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Text Comments (195)
This world is amazing
Andrew Harris (12 hours ago)
Good day Hahahahaha Katherine Rr
Andrew Harris (12 hours ago)
I have been to your family for yesterday but we are happy Birthday for yesterday thank goodness we have been a fantastic family
Andrew Harris (12 hours ago)
LISA OFFICAL (2 days ago)
Good Video...
Steriling Mason (3 days ago)
Introducing the Holographic 3D imaging slowly through Augmented Reality
robbe aerts (4 days ago)
Unique part sophisticated electric base province survival arrangement friendship working historian.
jarul asma (5 days ago)
Is the first is real
Jayden LOL (6 days ago)
2018. -_-
Chandie East (7 days ago)
I like the bike thing. Kind of. Would use it in the city, not the highway
吴炎灿 (7 days ago)
Amar Sahu (8 days ago)
Awesome very nice
TrxAsh (13 days ago)
bitch where?
Marian B. (18 days ago)
So, we're all going to die with our eyes glued to a screen, is that it? Take a closer look at the word "smart" and explore why that word is chosen. Smart meters.... smart fridges... with a little robot telling you which food-product is "out of stock" that needs to be bought. Smart wardrobes, with a little robot telling you that your number of leggings needs to be topped up. All these so called smart devices tell us what to buy and when, so that we don't need to use our brain and imagination. The biggest numbing down ever. Watch out for everything that says "smart". It may be attained for a price you have to pay that costs you your sovereignty, your health and your creativity. You don't have to do anything at some point. Just sit and feel pleased with your smart status as obedient global citizen, slowly turning into an artificial intelligence connected to your physical body. You will be programmed by remote control, is that what you want? Nothing against our human skills to invent devices, it can't be stopped. But the darker side of this evolution is, that this will be, when you don't pay attention, the playing out of an agenda called Big Brother. Animal farm.
Night Angel (18 days ago)
How incredible....!!! Can't be explained in words.....😉😮😮
Night Angel (18 days ago)
You guys are really amazing....😍😍
LiveLikeYouFly (21 days ago)
If my grandson isn't returned to me in the next ten days. I will expose to the world how to never have to pay another electric bill as long as you live.
LiveLikeYouFly (5 days ago)
Chandie East Turn off the electric circuit breaker
Chandie East (7 days ago)
LiveLikeYouFly (21 days ago)
No questions asked.
despic asno (22 days ago)
people go to my channel!!!!!! watch my videos!! and subscribe!! and smash the like button at any time
Marija Matković (22 days ago)
Like eto locking im ,2018
testa Qualita (23 days ago)
FAKE! but nice idea
testa Qualita वासीयं the world
EclipZe Muzik (23 days ago)
awesome video!!
MINECRAFT 166 (27 days ago)
Why is thar 53 ads
Умар Мюрид (29 days ago)
Нереально реально
Some. Dumbname (1 month ago)
Anyone 2018
Goluckymusic4life (1 month ago)
what a load of cobblers
Declan Reavy (1 month ago)
The thumbnail is complete click bait
Richard Gamefarm (1 month ago)
Privacy is a thing of the past that's why I piss outside.
Andrew Harris (12 hours ago)
Richard Gamefarm BBC वीसी is based vasiyam with the
efwefwef frwfef (1 month ago)
the 11 ads on a video this short are a new tech in of themselves
David Smith (1 month ago)
Its 2018 now and i havent seen none of that shit
Longsmoke (1 month ago)
Gayatri Dhekane (1 month ago)
Amazing ..What will be price??
JOSH BURNS (1 month ago)
i think you should start educating people about blue light damage done by screens of leds..dont fucking sell products for profits...blue light from led produced is causing eye damage to the retina ..so start finding innovations to replace shit leds and a healtby screen
XPERT MIND (1 month ago)
Play4yourLife (1 month ago)
Black Mirror?
Andrew Harris (12 hours ago)
Ganove (1 month ago)
First one is fake. He doesnt even explain how the hologramm is projected. Its definitly not going to look like its visualized in the Video
1TS WH4T3V3R (1 month ago)
smart this,smart that, smart smart smart. whole lot of adjectives out there ya know...
