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Blackbeard recoil: shield vs no shield - Rainbow Six Siege

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After a recent tipoff on Twitter (sorry I tried to find your messages again so that I could credit you but failed) I have tested Blackbeard's rifles in terms of their recoil, with and without the shield attached. The results for the SR-25 make complete sense: recoil becomes worse all around. For the MK17 though, the recoil becomes a bit strange once you attach the shield and I suspect there may be a bit of an underlying bug. But that aside, the negative effect on the recoil for both guns is not really enough to make them much more difficult to handle, so I guess the odd behaviour of the MK17 isn't that big of a deal. Join me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/RogueN9 Discord! https://discord.gg/rogue-9 Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Rogue.9er More Rogue-9! R6 Gun Guides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7b_pqdIu5g&list=PLP2MwDk1r3q1A8z3g9f0OFj2O2sMLMVOa Battlefield 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q3F7Oj-hF0EFFma-l2hy5UD
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Text Comments (631)
Gabe Reed (1 month ago)
LOGIC: shield on: makes Blackbeard slow (shield must be heavy) so why does it have more recoil UBI u r dumb
Marin Mesarić (3 months ago)
Bug 100% bug
Christ, isn’t Blackbeard shitty enough? Fuck Ubisoft c’mon!
Thertane stajia (4 months ago)
The gamer in me thinks this is okay-ish… the gun-nut in me is seething in rage.
Eryczak PL (4 months ago)
Wtf, the big ass shield on rifle's barrel should always decrease its recoil! It makes no sense IRL but maybe it's more competitive in R6S this way
Daniel Kwiecinski (4 months ago)
Did anyone else find it kind of satisfying that all the empty mags just kind of landed in the same spot neatly
Happy the Cat (5 months ago)
huh...just realized there might be someone who actually likes Meme Park, since it has several long hallways for him to shoot down and test guns.
Huey Freeman (5 months ago)
I’m no physics expert but shouldn’t the gun have less recoil with the shield on as it would be heavier and therefore harder to be effected by force
Flipper Horseman (6 months ago)
This video helped me alot
Ares God Of War (6 months ago)
Having played a bit of Blackbeard, it also feels like there is more actual recoil with the shield on but far less "inconsistent" view-kick, and I find it easier to manage recoil with the shield on despite the worse actual stats.
Fragger Grenadier (6 months ago)
I feel the recoil should be flipped. Since nerfbeard has crap shields, might as well give a reason to use them, plus in real firearms, more weight past the chamber reduces recoil
Vincent Fernandez (6 months ago)
What makes no sense is that blitz is now faster than blackbeard and he is carrying a freaking full metal shield. And here's blackbeard with a pane of ballistic glass and is as slow as montagne. Definetly no logic there. Ubisoft needs to look into blackbeard. Not to mention the pointless ads nerf w/out rifle shield.
Tomahawk1126Gaming (6 months ago)
Least that’s fair.
Sadboyism (6 months ago)
I never use bb's shields...he's basically a 3 speed with his Mk and a sniper with his SR.
Piece of Hair (6 months ago)
The gun in the thumbnail looks like a scar😂
I don’t Know (6 months ago)
You'd think with a shield his recoil would be a bit lower because of the weight on the barrel
Couch Cheese (6 months ago)
You would figure the recoil would be reduced with the increased weight
RemU (6 months ago)
You’d think there’d be less vertical recoil since there’s more weight resisting the muzzle climb
Christopher Pedersen (6 months ago)
You should try full magazine prays with the mk17. At least with the attachments I use (vertical grip and muzzle break) it has really weird behavior after around the 10th bullet in the spray. The recoil becomes almost entirely horizontal to the left. Also this change from vertical to almost entirely horizontal recoil doesn't happen at the same time every time. You can see in your video a few time the gun started pulling to the left in the number of shot you did while sometimes it didn't. It becomes much more apparent when you do full 20 or 21 bullet sprays.
Johnny Melville (6 months ago)
When Gubisoft nerfed Blackbeard they kinda lost some points toward realism because realistically he would have less recoil because the shield would add weight to the end of the gun.
Gaming Realist (6 months ago)
Why is the graphics so bad
tường nguyễn (6 months ago)
We made a tactical fps game with one hit head shot mechanic. Let's put a shield on a DLC character's gun and make the mechanic unless. But will people complain about it being overpower? Nah, the shield hp would be 800. Brilliant Steve, you just got promoted. And that is how we got black beard.
tường nguyễn (6 months ago)
"Black Beard was a mistake" Ubisoft
dogboy0912 (6 months ago)
I think the big difference is "recoil reset" time. Notice how without a shield, you are reset to the point of aim much faster than with a shield. It "snaps" back to the point of aim, whereas with a shield, it very slowly goes back.
