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Crate Hunters - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

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Hunting some crates with Fugglet. This video is in partnership with Asus ROG. Merchandise can be found here! ►https://aculite.fanfiber.com/en You can connect with me here: (I only use Twitter. Facebook is for upload notifications.) ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/AculiteGaming ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Aculitegaming ►Livestream - https://www.twitch.tv/Aculite ►Discord - https://discord.gg/9vfCzsR Who I'm playing with: ►Fugglet - http://bit.ly/Fugglet Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental Version) - Loving Caliber Looking for a YouTube partnership? (referral link) http://bit.ly/2mEacP0 Settings and Equipment: http://bit.ly/2nHTspq Please report any hate speech/spam comments.
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Text Comments (479)
Robert Cousins (16 days ago)
Aculite, i found you and i love you.
Jessi Melady (1 month ago)
oh ighrt
Max Pol (1 month ago)
what a delight, what a treat watching you guys, thanks for the entertainement, keep it up, I love your work Aculite <3<3
Fhelirexy (2 months ago)
Eres el mejor de PUBG
Breakingday1290 (2 months ago)
....m249 is the best machine gun in the game. Its a breach, assualt, defense, weapon with the first like 15 bullets having nearly 0 recoil. Atleast on xbox that is. Its nuts how different the guns vary from xbox to pc.
lnzEz (3 months ago)
that fugglet is so bad!
None Of your biz (3 months ago)
I literally blew my speaker watching this vid omg 🤦‍♂️
• Prince Zomboツ • (4 months ago)
CoolCatGamez (4 months ago)
U dropped a level 3 bk for a level 2...
I feel like Aculite is better than Shroud and Dr.DisRespect
Abhinav Hada (5 months ago)
You and fugglet are awesome to watch.. your name entry soundtrack is so cool too
Yanu Amandayu (5 months ago)
fuggman why u die 😣
Vlasta Braun (5 months ago)
I am sorry man but it's just not fair when you two play together in duos. You should at least play squats just the two of you to make it kinda fair :D
Leo Grenier (6 months ago)
500kface reveal not that i eaven care
Mark Calzita (6 months ago)
The first seconds sounds like he is vannos lol
Thatone kid (6 months ago)
They’re both dead
Nathan ? (6 months ago)
Andres Molina (6 months ago)
Well, another video I can't watch. Fugglet is unbearable.
Jesus Martinez (7 months ago)
1:32 no offense but that kinda looked like aimbot :O i just replayed .5 speed looks suspicious but i doubt it:o.
FRÅMEZ (7 months ago)
Where da intro at?
Joe_06 (7 months ago)
Yes, my two favourite youtubers (Aculite and fugglet) playing together! 👍👍
New Me (7 months ago)
Make a tutorial on those cinematic shots pleasee
Domination1070 (7 months ago)
I actually have two black cats, one named Bob and one named Chuck. I’m da real MVP here lol
Sumo Panther (7 months ago)
Fugglet is better in his vids
2 G4y n!ggas kissing (8 months ago)
My opinion everyone doesn’t give aculite enough attention
Team Insane (8 months ago)
Fugglet always dies first
Kozars Son (8 months ago)
Whaaatttt the M249 is so good... Idk about PC but on xbox I fucking love it
Damaged Jamari (8 months ago)
Bro u messed up tha intro
braiden Rogan (8 months ago)
does anyone know how long the game takes t6o download on pc ?
Shiana Lamont (8 months ago)
Play with typical gamer plz
Emmanuel Najera (8 months ago)
you guys are definitely my favorite duo ! :) wish to see you guys play together more often !
Royal SGT (8 months ago)
You're so good, you can be related to shroud
Kenshii GT (8 months ago)
13:24 15x omg
Cerise (8 months ago)
At 0:18 why does the Ui look different and how do I get mine like that
mpkkane (8 months ago)
hey, i kinda like your buddy. he's pretty funny
Copperdog (8 months ago)
what's that jacket anyway? and where did you get it?
Fadhil Latif (8 months ago)
Excusme. Can you teach me how to zoom in the scope?
Mistrix Gaming (8 months ago)
Omg, he is like literally best pubg video maker, so awesome, no trash talking u know, good video quality ( with all overview etc ) !
Ivanovich Allani (9 months ago)
Cam Mode is so nice man. U play better and make PUBG for fun thanks to you and buddies!
animethotTV (9 months ago)
You guys are very happy
gatsot (9 months ago)
how can i change the brightness of red dot?
Friend casually dies
Lasherations (9 months ago)
Fugglet sounds like another yt-er named andyisyoda
FadedADH (9 months ago)
You two are my favorites, I always forget which one I'm watching though.
Krisp (9 months ago)
at 6:22 thought you fell out of the vechile
RookieNO8 (9 months ago)
Omg the bromance between Aculite and Fugglet ;)
AssHat !!! (9 months ago)
Another great video!!!
Alvarez20 (9 months ago)
0:54 changes level 3 with level 2
overTHRONE (9 months ago)
loving the replay transitions. really nice aesthetic.