Drakul (1 month ago)
So basically nothing new as always. Thanks for nothing gadgets "hero".
Drakul (1 month ago)
By the power of ultrasound i have the POWERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
Drakul (1 month ago)
Humanity has reached it's peak technological social development in 2007. It's all downhill from here for you people. Rest in peace. You did your best but your best wasnt nearly good enough. The future belongs to my kind. Vampires.
Zero (1 month ago)
this video was complete waste of my time.
Sanoj Shreyas Deo (1 month ago)
really smarter nice inventions that can be really helpful in our day to day live
TROLLIUS /\\/ (1 month ago)
The Runways (1 month ago)
I love these inventions.
cool breeze (1 month ago)
Clickbait. The invention shown on the front page is not shown. And the holographic invention is the worst possible spyware.
Chris Bowen (1 month ago)
Too bad that thumbnail was nothing but clickbait... I would love to have something like that product in the fake thumbnail in real life. Doesn't even show up in the stupid video. 👎 if I could thumbs down more than once I would.
FREDY HEYD (1 month ago)
SK Gaming (1 month ago)
2:48 wat the poop
Thomas Taylor (1 month ago)
Lol is that Tobias Menzies?
Boraa Boraa (2 months ago)
Smart beam
조이패널 (2 months ago)
wow I want that smart beam... sweet
RAKIBUL ISLAM (2 months ago)
Terryana Moore (2 months ago)
i like this
Gadgets HERO (2 months ago)
Thank you
jack hunt (2 months ago)
Keno Theoneandonly (2 months ago)
Wow 20 ads fuck u
Gadgets HERO (2 months ago)
this is how YouTube survives
Arturo Medina (2 months ago)
Nos comen los chinos...
Way To Jannah Al Eslam (2 months ago)
Muhammad Ali (2 months ago)
Gadgets HERO (2 months ago)
Thank you Muhammad Ali 😍😍😍
johnstubeable (2 months ago)
Tooooooooo many adverts
Melvyn Wilde (2 months ago)
Erm....Dolfi came out on 2015!
Blue Jackson (2 months ago)
I live in 2018 and own all of these
Ghost King (2 months ago)
It's just awesome to think of such devices
d33m tai (2 months ago)
your grammar sucks mate ..
Gadgets HERO (2 months ago)
lol... 😍😍😍😍
Adam Mcgrath (2 months ago)
Is that thing plugged into the wall and then being thrown into a sink? Nice
Philip Agtuca (1 month ago)
it's just 5v
Gadgets HERO (2 months ago)
Kenenisa Bekele (2 months ago)
Virtually every invention is but an extension of a smrtphone.
Gadgets HERO (2 months ago)
Yep, the extension of a smartphone.
DIVANSHI CHAUHAN (2 months ago)
Gadgets HERO (2 months ago)
DIVANSHI CHAUHAN  these are the craziest things ever.... lol 😍
William McDowell (3 months ago)
These are not toys to play with. Big brother is watching.
Gadgets HERO (2 months ago)
Big brother is watching.😍😍😍😍
Timecodes for you:) 05 0:03 Takee 04 2:17 SmartBeam 03 4:09 LaneSight 02 5:33 Dolfi 01 8:16 SmartHalo
Phil Trethewey (2 days ago)
Alerom - Mobile Laboratories
DeathStroke (13 days ago)
Alerom - Mobile Laboratories, thankyou so much!!!!
steven herrold (3 months ago)
the video is a commercial in itself i could do without the commercial with in commercial thank you very much !!!!!!!!!
Gadgets HERO (3 months ago)
Thanks for your comment steven herrold  😍😍 "The commercial" that's how YouTube survives 😀
Rain Drop animates (3 months ago)
2018 anyone-
Nope!! None of these actually happened! Still waiting for iPhone 11
Ziggy Peterson (3 months ago)
A great invention I would love is a jet pack so you can get airborne. Just shoot up in the sky and over traffic jams . No annoying streets to drive around , you just go as the crow flys..., straight across . I've seen jet backs before but only used temporarily. They haven't been marketed but It is food for thought..
