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PUBG: Funny Voice Chat Moments Ep. 4

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► Submit Clips Here: https://goo.gl/xYCFra ◄ Clip 1: bananaman (twitch.tv/bananaman) Clip 2: AlecStation (youtube.com/channel/UCW2CbDQcqpOKVgoKKpPUaBA) Clip 3: Yanigami (youtube.com/channel/UC1ujQx-dU3xNPDmhcS0Fznw) Clip 4: mannyfreshtv (twitch.tv/mannyfreshtv) Clip 5: Marmite (youtube.com/user/SinjikuAoD) Clip 6: amlozek (reddit.com/user/amlozek) Clip 7: LoLYourPrincess (twitch.tv/yourprincess) Clip 8: jakeoppa (twitch.tv/jakeoppa) Clip 9: RagePlaye (youtube.com/channel/UCk1Qmc1VJyErwBbCsAvvrKA) Clip 10: Freestylowiec (youtube.com/channel/UCBwNzMJrrd-FciGERjksBlQ) Clip 11: Draxxx9000 (twitch.tv/Draxxx9000) Clip 12: DrLinko (twitch.tv/DrLinko) Clip 13: jaanpu (twitch.tv/jaanpu) Clip 14: Bujwua (plays.tv/u/Bujwua) Clip 15: chocoTaco (twitch.tv/chocoTaco) Clip 16: uusimene (plays.tv/u/uusimene) Clip 17: Shroud (twitch.tv/shroud) Clip 18: ItzReazon (youtube.com/channel/UC2yymx68nN73n-YRBHgAWSw) Clip 19: RnnnR (youtube.com/channel/UCKNrPlaycFjE1D3xxY32O3g)
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Text Comments (7209)
random channel lifr (5 hours ago)
random channel lifr (5 hours ago)
9: 08
muhammad irgi fahrezi (7 hours ago)
In clip 6, what that song ?
Donovan Legends (7 hours ago)
4:51 "It doesn't have to end this way" Few Seconds later *There is no Frag Grenade*
jonnysbrud (12 hours ago)
My max kills is 15 Ps best yt
głowomłot niebieski (13 hours ago)
4:37 jest polska
Justin Z (20 hours ago)
Y does this how so many damn views
Fayaz Ayman (22 hours ago)
Russians fight with pride, when they lose they blame it on Lag.
okk now i know
who's wendy
Andrex Saberz (23 hours ago)
AliAlhadiT Gaming (1 day ago)
Buddy buddy
Singh jinder Nagra (1 day ago)
Smd wendy hahaha
Clyde Densmore (1 day ago)
If proximity chat we're in fortnite then it would be dead a long time ago
Cydric Cuyos (1 day ago)
Gucci gang kid 8:56
gamery que wuea (1 day ago)
Lucid Dreams (1 day ago)
*iM gOnNa sTrIp fOr yOu* im dead lmao
The_TNT_Hunter (1 day ago)
In a fortnite guy Still funny tho
Janowski Ninja (1 day ago)
Amey Kharade (5 hours ago)
Buddy buddy 3:19
Nite Blayde (2 days ago)
5:10 xdxd
Jahriel Camilo (2 days ago)
Legend has it...Wendy still hasnt joined the discord
Single world (2 days ago)
Dont kill me dont kill me please i am a girl
aditya Suryavanshi (2 days ago)
bhai sun ....... tu kya banata hai
XPurpleXToxicX (2 days ago)
Aw fuck I can download pubg again *Deletes all apps*
Thief45 YEAH (2 days ago)
Fortnite for life
NFINITY XTRA (2 days ago)
Thief45 YEAH fOrTnItE fOR lifE
Jonnesy TheDEFUALT (3 days ago)
Rip wendy
Someone said "Wendy Suck my d*ck"
Monric yt (3 days ago)
I got a PUBG ad.
blue _Sourcevirus (3 days ago)
Serb 100 % Man (3 days ago)
2:19 is this MaximillianMus
Zelcha (3 days ago)
9:40 die Deutschen :D
Pure Nugget (3 days ago)
Suck my dick wendy😂😂😂😂😂
GO CRAFTER (3 days ago)
Gilbert T. (3 days ago)
The last one tho 😂😂😂
IvanDaRealist (3 days ago)
Gay sex tape 😂😂😂 wtf
SparkleTimes (3 days ago)
Flax tape Guy (4 days ago)
Albhaa Husam (4 days ago)
Yeah hi
Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang 🙌🙏
You F*_#&$:-*- Yeh Hi You F+#;$:$-;3 Yeh Hi
Redman Radman (4 days ago)
Gucci gand Gucci gang Gucci gang
Brian putra (4 days ago)
yo PUBG TV , thank you for make my day, SUBSCRIBED Mate
Chris Schofield (4 days ago)
Stream thots
Omar Niazy (4 days ago)
Last one was halarious
Sucide bomber😅😅😅😅😅😅
TokyoTeddyBear (5 days ago)
JASON TODD (5 days ago)
DovaWi (5 days ago)
4:36 Polska yasss
Ahsan Madina (5 days ago)
Iam not lie. The top rank is cheater. Is true. Iam honest.
