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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Strangles Your Child Avatar Until You Pay Money or Wait

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YongYea (1 month ago)
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dat guy (14 days ago)
YongYea got the ad for the game right before this.
Datt 55 (23 days ago)
YongYea i
angel whispers (27 days ago)
YongYea I think the worst part of the Harry Potter Mobile gate is that is currently only playable up to the end of year 2. I'm pretty well convinced that the developers put this stupid Energy System in it hoping to slow people down from blazing through what little content they had so far created. I think they made their monetization system blatantly exploded to to try and encourage people to only play it casually and occasionally. It is a giant digital turd bomb.
Sand 22 (1 month ago)
dont give money to games...GIVE IT TO ME LMFAO, GET REAL THUT!
Thanks Hesss Xxddfff (16 minutes ago)
Good thing I'm apart of a modder site
Jerry Rc (1 hour ago)
Just use mod
Malachi Jyugo (13 hours ago)
Damn some of us hack the game that's why
Conta da Familia (15 hours ago)
*A HOSTAGE SITUATION!* Quickly, download Lucky Patcher to solve the situation! you just didnt heard from me
leozar69 (16 hours ago)
I love it when good people exposes vile practises like this.
Git Gud (22 hours ago)
We did this, this is our fault.
Ryder AZ (1 day ago)
Breathe Oxygen (0/200 Energy)
ImAnderZEL (1 day ago)
This sure is a new low how can this be legal? Is it legal?
aliobaid310 (1 day ago)
Im a huge potterhead. Saw all the movies and read the books, and when i saw the ad for this game I immediately knew it was trash.
Meadow Roses (1 day ago)
Game: Yeah, we're free to play. *sips tea* Game: Uh... yeah... why aren't you giving us money yet?
Crimson Skull (2 days ago)
4:34 spend energy to take a break really ni🅱️🅱️a
Nugget The Nut Buster (2 days ago)
More like Harry Potter Misery
This is why i never ever play "games" with an energy bar. This thing is an equivalent of your mom taking you away from the computer, it is so annoying. And i'm not really missing out on any "good" "games", btw, because, from my experience, only the shittiest of free-to-play mobile "games" have an energy bar.
gamerpro980 (2 days ago)
i hate energy uses in game it just preventing player to progress
Sibuli (2 days ago)
I have this game called Kim Kardashian Hollywood and this game is literally the same!
猫我蜜糖 (2 days ago)
But it is free to play, and the Harry Potter license isn't free, not much to say the cost of developing and maintaining such a project It is just like you doing videos but without ad revenues and patron.
David C. (3 days ago)
I almost downloaded it
Wow this kid has almost no energy. Even I have more energy, and I'm super sickly. Let 'em be strangled. They don't deserve life if they get exhausted for picking up a book.
Ben Dover (3 days ago)
I’m playing a hacked version where none of that bullshit happens
Samuel Bernthal (3 days ago)
This isn’t a game.
nosliwyelir (4 days ago)
Why do people play these?
nosliwyelir (4 days ago)
Battlefront backlash was also due to Disney pissing on the franchise. People are tired of seeing Star wars being pissed on by large companies.
Sylas Grayson (4 days ago)
Cry more
5 1 (4 days ago)
"violates and strangles them" lmao
Patrick Marsh (5 days ago)
That's pretty cruel and terrible.
Cort Koester (5 days ago)
Pay to play just like real life!
i dont care (5 days ago)
the literally chocking you for money hahaha
sjescone (6 days ago)
I didnt even finish this quest.. I deleted the game
Sheriff Pug (6 days ago)
I bet they worked with EA
Gaaradreamer (6 days ago)
I have never had issues with microtia sections and I don't blame EA for them. However yes this imagery did shock me and pissed me off. But I have no issue clicking off and waiting. It's the perfect way to screw them over on a small level. I just don't pay a cent and if that becomes impossible uninstall with a bad review. I can still squeeze what I want out of it.
Dolphinboi (6 days ago)
I thought you aren't supposed to struggle against devil snare.