Wolfbourne The First (6 months ago)
Logically, putting the shield on the gun should reduce the recoil.
Fire Badger (6 months ago)
Honestly they should buff black beard Like not slow him down when shield is on like it’s only glass not a full shield
KRMAK HD (6 months ago)
This doesnt have any sense shield is heavy and slowing down blackbeard so it means gun is heavier so it would make sense that gun sholdnt jump that high(i mean recoil)it should have less wtf usbisoft where is logic
XCELGAMING 494 (6 months ago)
No lie Blackbeard is the best sniper in seige he can peak windows without getting his head blown off and peak corners to, Glaz has nothing on him lol
Zofia Basak (6 months ago)
To those who don’t know this is how it’s suppose to be. I was part of one of his nerfs
Marksman24444 (6 months ago)
Wow that's some stupid shit.
Stiergesicht brigade (6 months ago)
BB is so op even when he's been nerfed to shit, he can still break the laws of physics and reality.
Little Lu (6 months ago)
Wouldn't both weapons' recoil decrease because of the added weight of the shield in real life?
Little Lu (6 months ago)
and I think the recoil is buffed when shield is attached in tts
Kim jong Squarepants (6 months ago)
good job man, this video is amazingly crafted and layd out, wish i could say the same for the physics and logic in this game though😒
I just procrastinate (6 months ago)
Just remember guys, its only a game. Its not a simulation, its not perfectly realistic. The recoil is the BBs shields awfull, because of balance reasons. Every BB Main who plays without shield will agree with that.. So please stop dwelling on this balancing mechanic.
Huntrain Partrain (6 months ago)
His scar needs a bit less recoil when shielded, and his paper shield just needs a re work, I don't own black beard but he looks trash and my friend saved 25,000 renown and Hates him
wtf ubi how can ur gun be more inacurate when its heavier?! there are actual real life attachments making your rifle barrel heavier to be more acurate wtf!
Doctor Freeman (6 months ago)
How is the recoil higher with more weigh on the barrell? Like what the fuck ubisoft
la montaina (6 months ago)
Why would having a heavy shield on your gun make the recoil worse That just dosent make any sence
Revolverous Ocelot (6 months ago)
ik its balance, but isnt the weight of the shield reduce ther ecoil? i think its basic physics idk
Daddy Vladdy (6 months ago)
Don't understand how attaching a heavy item to a gun makes it have more recoil.
Leserolith (7 months ago)
This makes absolutely no sense
Sean B (7 months ago)
hicvvv Thor (7 months ago)
The Epic Black Guy (7 months ago)
Buff blackbeard
Thanh Nguyen (7 months ago)
Shouldn't the shield make less recoil if it is making the gun heavier
ChristianMom29 (7 months ago)
This would be the opposite effect IRL, the shield would weigh down the barrel, therefore reducing muzzle climb.
Danald Trumpino (7 months ago)
2:55 anyone notice the pile of magazines piling up on the bottom left
Rahman Imad (7 months ago)
did you make a video on operators speed deference and how the shield and BB shield effect your speed
Yoakah (7 months ago)
Josef Tamsen (7 months ago)
This doesnt make any sensr
TwinBorn (7 months ago)
You get greater muzzle climb with a 20 pound shield on the front of your gun? Wow thats hilarious
Aidan303 (7 months ago)
WTF I was expecting the opposite. Heavier guns have less recoil.
KunaiZockt (7 months ago)
How do you host Custom Games alone?
Slawomir Aron Ziembicki (7 months ago)
Hey Rogue, I want to say "thank you" for all of your content regarding the game. I'm a new slavic player (as my name tag says: Squatting_Dude) and your work helped me A LOT going into the mechanics of gameplay and sometimes the effectiveness of both weapons and operator, even if I still have just 8 of them. Again, your job is great, keep it up and stay awesome :) Cheers
XzRaiderzX (7 months ago)
Hey rouge I have a question that has to do with ADS and a laser sight. (I did watch your video about lasers and I don't think this was mentioned) 1. Since the hip fire spread is tighter to begin with, does that make shots more accurate when you start to ADS and start firing? Does the animation for zooming in count as ADS's accuracy value or the hip fire accuracy value until you fully aim down sights. So is there a benefit of putting on a laser sight for guns with a slow ADS time? 2. This one is short and sweet. Does the laser sight disappear when you aim down sights? Love your content, really interesting to see how the inner mechanisms of the game work.
