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Do Baggy Pants Protect Against Groin Shots?

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Start Training MMA Online►http://bit.ly/1FIOiju The wretched, infamous, & dirty GROIN KICK is the topic of discussion in today's "Myth Buster" episode. Do baggy pants help defend against low blows? Can a shot to the balls really stop any (male, obviously) attacker? Well I volunteered to answer some of these questions... like an idiot. GET MORE FIGHT TIPS►http://bit.ly/1APnzvw FOLLOW: Facebook | http://full.sc/1oyWAAF Twitter | http://full.sc/1mCEOuk Instagram | http://full.sc/1hhwtuJ
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Text Comments (465)
neosoulfuljojo (13 days ago)
Please work with Master Ken
neosoulfuljojo (13 days ago)
Hahahaha! Do another video of you getting hit in the groin. Hilarious!!!
Elon Snow (26 days ago)
looks like he was kicking with his shin so baggy pants definitely won't stop that, but perhaps they'd protect better if impact was made with the foot only. I don't know, just a theory.
Thomas Joyce (1 month ago)
Comedy gold.
Papa Stalin (4 months ago)
Is there a difference between cup and groin protection because I'm looking at the UFC class equipment requirement for boxing and it says cup protection, and them it says groin protection for like muay thai and etc so I'm confused
Cowboy Rodriguez (4 months ago)
How did he recover from pain so fast
Rosa Perez (5 months ago)
Your a champ man
XXXG Mac (5 months ago)
Those aren’t baggy pants
Frostybone25 (7 months ago)
us soldier tortured by vietnamese army 1970 (colorized)
Dustin Hein (7 months ago)
did you scream "WHY" when you got kicked?!?! i think i screamed the same thing haha
Sepehr Bagheri (7 months ago)
Poor guy
Derrick Kingori (8 months ago)
Psilovecybin (9 months ago)
Who needs to know how to fight when even with a cup he gets stopped in his tracks ?
ya mom (9 months ago)
How come when Shane does a vid about the groin his wife is in it
Einigkeit&Recht&Freiheit (10 months ago)
Lol man
Bear Force One (10 months ago)
Of course they does much better than skinny gay jeans
david d (10 months ago)
I need some friends that will let me kick them in the balls. Lol
Andrea Ramirez (9 months ago)
david d Me too
Charlie Brown (10 months ago)
Rip baby maker
Reno Dorvay (11 months ago)
not baggy enough?
Duc Nguyen (11 months ago)
God damnnnn. Mad respect for Shane. Got kicked in the nuts for science =)))
Deacon Waterman (11 months ago)
Poor Shane
Nick g (11 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂that shit was hilarious
AAM A (11 months ago)
I had a fight got jumped by like 20 just for dropping one of them. I got kicked in the balls so many times I didn’t feel it till after the fight
xTeke (11 months ago)
I dont mean to offend you but... Wasnt it save to assume that baggy pants dont protect you at all without getting kicked in the balls? :D
R H (11 months ago)
Right up the butt crack
Gnarled Creep (11 months ago)
Ant was to enthusiast
CTI (1 year ago)
Are those red sweet science any good at the beginning?
Ted Wow (1 year ago)
real sweetscience...
Mr mean (1 year ago)
geting hit in the groin is the wrok place to get kicked or punched
Chris Garcia (1 year ago)
That isn't safe lmao
Fng Hell (1 year ago)
this is what love for your fans look like
onlyone23km (1 year ago)
Johnny Knoxville and his agent may give you a phone call to be the newest member of the Jackass team, assuming the show reopens in the future.
wolfwoodphreak (1 year ago)
hi I'm shane fazen, and welcome to Jackass... : guitar riff :
Pk Phantom (1 year ago)
Captain UK (1 year ago)
this is the funniest shit out
Y-S (1 year ago)
Shane, you the man. and still crazy. much love and mad props!
f16f16f16f16f16 (1 year ago)
One Batch (1 year ago)
Shane is officially sterile
Hugo Ceja (1 year ago)
que rico se bio cuando se agarro
HG Hurst (1 year ago)
This demonstration is irrefutable proof that Shane is a committed teacher. Thanks again for a great vid that dispels a dangerous myth. Also, you have totally turned around what was a sad day for me as I work on a research paper - I'm in tears from laughter. You guys are awesome! #NutsOnIce
Robert Junior (1 year ago)
That was ugly.