Blue Tube (6 days ago)
Watch Video 0/10
This kind of games are a scam and if you fall into it you kind of deserve it
Avery Graham (7 days ago)
It’s fucking stupid that this or lootboxes aren’t already an outdated concept, that even from backlash as powerful as the ea scandal are causing developers to shit themselves from hearing “loot box”.
Andrewking 99999999 (7 days ago)
1:49 T pose
Curious Tinkering (7 days ago)
Such is the state of all mobile games.
LO Angel (7 days ago)
I het wt u mean but its not too bad, I've made peace with it. Plus, I got work in my life to do. The waiting makes me do other stuff rather than game all the time. I'm in Year 4 now. It's infuriating to wait but the game plot seems interesting albeit mundane than the movies I only have the problem with only 7 levels to explore, little choice interactions with other students and multiplayer interaction e.g. dueling. If its online only, might as well use something of it like link players. But i still find the game fun, then again i have quite low expectations
Cockburn Pubes (7 days ago)
We all know theres some hardcore dumb harry potter fan spending thousands on this game
Soulless Pig (7 days ago)
Listen just look up harry poter apk mod and boom unlimited money and energy
KENNYLEAN (7 days ago)
Harry potter and the DIAGON-microtransaction alley
Thee Xtra Zesty Jesus (8 days ago)
Holy fuck that is unbelievably scummy, even for a free to play game
juz wolfy (8 days ago)
I hated waiting for energy to refill. All u do is tap tap tap and wait for your character to do shit. That's the main part of the game. A bit of duelling, which is rock paper scissors and then there's the quiz games and the game where you match speech bubbles. But it's still extremely boring and most of the game is just about waiting unless you spend money or gems.
AUSTIN PEYTON (8 days ago)
This is terrible. I hate p2w games
ultra nut (8 days ago)
what title did i just read
MultiRabbitface (8 days ago)
I will never understand why people play mobile games. Buy a worthwhile game and let the retarded asian masses keep their shitty mobile shit.
Squidhater777 (9 days ago)
isnt this just all mobile games? every mobile game like this haas this sort of feature
Puddle Slime (9 days ago)
I can actually see a little boy or girl walking up to his/her parents and saying "Mom buy me energy or this boy will die!" Imagine an anger such a parent must feel while knowing the game made you wait on this section *on purpose*. Im telling you, this will get taken down soon... it's even worse than Wizard101's breastsqueezing (That's what i call forcing money my mind's messed up) but the difference is that you can keep yourself entertained even without paying a penny in W101... whereas here you basically have no choice.
jonathan18172 (9 days ago)
I don't spend money in mobile games i wait for 1 hour that's enough to Finnish
Just Stop (9 days ago)
You can get free energy from tapping paintings, Peeves, the books near the Herbology class, and the stick near Hagrid’s hut. I never wasted any gems on anything, so I have hundreds of gems available. I think you’re overthinking this really.
Roberta B.R. (9 days ago)
Shame! 🔔 Shame! 🔔 Shame! 🔔
Wing_GundamZero_ (9 days ago)
Stop ripping off Jim Sterling
Chronicle Zombie (9 days ago)
But really if I played the game and the game said"f**k you child,now gimme your money b***h!" I will say"screw you,I'mma uninstall this game!" But if I have to say energy in game is good. Someone:f**k you,paying for energy is stupid!" Well here me out This is how make a game to be fun,cause the less you play=more fun,how do I know this just watch game theory about mobile games. But this is not how the way to do this, cause this "game" couldn't even called a game. This is called a f**k you
Commons Gaming (10 days ago)
Fucking microtransactions
Broken Wave (10 days ago)
In what way is this a game? I don't get it. Appears to have zero gameplay.
Some guy (10 days ago)
Police Officer: Put your hands in the air! WB Entertainment surrounded by dead children currently strangling one to death: *Shrugs* WB Entertainment: Pays off police officer.
Andrew Brundage (10 days ago)
Why the fuck does anyone play mobile games?
Jaring Nelayan (10 days ago)
Dont forget that if you leave the game and came back too long, the quest is expired and you need to start all over again
M (11 days ago)
Why would anyone dislike a video complaining about wrongdoings of a game company that just hurt players ? Obviously, as the good ratings the game has at Google and Apple game stores, it is because the company pays hundreds of chinese/indian slaves to make the game look good through fake 5 stars reviews and dislikes at any source of valid critique about it, like this video for example.
