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THROWBACK NEWZ: Baggy Clothes Are Becoming Fashionable With Teens(1993 Report)

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1993 Newz Report on Baggy Jeans Becoming a Trend!
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Sup Tho (21 days ago)
Haha Afros came back bro
David Beckham (1 month ago)
And now 2018 people goes tight pants lmfao
luqman turakı (3 months ago)
And now baggy pants are back again lol
Son~Rize (3 months ago)
Loose wide and baggy 4 Lyfe
Boba Pills (3 months ago)
I like skinny jeans paired with a baggy sweater. So I guess it’s cool do whatever you want.
WhysoSerious ! (3 months ago)
Man I wish I was born in the 80s so I could grow up in the 90s I was born in the 2000s I wear baggy clothing and this new music is trash as fuck nothing but a fuck boys in this generation
George Washington (2 months ago)
2:16 Dam are times going back full circle This kid straight up looks like a modern day teen
Nu- -Ska (4 months ago)
Ummm.. there’s a difference between baggy and saggin.
Ramiro Duran (5 months ago)
Kristen Stewart 2:07
BIKE LIFE #THUGLIFE (6 months ago)
Fuck those who dislike baggy jeans and other baggy clothing i fucks with it boy !
ChicagosM0stWanted (7 months ago)
Skinny jeans started hip-hop, don't let these bitter old cats lie to you.
Itachi Uchiha (7 months ago)
Bring this shit back into fashion please illuminati
Daniel Hernandez2 (8 months ago)
Will baggy make a comeback in the 2020s?🤔🤔
Patch (9 months ago)
Reconquista (9 months ago)
Terrible fashion trend.
Reconquista (8 months ago)
Yes, because if it's not a trashbag, then it's skinny jeans. Clearly. Fucking dumbass.
Gamevolocity 44 (10 months ago)
We got school uniform but i wear those baggy to execpt not like 1993 i wear mine like its still 2007
DontGetOffended (11 months ago)
Sagging is gay asf lol
TBS Vertex (11 months ago)
DontGetOffended Wearing skinny jeans is gay af
MC likanekortsu (1 year ago)
Gold times
tritto (1 year ago)
China indea Japan or jupitor
tritto (1 year ago)
David Marino (1 year ago)
Hell yea true story...i will forever wear baggier clothes rather than these gay ass skinny jeans kids be wearing
Nick D (1 year ago)
whoever still rocks baggy shit now is stuck in the 90's and early 2000's, alot of people hate on the swag now yall can stay in that ugly bummy baggy shit while i got my balmains on and getting pussy regularly
David Marino (1 year ago)
Nick D i rather look like a thug than a girl....peace
Jah Hummed (1 year ago)
Email me this video please
Mike Okocha (1 year ago)
Fuck baggy pants and skinny jeans have been around even before the 90s
Bring Back 2005 (1 year ago)
fuck the 80's.... baggy jeans 4eva
Mike Okocha (1 year ago)
TheGuyWithTheBratzDollz but skinny jeans were a style before baggy rags though.....
Bring Back 2005 (1 year ago)
fuck skinny jeans. 90's and 00's 4eva!
salman macapodi (1 year ago)
I think they just remake the zoot suite of 1940s
Jah Hummed (1 year ago)
Where can I download this clip
Leisure Muffin (9 months ago)
amanda engelman (1 year ago)
Leave them alone, and they'll get sick of it. Yeah...20+ years later and they're still doing it. lol
WeAreBullets (1 year ago)
lol they thot the saggy jeans was bad back thEn
Dothelukasz Killchain (1 year ago)
looks at the 2 nerds at 1:54
Dray Parker (1 year ago)
These pants aren't even that baggy. Look at the documentaries from the mid 00s - now that is baggy!
Bear Force One (1 year ago)
My JNCO Wide Load are MASSIVE
Bring Back 2005 (1 year ago)
my JNCO Crime Scenes are far more baggy
GoldenSkull (1 year ago)
I wear both styles skinny or baggy so no comment
nick sinicropi (1 year ago)
Wresso Kresso (1 year ago)
baggy still to this day
Makaveli (1 year ago)
we should ban skinny jeans for men they look fucking gay asf
MC likanekortsu (1 year ago)
TrueNightmare fuckin true
Mike 10452 (1 year ago)
baggy clothes is played out.
Quale Nome?? (1 year ago)
i love baggy!!
Chris Robinson (10 months ago)
i love ur tits!
Quale Nome?? (1 year ago)
+Blue {} Apples you hate pants. walking in underwear
AngeKi __ (1 year ago)
Quale Nome But I still have to wear baggy / saggy pants because I hate skinny jeans Skinny jeans is worse than baggy pants so yeah
AngeKi __ (1 year ago)
I hate baggy
suraj sharma (1 year ago)
i wish these people could see the future m sure all the ones opposing it would realize it was all good
Mike 10452 (1 year ago)
ugly jeans. they were OK in the 1980s not now
Dothelukasz Killchain (1 year ago)
and today style is ugly as fuck
Dothelukasz Killchain (1 year ago)
Mike 10452 80s? you mean 90s
Quale Nome?? (1 year ago)
dolo 10452 AHAHAHAH!!!
O.g. Maxwell (2 years ago)
I like baggy clothes, it looks way better than tight clothes.
Baggys will always be apart of fashion history especially in hip hop. The new gen with their skinny jeans, diaper pants like Beiber wears, rappers looking like trannys, etc are just as laughable as the disco look. Mark your calendars, the days of baggys returning and 2010s shitty style fading will come.
king jay (5 months ago)
O.g. Maxwell hell naw it's all about them skinny tight shirts and jeans and lil pump blasting in the ear boii
Lord Beaky (1 year ago)
Anything looks betters depends on how you wear it.
Hell yeah i wear them baggy clothes but i dont sag them but i pull them down a bit but they are baggy as hell and baggy shirts Swag!
King Croft (1 year ago)
The Truth not even then will I be caught with that gay shit
took 25 years, but it's finally over.
MaddMax 559 (1 year ago)
Stoop naw if you a nigga nd you wear skinny jeans u fruity asf
King Croft (1 year ago)
+Dothelukasz Killchain​ true, skin tight clothes are gay as fuck.
Dank Dank (1 year ago)
+Dothelukasz Killchain Shut your 2008 sounding ass up
King Croft (1 year ago)
Dank Dank "mate" doesnt have a life span
Tha Block Thinka (2 years ago)
stoop+ i hope the wearing tight clothing trend dont take that long to blow over
omar pena (3 years ago)
2015 it still hasn't passed only baggy clothes have and tbh they're coming back 😂
1UZvillain (3 years ago)
lol and people still don't know the difference between saggin and baggy jeans
David Marino (1 year ago)
Taydabug exactly...i wear baggy pants but i dont sag...did it in the early 2000s but not nomore
House Music Catalog (3 years ago)
+Just Me Barry knows...Baggin, SAGGIN Barry..
Lil Wayne (3 years ago)
Now we have joggers.
Alex Nather (1 year ago)
Lil Wayne yo ass wore girl zebra skinny ass jeans buuuoooy. Gtfoh

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