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"EAT THE KID" - LWIAY - #0051

327672 ratings | 3780695 views
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Text Comments (29018)
My Name Jeff Lol (19 hours ago)
Thats what micheal jackson told himself
Christopher Cleto (1 day ago)
デートホロウ (1 day ago)
! http://shrink-service.it/s/PypYy2
felix you didnt use the marvel lwai intro from last episode 😢
TactualPants379 (1 day ago)
One small step for felix, one giant leap for meme kind
TactualPants379 (1 day ago)
YAs! Yas! Yas! He's doing it!! The almighty!!!
A _xd_C (1 day ago)
He ate the kid "sniff"
Killuminati1blood (2 days ago)
Thats the L.A Beast look in the thumbnail LOL
killshot12321 (2 days ago)
Un seasond
killshot12321 (2 days ago)
It taste bad cause it is in sesons
killshot12321 (2 days ago)
Oh no the paper boy was under cooked
Флэхсш (2 days ago)
What if kid all this time ate rice paper?
Mariya Mell (2 days ago)
*Русские буковкы в заглавии и описании* *ЧТО?* ____________ *Russian letters in the title and description* *WHAT?*
Флэхсш (2 days ago)
Кто то попросту взял и перевел на российский
MR. SAVAGE (2 days ago)
shane: *I just got the chills*
Кусне Rіndѕеx (3 days ago)
Thumbnail eyes = ref to Goya's black painting
Ganesh Udupa (3 days ago)
YouTube:* looks at the title 'Eat the kid'* *Demonitized*
Hadi Kanaan (3 days ago)
Does it taste like chicken?
Darin Shim (3 days ago)
Haha Pew is pretty good at japanese! ;)
the ultimate duelist (3 days ago)
the ultimate duelist (3 days ago)
You think that thats bad hand writing you havent even seen a little glance of mine
the ultimate duelist (3 days ago)
If i do this will you eat me?
FloppyBeagle 926 (3 days ago)
I need the unedited version. He spit that shit out.
Bartek Dzieniesiewicz (4 days ago)
wow a got a BMW ad
Houssem Dirboz (4 days ago)
70 M !!!
SaWw (4 days ago)
Do you know Russian well
SaWw (4 days ago)
Do you know Russian well
Joseph Garcia (3 days ago)
Cyka Blyat
Yoshi Sen (4 days ago)
А позже он продристался
Riley Smith (4 days ago)
felix is finaly at 69 subs, i can die happily now.
Shadow (4 days ago)
Chocolate Soda (4 days ago)
My Strange Addiction
lolioso 3 (4 days ago)
Te aborresco
lolioso 3 (4 days ago)
Te odio a ti
lolioso 3 (4 days ago)
Odio tus videos dis like a todo
GAME YT (4 days ago)
Go podpisky pz
Floppy tart, (5 days ago)
Do u think T- Series is going to get the ruby button?
Random AF (5 days ago)
Gotta love the editing
Random AF (5 days ago)
Gotta love the editing
Random AF (5 days ago)
If this were You Laugh You Lose .. then the into already got me
Zoidberg (5 days ago)
finally now i can rest in peace
HomykSmash (5 days ago)
This video was pretty damn funny. Most vids I chuckle but this one I actually had to pause the vid and laugh out right. Brad 1 and 2 nailed this one
Nef Alt (5 days ago)
you ate the paper. youre a lizard. Illuminati confirmed!!
Octo Octopuss (5 days ago)
Elzmack91 (5 days ago)
he didn't use the marvel meme review intro?! :(
SoSalty (6 days ago)
Will Ch. (6 days ago)
Fantastic you deciphered some of the easiest hiragana into a word I'm so proud.
aleksandar maksic (6 days ago)
End of an era
Arne Vr (6 days ago)
Im sorry but thus LWIAY mean last week i ate you?
Seb Fury (7 days ago)
Pewdiepie will turn into paper now...
Seb Fury (7 days ago)
Eat T-Series Felix!!
Seb Fury (7 days ago)
Eat the Kid FELIX!!
Jenny Boda (7 days ago)
Not understanding why there’s all these USA flags all over when pewds is European...?
