
gary7dayz (2 months ago)
Pah, pah, pah....!!!!!!
Hthegoat (2 months ago)
no intro? kamon ;)
Blue Operator427 (2 months ago)
Raj Rajput (2 months ago)
cory Mills (2 months ago)
Simi auto .308 should tear people apart.
Samuel Burke (2 months ago)
Sam (3 months ago)
Jeffrey Suen (3 months ago)
Stop saying some guns are "OP" when new guns are slightly stronger than older ones. Some guns are bound to be better but it is very subjective at the end. Every gun has its unique feel. Saying they are OP just makes them get nerfed and people will keep using those same few guns as before.
justin case (3 months ago)
MannyXVIII (4 months ago)
I have seen other channels putting up PUBG matches that recieved alot of views, but you are certainly the best of the bunch IMO.
Max Power (4 months ago)
@3:28 u missed an AR,DMR Suppressor at the Crate
Burn The Obedient (4 months ago)
What is an Assault Rifle? I didnt know there was such a thing.
MrMattGt Gt (4 months ago)
What acope was that?😂
equinøx (4 months ago)
Why you're game looks so vibrant and sharp?
V1ct0R (4 months ago)
I can run that game with PROCESSOR FX 4130 , 12 GB OF RAM , GRAPHICS CARD R7 370X 4GB?
zachary vining (4 months ago)
4:34 wtf I think he killed me
Ahl Rivero (4 months ago)
Aculite: Founds a Lvl. 3 Armor and a SLR in the first 10 sec. Me: opens 10 doors and found lvl 1 armor and a pistol
Ramon Lewis (4 months ago)
SLR is not broken - in real life it was that good if not better!!! I was able to do a 1" (25.4mm) grouping at 100m
beohbe64 (4 months ago)
SLR came with a 20 round mag standard, so in a way they're nerfing it already
Danny Street (4 months ago)
That's a lot of damage...
ultgaming does MC (4 months ago)
2:38 you have been excused 😂
Logic Is life (4 months ago)
It’s so balanced, cuz it’s rare to find, I think it does 48 dmg probably
runner316 (4 months ago)
This it what they've been doing with new guns for a while now. It gets introduced totally overpowered to generate hype, then they nerf it in the next update.
Elite Strategist (4 months ago)
Which is better mini14 or slr?
Chandra Widianto (4 months ago)
Not about the SLR,,but you is the over power
Adam Williams (4 months ago)
That moment at 3:57 when you panic at a tree... :P
Robert Frank (4 months ago)
SLR should be the better then the SKS or KAR98 it's the West's answer to the AK47.
John Amekin (4 months ago)
I dont agree that its broken, its the SKS with +1 from the unerfed(sks) dmg, what it has going for it is bullet velocity. None screamed that the SKS was broken pre-nerf so I don't know, it almost sounds like a echo chamber since one person screamed OP and every little dogs wagged their tails and started barking the same shit without testing themselves. Anyway it'll get the Mini14 treat and get nerfed to no point using it in the coming days now.
Basicnoob (4 months ago)
I don't understand why people are saying it's so broken when it does barely any more damage than the sks?
MattHDGamer (4 months ago)
Anthony Hackett (4 months ago)
How many names do you go by? Aculite. Acurite. Ahhcaffine. Dang man lol
Zul Hakim (4 months ago)
I care about how he find out people easily
Crestfall4 (4 months ago)
mike b (4 months ago)
seriously, my gf broke up with me... so she can have more time to masturbate to aculite's pwning vids.
4everHawii (4 months ago)
Acurite .. OP :-)
Jennifer Thatcher (4 months ago)
they need to make that a supply drop gun
claw crazy kid 1260 (4 months ago)
At 1.59 you killed me
Richard Hao (4 months ago)
Aculite is pretty good, he killed Shroud before
Confused Raccoon (4 months ago)
Something is not right with it. I'm a terrible player in comparison yet I can still wreck face with it. I feel the recovery may be a bit fast/smooth. Getting that third shot is just too easy.
