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Struggling to Win - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

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A lot of ups and downs trying to get the win. Merchandise can be found here! ►https://aculite.fanfiber.com/en You can connect with me here: (I only use Twitter. Facebook is for upload notifications.) ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/AculiteGaming ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Aculitegaming ►Livestream - https://www.twitch.tv/Aculite ►Discord - https://discord.gg/9vfCzsR Who I'm playing with: ►RageingRyan - http://bit.ly/RageingRyan Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental Version) - Loving Caliber Looking for a YouTube partnership? (referral link) http://bit.ly/2mEacP0 Settings and Equipment: http://bit.ly/2nHTspq Please report any hate speech/spam comments.
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Text Comments (452)
Kaushik roni (6 days ago)
Best player in the world....
Abdullah Bahaa (17 days ago)
Sujnn (2 months ago)
18:15 slogan on that truck
Exzdz (2 months ago)
*hits best snipe ever* : Ok
XxMentalMan-_-xX (4 months ago)
That arrow at the first is very irritating
Raja Hadi69 (4 months ago)
U are the best
Steve Gyndie (4 months ago)
New subscriber here😆
Oscar Freuler-Simons (5 months ago)
'Struggling to win'?!! I'd say you're having an easier time of it than I am
Teddy (6 months ago)
16:03 Now that is how you do a proper fucking call out.
Jon Rylander (6 months ago)
How did those shots hit at 0:47.  Looks like he was behind the player when shooting.  Doesn't the bullets come out of the tip of the M4's iron sights?
Epicus Matzimus (6 months ago)
0:46 you dont aim right on this guy, but you hit...... esport ready...NOT
NoFriends (6 months ago)
Aculite:Guy at 126 Me:where? *BANG* Aculite: Nevermind
•๖ۣۜSnakerr• (7 months ago)
4:51 *You liked,you did*
ericmonfrooy (7 months ago)
the madman lowercase (7 months ago)
oh damn i blacked out for a bit...sorry Aculite i'll watch this later...
Josh Juni (7 months ago)
You need to blow up already
Fahmi Ibrahim (7 months ago)
GG boys
Dixie Normous (7 months ago)
Guy who killed you was pretty good all around. He missed like 4 shots total and hit you with all the rest then played the zone perfectly. Thanks for uploading that, was still a sick effort
mexicancheezrat (8 months ago)
Is no one really gonna mention how he was able to heal on the back of a MOVING motorcycle? I didn't know that was possible.
Gitar Deia (8 months ago)
When i try to snipe i fail all the time this dude is just doing bang dead bang dead bang dead me when i try XDbang miss bang miss bang miss
Velozity Zero (8 months ago)
Yea speaking of bullet sponges I love shooting a guy 4-5 times with an Akm, and still not die. But I play on console with immense server lag and rubber banding, so life's a constant struggle
Mikey P (8 months ago)
LeoIsIrrelevant (8 months ago)
Can we pls duo I luv you & I succ
Mac Mecouch (8 months ago)
Love ur vids their always and god and their funny too👌
MrSpwn (8 months ago)
The amount of bullets that guy at the end took was unreal! Happens to me all the time though, I'll hit a guy 6-10 times and he stops, hits me once, and I'm dead lol.
BigGiantCircles (8 months ago)
Ungh that KO at 4:59 dang
DamageJackal (8 months ago)
Ryans luck in this fucking game is about like mine. Somehow I have a 36% Headshot but rarely get kills. Good ping, etc. I don't know. Pretty enraging though. I feel his (Silent) pain! And I watched the miss at the end and don't get it. This is also something else that would and does happen to me frequently.
Giri Endra (8 months ago)
Duel terakhir dalam game pertama tidak terlupakan, super !!!
Jason Ma (8 months ago)
dat first game geeeeeez epic
maninscratch (8 months ago)
I always watch those vids full screen, and I always try to click EXIT TO LOBBY at the end :(
lefteris knight (9 months ago)
those headshots man.....you are awesome!!!
leafsfan71 (9 months ago)
17 kills! Holy Jeez! Impressive man
Cjeezy_28 (9 months ago)
@1:40, how did he miss all of those shots😒 He needs to delete his account and throw away his PC
Brett Wayder (9 months ago)
I'd bet Conner could see a speck of fly shit 3 blocks away.
recreational gaming33 (9 months ago)
-love your vids man- *keep it up*
Mtndewgang (9 months ago)
God, my sniping skills are shit and you make it look easy.
Gingy (9 months ago)
I got killed by that insane shot at 15:17 , recorded my perspective and the killcam: https://youtu.be/GHmHD4oePIE GGWP :)
Thiago Moreira (9 months ago)
18:00 How did he knocked you out by headshot without breaking your level 3 helmet?
Norwiking (9 months ago)
everyone loves the old map.. new map is cancer
Verus (9 months ago)
Chad English (9 months ago)
Aculite aka Aimbot Personified XD
Musseharen (9 months ago)
Aculite are u really struggling? Dont seams like it ;) Love your stream man! keep it up!
László Cseplye (9 months ago)
@15:21 I was like Oooo, and a second later they were also :D That was a great shot!
Max Dahms (9 months ago)
I guess a view drop of 20,000 less than your average means don’t put “struggling to win” in the title
Johnny Rockwell (9 months ago)
Awesome stuff. Keep on keepin on!
Extendoinahoodie (9 months ago)
TommiSlayertv the guy who killed you in the first game is a twitch streamer
Cameron Boult (9 months ago)
Since when could you heal in a moving vehicle?!