Pro_Gamer German (7 months ago)
You can speaking German right?
RZheng 02 (7 months ago)
This doesn’t make any sense, a bullet proof glass capable of stopping most assault rifle rounds would be thicker than an inch which is obviously really heavy, wouldn’t the added weight toward the muzzle reduce the vertical recoil??
SavageVern (7 months ago)
His face reveal is on prodigo pete's channel he actually looks like blackbeard lmao
SavageVern (7 months ago)
Rogue-9 lol
Rogue-9 (7 months ago)
My beard is blacker than Blackbeard's! 😁
Moritz Wölfler (7 months ago)
Hey Rouge-9 ^^ i'd love you to analyze how different Barrels in r6 affect the dmrs in the game, because sometimes i'm not quite sure if the muzzle break really is the best choice.... that would be so awesome my Boy
n3ar (7 months ago)
Its a bug because before his nerf when his shield got shot or shot off it didn't do this.
Aaron Fander (7 months ago)
Wow dint notice thx
Im Rezpo (7 months ago)
Hello I am new to this channel and I subbed! I think if all of this recoil is on the MK17 CQB they should at least give it more damage since there is only 21 rounds in a magazine and they should give his shield more health because it basically makes him useless if you are peaking a corner and after basically three shots you lose the shield and health. Especially since the Polish operators have so much ammo, shoot fast, and have only a tiny bit of recoil. Sorry about this rant but I think you understand all of this and why Blackbeard should be buffed and not nerfed.
Mytime2chill (7 months ago)
Doesnt make sense with shield should be less recoil cusse there is more weight on it to keep it down
Bora Dinç (7 months ago)
ı think the real pysicss maybe the shield has its own weight to the muzzle and the recoil will be much better
TheGamersPlanet (7 months ago)
With the SR-25, the centering time greatly increses with the shield on...It is like the worst part of the gun because its a lot more difficult to align the shot after you just took a shot.
Sparfuchs _ (7 months ago)
That accent haha nice 😂
EzioMercenary (7 months ago)
If I recall ubi stated that sr25 recoil got increased... Just saying. IT happens either in red crow or skull rain.
FallenHD (7 months ago)
Good to know, was wondering why I am a Badbeard, the recoil and my potato aim is the problem for me
ArtiseLBP (7 months ago)
I would of thought the added weight of the shield would keep muzzle down.
Ghastly Gibbus (7 months ago)
Considering the bulk and weight ot provides, if anything the recoil should be more manageable, not less.
Alfaisal Albadi (7 months ago)
This was in the game sense Black Beard came out. Serenity17 talked about it in his guide about 2 years ago.
iikk_a (7 months ago)
Oh wow that MK17 find will spawn so many ahk scripters that can have the shots perfectly level every single time :/
Connor grant (7 months ago)
@Rouge-9  Hey in Siege I noticed that sometimes when I am standing behind or crouching behind a cover and a flashing goes off infant of me I don't get blinded would you mind testing this please.  p.s. I know this is going to be hard and make you want to pull your hair out but for my betterment of my gaming experience I want to see some concert evidence to my clam and see if so the amount of diminishment and time to a normal screen.
Gurung pasang (7 months ago)
Strawberry Poptart (7 months ago)
You sound fantastic as fuck. Perhaps you could read a book to me?
Strawberry Poptart (7 months ago)
Rogue-9 Oh, it’s a compliment
Rogue-9 (7 months ago)
I’ll take that as a compliment xD
Taolan8472 (7 months ago)
Those lines are freaking me out, man. That has to be a bug.
Maverick Top Gun (7 months ago)
Hi Rogue, could you make a video where you explain which viewfinder to use (ACOG, Reflex, holographic and red dot) and why? Thanks in advance. Translated with Google translate.
UnrealityZero (7 months ago)
What's happening is there's a really noticeable delay before the recoil reset starts when the shield is equipped. That's what causes muzzle climb to jump only on single fire but not on full auto.
Black Hawk (7 months ago)
i see you have very useful channel dude, subbed and keep it up good work
Kayo 069 (7 months ago)
BB is still good you just gotta learn how to play him
MoXie Fu (7 months ago)
Da Best R6 Experiment Channel ever. Really love all your vid Rogue-9. Thank you so much.
