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Text Comments (437)
RzP_MaGiC (7 months ago)
Biba la bida
bao long Tran (8 months ago)
Theron Shade (9 months ago)
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ooga booga (9 months ago)
its depressing when 90% of shrouds thimbnails are from when he was on c9s csgo pro team
7.35 Русские везьде мама их !!!
Seboss CZ (10 months ago)
Vynikající video! Omlouvám se za zapomnění, chtěl bych pro každého sdílet mimořádné webové stránky, které poskytují spoustu bezplatných herních klíče. Chcete-li získat jednu, pouze proveďte vyhledávání "skypisgame" na google
Almighty Platypus (10 months ago)
Song at 4:20?
Syzygy Gaming (10 months ago)
Dont get me wrong shrouds a god but alot of people just run at him with nothing but there fists lol
VasilevS (10 months ago)
Раз один один это хардбасс!!
Timfrost (10 months ago)
7:15 HARDBASS!!!
Kabito Gaming (10 months ago)
Find Out More About Twitch Prime and Subscribe To Shroud. http://www.kabitogaming.com/l/what-is-twitch-prime/
Ahmed E (10 months ago)
why do clips of him shooting people without guns make highlight lol.
Rasim Umur (10 months ago)
smokecigar (10 months ago)
5:03 Shroud actually claims the kill before he even starts shooting... thats some confidence.
Anil Ülker (10 months ago)
VicoGamers (10 months ago)
Nice aimbot
SLT Gamer (10 months ago)
U r insane hope i wrote it right i id not but yeah hope never stop it does stop but its not u got the meqning no wjatever
Archie Dando (10 months ago)
its just so fucking easy for him XD
Active (10 months ago)
hololcam (10 months ago)
наша родина рулит blyat !!!
Max R (10 months ago)
One guy send me on steam hes a shroud i have screenshots of this shit
Wendifur (10 months ago)
Hope people seeing this video finally and shut up about the stream snipers being easy kills. They are trying to kill him and have succeeded many times.
Ķauķis LV (10 months ago)
Shroud plz play csgo c9 needs u! Tarik Rush is bitches u and jordan are batter plzz .
Fureio (10 months ago)
Anyone know the name of the banger being played at 7:20?
Caio Moreira (10 months ago)
music from 7:30 guy please
solid1snake (10 months ago)
https://www.iwantcheats.net/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-hacks-steam/ more and more cheater in tyhis game theay destroy ,i speak with company but they dont give me some really answere ,this game is finish men all lossers gamers and pathetic people is all there try to feel and be some real plro with cheat.
Hooda_ (10 months ago)
iTubbe - (10 months ago)
Hey everyone subscribe to my channel and i will sub back in 1 hour just tell me when you did
okEz (10 months ago)
How many times did you killed Pixl_steam on this video ahahah savage !
GorGuyzz (10 months ago)
shroud you are heartless to wadu :(
Cloud Gaming (10 months ago)
PUBG Shroud and squad getting chicken dinner. Check it out guys :D https://youtu.be/Qp2X7DKhyOg
Glebs Urtāns (10 months ago)
Player Unknown Battle Lag
Hissing Thoughts (10 months ago)
"You having fun?" "Yep." "That's what I like to hear."
CarissaSk (10 months ago)
Greatest hacks I have ever seen at 8:56
Madsq123 (10 months ago)
Go back to CS go
All around Ben (10 months ago)
Takes Small Breath (10 months ago)
*fuck you* Read more
Obi Wan Kenobi (10 months ago)
What the fuck is this creature??
Jack Snow (10 months ago)
Much respect to shroud, but he killed a lot of stream snipers in these clips. Pixl_steam FOUR TIMES, Basedjeero, juggling7jo, simone1
Эмиль Усманов (10 months ago)
DonkeyHOTis (10 months ago)
5:18 autofire with akm with 4X and no recoil? this is aimlock!
Dream Zone (10 months ago)
Hello i think you comeback csgo later and join team better
Eva Vestergaard (10 months ago)
Don't play dat shit game, play cs go!
i'm a fucking crow (10 months ago)
Don’t pin my comment bitch.
Ofir Aviv (10 months ago)
How he close his range with the red dot scope twice?
YouTube User (10 months ago)
yes try pressing shift while looking into your red dot
Ofir Aviv (10 months ago)
I mean that he zoom in twice. first he go into red dot second he get a closer look. holding breathe is default key shift.
YouTube User (10 months ago)
Ofir Aviv if your asking how to zoom with red dot/holo sites, default key is shift
Christian El Tawil (10 months ago)
4:58 "in the bathroom room" wadu hek
MelficeN7 (10 months ago)
Some of these donations are cringie as fuck...
der amadillomon (10 months ago)
song at 7:27 ?