RicoFlexx (9 months ago)
This PUBG game is so realistic. Real gun shot sounds real bullet hit contact sounds & everything
FanaticPossum (9 months ago)
why you rotated, the other guy had to push earlier into the circle, sorry for my bad english, I am german
Mark Mundy (9 months ago)
at 23:40, Ryan sounding like Squidward.
Ace (9 months ago)
I'm new to pubg how did he use a bandage while on a motorcycle is that possible? Or you could heal as a passenger in any vehicle pls answer
MyCaptainPugwash (9 months ago)
That end game of the first game was epic, definitely knew their shit.
Ong Yau (9 months ago)
What's the best setting for GTX 1070?
the epic noob (9 months ago)
I got 3rd with 8 kills and it was my 3rd match. Reason why i got third is because i watch u cuz ur a god. Keep it up!
GoDriver (9 months ago)
Just delete all the new map local files (paks) and you will be able only play the old map.
Angus Dorbie (9 months ago)
Shooting the ground @12:46 cost you the win.
Ranzo Legend (9 months ago)
Aculite vs Shroud! Who will win?
TNGCRISPYLIT (9 months ago)
Ranzo Legend aculite>shroud, I don't have to explain it cause aculite is a god
임민호 (9 months ago)
Oh... shit.. In korea only use third person perspective. So it's so awkward to me. But so fun.
Caldurahm (9 months ago)
i would love to see you play on console..
Markus (9 months ago)
What is that blue coat?
Thomas Albert (9 months ago)
17:00 those shots were me 450m out
Markus (9 months ago)
4:55 ...
Andrew (9 months ago)
Aculites teammate fucking sucked
Nathaniel Foo (9 months ago)
LucyMae the streamer?
Trent Lobdell (9 months ago)
The "fork tree" is a Joshua Tree.
Rayne (9 months ago)
how did u get that jacket
Doxsein (9 months ago)
15:17-15:22... that's all folks.
I suck Stoodis (9 months ago)
wtf hoodie are you wearing
noah manning (9 months ago)
I honestly really enjoy pubg but it so laggy and hard to play on console :,(
sTr3ks (9 months ago)
what is your fov ?
hes fucking insane with snipers
Dzd6s Ssb (9 months ago)
How you get gun icon when you kill someone
gigi janelidze (9 months ago)
stop playing first person pls
Bukton5000 (9 months ago)
Funniest kill at 15:20
Tucker Bootz (9 months ago)
Man you encouraged me to buy pubg. I love it so much. Just today I got my second chicken dinner with 13 kills! I’ve been playing for a week! Keeper going Aculite!
24:35 Ninja style! That was cool )
Azrael (9 months ago)
0:42 clown fiesta We're dead How do you shoot I cant get up
V Tach (9 months ago)
Starting to get a little depressed watchin your vids cuz it makes me realize just how much I suck!
Eddiquette Tv (9 months ago)
Love the game play bro sick
Nick C (9 months ago)
Hey Aculite, what sensitivity settings do you use?
DeLiRi0uS Gaming (9 months ago)
The struggle is real. What an awesome silenced flank to clutch the game. Well played sir!
HAIL SATAN (9 months ago)
4:13 did anyone else's video paused by itself?
TikunHiplaaja (9 months ago)
Has Rageingryan ever killed anyone in this game?
Paul Lee (9 months ago)
do you not run into hackers? or u just ruin them before they can even try?
mohmmed Alseari (9 months ago)
what a shot 5:00 !!!
HeadHunter (9 months ago)
Good video as always man! may i ask what mouse do you use?
Xoraly (9 months ago)
These are the annoying games that all us pleb players experience every time. Where you miss easy shots, can't find any good loot, and every other player is somehow a god. Great vid! Poor Ryan tho :(
MrTotoro98 (9 months ago)
the never boosting up kind of triggered me ^^
Donnie mills (9 months ago)
I'm marking out so hard right now. You're the best in the world.
Rachelle Desmond (9 months ago)
sooooo good I wish I was that good
Slava Yavorskiy (9 months ago)
whats the coat name?
Ahmed Hussein (9 months ago)
poor Lucy hahaha
So many scandinavian enemies for some reason.
Preston Melkerson (9 months ago)
I hate how on Xbox you can’t bandage/heal while in a moving vehicle
93X777 (9 months ago)
I'd love to see you play another game with a little more depth. Something like DayZ? We know you can shoot like an MF. Getting a little tired of pubg videos (in general, I love yours), I've gone back in time to DayZ and Arma 3 variants. Just more to them, more interactions, more complexity but the shooting is still there, of course since pubg is based on Arma 3. There are plenty of channels that do this but I'd love to see your take on it.
Decaf Diamond (9 months ago)
Escape from Tarkov would be a good fit for him.
Howard Jang (9 months ago)
Really theses intense games are the beauty of PUBG
Sarah Barnes (9 months ago)
Joshua Trees. That's what they're called. Just FYI since ur Canadian. Love it.
Jeewith (9 months ago)
ur jacket makes me wanna *N U T*
Nathan Hawkins (9 months ago)
white me daddy
Jack Moseley (9 months ago)
Aculite, use flash hiders instead of compensators on your sniper rifles. Compensators do very little unless you are rapid fire-ing, so it is more effective to get some of the compensator but also be stealthy with a flash hider. compensator < flash hider < silencer

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