Ryan O'Donnell (4 months ago)
When it comes down to 1v1 and the other dude just sits in a Bush proned.... after hearing the 3rd guy get gunned down. I will never understand certain gamers.... scared trash bags
Monkey D Luffy2 (4 months ago)
When is new map coming and big update coming.
ZMemme (4 months ago)
6:11 Wicked or weakness, you gotta see this wayyyy yeah yeah
Mad Shamrin (4 months ago)
I wondering why you keep changes your name on pubg, acurite, and another name that i forgot, Is that because your account has been ban or what sir?
Thomas Bjørk (4 months ago)
Did anybody else cringe when they saw the supressor ar, DMR at the drop and he didnt pick it up?
Shazbot277 (4 months ago)
Time to Nerf Aculite........again
Ben Walton (4 months ago)
The SLR needs an instant nurf xD
ARealChickenNugget (4 months ago)
ScubaShneve (4 months ago)
I'm confused, what is the point of SR qd and ex/qds being in crates if you can use AR mags with them now?
Da Mule (4 months ago)
Love your new outro screen thingo
mosesmalone28 (4 months ago)
Can you stop saying how much damage it does
Created Core (4 months ago)
He saying damge reminds me a meme
NETIJEN FAV (4 months ago)
New meta from aculite
aA Wa1nut (4 months ago)
at 2:40, you can vault that, ive done it, killed a team of guys in duos that were watching a door downstairs and a guy watching the stairs/ the window witha view up them using that
Guust (4 months ago)
SLR modeled after Belgium FAL!?
Rayven Enriquez (4 months ago)
Its only broken if Aculite use it.
Latched (4 months ago)
It’s not the gun that’s OP. You’re the master of the gun, you pull that trigger, you’re the op one.
H & K podcast (4 months ago)
HOLY SHIT I haven’t realized your rapid growth. Congrats man! 490k!
Lee Jordan (4 months ago)
@7:17 'That guy is at zero HP; he couldn't be any lower' - Well, yeah that's how numbers work.
topher (4 months ago)
Watch the captions at 6:00
Steve Pirie (4 months ago)
SLR was always a good rifle, didn't like 20 round mag but when you hit once was enough.
beep beep sishter (4 months ago)
Stoped WatchKit you because my PC was to bad to play so i couldnt connect with you, you know? But now i have a 1070 8gb and a i7 7700! Ultra on pubg 😍
RAM-tv (4 months ago)
And u never used the shotgun
AverageMikePlays (4 months ago)
3:28 misses an ar suppressor
Pingz (4 months ago)
what did you say dp with a scope you can have a dp wit a scope
MrTo3cutta (4 months ago)
That recoil tho...
V Tach (4 months ago)
Ends with, "That's insane." Next video in the cue is Shroud with video titled "The SLR is insane."
FloridaRescuer (4 months ago)
you said the same thing when they introduced the mini. next when they release the gun it's going to be shit.
Arkham - Knight (4 months ago)
I'm pretty sure the gun isn't broken, *ACULITE IS JUST OP*
Kayocau (4 months ago)
ppl soak up like 5 shots when I hit em with it fml
X6 (4 months ago)
*T H A T S A L OT T A D A M A G E*
Preston Ross (4 months ago)
it'll be buffed, watch.
GreatDestroyer06 (4 months ago)
The FAL is a beast IRL
Noob Gamez (4 months ago)
Even know the slr was harder hitting in real life
Conner Kenway (4 months ago)
You missed an AR suppressor in the crate 3:26
The comment squad (4 months ago)
Ofcouse its powerful..its is a single fire rifle and has longer barrel,with higher bullet speed than SKS..plus with SLR we have chance agains AWM,M24,Kar98...so please dont say it broken not everyone skillful as u aculite..i hope u noted my comment

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