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Gucci Mane - I Get The Bag feat. Migos [Official Music Video]

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Gucci Mane - I Get The Bag feat. Migos Mr. Davis out now: https://Atlantic.lnk.to/MrDavis Get exclusive Mr. Davis merchandise here: http://smarturl.it/MrDavisBundlesYT Follow Gucci Mane http://GucciManeOnline.com http://Twitter.com/Gucci1017 http://Facebook.com/GucciMane http://Instagram.com/LaFlare1017 https://open.spotify.com/artist/13y7CgLHjMVRMDqxdx0Xdo
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Text Comments (55594)
Amanjit Kang (38 minutes ago)
Gucci locked already
Amanjit Kang (40 minutes ago)
All or 1?
Amanjit Kang (40 minutes ago)
Do or don't? Do...
Peso Runingz (1 hour ago)
Gucci went hard
Josh Stroman (2 hours ago)
Im ready ever day for an new look an i will keep trying no matter what the cost
Avion Hines (4 hours ago)
1:09 A NIGGA FUCK ME TO TAKE PICTURES? (We just gone let that slide like that?)
Avion Hines (4 hours ago)
Foreally tho?
Ashley Waite (5 hours ago)
peng17 (7 hours ago)
Stumbled on this video by accident. What are they saying?
Frida Bich (7 hours ago)
lit 🔥
Cosmic Creator (8 hours ago)
Big KRIT murdered this beat.
Clay Easton (9 hours ago)
Takeoff is the best out of Migos 💪🏿
Christine Johnson (9 hours ago)
Alexis Montalvo (11 hours ago)
I feel truly demaciad dreaming demaciaod up ,,, I never go mowing fuamdome all the universe eating being the biggest being the one that never more beautiful I saw it being the best all my trajectory basics sums money toneldadasd of cash that seiga dreamed I stay falling in love with all my women I'm still unstoppable
Alexis Montalvo (11 hours ago)
the my brother my gift ... I am the most millionaire I like you spending money I like it with all my women continue to travel I am the biggest .. I am the most expensive of all the greatness of God,
Alexis Montalvo (11 hours ago)
I will fill all my life and medicare aser the father with the most children: I do not care what you spend I like to spend :: I am the best of all .. All aphrodisiac women will be for the most desired of all life a lot of money all in toneldadas . I stay vresiendo smoking the universe
Mari Oviedo (13 hours ago)
Ima dream of migos after this
cloudscholar22 (13 hours ago)
they said the dope on fleek!
TheWeekendGamerz (13 hours ago)
Garbage .
Frank Mejorado (14 hours ago)
Lil Dan Harris (15 hours ago)
WRATH (20 hours ago)
so many easy girls :D
javiermalse (21 hours ago)
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StanceNation (23 hours ago)
Offset is off the set
kurnia bintang (1 day ago)
Vdio seek
Antionette Booker (1 day ago)
Come to Huntsville again Gucci I love you
Edward Highland (1 day ago)
man that ain't Gucci mane that's another nigga.
Johnny Blaze (1 day ago)
I still like this song, but Gucci is so much better then the Three Amigos This song woulda been just as good or better without them *SMH*
Lamborghini _ (1 day ago)
Raekwon Coles (1 day ago)
Raekwon Coles (1 day ago)
Raekwon Coles (1 day ago)
On it
Raekwon Coles (1 day ago)
HAOYU SHENG (1 day ago)
Woo, the song is so hot and sexy😏
Dakota Yates (1 day ago)
0:29 Almost slippery?🤷🏽‍♂️ who els hears it
God's Son (1 day ago)
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Nice work man
Background though ...
JnN Chuculate (1 day ago)
Ben Anderson (1 day ago)
I see tiddys everywhere yea yea
Fernando Santtos (1 day ago)
melanie Tomlin (1 day ago)
I love Takeoff 1st then QUAVO OFFSET HE CAN GO
melanie Tomlin (1 day ago)
Livingston Davids (1 day ago)
When u vybin through the morning traffic and u know ur late asf😂😂
This may sound dumb, but every time I see Gucci Mane and how he looks now It still shocks me lmao. I used to listen to lots of his older stuff, so maybe i'm still somewhat used to his older appearance lmao.
viswaja g (1 day ago)
y is quavos shirt blurred out lmao
Edutzu (1 day ago)
200 i.hr?
Rasheedah MERRITT (1 day ago)
I Don't like the cocaine part
Louie Whata (1 day ago)
October 2018 Anyone ??
