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GOT MY GOLD KAR98K! SO MANY NEW WEAPON SKINS! PUBG Mobile | Powerbang Gaming SUBSCRIBE to Powerbang Gaming: http://bit.ly/powerbangsub SICK Trenchcoat. $$: https://goo.gl/6hMNbB Today we fail with the SCAR, succeed with the Crossbow, and get a LOAD of new Weapon Finishes from PUBG Mobile's latest shop drop - which is your favorite new finish? Powerbang's Gear - Full List (Nerdgasm Warning) ► YouTuber/Streamer Checklist: http://www.powerbanggaming.com/gear Follow Me on Social Media: ► Facebook: http://fb.gg/powerbanggaming ► Twitter: http://bit.ly/powerbangtwitter ► Instagram: http://bit.ly/powerbangIG ► Discord: http://www.powerbanggaming.com/discord Watch my Editor DumpinOnEm on Twitch: ► http://www.twitch.tv/dumpinonem How to Support Powerbang Gaming: ► Donation: http://bit.ly/powerbangdonate ► Patreon: http://bit.ly/powerbangpatreon ► YouTube Sponsor: http://bit.ly/powerbangSponsorship Outro song: "Sing Me to Sleep" by Alan Walker. Listen Here: https://AlanWalker.lnk.to/SMTS #PUBGMobile #PowerbangPUBGMobile
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Text Comments (12395)
Powerbang Gaming (3 months ago)
Crossbow = Good. SCAR = Bad. Gonna go stream now. <3
Gopal Goswami (1 month ago)
Powerbang Gaming can u give me kar98k skin my id is jit2000
Edwin Sanchez (1 month ago)
New sub buddy, í hope u get 1/m subs soon I love ur vids I hope be a winer soon or one day again I love ur vids🤘💌
dishab jr (1 month ago)
Nice. Video awesome video
noni sharma (2 months ago)
Bro give me kar98 skin plzz
andre parker (3 months ago)
Man Gift me one..i'm JEALOUS😨
lakshmivr bhat (1 day ago)
I love kar98k so i love this vedio very much
LIEUTENANT ZAZ (3 days ago)
Mystic Gamer (3 days ago)
nice vid bro
Arjun Max (7 days ago)
Dude Can you gift me something 😚 My ID 529721275. Madmax
abro gamit (8 days ago)
Ya baby
Dhruv Ptwl (8 days ago)
How yu get UC in pubg
SHAHEER AAMIR? (9 days ago)
I subbed pls i need a skin
SHAHEER AAMIR? (9 days ago)
Xxxtentacion God (9 days ago)
Your videos are lit and I subbed
Mukunda Sinha (9 days ago)
PB I'm unable to buy kar98 golden sand skin,can you give me that one please 😍 IGN YTMukuGaming GOD BLESS YOU, LOVE YOU MAN
K. ABHIRUP (10 days ago)
Pb you are the best gamer forever
CDP ? (11 days ago)
Hey my name is Danny and I really like your vids my user name is Danny112206
Saaket Bansal (13 days ago)
You are amazing
Eric Guzman (15 days ago)
I love you videos powerbang
friendly games (17 days ago)
jackseptici and love ur vids and also would like graphiti m416
bumba roy (20 days ago)
can u give me 98k pink colour????
Udit Banerji (21 days ago)
UditBanerji add me up guys
Saju Unniz (22 days ago)
Bro I have a doubt...😮 How to achieve weapon finishes in pubg mobile?
janko karalisTv (23 days ago)
Nice vid
Anjan Thapa (25 days ago)
I want a skin please give any one to me I don't have any skin of guns 😭😭😭
Feeble Guitars (26 days ago)
I would probably like a gun skin. Your qre doing The best job. Congo for that. _) -- AnnieBDeo
Nice vedio brother.😍😘
Aditya Alegaonkar (1 month ago)
All ur videos are lit IGN: ADITYONALDO
Leo Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Can you give me a skin plz I need a skin
Gaming Legend (1 month ago)
Nice video
prajwal bhosale (1 month ago)
Hey I'm Transpaline (gaming name ) you are amazing player just love the way you play , a lots of love from india
Penumetcha Rakesh (1 month ago)
Hope you reach 1mil views.people are liking your streaming and they are trying to play like you
Huts Cuts (1 month ago)
sagar k. magar (1 month ago)
What does gun skin do in gameplay
sagar k. magar (1 month ago)
Shao Qiu (1 month ago)
Just blame the scar right...
James Shook (1 month ago)
plz send me a skin fr M416 and/or schar if u want me name on pubg mobile is James2dprofile friend me to
devesh chavan (1 month ago)
Your good my game name and is DEVESH120
qwertukk _ (1 month ago)
Cool game. My ingame name is qwertukk on europe server
Santhosh BSM (1 month ago)
Fuck You , u noob ... Scar-L Da Best...... You sucked ass in those both Matches.......