Dj-ShMiX (1 year ago)
Shane! i [email protected] Love you man! thanks for sharing this with us, your a real warrior! i was in pain watching this lol, thanks again and keep the great knoweledge and inspiration coming!
Slendiana Jones (1 year ago)
I've been kicked in the balls SO MANY TIMES that they're more conditioned than my knuckles yeah my balls are harder than my punch's I cannot be kicked in the balls and it hurt
Turan Abbasov (1 year ago)
these nuts
Eyeslo 420 (1 year ago)
The Shaolin monks do this technique for show. Tilt the hips back as far as you can like a standing crunch and take the kick to the buttcheeks. It just looks like there taking it to the junk.
Ira S (1 year ago)
That was such a bad idea. x') But entertaining to watch.
johaness seth (1 year ago)
haha Ant the nut kicker😂
johaness seth (1 year ago)
hahaha ouhh fuck😂
Jb Design (1 year ago)
I feel your pain man 😭
Jack Soffalot (1 year ago)
This hurts more than child labor... Ouch!
Project Ape Iron (2 years ago)
This is pretty brutal, but not as brutal as what we've made. It's literally the MOST painful music video ever created, plus we have a remix too! I promise it won't disappoint!
edgar brown (2 years ago)
Shane u literally got the balls to take a kick in the nuts.
Ninja Nick (2 years ago)
"Kick him like you dont want kids"😂😂😂😂
Gloria Salas (2 years ago)
can you show us a jump spin hook round kick
ADHAM TUBE (2 years ago)
Bru Tus (2 years ago)
Well Ant got his big break and finally the one who kicks ass
sarthak pal (2 years ago)
Lots of respect!
thomas thorne (2 years ago)
I've seen a few of your vids and the information is helpful. THIS ......just told me how for real you are !!!
The white kid (2 years ago)
my nutsack hurts from watching this.
Generalkidd (2 years ago)
He forgot to shout "That's my purse, I don't know you!" right before kicking him in the groin.
Manuel (2 years ago)
it didnt hurt hes faking it. if it hurts he wouldnt lie there like that
Lynn Kelly (2 years ago)
oh right in the pills
Silent Soldier (2 years ago)
there's no limit with you
Trenton Warner (2 years ago)
I beg of you sir! Please don't do anything like this again. I feel the pain. Enjoy the videos though!
Michael Kriechbaum (2 years ago)
I'm just thinking of how mythbusters would have tested this. They would have used equipment and science and the line "What better way to find out, but get kicked in the nuts!"