Captain Fucker (7 months ago)
This is why I use his semi auto
gk21 wolf (7 months ago)
I say buff plastic wrap master other wise known as black beard
shadowspirit93 (7 months ago)
They need to fix his shield, it's practically worthless. From 800 HP to 60 HP. Absolutely pointless to even use. He's pretty much a named recruit with fancy weapons at this point. At least buff it to 200 HP or some shit
ProTato (7 months ago)
Brooooooo, wtf is that skin on your scar???
ProTato (7 months ago)
Rogue-9 thanks man, it looks sick af
Rogue-9 (7 months ago)
Damascus steel if I remember correctly
MK BF1 & R6 (7 months ago)
What skin is on the rifles?
Rogue-9 (7 months ago)
Damascus steel
Glaedr Villran (7 months ago)
With this logic in mind does that mean if we make BBs gun out of lighter material, like hardened plastic and wood, while keeping the bullets the same, would the recoil be effectively none existent?
Krellio 900 (7 months ago)
if at all the recoil when using shield should have been reduced since its being counterweighted by a vertical object
Peanut Butter (7 months ago)
it makes no sense to me that a heavy shield on the end of your gun would make it go up faster.
Freshfruitz (7 months ago)
Lets not forget that a trained navy seal in his prime goes from olympic level athlete with his shield off to a fat, out of shape lethargic man thats *SLOWER THAN ROOK* whenever he puts on the shield.
Rogue-9 (7 months ago)
He’s even slower than a 1 speed operator with shield
MK BF1 & R6 (7 months ago)
Freshfruitz not good for the winter olympics if you ask me
Josh Wagner (7 months ago)
Shouldnt the shield lower the recoil...
Antonio Jalušić (7 months ago)
Can you do a video on how different muzzle attachments affect muzzle flash and how each affects your ADS vision. I noticed some guns have very large flashes which cover your reticle while others have second to none.
Maddix Roberts (7 months ago)
I Only use Blackbeard's shield when I'm peaking windows or high risk sightlines. Other than that I usually run SR-25 with silencer and no shield, he's much more manueverable and harder to detect that way.
Unit: Echo (7 months ago)
Hey I don't know if this is just me but I was messing around on terrorist hunt as zofia and when I had to withstand I had 5 health instead of 1. I've repeated it with friends and on t-hunt and it's happening every time. Think you could look into it?
Unit: Echo (7 months ago)
Rogue-9 ok thanks I saw they changed that I just didn't know they changed the value for her in the rest of the game keep up the good work
Rogue-9 (7 months ago)
They changed it in mid-season reinforcements after I discovered that Zofia dies if she withstands in custom matches with a handicap of 75HP or lower. With 5% health regen, she can now always withstand.
EvolutionGang (7 months ago)
Dark Angel Dreadnought (7 months ago)
In reality making your gun heavier (which in this case is accomplished by adding the shield) would make your gun more controllable
Anthony van der Poel (7 months ago)
Rogue, could you make a video about glaz's rifle? The thermal ability messes up the hitreg completely, often causing perfect shots, to not register. This is a known problem, happens frequently, and has been confirmed by ubi, yet nothing has been done about it. What's the use of the video? 1. proof that thermal affects the hitreg, happens allot with it on, never from what ive seen while ironing. 2. perhaps its a bug with the recoil/misalignment causing this server side, if so, is there a way to compensate for it? 3. shake ubi up abit by making it more visable, by increasing awareness. Thank you for reading this.
Anthony van der Poel (7 months ago)
Rogue-9 haha, so did i, i diddent play him often,but today i did, on a higher ping server, and there it was extremely noticeable. One time it works fine, the other time it doesn't register at all, multiple shots, on target. Its embarrasing that a gun that doesn't register half of its shots excists in a 2-3 year old competetive game. I searched for it, and its a widely known problem, yet its shoved under the table. I think, with your fascination for this game, you could give it enough publicity to get it fixed. I appreciate the answer, thank you Rogue.
Rogue-9 (7 months ago)
Interesting, I always assumed my aim was just bad with him XD I’ll add it to my list.
Siddharth Chaudhary (7 months ago)
That proleague music in the end 😍❤️
Slavic Squidward (7 months ago)
who else noticed the huge pile of magazines from the MK 17
redwed6 (7 months ago)
I feel like the recoil should be better/less with the shield on since it’s weighing the gun down a bit and you can only have it if you have a shield on your gun

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