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Text Comments (839)
MonkeyBoy (17 days ago)
How does he get his hair to stay up like that?
Fwoom Tish Studios (22 days ago)
Still my favorite node video
Noah Cheshier (1 month ago)
"this is my brother by the way" whaaaaaaaaa?? (no shit)
JNelly (2 months ago)
the firecrackers was a real nice touch lol
Fwoom Tish Studios (4 months ago)
still one of the best non-videogame node episodes ever
Andrew Pao (5 months ago)
do another one of these!! <3
Evan Duda (6 months ago)
3:46 what are those poppy things called? I forget.
Evan Duda (6 months ago)
DarkLight523 (7 months ago)
Love how you built your own flashbang.
Jack Griffin (7 months ago)
Who knows the episode that Jan attacks Niko D Barron and Sam if so can. Up tell me
Dynamite Dinosaur (8 months ago)
So, D wanted to Shoot Carmichael? The funny thing is, Carmichael was the only person that wasn't shot.
g. (10 months ago)
best thing to do in a raid,hide under a table and eat pretzels.
Kilo Sagun (10 months ago)
3:07 anyone else c Brandon's brother run into Heldeens ass? XDD
Casmos Star (10 months ago)
u fuckin have a shunowzer!!!!!! I HAVE ONE TOO!!! I love u guys
Short Crafts (11 months ago)
VerticalxVtech (11 months ago)
Chelsey Riley (11 months ago)
g ' g
Darksaber00 (1 year ago)
"Wren came in to say hi" seems shady that he comes right after the warning. I sense a spy
TehJiffyMan (1 year ago)
Poor Cmike
core sans -female- (1 year ago)
you guy's are awesome and amazing
Arctrooper SM (1 year ago)
Cmike with the pretzel XD!
Try getting all of them next time you FIFO someone with prestels
Alexander Geppert (1 year ago)
damn raven Nerf guns are pretty.
Lewis Thompson (1 year ago)
thanks for a not her great vid realy cool thanks guys and 1 girl hehe
Random Channel (1 year ago)
do more of these
Henry Xie (1 year ago)
Team fortress 2
ballisticboy22 (1 year ago)
me when someone attacks me with nerf 3:12
dvanw6 (1 year ago)
Poor Shawn XD
ScaF (1 year ago)
"May God Forgive me"
Julius Domingo (1 year ago)
D, the real life Glenn
Batmanislazzz 2256 (1 year ago)
That was dope af
Jack Siclair (1 year ago)
Masked Vlogs (1 year ago)
my grocery store job we have a purge every week after hours
Kingdom Come257 (1 year ago)
I want to be the guy in front with a riot shield and nerf sword XD
Menards Dagdag (1 year ago)
Whose the girl?
Baked Potatoes (1 year ago)
Menards Dagdag Brandon's gf I think
n Turbo (1 year ago)
had that actually functioned as a flashbang, the raiders would have won downright
Zan_Bet (1 year ago)
Centurion035 (1 year ago)
look at 1:11 it lookes like d has a knife throught his head
Matt 622 (1 year ago)
Centurion035 it does!!!!
Julius Domingo (1 year ago)
D looks like Glenn from you know where, and it's pretty ironic cause there is a enemy character named Dwight or known as D.
hayden henry (1 year ago)
hayden henry (1 year ago)
He ran into her butt
hayden henry (1 year ago)
On 3:08 look at the girl
hayden henry (1 year ago)
That would be awesome just to do that
Dawg_Rev (1 year ago)
Brandon you were in video game high school, right?
501st Empire (1 year ago)
Loving the reaction at the end with the fireworks at 4:20.
Nightfire (1 year ago)
3:11 so awesome! XD
john roliven blan (1 year ago)
This is like due process
love the office sceens
Ky Anderson (1 year ago)
Brandon cloned himself. Trust me, that is not worth it.