Jaylin Raney (2 years ago)
You have to sag
Vladimir Jovanovic (2 years ago)
So how does it feel to know you're gonna get your groin kicked? :D
Goktimus Prime (2 years ago)
Remember that kicks are only one of MANY ways to attack the groin. One particularly effective method involves: a/ Drive the heel of your palm into your opponent's groin b/ Grab and twist as if you're opening a door knob c/ Pull out really hard as if you're trying to start a lawnmower Also, as your front hand is pull back your waist will naturally rotate driving your rear shoulder forward. Feel free to use this rotation to use said rear hand to drive a follow-up punch (which would of course be the beginning of a combination of hits)
Javamanable (2 years ago)
watch my video PLEEEEASE, with all due respect it's ridiculous to think a low blow can stop any male, I've trained many guys and I taught them how to be ALMOST imune to low blows, we even had a community in orkut called "kicks to the nuts don't hutr" we had more than 400 members, so yeah, it hurts girls much worse
Peregrino Lethal (2 years ago)
+Javamanable I was part of that community, it's hard to understand why so many men suffer from low blows when they can simply retract their testicles
Mozart SuperFan (2 years ago)
+Javamanable he did overreact the kick wasn't that strong
Vladimir Ivanov (2 years ago)
it hurts much worse for girls I'd say
A Cat (2 years ago)
+Vladimir Ivanov Yea they don't even know that probably most people don't
João Ribeiro (2 years ago)
+Vladimir Ivanov it's no secret, most martial arts experts agree it hurts girls more, Krav Maga experts say it can hurt between 70% and 110% in women if compared to men; you can make your research
Courtney Hudson (2 years ago)
+Vladimir Ivanov I agree it hurts girls more
Misterbradoki (2 years ago)
+Monique Victória yeah, groin shots don't affect men who are flexible, as shown in the video world record kick to the groin part 2 sports science, but that's so easy to do, that's why there are hundreads of videos of guys who get kicked in the balls and don't act like a pussy like this guy did
Vladimir Ivanov (2 years ago)
+Monique Victória yeah, I mean look around at all Iron Balls videos online, I mean, I don't know why so many guys are babies about it
TheKidAztech (2 years ago)
This video made me cry...
DJ Wrath001 (2 years ago)
When he kicked you in the nuts, even I felt that (it was painful)
Izzy Osullivan (2 years ago)
that looks painful as fuck
volkaino (2 years ago)
Shane you are a hero
ace hardy (2 years ago)
00:05 deez nuts xd
Greenie (2 years ago)
haven't laughed this hard in ages, i highly appreciate your sacrifice (lol)
dirtybouba94 (3 years ago)
You are crazy man !
MCTimelineGamez (3 years ago)
Do u even wanna have kids, Shane?
x30 king kai fist guy (3 years ago)
thats genius. gettin ur wife to kick attempt, kickin ur balls off in a experiment for groin shot vid .so now she wont ball kick u in da ball area cause she got it of her system ..............genius
zuh (3 years ago)
Nitza Digmi (3 years ago)
Glenn Reuther (3 years ago)
#protip if you get kicked in the nuts jump and land like a sumo wrestler so they drop back down XD
Abdulla Jaffar (3 years ago)
Key to Kung Fu (3 years ago)
Hahahahaha he is nervous haha
TonyMon16 (3 years ago)
im surprised no one notice shames little jump before being moment of impact :P decreasing the power of kick.
Rodrigo Rosso (3 years ago)
Shane, Why you have a Argentinian Flag in the Gym? Thanks, I love your channel, grettings from Argentina!
Colby Richardson (3 years ago)
your awesome but this is kinda dumb hahahahaha
chip lotfi (3 years ago)
why flaque of israel i hate it
Angelo Darden (3 years ago)
Yo, Shane, you're the man. But why didn't you use the groin protector they use in boxing? It's a lot heavier and protects more.
tam nguyen (3 years ago)
@fighttips can u break your knuckles by using a watch as a brass knuckles for punching?
john sparten (3 years ago)
Hahaha! !!!are you mad!!!! I vomited the last time I got kicked in the nuts
megasif (3 years ago)
Try it w/o the thong bro.
megasif (3 years ago)
Uh...bagging pants will save you but it will decrease your skills...
nikkimble (3 years ago)
Kick him like you don't want kids!
isolator86 (3 years ago)
most of the self defense moves wont work in a real fight, dont get deceived by this fantasies
worldclass64 (3 years ago)
Guys don't do this , you can get internal bleeding and rupture of testicals . Not safe nothing to play around with .
Joe Williams (3 years ago)
I love ants face when he kicks Shane
ALEXcontactcombat (3 years ago)
Getting kicked in the groinguard? How is that a test?
Cryofax (3 years ago)
Every man watching this clenched his sphincter when you got kicked. Hell even the guy doing the kicking winced.
Aqua (3 years ago)
don't do such things, we know the effect...your health is more important

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