Abhishek Pandey (1 month ago)
Nice video pb I love your all videos And your gaming startegy is great and keep it up and hope you reach 1m subscriber soon my game name is Abhishek2789
chaz burns (1 month ago)
Your username is hard to put in how do you put in your username
Jay Jariwala (1 month ago)
Superior game pb..best of luck for 1m..you will be that milestone soon:IGN:BLACKdeath007
neon tech!! (1 month ago)
Bang bang power bag..... Love you buddy
Anush Kapali (1 month ago)
You are pro man👍👍
Radhen Joshi (1 month ago)
Hey PWG Your doing Good with Your Ur Videos, They are just Awesome.. You play very Good. IGN: TypicalRJ
Dhairya Jain (1 month ago)
Which is the best ar M416 M416A4 Scar Akm DP
AJ Baruah (1 month ago)
LOTS OF LOVE FROM INDIA will i get a skin? Id-AJBaruah
Aakash Rohilla (1 month ago)
Bro where did you get this much uc did you buy it please reply
Cynical HD (1 month ago)
Muzamil420 pubg name
AnGeL oF DeATh (1 month ago)
Gimme pubg coat
GIKMOST (1 month ago)
You're soo pro... IGN GIKMOST
JAX DE HAX (1 month ago)
Your vids I watch every day u are the best hope u get ur target subscribers
BlacK KingS (1 month ago)
Hello My Account Banded Name In Pubg = BlacKKingS Me Not Use Hacking ^ How To Claim Account?
Battle Grounds (1 month ago)
Sankalp Mohanty (1 month ago)
My gameplay has improved a lot after seeing urs iam seeing ur videos since u had 100k subscribers pls give me a akm skin ign:pursuit1234
shourya Mishra (1 month ago)
I am a really big fan of yours .I watch all your videos they are awesome and hope you make more success in your life you are the best my name is Shourya7 in pubg level 37 you can give me any skin please
JKHGaming (1 month ago)
amazing vids keep them up JKHGaming
avm anything (1 month ago)
my username is (AVManything) you r a pro player of pubg m i loved you videos
pineapple juice (1 month ago)
I want to play pug g but my phone is too slow :(
gaming with shozab (1 month ago)
SPEED BRAKER (1 month ago)
Hetal Srinidhi (1 month ago)
SPEED BRAKER It still sucks
Jensen RT (1 month ago)
Killer Jams (1 month ago)
Yo good job just saying entered giveaway I’m XxkillerjamzxX
Yash dolas (1 month ago)
want gold kar 98
GameCentral 01 (1 month ago)
Great vids ign: Blakz
Ranju Singha (1 month ago)
I need free skin Name: Redhound09 Gun skin: M416
Deo Gaming (1 month ago)
My name in pubg is DEONDALMEDIA17 and my channel name is deo gaming
Deo Gaming (1 month ago)
Deo Gaming
Ayush Verma (1 month ago)
Bro where is the giveaway?? You dismantled all!!!
chaz burns (1 month ago)
I was thinking that in my head
Brandon Huang (1 month ago)
Is it possibe to gift me bp powerbang u have alot?
17:23 for you
Gamers stop (1 month ago)
I need skin
Ronit Modi (1 month ago)
Hi its me HanumanDada
rupesh grg (1 month ago)
hi can I have a gan sicken plz
Rj King (1 month ago)
powerbang can I play with u
Jacques Venter (1 month ago)
my name weoddien (1 month ago)
Giveaway one skin weapon for me.. can its
Hussein 123321 (1 month ago)
What tha phone you playing in
harry vlogs (1 month ago)
My name dudeperfect93
J&B PROD (1 month ago)
Kar98k gold plz khatabikolol
mr expirament (1 month ago)
cris7 iano (1 month ago)
Bipul Pou Del I love your videos...
Rehan THULUNG (1 month ago)
Please give me colour of M416 my other friend gave so many colour of gun Name is Rzrehan
Gaming With Sunny (1 month ago)
You are inspiration for my Pubg gaming YouTube channel. I love your vids and hope you reach 1 mil soon. In game name-RazorSunny69
Sunita Yadav (1 month ago)
Good video crossbow attack gone bad to other. Pubg name =MajesticMoksh
Faazil Ahmed (1 month ago)
Lizzzaf- can I get any skin of kar 98?
Ajinkya Ghogare (1 month ago)
Akm sucks
Manoj Balami (1 month ago)
I love akm
sen gamer (1 month ago)
Tu13dakh is my pubg id
plavi jadran (1 month ago)
Wow i have 2 gold kar skin
noni sharma (2 months ago)
Bro give me gun skin plzz kar98 and m416 1 in the both guns plzzzzzzzzzzzzzx
noni sharma (2 months ago)
I like your all videos pubg game or coc you are champ in both games
noni sharma (2 months ago)
Hi bro
Ayush panwar (2 months ago)
Aditya singh (2 months ago)
Nice game play you are the god please give the skin my game name is adityabana
GAMES INSIDE (2 months ago)
AjEnT is my game name
sharad patel (2 months ago)
sharad patel (2 months ago)
You are the best pub g player in the us
Atharva Mane (2 months ago)
I need m416
Sumit Negi (2 months ago)
Keep it up brother lovely video😍❤️
Atul Chouhan (2 months ago)
Gladiolus Deagle (2 months ago)
U suck
Sukosd Levente (2 months ago)
Awesome video again !!!! IGN:L3vi222 I love your videos

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