Katsuki Neko (9 months ago)
Damn he make it seem like pubg is an easy battle royale game XD
Baricade648 (9 months ago)
This is your best upload yet, more fug too!
Atom devil (9 months ago)
Sander Suu (9 months ago)
Play more with fugglet!!
Ghanou Pato (9 months ago)
Wow dude, your aim is Amazing
Abdelrahman Faissal (9 months ago)
Can i play with you One game of my life ? Please!! @aculite
Jose Lucatero (9 months ago)
Y’know what would be awesome? Aculite and Shroud duo, complete dream duo
Johnny Rockwell (9 months ago)
Yeah man, that'd be god tier right there.
lunatic (9 months ago)
You're nuts
OG_OliA (9 months ago)
You are doing great at making better videos, not that previous videos was bad but i like it more and more
MANTIS HERE (9 months ago)
Poor tom 😯
JoetheGoldenHoe (9 months ago)
6:29 that was pretty dope. You have officially set the standard for the rest of your PUBG videos
KillerKiaz (9 months ago)
"don't you feel safer now" lol that part made me laugh really hard. Good vid.
Guerrilla (9 months ago)
try to click exit to lobby every single time
what is you doin ? (9 months ago)
HOW?? How do you know where you're getting shot from?? How are you not getting nervous when you made it to the top 10?? How am I so shit in this game lol
Flatulent Fiesta (9 months ago)
I love how you took out the chickenshit from a monkeyanus.
bobthepotato1 (9 months ago)
How did u get that jacket
SevenLife  On Air (9 months ago)
bobthepotato1 Partner jacket :) only for pubg partner.
knutsong48 (9 months ago)
Cool editing to move time forward.
Towelie (9 months ago)
Nice touch with the free cam!
haroon JB2B (9 months ago)
I like u when play with team and this guy
Mr Noisy R.D. (9 months ago)
when you change a backpack of 3 for one of 2, very smart jajajaja
Strychnos (9 months ago)
what happened to your last video tho
Captain Clutch (9 months ago)
How could you play this game so much?
turtle (9 months ago)
honestly I think this dude can give shroud a run for his money. if nothing else he's more enjoyable to watch. love your vids bro.
ANDREW STOUT (9 months ago)
yeah love the cams/ look forward to little cuts like that!
Ivan Klimovich (9 months ago)
Glad you're working with Asus, love their products. Just bought their ROG Strix 1070Ti and absolutely love it. Noticeable boost over the Asus 1070 Founders Edition.
Yul-Rahim Zaman (9 months ago)
Fugglet blows, bring back Ryan
KixongGaming (9 months ago)
Dude, these new camera chases are really good.
SpicyPotatoGOD (9 months ago)
That grenade tho
BOT DINGO (9 months ago)
I watched these games live the other day. Unstable Catalyst
Rz Pt (9 months ago)
Ryan fug tom stonemountain aculite
Bobby Sadler (9 months ago)
Anyone else noticed that he traded a lvl 3 for a lvl 2?
Video DSLR Tutorial (9 months ago)
Bobby Sadler lvl 3 backpack is too noticeable. Never use it unless you can’t find any other.
Jayjavu Gullery (9 months ago)
its different and i like it, keep it up man. and how tf are you so good XD
Yato God (9 months ago)
You know the Video is gonna be with fugglet if it has to do with airdrops xD
Lion Lars (9 months ago)
Love your video's keep it up! Nice new cam methode
PUPIK LOVER (9 months ago)
i just love when fugglet and aculite play together :)
A plant (9 months ago)
I shot the tire, but I did not shoot the engine block.
wiimannen' (9 months ago)
Create busters
Porkchawp25 (9 months ago)
nice new edits with the replay! Keep it up!
Toaster Strudel (9 months ago)
0:52 he swaps a lvl 3 pack for a lvl 2 wot
Metallic Luster (9 months ago)
I like how you are doing the cut scenes! great way to use the new replay!
Rivershark (9 months ago)
U play on PC right
Justin Gathright (9 months ago)
MrSpwn (9 months ago)
I like how you used the replay tool to get some cool different angles
elfmatw (9 months ago)
9:30 You can see the enemy at the opposing house the first time, sadly you missed it.. Was only a split of a second as well.
Hey, man. Thanks for yet another treat. Your vidz are great. Always fun to watch you play fith Fugglet. I am sick to day, so it's great to relax and watch this. Keep it up. :)
Alexander Deschenes (9 months ago)
like if you lol'd 7:05
Envy (9 months ago)
Anybody noticed he switched his lvl3 backpack for a lvl2 @0:53?
BrianAnim (9 months ago)
Yes, and it made me sad.
Martin Graham (9 months ago)
Feel free to go nuts in your editing. I would love to see some cool fights edited like these.
EpicBlob (9 months ago)
7:14 lol how did u knew.... sketchy :/
You got so much fun while playin, can't stop smiling over the whole 17 mins :D
Vladyslav (9 months ago)
Aculite is just on another level of video editing for PUBG. Great job!

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