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Poppy? https://www.youtube.com/user/thatPoppyTV [Ad:] Check out my current Giveaway w/ G2A: https://gleam.io/ljRpG/pewdiepie-october-giveaway
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Text Comments (76477)
Valfredo De Matteis (1 hour ago)
HaSnain Muslim (2 hours ago)
Wait...wait..The real question is WHY IS POPPY¿!
shanto mahmud (3 hours ago)
Rômulo Silveira (3 hours ago)
The origins of Poppy Harlow
Where Is My McDonalds? (4 hours ago)
Omg lol you’re subbed to her
Farzana Faisal (7 hours ago)
Joy Nandy (7 hours ago)
I am phelix...
Any B22 (9 hours ago)
Best scene 01:19 hahah😂
BBjay's 063 (11 hours ago)
'If this gets 1 millions likes... I will send my nudes to keemstar.' - Pewdipoppy
LifesA Scam (13 hours ago)
I'm a Pedo Rapist
LifesA Scam (13 hours ago)
I love the first 5 seconds of you just sitting on the floor there btw pewds
SHRE S MJ (14 hours ago)
I am batman ..
AlBeasto 36 (14 hours ago)
Poppy Harlow?
Sena Mooris (15 hours ago)
Have keemstar had the nudes?
Linda Marshall (15 hours ago)
Look up mars argo she was the first poppy
MCPgamesYT (16 hours ago)
did u send your nudes yet
kung fu kenny (17 hours ago)
Ella Reagan (17 hours ago)
2:01 I keep watching this video and I keep clicking the ad XD
chewlimay (18 hours ago)
I'm poppy harlow
Ramit Inmah asol (19 hours ago)
One of pears new videos, he mentioned lil poppy. SHE IS A RAPPER NOW OMLLLLLL.
Darkbot (19 hours ago)
This make me uncomfortable
Rebecca Vaughn (23 hours ago)
She needs to get her own children’s show! She would be awesome at a child’s show!
Roberta La Magna (1 day ago)
1:17 is the best part
Fluffy Marshmallow (1 day ago)
Fun Aholic (1 day ago)
2:25 you already watched all her shit...its marks with red bottom
jefe jr (1 day ago)
Jag dööör av skratt
Anosh Bilimoria (1 day ago)
845k likes 2018 how long till a mil hmmmm
Aryan Pandey (1 day ago)
Man it was fucking funny....how pews acted like poppy at the end.... Lol I'm gonna die laughing....🤣🤣🤣
Deepanshu Kaushik (1 day ago)
The idea is that Poppy is supposed to be weird. This video explains it best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LdMRpBgtMc
Winni J (1 day ago)
Oh look it's Poppy Harlow
Fatima Khan (1 day ago)
So, what was her name again?
Deepanshu Kaushik (1 day ago)
At 4:01 it should be a try not to laugh challenge😂😂😂
Am I the only one who thinks poppy is hot?😏
Gin Kazuki (1 day ago)
Im Poppy F*ck hahahahaha
Gin Kazuki (1 day ago)
hahahaha i freacking close the adds wtf?
4:16 sounded like "fluffy"!
I am ARMY b***h (1 day ago)
😂😂😂this made my day
Fucker Fuckton (1 day ago)
I'm Poppy Harlow and this is..........
4:21 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fiddly Phuk (1 day ago)
One unknown fact about poppy is that she really likes black people but man does she hate niggers
ZAIN TUBE (1 day ago)
Woah wow u are a master of poppy
The thumbnail is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen
melonanimal (1 day ago)
So... did he send his nudes to keemstar? I'm sorry.
melonanimal (1 day ago)
2:28 Why is this me?
How Tu (1 day ago)
Did anyone notice when he watch the “it fits” video he said wtf is this but it shows he already watched it?!?lol🤣
shadowfox 12 (1 day ago)
Sad that PewDiePie only has 64m subs and Poppy has 101m subs
kurd music (1 day ago)
Medina Haque (1 day ago)
Why didn't he look at the theme song?