Jenny Boda (4 days ago)
Born I Sweden and living in Brighton now...
Seb Fury (7 days ago)
The kids american
Ace21 (7 days ago)
Der Kinder Esser
Tyler Winkle (7 days ago)
Hey big boi where'd you get that NASA sweatshirt?
Blaine Fiasco (7 days ago)
Ho ... your diss track was a joke....? You mean like Jake Paul's?
Jeremiah Jorstad (7 days ago)
Stealth Stingray (7 days ago)
I like your nasa sweatshirt, it is supercool
Jacob Bates (7 days ago)
Best first 20 seconds of my life
Mr Paste (7 days ago)
the madlad actualy did it
Molon Gangsta (7 days ago)
T series doesnt count beacuse its a company its not an actually account and they have sub bots
Antonia (7 days ago)
What does LWIAY stand for?????? I’m still a local don’t @ me
lamia haque (8 days ago)
I died when he actually ate the picture 😂😂😂
THE Dragon Gamer (8 days ago)
actually it's a good trick to be famous i think i will eat PewDiePie picture for 100 times and then i will be famous
The Potato (8 days ago)
The epic music over him absolutely choking on piece of paper. 😱
Yago dos T0ddYnh0 (8 days ago)
best channel
Momo WolfFreak (8 days ago)
He almost has 70 million subs?!
Q (8 days ago)
neden türkçe çeviriler yapılmıyor ?
Nguyễn Tuấn (8 days ago)
8:33 thanks me later LMAO
APNI PADHAI (8 days ago)
This chanel is from which country can anyone tell me
Onii-Chan (8 days ago)
i eat paper everyday cause i'm a mad lad
Grey Crimson (8 days ago)
Wonder if the kid really ate the pictures
Random GUY (8 days ago)
I would actually eat the picture of the kid's full body 300 times
JDL xyZ (8 days ago)
RMGA (9 days ago)
Бля,это точно Пьюдипай подписал этак видос либо это переводчик?
Linpek Ngulom (9 days ago)
8:04 wait is that the real marshall mathers or is it just edited?
Joie (9 days ago)
*What if the kid just ate edible paper, lile the one used on cakes...* *MIND BLOWN*
Migjen Paul FFS (9 days ago)
Du är episk
VANTZ BIONDO (9 days ago)
VANTZ BIONDO (9 days ago)
I'm about to have plenty of time on my hand..lixy..😁✌☝️ in a comin
VANTZ BIONDO (9 days ago)
haahhhay CAT👌😎☝️ U A MORON.
VANTZ BIONDO (9 days ago)
A baby eating a head .. IRONIC PIC LITTLE PERER PAN☝️
T seiries sucks
New link (9 days ago)
what the hell was that video
Trap Notion (9 days ago)
Like video top
Graphicm8 (9 days ago)
Feral JC (9 days ago)
What's the intro song for this vid
BigBangVince (10 days ago)
so this is why Marzia left youtube. She might've dared him to eat the kid's picture to marry him.
Rachel Thorn (10 days ago)
Oh my god he actually did it
BLOOD LINE (10 days ago)
When Pewds Poop.... *he just made birth to a child*
King TM (10 days ago)
Русское заглавие)
Purple Donkey27 (10 days ago)
He ate it TASTY
MrSmeshy (10 days ago)
So guys, we did it
Yglovrr (10 days ago)
I subscribed to CONQUER T-series and I love you!! <3
Je Alharbi. (10 days ago)
You crazy no but don’t tease before you know I’m going to eat at eat
eat t-series
KayInLOLtown (10 days ago)
What if pewdiepie was just a 9 year old reuploading vids from a 10 sub channel
KayInLOLtown (11 days ago)
I need to tell you a horror story I put the milk first
Wolfbite17 (8 days ago)
Pretty dang spoopy...
Abby Palumbo (9 days ago)
*gasps* nooo
A Big Duck (11 days ago)
Thea B (11 days ago)
2:55 Never eaten a child on camera you mean
adznin raudhah (11 days ago)
does anyone know where did pewdiepie buy that hoodie??

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