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How To Get Player Unknowns Battlegrounds + Multiplayer! for FREE Crack

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Everything is legit, just view the download link to read over the tutorial. Download: ➤ http://captaindeagle.com/pubg/ • Copy Right Law • "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
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Text Comments (1080)
mikee paras (1 day ago)
OMG it worked! I can play with my friends now with me paying for it!👍👍👍
Shadi Osama (4 days ago)
Guys its crashing in loading screen every time >.<
Phila Mabuza (6 days ago)
mine froze on the load screen any solutions for that problem
Dr. Technical (9 days ago)
PureGamerX (13 days ago)
does this still work
Szpidy (13 days ago)
Can you give me a direct download? My utorrent crashes every time!
mr. natesh gutti (14 days ago)
Plz help it is stuck in on first picture
Leonide (14 days ago)
if there are still any new people here. Its fake don't waste your time
Ok it’s working oh my
ravan creationz (16 days ago)
this thing doesnt work it stucked at first building screen only..holy shit downloading this thing is waste of time and waste of time..i am unsubscribing he cant even show a way to fix this thing...
Vesu ϟ (17 days ago)
i have only a screen with a video and music
I have cori5
Ok this is a bollshit
How_ To (19 days ago)
This in !AWESOME! Left FORTNITE Now PUBG Game on boyz
eZ Dominik (19 days ago)
Is Not work :(
Amm I don’t like these adds
Ivaan (26 days ago)
Does it Work In 4Gb ram And 2 gb GPU ??? Help please
ros1 sur (27 days ago)
Kurdistan Media (28 days ago)
what we will do when update is coming to the game we can update?
VingadorEGC (1 month ago)
Can this run in A10 9700 radeon r7 2gb?
john francis yu (1 month ago)
is this still working?
VINI EDITS KANNADA (1 month ago)
someone gimme that downloading link
technical guy (1 month ago)
are its work in memory=4gb ram intel core i3 windows 10(64bit) reply me please
PU BG (1 month ago)
vitto vano (1 month ago)
the game working but there only the wallpaper not the menu please help
Yassuo (1 month ago)
it didnt work
shubham salunkhe (1 month ago)
shubham salunkhe (1 month ago)
Hello ,i am download the game but not start
Kathiresan D (1 month ago)
it stucked on starting scene what to do plz tell me
Oyuncu Adam Tr (1 month ago)
thanks bro ı love you
Fun and Games (1 month ago)
stucked at start screen plz help
cj Vdberg (1 month ago)
DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Allan Christopher Isip (1 month ago)
Can you play with your friends who payed it on steam?
YasoO _XDz (1 month ago)
why the game keep bug when start stay in buged in 1 screen and ddont go to the menu game iknow my pc very bad but this not the answer
Alfredyyy Begalisss (1 month ago)
woow such fake ass shit all it runs is a fuc_in theme song and starting background the caracter dosnt even load and its not unpacking 30 gb its yust bout 10gb nowonder this prick is asking for acces to your google acount so you could sub to him hees total scamer and plus a bit+h for taking ahold my google acount good thing i made a new one yust to be certain my usual doesnt lunk down to unaccesable fu-- you man I MEAN EVERYBODY DONT DOWNLOAD THIS IS A SCAM SO HE COULD YUST GET MORE SUBS BY ASKING YOUR ACOUNT ACCES ON GOOGLE THATS WHY HE BLURS IT OUT IN 2_03IN VIDEO WHAT AN ASHOLE
kamran Ahmed (1 month ago)
I did the exact same thing but the game doesn't launch for me
maruf 01552721 (1 month ago)
Not working 😤😤
Sledge CH (1 month ago)
so be it
salman aslam (1 month ago)
can you help me its not working i can't find the game launcher in folder
Raven Legend (1 month ago)
Famed Gamer (1 month ago)
i didnt subscribe and i got the game
george besmonte (1 month ago)
ling yeehong (2 months ago)
2:57 sexy girl
Jinyu Li (2 months ago)
ling yeehong q
My Foots Asleep. (2 months ago)
I just dont feel like paying 30-40 dollars for a game thats broken hahaha
Flash Squad (2 months ago)
hello I am sorry for tha comment my son has send I am sorry
By'GtXz (2 months ago)
s.a beyler yapan var mı oldumu rica etsem yazar mısınız
ness ben (2 months ago)
this is video with montage pubg she work with steam only the lest think you must buy it dont life for the people
Haqim Roslan (2 months ago)
OMG,thank you so much its working 100%,i already subscribe your channel,keep it up bro,nice tutorial u give it to me...ilove so much
james rosios (2 months ago)
i hope is works!
XX_ fortuna (2 months ago)
aww shit sry man its work love ya man
XX_ fortuna (2 months ago)
china? lol
Abhishek Sukla (2 months ago)
What's web site to go pubg
Captain's Tutorials™ (1 month ago)
Kevin plays plays (2 months ago)
i subed please let me get in
Captain's Tutorials™ (1 month ago)
Tarantula Feeder (2 months ago)
Tarantula Feeder (2 months ago)
+Viktor Drobnjak his name in discord is apostolis4491#9192
Viktor Drobnjak (2 months ago)
Whats his name?
