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PUBG: Funny Voice Chat Moments Ep. 4

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► Submit Clips Here: https://goo.gl/xYCFra ◄ Clip 1: bananaman (twitch.tv/bananaman) Clip 2: AlecStation (youtube.com/channel/UCW2CbDQcqpOKVgoKKpPUaBA) Clip 3: Yanigami (youtube.com/channel/UC1ujQx-dU3xNPDmhcS0Fznw) Clip 4: mannyfreshtv (twitch.tv/mannyfreshtv) Clip 5: Marmite (youtube.com/user/SinjikuAoD) Clip 6: amlozek (reddit.com/user/amlozek) Clip 7: LoLYourPrincess (twitch.tv/yourprincess) Clip 8: jakeoppa (twitch.tv/jakeoppa) Clip 9: RagePlaye (youtube.com/channel/UCk1Qmc1VJyErwBbCsAvvrKA) Clip 10: Freestylowiec (youtube.com/channel/UCBwNzMJrrd-FciGERjksBlQ) Clip 11: Draxxx9000 (twitch.tv/Draxxx9000) Clip 12: DrLinko (twitch.tv/DrLinko) Clip 13: jaanpu (twitch.tv/jaanpu) Clip 14: Bujwua (plays.tv/u/Bujwua) Clip 15: chocoTaco (twitch.tv/chocoTaco) Clip 16: uusimene (plays.tv/u/uusimene) Clip 17: ItzReazon (youtube.com/channel/UC2yymx68nN73n-YRBHgAWSw) Clip 18: RnnnR (youtube.com/channel/UCKNrPlaycFjE1D3xxY32O3g)
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Text Comments (6171)
ELJEEP47 (1 hour ago)
Gimme ur shoes and i wont shoot you
Nicholas Tee (3 hours ago)
Cool outro
Bruno Gonzalez (5 hours ago)
Come to me you fucking bisch! (voice cracks).
Enter Tain (7 hours ago)
Best opening ever....
N0tchSpear3 (8 hours ago)
Dang PUBG don’t look that bad
Late To My Funural (10 hours ago)
“FUCKING FATTY” I’m ded 😂😂
Stormtrooper 7509 (14 hours ago)
Muhammad Yusuf (21 hours ago)
Buddy buddy buddy
luquitas 13 (23 hours ago)
Van B. (1 day ago)
The chick who accidentally had her mic on open who then go surrounded by every guy in the lobby had me fucking dead 😂
Martin Gonsales (1 day ago)
Ashleyeliz (1 day ago)
Y can’t I ever find people that speak in all chat😂
gold swprd gaming (1 day ago)
come to me you nub
Verrex Blue (1 day ago)
My name is Wendy and I'm in the discord everyday 😱
Darin Najmadin (1 day ago)
Jake Herroin (1 day ago)
LOL In Start Of Video Best Song xd
Toriel The GoatMama (1 day ago)
*i got a rules of survival ad*
Ehrstein Jakob (2 days ago)
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagunshotaaaaakill me guccy
Lord Of Silence (2 days ago)
“Gimme your shoes and I won’t shoot you”
ToastyBicycle8 (2 days ago)
Wait, is the Gucci Gang kid Banana Man before he wore all yellow
Penguin IceCubes (2 days ago)
Michael Jackson😍😍😍 "Billie Jean" Edit: That moonwalk tho
Supfrezze (2 days ago)
When nerd find girl on game ... plz that dosent help the gamer community gad damn it
Nagisa (2 days ago)
-So Fucking Stupid- *So Fucking Funny*√
jaxio (2 days ago)
Xerox 33 (2 days ago)
I know have to listen to Michael Jackson billie jean
Denisse 77 (2 days ago)
pikachu and team (2 days ago)
imagine fortnite open mic "HI YOU HAVE SHELLS"
ketan sapru (2 days ago)
Wendy.. suck my dick 😂😂😂
Didiyan Rai (2 days ago)
DINESH GUPTA (2 days ago)
What was the intro song?
Exqunix - (2 days ago)
I like fortnite and pubg
sk8den (2 days ago)
The second clip was copied by another dude
I hate motorcycles and i hate you. Jk i love u.
Kiefer lol (2 days ago)
First song?