Andrew Jandt (1 year ago)
Anyone else see shonduras holding the fireworks after they exploded at the end
Zan_Bet (1 year ago)
Andrew Jandt yeah
Scott Boyes (1 year ago)
love D's MetalGearSolid shirt
Vaughn C (1 year ago)
the devs for due process have stepped it up
derpy lemons (1 year ago)
Wait was that shaunduarus
i didnt know shonduras was in this video
BOGGS HOTDOGS (1 year ago)
AN ZIO (1 year ago)
3:07 Barndon or someone fly straight into that girl ass
ComedyWolf 360 (1 year ago)
hahaha the nosie she made ha i laugh while i was typing haha
AN ZIO (1 year ago)
near bottom right of the video
Calvin Robertson (1 year ago)
Guns used?
Sky van Geesink (1 year ago)
Fireworks in Amerika are a joke. Holland
Amy Haile (1 year ago)
Where does his brother live on the east cost because I live in maine
Pineappl3 (1 year ago)
Brandon twin????
DMG Phoenix (1 year ago)
There was shondoras
TAK_Lion (1 year ago)
I'm whoever was under the desk eating pretzels lol
S Blunt (1 year ago)
Cody Morgan (1 year ago)
The guy with the chips
TheDmDark (1 year ago)
You know that Brandon is already being reinhardt with that SWAT shield even before the Overwatch came out.
Mikeya Martin (1 year ago)
I think d should use a ppq airsoft gun
gta5cat (1 year ago)
best job and hangout in the world. im jealous :P
Jonathan Sundvall (1 year ago)
play this more often
Xeno _ (1 year ago)
lol carmichael 3:11
Pretzelbomb (1 year ago)
That was nerd rainbow six seige
Rhys Perry (1 year ago)
is their job just to play games?? if so thats awesome
TTate (1 year ago)
It's a side job. I do think that they have some node only epmployees, but most of them work for corridor digital and stress level 0.
O.J Simpson (1 year ago)
Shawndures was there XD
Maximus Smith (1 year ago)
Man I would love to play Airsoft etc with these guys xD
TheGreatVakama112 (1 year ago)
HAHAHA 1:57 Wren sent them the picture and then said may god forgive me
Girly Moto (1 year ago)
Me asf eating under a table
lesderp jair (1 year ago)
twin brothers
Bloons Dude (1 year ago)
Sickening (1 year ago)
It be funny if i walk in and shoot a nerf mini-gun at brandon and niko and they say (wadafak) he came in and rekt borth teams and niko is like WAHT is dis!
wow this is due process in real life
Spartygirl B (2 years ago)
more raids!!!!
Cole murray (2 years ago)
Nolan Abalos (2 years ago)
Is that shonduras in the background? at the end of the nerf war
GlAz Samurai (1 year ago)
Nolan Abalos (2 years ago)
at like 3:35
Turner Bate (2 years ago)
where can you get a riot sheild
Darrah Henson (1 year ago)
Evike..com just look around a bit in the tactical apparel section
Hmm, I didn't know that there were 2 Brandons in the video today.
Christof Combo (2 years ago)
do more of these!!
Roboticz FTW (2 years ago)
If you want the action skip to 3:37
Roboticz FTW (2 years ago)
2:37 sorry
Luis Carlo Bugayong (2 years ago)
Can u guys make more nerf vids on wed pls
Epileptic Oreo (2 years ago)
The guy eating the pretzels is my spirit animal
coolRobloxmaniac (1 year ago)
coolRobloxmaniac (1 year ago)
Terrance Miller food choice
Brady Stamper (1 year ago)
Terrance Miller i
Doctor Mobius (1 year ago)
Sans Comic i can tell your life is as bad as your game taste
Sans Comic (1 year ago)
Terrance Miller that's me very day
Zephyr Flash (2 years ago)
RWG (2 years ago)
"Thats my Brother by the way" I was wondering why there were to Brandons
Bonniethe Bunny114 (2 years ago)
I liked your plan it was cool
Goopa Bridger (2 years ago)
Is that Brandon's twin at 0:18
Fire Fox (2 years ago)
Song used in video?
Derek Long (2 years ago)
Carmichael under the table with the pretzels got me!
Peaches Henry (2 years ago)
play ttt in gmod
Ethan Berrang (2 years ago)
I'm guessing
Ethan Berrang (2 years ago)
awesome place to work
Entik Engel (2 years ago)
really? a stampede?
creativeacademi (2 years ago)
Mike Lol (2 years ago)
OMG Brandon and his brother look so much alike
Jackson Compton (2 years ago)

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