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Tyj (5 months ago)
They said they will release a new map every 4 months, so we might get the snow map in Aug/Sept. Great vid, Slick! :3
Overloaded (5 months ago)
thanks for the leak I love your videos because u do all kinds of pubg news and that is basically the best series on your channel I hope your channel grows well and your vids get more and more popular
Slick PUBG (5 months ago)
CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON THE SILVER PLATE VECTOR GIVEAWAY!! Reply to this comment ASAP with your trade url! Thanks for watching the videos <3
SaGeMortality (5 months ago)
Ima just say you should relax with the talking and the way you input your opinion in like 3 different ways and just kinda repeat the same things over with different words just show the skins say if you think they are cool or whatever but you constantly repeat it and say it over and over a different way it’s kinda annoying
SaGeMortality (5 months ago)
Not trynna be mean just trying to give my helpful feedback :)
Alfredo Pellegrino (5 months ago)
Love your video!!!
Slick PUBG (5 months ago)
thanks Alfredo :)
Agni Purani (5 months ago)
War mode-any idea when is it coming to public servers?
EddyT (5 months ago)
Arykthan (5 months ago)
Jaden Whorton (5 months ago)
That glock tho
MarloPlayz (5 months ago)
I hope i win
Rohan Rokune (5 months ago)
Sorry Gambino (5 months ago)
I saw new weapons but a snow map ??? Okay now they are really making an effort
krawwl (5 months ago)
I want that vector :) I forgot « please » lmao
shadow shadow (5 months ago)
thanks for the vid i hope they release it soon
Lefteris Pav. (5 months ago)
Good luck to everyone
NeverCold13 (5 months ago)
That vector skin looks godly
Yurusarenai (5 months ago)
Lol more skins
Jopet Villalobos (5 months ago)
wow wish they put it on live server asap
Evaldas Kaminskas (5 months ago)
I wanna skin
Hazeen Nabil (5 months ago)
Styled (5 months ago)
Happy Easter! (Early) Who won the Balaclava?
Irwin Cruz (5 months ago)
Gimme the vector!!!!!!!
Jogi Harahap (5 months ago)
I can sense the snow map haha
mr manatee (5 months ago)
S41dori Gaming (5 months ago)
nice videos :)
LIME_22 (5 months ago)
when can we ppay savage the map.i really hate the dessert map
Daxmynz (5 months ago)
These skins are great, can not wait for them
Radical (5 months ago)
I hope the Snow Map will be lit
Daxmynz (5 months ago)
It is going to be 8x8 so it is
kenza mlg (5 months ago)
Timmie Timmie tat vector :)
abc def (5 months ago)
Great overall content, you keep your videos short and still make them super informational. You are also kinda always the first to make a Video about the new leaked stuff, so yeah keep up the good work💪#silverplatevector#notificationsquad
abc def (5 months ago)
Slick PUBG Well thanks for making me stay tuned about my all time favourite game PUBG. Do you think the hype about it will return? Because lately they really do a great job.
Slick PUBG (5 months ago)
thanks for the support it means a lot <3
Nikola Petkovic (5 months ago)
Cant wait for the new snow map
cristi ngr (5 months ago)
>>>FOR SKIN<<< https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=389358207&token=_Nq9vboB
Snaik (5 months ago)
Gimme cool Vector skin :)
Shinboi (5 months ago)
Mr Green (5 months ago)
yoyoyo nice !
Skipper (5 months ago)
KingCalroon PlayThroughs (5 months ago)
really hope the new snow map comes out soon #silverplatevector #notification squad
Daxmynz (5 months ago)
They were nearly done making it last summer when they showed miramars pictures so they are just adding textures now, it should be teased within late may or mid June
cyan rider (5 months ago)
Cool video
cyan rider (5 months ago)
Slick PUBG I watch all your videos. They are all really good and you reply to all my comments. Thank you
Slick PUBG (5 months ago)
thank you :))
htzoOCE (5 months ago)
niceee, honestly I think there will just be a snowy weather system put on current maps. hence the skins? idk
Adi Bakhshi (5 months ago)
It’s gonna take more then a month or so for the the savage map to be released to live servers. Don’t expect the snow map anytime soon.
Daxmynz (5 months ago)
They were nearly done making it last summer when they showed miramars pictures so they are just adding textures now, it should be teased within late may or mid June
Adi Bakhshi (5 months ago)
Slick PUBG pretty sure I heard that two maps were going to be released. The second one will be towards the end of the year so in 6-7 months minimum.
Slick PUBG (5 months ago)
Yea hopefully in 2-3 months
Slick PUBG (5 months ago)
Like if you are happy the snow map was confirmed in the 2018 roadmap :D
1Faker (5 months ago)
I really like you videos! Maybe I win this nice vector skin.
1Faker (5 months ago)
Slick PUBG np, road to 10k! c:
Slick PUBG (5 months ago)
Thank you :)
Airvo (5 months ago)
If they make a snow map and skins it would be cool.
ALEX (5 months ago)
Slick PUBG (5 months ago)
Comethazine Up Next (5 months ago)
first #notificationsquad
cs go nerd (5 months ago)
great vid nice skins
rich and dex are the duo (5 months ago)
good vid bro
Slick PUBG (5 months ago)
thank you
Slick PUBG (5 months ago)
Slick PUBG (5 months ago)

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