elaiza valentine (2 days ago)
F suicide bomber's..😂😂
E Decker YouTube (3 days ago)
I'm a fortnite player but that Gucci gang part would make me convert into a PUBG player
Tim Gann (3 days ago)
I hate motorcycles too there soooo baddd
Hantarkeya109 (3 days ago)
When i'm playing RoS,I ever heard someone is singing "GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG" tho lol
Berkant Devrim (3 days ago)
Fortnite need this
GTM three Virtües (3 days ago)
GTM three Virtües (3 days ago)
Devilman/Akira (3 days ago)
I go an play fortnite is better than pubg
Cool Noob (3 days ago)
No homie no love 😐😐
Hannafier (3 days ago)
*hey buddy buddy*
Hannafier (3 days ago)
Elena Ramirez (3 days ago)
im 89 weight watchu takin about
Kentut 51-53 (3 days ago)
Every time I watch this PUBG vid I keep getting fortnite add 😂
Coller (3 days ago)
Wendy suck my dick XD
Alizz (4 days ago)
I just got a fortnite add lol
Omega (4 days ago)
Is this proximity chat
Jerex Aesir (4 days ago)
Welll these have much funnier moments then fortrash
Keanu Vargas (4 days ago)
Suck my dick Wendy
Adam Hood (4 days ago)
Once I was playing PUBG and some guy started singing about drugs🤣🤣🤣
Turbo Tractors (4 days ago)
Wendy get in the dischord
Abubakar Javed (4 days ago)
That sexy voice of Gucci Gang One of my Fav
Demetris Elliott (4 days ago)
Two4You (4 days ago)
gucci gang :-------D
Maks Render (4 days ago)
shion gaming (4 days ago)
omg guys i just win pupg i so happy
Eric Portalatin (5 days ago)
I HATE MOTORCYCLES AND I HATE YOU! just kidding I love you
armando gjoka (5 days ago)
TSM JrZ (5 days ago)
So i tryed pubg and got 23 kills and a win is that good
Kyle Tolan (5 days ago)
Fuck you pubg
Daniele Bisinella (5 days ago)
hey guys :) stupid question maybe... but which server are these guys playing? like playing "solo" but talking to each other ? when i play solo nobody talks... thanks for any tips
Noah- ST (5 days ago)
Poor wendy
Content Memes (5 days ago)
The beginning... Lmao
The Prophet (5 days ago)
That girl.... talking about her weight..... can leave
AyeItssRyzzl (5 days ago)
Yeah hi Yeah hi Yeah hi Yeah hi Omy god you so dead *I was lagging you piece of shit* Omy god you so dead
Bass Ic (5 days ago)
Budu budyyy i so laughthing
Mojasic 101 (5 days ago)
Watching this and a rules of survival ad appeared
Javen Miller (6 days ago)
Im only 115😂😂😂
Marco delarosa (6 days ago)
Suck my dick wendy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
PCMG GAMING (6 days ago)
love the beginning
Omega The Genç (6 days ago)
*Top ten song covers*
Danis Jaya Harti (6 days ago)
Kent Compuesto (6 days ago)
Eveeyone hack my sis Enchantedfairy891passworld is magicwons
Rein Jacob Bien (6 days ago)
How do you even do the Michael Jackson?!!!?!!?!?
Tombot (7 days ago)
Juicy tits oh yeah baby give me some
Sabrina Lee (7 days ago)
there is no this kind funny moments at all in PUBG Mobile!
Moskar موسكار (7 days ago)
لماذا تفعل هذا لماذااااااااا :(
Cool XD (3 days ago)
Moskar موسكار تلعب معي PUBG
Moskar موسكار (3 days ago)
Cool XD هلا وسهلا بيك حياك
Cool XD (4 days ago)
Moskar موسكار هلا والله اخيرا عربي 😢
help me (7 days ago)
There was this kid on my team and when i got killed and was about to leave I heard: "..pass all the competition man PewDiePie is next.." I died laughing lmao
Gautam kumar (8 days ago)
Wendy suck my dick 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😎😋😎
Claude Speed (8 days ago)
Was That Bananaman that sing gucci gang and shroud?
miztv youtube (8 days ago)
Food Drinkers (8 days ago)
“Wendy, suck my dick, Wendy” 😂🤣
Moon AJ (8 days ago)
im probably gonna be murdered since im commenting this on a pubg video but fortnite needs to have voice chat.
Omega The Genç (6 days ago)
1st:Your murderer isnt going to be me but I also think that i am gonna get murdered with you 2nd:You are right like my right hand
Nur Syazwana Md Nor (8 days ago)
Dip dip potato chip.. dip dip potato chip DIP DIP POTATO CHIP
InZaNE - (9 days ago)
8;56 why we clicked
6ft3_Goat_Kyle (9 days ago)
That last clip XD
Piyush Dongre (9 days ago)
Wendy suck my dick 😂
Yogi Putra (9 days ago)
Just watch in YouTube, cant buy, dont have money 😂
6ft3_Goat_Kyle (8 days ago)
Is PUBG free? ive played both and Fortnite is more fun
Yogi Putra (9 days ago)
Kyle pubg is better 😂
6ft3_Goat_Kyle (9 days ago)
Sai Y Gamer (9 days ago)
What song is that in clip 1
Hahha Funy
Roy bgp (10 days ago)
That fake insecure weight is t shot was so dumb
Paul Mckenzie (10 days ago)
"beat the fat out the bitch" holy fuck my sides
Deathslayer Billing (10 days ago)
Man I died laughing
Vilim Živković (10 days ago)
Omega The Genç (6 days ago)
*Both are great games my friend*
Noxsiv (10 days ago)
Yeah Hi lol

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