user one (5 days ago)
the last one that screams wendyyyy....lol
Felix Leon Kunze (5 days ago)
Haste los Spiel
Hoi Queen (5 days ago)
*suck my dick Wendy* I love that one dude
Muharem Redzic (5 days ago)
2:50 thot spotted
MaaziGaming (6 days ago)
XxAceterxX 18 (6 days ago)
Raging Cyclops (6 days ago)
3:18 come here and revive me buddy😂😂😂
Nick Oof (6 days ago)
How does the voice that work bc I play it on Xbox sometimes and it doesn’t work, is it just pc?
I'm calling the cops
Leonide Regondola (6 days ago)
Such a noob
H恵美子 (6 days ago)
That girl who was like "Wait, but I'm only 115!" GIRL YOU DON'T GO SPREADING YOUR WEIGHT AROUND!
wicked trapper (6 days ago)
At 1:24 the enemy ask 4 his shoes sounds like Drlupo
Jose Garcia (6 days ago)
lynx2point0 (6 days ago)
I love fortnite and pubg the same
Du Rp (6 days ago)
Pubg sucks and it’s not as realistic as fortnite dumbasses
Memeulation (4 days ago)
Du Rp I don't know about you, but I have better stuff to deal with than argue with some child over the internet. Like I said I hope you don't get so offended over opinions in the future
Du Rp (4 days ago)
Memeulation dude can you speak right anyways fuckface
Memeulation (4 days ago)
Du Rp it's fine what you think of me. I just hope you realise what someone says on the internet doesn't matter and no one wins in this situation. Good day or night, hopefully opinions don't hurt you so much in the future
༺ U N K N O W N ༻ (6 days ago)
8:59 Excuse me,what the fuck?
1_ 1 (7 days ago)
*Wendy get in the discord*
QuIgYx (7 days ago)
Man it’s so weird to see these nerd virgins freak when a chic plays...
ℳᎫᎶ_MemezLord (7 days ago)
3:38 Look at the name of the guy that killed him
maxmcpe fr (7 days ago)
07:15 " Wendy suck My dick" seriously
ETZ esty (8 days ago)
7:11 suck my dick wendy😂😂😂😂
tim lo (8 days ago)
There was a time I was playing tf2, a player named Pepsiman joined and played Pepsiman for the next 2 minutes lol
Luca_solid_snake (8 days ago)
HeY BuDdy buDDyyy revive me pleese
Nate Animates (8 days ago)
9:16 *h o u u h w o w h*
ABC WC (8 days ago)
Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan
Soso Tueur (8 days ago)
A real girl streamer 3:09
BuckYSDH (8 days ago)
Why are ppl insecure about their weight? I don't understand....
Taylor (8 days ago)
Dylan Brent Rabie (8 days ago)
6:58 sounds exactly like Roger Federer
I love potatoes (9 days ago)
4:06 for a laugh
Josh Chavez (9 days ago)
Fortnite fun and extremely popular
Brendan Crays (9 days ago)
This video is gold!
General Grevious (9 days ago)
I got a fortnite ad
Josh Chavez (9 days ago)
Good fortnite awesome
AsdNvd (9 days ago)
3:41 Did Anyone Saw That?!?
ZanyMarsh (9 days ago)
Help me get 💯
ItzMalachiii (9 days ago)
9:00 thank me later👌😊
PRO GAMER (9 days ago)
This is the only thing that pubg better than fortnite in
End_My_ Suffering (9 days ago)
Pieselel (10 days ago)
4:19 Polacy
PrankingNub (10 days ago)
Bailey Pfistner (10 days ago)
5:06 he’s screaming but the captions say: [Music]
Violetta Faller (10 days ago)
My dogs name is gucci 😁😂
Jalal Toubeh (10 days ago)
6:37 im dying hahahaha :D
В уста ебал даунов
ghost 55 (11 days ago)
2v2..man to man
Mjskill The God (11 days ago)
3:17 she looks like shes 90 pounds
Straw Playz (12 days ago)
Question: does *wendy* even have a discord server we can all join?
FlameAssassin _W0lf885 (12 days ago)
Wendy get in the discord for fuck sake
kusuma v (12 days ago)

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