Memyselfandeye 22 (3 months ago)
5g, WW3, chem trails, nibiru and starvation, not sure if we will need micro chiping or any of this crap you're selling after 2018.
Technical Usman (3 months ago)
þæ þþæ (3 months ago)
oh great now assholes drivers will be even more distracted
wedgwerg fgherhge (3 months ago)
Wait for magic leap new tech, it'll suprise the shit out of you :)
John Michaud (3 months ago)
too many advertisments
john doe (3 months ago)
Load of shit
V1 Gibby (3 months ago)
iPhone X is already doing the holographic thing
tigress63 (3 months ago)
the holographic one is very creepy
Jack Alom (2 months ago)
tigress63 well stated. It can be used to 3d graph your house and everything you own. Advertisers and marketers will have a Truman Show of data on you.
deaf dumb (4 months ago)
Enough with the phones...
Troy Alexander (4 months ago)
Smart holographics. Cool!
nico canido (4 months ago)
C L I C K B A I T ! ! !
Joona Heinonen (4 months ago)
Branch supply combine housing instance guess.
Tanmoy Das (4 months ago)
very nice phone
RenegadeTimes (4 months ago)
that isn't his voice..but hey everything is fake now !
The Viral Fever 2 (4 months ago)
Mike G (5 months ago)
These devises are tracking you , so you lose your privacy , who is tracking you ?
Little Big (16 days ago)
there must akways be that one "woke" person in the comments
SCE 2045 (1 month ago)
Mike G No profile pic, no comments
Acid Drop Baby lol (3 months ago)
Mike G Deez Nutzzzz!!! Lmfao
im alover (5 months ago)
Freaking Chinese... Yes racists, jealous, motivated, hopefuls
Thierry P (3 months ago)
You are such a hypocrite. Calling others racist by being a racist.
Jennie james (3 months ago)
im alover You should not insult someone's nationality
Thierry P (3 months ago)
im alover isn’t this a racist and generalising comment? You are making them seem as if their personality is inferior
Sk Salman (5 months ago)
Muhammad waseem (5 months ago)
can u deliver smart beam to Pakistan?
Muhammad waseem (5 months ago)
price of smart beam?
Antonio Bartalesi (5 months ago)
Lane sight looks so dangerously distracting for drivers. Hope it works and doesn't blink if you're not out of you lane...
Xtreme Friends (5 months ago)
Wow do we have it now? It is already 2018
Andrew Harris (12 hours ago)
Andrew Harris (12 hours ago)
Xtreme Friends was the day
Ron Gabis (7 months ago)
Too much ads 👎
jay roy (7 months ago)
Nano robots
The26 (8 months ago)
They should toast toast now.
Gadgets HERO (8 months ago)
Welcome! You WIN Samsung Galaxy NOTE 8 only by getting active on the channel updates. Giveaway LINK https://goo.gl/V2wSSP
IceDragon Filmz (9 months ago)
Dolfi How does it work? *shows how to use it*
Phil Trethewey (2 days ago)
Gadgets HERO
Gadgets HERO (8 months ago)
Welcome! You WIN Samsung Galaxy NOTE 8 only by getting active on the channel updates. Giveaway LINK https://goo.gl/V2wSSP
Curtis Brown (9 months ago)
In all honesty, I need that holographic smartphone in my life.
Alam Quraise (10 months ago)
Nice 👍
Heavy D (1 year ago)
Virtually every invention is but an extension of a smrtphone. Really innovative thinking. SMH
hier222 (1 day ago)
Innovation requires a prior product. Invention does not.
MaxJoaca (1 month ago)
they keep saying they give us holographic tehnology for 5-8 year ...
chris ando (3 months ago)
The thing about phones is that almost everyone in first world countries has them on them at all times. It's hard to beat the reach and built in infrastructure of a smart phone. This also plays into cost as well and the difference between bringing software versus hardware to market. 12 month necro thread but had to say something.
juliet lobaton (4 months ago)
i agree
Darkswords14 (1 year ago)
If these are real I don't think they'll have a lot to offer till they've been updated over the next few years

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