M i c h i (2 days ago)
"I’m Poppy." Me: I’m Papi. FUUUUUU—
Dude123 (2 days ago)
Poppy Harlow???? Felix predicted PewNews???
Nokia Khan (2 days ago)
I am dady.O sheet she's poppppppppppppppy blur
Lazy Dream (2 days ago)
No u are poopy
IM Thanos 😎😎😎😎😎
eins2001 (2 days ago)
She's a Japanese commercial
Pravin Dahal (3 days ago)
Poppy Harlow?
Souper Mon (3 days ago)
I like the part where she said poppy.
Wendy Rodriguez (3 days ago)
I'm poopy
Squid ST (3 days ago)
1:42 "is it a boy or a girl?" ITS A PENGUIN
William Wallace (3 days ago)
Y I would make a great leader is cause I don't want to fight I want a better life I'm willing to work for it everyone is illuminati just people aren't willing to except it and want to fight it and be selfish and greedy
Ryan Grobert (3 days ago)
I can wipe my butthole
Dan Kan (3 days ago)
Come on people, 1mln likes!
JackCrZy (3 days ago)
No ur not. Ur Poppy Harlow
pradumnya paul (3 days ago)
Bhavin Gohil (3 days ago)
4:18 😂😂
Songs Yep (3 days ago)
Yo am I imagining things or does Poppy have zero subs?
Songs Yep (3 days ago)
Ronin is Awesome987!! (3 days ago)
I did that same roast on one of her vids
khank duong (3 days ago)
i'm groot
Alexa Luciano (3 days ago)
I liked how you just wasted your time on making IM POPPY it's funny XD
spicy ! (3 days ago)
Poppy got in pewds head
Prker (3 days ago)
He predicted poppy Harlow in this video for pew news “I’m poppy Harlow and your watching pew news” *pop*
efthimios georgiadis (4 days ago)
destiny love (4 days ago)
3:07 is my depression, anxiety, suicide thought waving at me at the upper left hand conren
Marc-Antoine Therrien (4 days ago)
Hi, Im Poppy Harlow, welcome to poo nooz
يوسف 123345 (4 days ago)
Naveen Green (4 days ago)
I am groot
CrowChan Neko (4 days ago)
Adolf Hitler (4 days ago)
I'm Führer
Toni Saini (4 days ago)
2018 anybody
entire stuff (4 days ago)
sub me frnds i ii back
spicy ! (4 days ago)
Xavier wulf is the song
Marcelinka Julia (4 days ago)
1.45 2.20 2.28 2.35 3.02 4.00
Potato Pro (4 days ago)
Did u really send them to keemstar?
Aj Dawson (4 days ago)
4:48 Pewds, we’re still waiting for those nudes to be sent to Kemestar
BĐ SQ (4 days ago)
O. M. G
Aiden Barta (4 days ago)
Wtf is this. A desperation for abstract content, B some kind of weird horror porno. Go ahead kids jerk ur little ding dongs and shit ur pants cause your so scared.
meyoudodo (4 days ago)
how much acid do you have to drop for poppy to make scene?
xhandxofxhonorx (4 days ago)
4:46 its over half mio likes... but u know what? keep the nudes. we are good. thank u!
TONTON CAILLOU (5 days ago)
Is this Poppy Harlow ?
Abbas Hussani (5 days ago)
After this vedio m poppy
Wolfie Chan (5 days ago)
Poppy got roasted by pewds😂😂😂
xylophii (5 days ago)
*_it fits_*
애인BTS (5 days ago)
And im a comment? (づ。◕ ◕。)づ🍙
Legendary Master (5 days ago)
Wtf how did this creep get on yt rewind
Amr Badr (5 days ago)
her Eyes are fucking Creepy
Eliza Teterycz (5 days ago)
I'm lost..
Shubham Spark (5 days ago)
I am weird 😎
Snehden Cardoso (5 days ago)
PewDiePie don't get jealous on her sub's because she illumiati
Snehden Cardoso (5 days ago)
She illumiati

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