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Fortnite Battle Royale worlds biggest pyramid. In today's video we collect over 10,000 wood and build the biggest base you've ever seen, it was hilarious. Would you like Fortnite Custom Games? For more Fortnite Battle Royale click here: http://bit.ly/2xLkmVO Christmas Giveaway - https://gleam.io/YNiqw/free-fortnite-vbucks-giveaway ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Basil - http://bit.ly/2tQ5PpK Treydo - http://bit.ly/2kQImz3 Sloth - http://bit.ly/2CMi6x9 Storm - http://bit.ly/2kQ7HcI Skul - http://bit.ly/2BbyNSB Draxxx - http://bit.ly/2BSg6Xt Paratrooper - http://bit.ly/2kP7whN McLn - http://bit.ly/2DimHrU ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Real Life Fortnite Battle Royale - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwDG0luXJ4A How to Get Fortnite Money for FREE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sI1RcjEfOi8 5 Best Places to find legendary loot in Fortnite Battle Royale - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNDfso-06vo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use my link to start earning from your YouTube videos! http://bit.ly/2ywWtlb Get Fortnite Battle Royale for free: Link: http://pixly.go2cloud.org/SHCd Thanks to Epic Games for supporting my channel ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: http://bit.ly/2sDvwaw Instagram: http://bit.ly/2sSOwBq Twitch: http://bit.ly/2tUjwVM Facebook: http://bit.ly/2r5te1W Become a Sponsor: http://bit.ly/2xxvlm3 Discord: http://bit.ly/2jQpkMa Vlog Channel: http://bit.ly/2jVgBnL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instrumental by Chuki beats - https://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic Marcus Neely: Inspirational - http://bit.ly/2lY09Et Thank you for watching. (88,363). More about Fortnite Battle Royale: The Battle Is Building! Fortnite Battle Royale is the FREE 100-player PvP mode in Fortnite. One giant map. A battle bus. Fortnite building skills and destructible environments combined with intense PvP combat. If you are reading type FORTNITE In the comments.
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SXVXN (9 months ago)
What do you guys think about this Pyramid? It took us ages. I would also love custom games.
Beth Hausman (2 months ago)
Stefania Cardona (3 months ago)
Georgia Blackwell (3 months ago)
Willg808rayson _ (4 months ago)
You’re absolutely class at building your the next myth
Emmaline Dort (1 month ago)
I did that in playground Mode
Nutella Dog (1 month ago)
this isnt even big
I made a bigger one in play ground by myself and surprisingly it was my first time
I also just built it in sky for playground players trying to do it
beta play (2 months ago)
I would help you build up
FORTNITE GAMINGTV (2 months ago)
Josue Vidal (2 months ago)
Hey, at least Playground came out
Oak Avery (2 months ago)
I would help
Sanski4 (2 months ago)
Ty Woodruff (2 months ago)
Help and build
Hooey __ (2 months ago)
I would have helped build
J Money (2 months ago)
Add me on epic games jmooney87
AMR 1 (3 months ago)
I will help
Allora Kovar (3 months ago)
Luis videos (3 months ago)
I will help you
Gamix 162 (3 months ago)
Good Now lemme see you do a sphinx
dan marshall (3 months ago)
Use Security Towers when building your projects...I'll sit in one if I see any projects going. :-)
ToMma pat (3 months ago)
Cover the new soccer stadium
SXVXN (3 months ago)
Maybe. I don't think I will
xander gaming (3 months ago)
I would help you build whatever your building
Battle Royale suchti (3 months ago)
You are the best comone
Mary Gonzales (3 months ago)
I help
Marshmallow on bike 1 (3 months ago)
I will add me on Xbox Diioia619
Marshmallow on bike 1 (3 months ago)
Help build
JellyBananabot 8 (3 months ago)
I would love to help out with builds
bball beast (3 months ago)
Jacob Hooper (3 months ago)
I would help build it
Ruby and Jonah (3 months ago)
i would help
Ruby and Jonah (3 months ago)
jessica kumar (3 months ago)
Is am gonna help
Free vbucks
Lara Saade (3 months ago)
That was me helping u
Pam Meyers (4 months ago)
Is Storm your best friend
Pam Meyers (4 months ago)
I just want to say, that your videos are the best!! I love the building videos that you do!! Your awesome! I want to be as good as you at Fortnite! You are also so generous that your giving away v-bucks! I know I’ve said this before but YOUR THE BEST FORTNITE YOUTUBER IN THE WORLD!!!
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Sure is! :D
Niko Radosevic (4 months ago)
I saw you build your peri I’d do I helped you
Donald King (4 months ago)
i love it
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you!
sarah mcclue (4 months ago)
Free vbucks
Wade Deguma (4 months ago)
I wanna help you out to build everyting you want but i'm in ASIAN server... And I wanna win V-Bucks... : )
pixie g (4 months ago)
I would definitely help all your builds are awesome can't believe you then usually go on to win the match afterwards. Keep doing what you're doing and I'd like to help build if possible but I play on xbox.