Tarantula Feeder (2 months ago)
+عالم الثقافة haha no man i bought from him and it is real he is selling hacks too as he said me
عالم الثقافة (2 months ago)
Mmm i think the best way is buy it from steam!
Tarantula Feeder (2 months ago)
+عالم الثقافة no man it is the same with you i can only see the background with music But I BOUGHT IT ONLY FOR 10 EUROS FROM ONR GUY IN DISCORD IT IS REAL WORKING IF YOU WANT TO BUY IT ONLY FOR TEN EUROS CONTACT IN DISCORD apostolis4491#9192 it is real and working i am playing right now because of him
Kiss Majki (3 months ago)
Javed Ahmed (3 months ago)
Will it can be play online or offline??
vxrse (3 months ago)
this better not be a scam or im gonna have to clap some mf cheeks my nigga
Wolfy (4 months ago)
link cannot be found
Captain's Tutorials™ (1 month ago)
userlv (4 months ago)
if you don's subscribe it won't work xD
Malindu Indeepa (4 months ago)
Hey.... it says XNIPUT1_3.dII is not found... what should I do..??
Pratik Patel (4 months ago)
plzz help
Tue Hein (4 months ago)
Hey good Video
Tushar Designs (4 months ago)
Help! Help! .... its show that XINPUT1_3.dll was not fount. Reinstall the program.
Malindu Indeepa (4 months ago)
Tushar Designs i also have the same issue..
Lucas Yong (4 months ago)
the game cannot open, the system error says "XINPUT1_3.dll is missing from my computer". I have tried severel times to reinstall it, but the same error occur. can help?
Malindu Indeepa (4 months ago)
Lucas Yong I also have the same issue
DGL ViDs (4 months ago)
I have 4 GB RAM & Core 2 Duo so if i low the graphics quality will it work??
StupidEm0 (4 months ago)
James Paolo Labang (4 months ago)
why so laaaag?how to fix pls
Trending No.1 (4 months ago)
Can This Run Smoothly On AMD RADEON 520 2GB GRAPHIC CARD??
robloxgamer selvedin (16 days ago)
Yea it can
ViZzoN (2 months ago)
nah myb on low
Nihar Sheth (2 months ago)
Tech Games And More (4 months ago)
Or Peretz (4 months ago)
When i done with the download and im clicking the game it write to me that the XINPUT1_3.dll was now found
The Dubsmash Official (4 months ago)
Is it's online and offline both😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
Aaseem Tandon (4 months ago)
Fuck it's working thanks alot man
Bomb Blaster (5 months ago)
it works but in my pc ..cant open....any one help me
Tamizmaran Ramalingam (5 months ago)
Can I play it without updating unlike mobile where you should update to play
Dekstar (5 months ago)
do something of loading display in opening game
patricia joy murillo (5 months ago)
how to download pubg
veagus antreas (5 months ago)
thnx for helping
GERALD LEBA (5 months ago)
thanksssssssssssssssssssss bro
Rexer Gaming (5 months ago)
it worked but you stuck in the room waiting
gosth patrik (5 months ago)
cool :D
C0UNTYF1RE (5 months ago)
Master of puns (5 months ago)
I basically had no idea what to do so I'm just gonna delete the thing and stick to playing on mobile :|
Yaven (5 months ago)
i launch the game and its nothing in background pls help
Faiz Anasta (5 months ago)
after all was done, why in movies's file there is no application? please help!
Kshitj kumar saini (5 months ago)
Got stuck on the home screen, what to do now??
Netanel Twito (5 months ago)
The game does not work .. How do I even give him permission to Steam? Steam did not show anything.. i have style the backgroung animation with no menu.
Anmol Verma (5 months ago)
msvcp140.dll missing . What to do ?
Andrøver (5 months ago)
Have a Problem ! stuck in loading Screen :'(
Andrøver (2 months ago)
+عالم الثقافة 😪
عالم الثقافة (2 months ago)
:( me too.
Official Hzerev (5 months ago)
stuck in the room :( please help
Vasu Jindal (4 months ago)
me to
luqman nulhakim (5 months ago)
me too
Buğrahan Koçyigit (5 months ago)
oruç tutun amk ya TÜRKÜM
iSHEN shaikh (5 months ago)
Samantha Baldovino (5 months ago)
I can't open the app, when I try to launch it a message will appear that says " The App was unable to start correctly blah blah blah" what do I do?
Sanket Adhikari (5 months ago)
son of a biscuit
Breezy'sGaming Wrld (5 months ago)
Lol didn't work
SHREYANSH SAHA (5 months ago)
SHREYANSH SAHA (5 months ago)
Not working.... stuck on a loading screen.. do i have download the updated methed.... jesus
Farhan Ullah (5 months ago)
i downloaded on your way but it doesnt work when i want to open some errorr message come on screen that re install this game.. please guide me how to solve this problem....
SLO420PRO (5 months ago)
its stuck on a loading screen
Srikanth Kandra (5 months ago)
bro game downloaded but player is not available can any one help
Hamid Khan (5 months ago)
bro loading screen problem how i fix ??? please help me

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