Faduli Fadel (1 day ago)
Lourd comme d'hab...
Roxanne Anderson (1 day ago)
But he said he still got paid
Amon961 (1 day ago)
Daaamn this place is fiiire 🔥🔥 I want such mansion
Ben Anderson (2 days ago)
Thos tiddys doe 😂😂😂
AddictedScar (2 days ago)
i put in the key and ride the d lol (d = dick)
Ken Mac (2 days ago)
The offset don't know shot. He was only fast to get cardi b pregnant. That only smart of him.
Vineeta Anne Whyte (2 days ago)
Chek out my eminem cover: www.soundcloud.com/vineetawhyte x
mamie rhoden (2 days ago)
2019 ?
Igor Goes (2 days ago)
777 !! 🇧🇷
Anush Sharma (2 days ago)
fuck school
Marc Kaufman Furs (2 days ago)
Check out Marc Kaufman furs! Gucci mane is on are site! Kaufmanfurs.com
Raekwon Coles (2 days ago)
GoHabs Habsforlife (2 days ago)
beat got the trap AHS vibe no lie
Outlawz Coop. Ace (2 days ago)
return of gucci mane
KRAXBOY CANNONS (2 days ago)
Wrath - Agario (2 days ago)
Who’s listening in 2018??
kaleb kuykendall (2 days ago)
Takeoff killed it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Marl Chahin (2 days ago)
Video is better than song loool
Player 1 (2 days ago)
¸why is quavo shirt blured
iiFrostie Xicy (2 days ago)
Listening in 2018 September ❤️
Tori Ratliff (2 days ago)
Quavo can get it lol he so fine
Quick Print (2 days ago)
Quick Print (2 days ago)
take off made this track LIT
Quick Print (2 days ago)
i get the bag
Quick Print (2 days ago)
skroo skroo
Yann Manuel (2 days ago)
Gucci's verse was fire
Rosa Bustos (2 days ago)
Quavo was on fire
Johnny Green (2 days ago)
Afeni (3 days ago)
Percocet pill on me, ice on my neck baby chill wit me takeoff! Go off then 😎😎😍🌊
IAMTHATIAM (3 days ago)
This still fire 🔥🚒📛🔥🔥🔥
Antonio Pinero (3 days ago)
X hade the bag
Jesse James (3 days ago)
Dam Gucci's clone went in on this track 💯💯💯💯
Sky Mitchells (3 days ago)
GUCCI part is fire !!!!!!!!!!
terry hobbs (3 days ago)
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Quick Print (3 days ago)
Quick Print (3 days ago)
take it take it take it TAKEOFF!!!!!!!!
Quick Print (3 days ago)
the track always kills me
Ali Propps (3 days ago)
I know i wouldn't be singing, if i saw what i saw in this video 😂✌
Carolyn Dowless (3 days ago)
Sick ads music keep it up
A myth!
Dimitri Epelbeum (3 days ago)
Ann you keep on playing games that’s why I‘m sinnin like a dirt pack - see that spirit way of livin by the pistol - ya heard that? - rather die before dem catch‘n me twisted - no hold back - just an other bloody westcoast listed murder that turned back - no sons - no daughters - usual cold case folders - do we deserve dat? The streets got me colder - this world ain’t for starters - I‘ve learned yet - need no order to be tossed up - flawless- sorrow gets us hunderd years older - while tomorrow seems godless - no one warned us - no one wonders - we ain’t just lawless ballers at hells borders - this ain‘t like soda - this is holy water - to come up and to take over - like a military rap game soldier!!!
Zexu Almighty (3 days ago)
Anybody else blast this while studying? I certainly can't be the only one 🤔
Ethan miller (3 days ago)
Who here for takeoff
Dashawn Walters (3 days ago)
Idk y they under rate takeoff , like offset wasn't locked up when migos got hot
Nikk8 Allen (3 days ago)
Send pic of face and dick . that a most so I know if it is WORTHY it And you must show up date record of health disease FREE...... ........THAT FOR SURE
Kenny Boyd (3 days ago)
"I Get the Bag" - Gucci Mane feat. Migos and Cookie Monster 1:28
FestyPanda (3 days ago)
Only just noticed Metro Boomin in the background after all this time.
Katrisse Michelle (9 hours ago)
Only forward to Gucci part. He should have left migos off.
QUAN WHITE (4 days ago)
This fake axx Gucci look how this nicca dresses smmfh #RIPGUWOP
I'Nayjah Dove (4 days ago)
mathias mustafovski (4 days ago)
potato head looking ass motherfucker

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