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you Pixie! Join the discord I usually ask when I need someone to help out with builds there! discord.gg/sxvxn
Matthias Van de Vreken (4 months ago)
I really will help you
Nik Hov (4 months ago)
Its quashwn (4 months ago)
No lie idk what I would do, if the circle would have perfectly been around it I would have tried to take out everyone because let’s be honest, a team in that perfectly sitting in the zone would be dangerous
Grand Strickland (4 months ago)
I would help
memez 666 (4 months ago)
ill help
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Join the discord! I usually tend to ask whoever wants to help out over there! discord.gg/sxvxn
Danny Muldoon (4 months ago)
Hiring it
Sven (4 months ago)
i would help you guys
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Join the discord bro! I usually ask in the chat if we need help! discord.gg/sxvxn
YouTube Madz (4 months ago)
I would've helped you bro
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Join the discord, If we need someone for help then you can ask and we can get you in! discord.gg/sxvxn
Kaleb Hall (4 months ago)
In one of ur games I dropped my weapons and helped! Your welcome
Kaleb Hall (4 months ago)
Thx SXVXN! :)
AmericanEagleYT (4 months ago)
If I saw this, I would kill the people working on it and then finish it myself
SXVXN (4 months ago)
What if they needed help?
Mysterious K (4 months ago)
I would destroy you pyramids base with remote explosives
Ninja 1 (4 months ago)
I would do helped
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Nathan Whittenburg (4 months ago)
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Hey! I've made a video on that. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZOklZknMps
juan 007 (4 months ago)
Like si hablas español
Noah Quinn (4 months ago)
I would clap then help
Takethe L (4 months ago)
I would help
Brandon Sutton (5 months ago)
I've been trying to make this for the past 2 weeks and it keeps getting ruined because of my stupid team.
dark _raven201 (5 months ago)
i would of helped you build it
hackingdevil (5 months ago)
Is it at Max hight
SXVXN (5 months ago)
I think it's half or 3/4 of the max height
hackingdevil (5 months ago)
Good job guys I can't believe you pulled this off
SXVXN (5 months ago)
Thank you! It took over 7 hours of recording lool
SlapTheSam (5 months ago)
I would totally play a custom game if there was a discord
SXVXN (5 months ago)
There is? Join it! If you wish too discord.gg/sxvxn
I would join
Oreatim Ballistic (5 months ago)
I world help build
Lulpat_ (5 months ago)
i would help u guys build
Karlie Rodgers (5 months ago)
Nice good me and my sister Get victory Rodale
Eyal Yaron (5 months ago)
Alle 8 (5 months ago)
I would help you
Friendly Skeleton (5 months ago)
plz i have 0 vbucks
Tornado master 578 (5 months ago)
Yo ill join you but I'm on Xbox not Computer
Ann-Marie Alexanders (5 months ago)
sweet pyramid dude
SXVXN (5 months ago)
Thank you
Nicholas Krslovic (5 months ago)
I'll help y'all
Nikolas Chernigovski (5 months ago)
pleas can you help me My name in my account is TheNowaSoulzz
Anano Robita (5 months ago)
you said that u guys went in with 2 teams to build this right ? and how you guys weren't killing each other in order to build it. okay so that is 8 people in total now what you guys could have done is played the game and killed all the other people so then you guys could have went and started building. if two groups are left the game wouldn't end
ConfusedPotat (5 months ago)
You'd get banned
Maciel Suriel (5 months ago)
Free V Bucks
Mr. Cookie (5 months ago)
Can i help latter in videos
Mr. Cookie (5 months ago)
Hey can i help
Karim Faitrouni (5 months ago)
How to get free v bucks
noelle nabors (5 months ago)
I will not kill you on Fortnite l
Ana Orellana (5 months ago)
I want some
hadi malayeh (5 months ago)
Yes I kill you
Gary Longbottom (5 months ago)
Wot consel
David Johns jr (5 months ago)
I would help you build so u can be on bcc trolling
Kandy Kink (5 months ago)
I would help and I have won in sqad before HI😘
the wolfman (5 months ago)
i would help as long as u dont shoot me
SixK (5 months ago)
Jose Arredondo (5 months ago)
Can you build a dino
manish nagarkoti (5 months ago)
would help you out..
John Brown (5 months ago)
Hey you do good
Hendri Roosiorg (5 months ago)
I helped you but somebody killed me! :(
Inga Nagle (6 months ago)
When you fell I was the one that didn't have a weapon I knew it was you cause I see your videos and I subscribed cause I was new
my name is 12345Aidenneizer
Infiniteboy Boy (6 months ago)
You are the best man
SXVXN (6 months ago)
Thank you ;)
The Gamer (6 months ago)
I would help 100%
Brooke McMurtrie (6 months ago)
I would of helped
JakeyTubeHD (6 months ago)
I would help but dance so you know
Meme Fornite Player PS4 (6 months ago)
Moryyy B (6 months ago)
I help build the pyramid
Dylan Peebles (6 months ago)
I would help build 🙂
I would help
LAN GAMING (6 months ago)
I dont play fortnite but if i found u i would help Then probs jump pad of top
Brody Pender (6 months ago)
Jeremiah Moreno (6 months ago)
I wish I could join

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