Dark Black (10 months ago)
You Must cut your mustache
Zoopity (10 months ago)
200 IQ
no name (10 months ago)
нихуёвая басуха тупа ебашит в ухо
Hinterhof96 (10 months ago)
0:33 That's how I have to play all the time, that's what germanys internet is like in a lot of places and no one cares. I would have to move somewhere else just to get better internet -.-
NoYo (10 months ago)
Whats the song at 7:10?
Gabriel Gonçalves (10 months ago)
it's sad how 40% of the highlights are naked people running towards him simply because he's shroud
NOAM BEZEK (Student) (10 months ago)
With shroud i expect c9 to win invitational if not go back to csgo
Luca Della Sciucca (10 months ago)
such an overrated game. devs are way more incompetent than daybreak, but since there are more players playing it that makes it sound like the game is perfect!!!
Bubba (10 months ago)
ozinusa (10 months ago)
laggy....sometimes the speed of light just isnt fast enough
Bid (10 months ago)
Hey guys, i'm a new pubg youtuber and i would appreciate if you could check out my vid and give some feedback: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v768efPG54
Chickenzzz (10 months ago)
How are you able to jump through the small Windows. Like in 7:14
YouTube User (10 months ago)
Chickenzzz jump crouch
xd yBroZ (10 months ago)
Haha he said "dead" before he started shooting xD
AustexTheDude (10 months ago)
Does shroud use no recoil/spread?
うちはオビト (10 months ago)
2:04 how is he shooting so fast with single mode?
Varakanok (10 months ago)
うちはオビト clicking very fast friend. Or mouse has a button mapped for autofire
Du är bög (10 months ago)
Wadu??!? Shave your moustache right now
Mohaned M (10 months ago)
what is the name of the song on 4:14 https://youtu.be/v6CwhL8fz18?t=254
beauu.scoots IG (10 months ago)
5:03 You know Shroud is good when he says they're dead before he even kills them.
Dominic W (10 months ago)
Hyrizon (10 months ago)
Dafuq hardbass?
Gabriel Haynie (10 months ago)
Chad needs more love
Owen Hu (10 months ago)
"If it blew on me dude, i blow up on you" --- just9n 2017
Jose Manio (10 months ago)
The Juan Deag is back (the beard)
FaZeGmunden (10 months ago)
Shroud is the best in aiming, but driving doesnt count.
Vannsprutarn (10 months ago)
wadu hek
AlpeeN (10 months ago)
7:11 - russian hardbass
August Mikkelsen (10 months ago)
KimKongKun1337 (10 months ago)
*_s h r o u d o r s h r i m p_*
KimKongKun1337 (10 months ago)
When you see Shroud kill everyone, you get motivated asf to play pubg
GameplayAndMontages (10 months ago)
Hey Guys im doing League of Legends and CSGO Montages would be great if you take a look <3
Minibug (10 months ago)
"Alright, I hate this game"...continues playing xD
Xinozz (10 months ago)
Wadu hek wadu hek wadu hek wadu hek
soderlind81 (10 months ago)
These thumbnails of shroud getting worse every week.. He now looks like a full retard (sorry).. Please put more work into them, hes not that wierd looking ^^
Black Helmets (10 months ago)
Pubg is dead, it went downhill pretty quickly and blue holes is developing a new badly optimized game instead of fixing pubg
Best Of TheKller (10 months ago)
I'm not trying to hate him or anything, but the kill at 8:56 really looks like some kind of aimlock to me... :o what do you guys think I'm curious
AlexCub (10 months ago)
If it was an aimbot he would have shot at the guys head
NodoGaming (10 months ago)
god of pubg
Mustafa Buğra Şahin (10 months ago)
Shroud the Eu server are better then the Na server
ImaBirdFlyingSouth (10 months ago)
Shroud has turned into a meme... a once great skilled video gamer and pro cs player turned to a meme.......
THEREALMVP (10 months ago)
Bought headphones , now the plane is insanely loud and vehicles are rediculously loud
Steven Hy (10 months ago)
"if it blew up on me dude ill blow up on you" - just9n
Bog - kun (10 months ago)
Thank you Shroud for beeing such a good CS:GO player. Only because of you I started this game and now I am on my road to silver 1. Thank you, you are the best.
Rohan Chhima (10 months ago)
Spit Fire (10 months ago)
7:12 wait you can jump through that window !?
-SakiSkai- (10 months ago)
Spade Daemon (10 months ago)
Is shroud mad at wadu?
Mar1jn H (10 months ago)
So good (10 months ago)
7:14 How? that was small window..
Alex Holden (10 months ago)
Nice player hello in Russia
Scruffy Slander (10 months ago)
I swear all the comments have wadu hek in them
VikktorTV (10 months ago)
7:13 ... HOW ? I have never done that
Bono Fabian (10 months ago)
Whenever I hear the into I always expect that there's 'Hello, youtube' voice, damn you c9 sneaky.
Tenebris Dominus _ (10 months ago)
Очкосос ссаный выставляй задержку на стриме.....Как стример с 500к подпищиков незнает о задержке!?Ты ебанутый либо попросту тупорылое скотина!?

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