Richmond Boswell (11 days ago)
This is the sleaziest shit I've ever seen.
datoneboiimason (11 days ago)
This makes me sick
Milokiss82 (11 days ago)
its a fucking game you dumbasses it's a MOBILE game at that. They have to make money. And also, It's basically a single point in the game. Fucking chill, you're going to be in that part for like 2 minutes, Since it's near the beginning.
Kyle Willis (11 days ago)
Ive never had an issue with coins. Most of the 3-8 hour classes drop 1000 coins for star completion. Not hard to get gems either. And the time limit for energy keeps people from playing it constantly. The game is fine -_- anyone with common sense can resist buying gems.
:v no pos dinosaurio (11 days ago)
Dragon ball legends is better xD no pay to win
VoRtEx PlaYeSYT (11 days ago)
And even when I played hogwarts mystery he didn’t drain any money from me
Java Jav (11 days ago)
This will only get worse
A.A. Ron (12 days ago)
This game’s micro transactions are most of App Store games, from Clash of Clans to Tomb of the Mask, and so on.
Lachlan Weir (12 days ago)
ea is the next roblox
Lachlan Weir (12 days ago)
what next? star trek
Nyta Sam (12 days ago)
Anddddd this is why I hate this types of mobile game.
Lupus Lunarem (12 days ago)
"Pay up or your child character gets molested by tentacles"
denefirecraft (12 days ago)
Game: oh no! It looks like your character is in danger and it looks like you don’t have energy! **points gun at characters head** PAY UP OR THIS KID DIES! Me: ;_;
Wet Floor Media (12 days ago)
So dont play this game basically.
Keegan Sky (12 days ago)
If you want me to spend money on your game create a compelling product I can enjoy. Thats the secret.
AcemichaelAce (12 days ago)
Did EA made this?
Ahmed ffh (13 days ago)
5:15 Did I see the word “imagine” and it takes energy also ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Twilight Kitsune (13 days ago)
Um? I’m just saying that I actually do enjoy the game, and I never have any money so I actually CAN’T make any IAPs
nate _ (13 days ago)
Harry potter and what's those 4 digits on your mum's credit card
Vorpal Cheezit (13 days ago)
I think we all know who designed this game. "Dementors are among the foulest creatures that walk this earth. They infest the darkest, filthiest places, they glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope, and happiness out of the air around them... Get too near a Dementor and every good feeling, every happy memory will be sucked out of you. If it can, the Dementor will feed on you long enough to reduce you to something like itself... soulless and evil. You will be left with nothing but the worst experiences of your life." —Remus Lupin's description of Dementors
Nigerian Prince (13 days ago)
That's what mod apks are for.
Von Fat Cat (13 days ago)
Discraced Python (13 days ago)
Eats -5 energy
Jayden Varghese (13 days ago)
What even is this game? "Tap to 'imagine' " THIS ISNT EVEN A GAME
Jayden Varghese (13 days ago)
Is tapping even fun gameplay? Wtf?
Jackson B (13 days ago)
When the rest of the Harry Potter franchise like the movies. if they already don't know about the game they will soon call it the Game That Must Not Be Named
Jenna Kingma (13 days ago)
Tbh in my OPINION(shut the fuck up ya judgemental asses, it’s MY OPINION) it’s not that bad.
ArgentumEmperio (13 days ago)
Jenna Kingma Well... just as much as you can have an opinion, so can anyone and everyone else too have one. I cannot see a reason why mobile ''gaming'' should be seen as anything else than what's displayed here. Sure there's good games if you dig deep enough but... what about the damages it causes? Why dig deeper when your first impression is "tap, pay, wait"? This 'thing' is hardly the first thing to do this and also not the worst... But it is undeniably bad. Opinions don't play into this since that's an objective statement at least if this falls under the tag "gaming".
Roach Sanderson (13 days ago)
time consuming and monotonous with little reward? wizard school is just like normal school
Jonathan Skipper (13 days ago)
So don't get the game. Don't spend money on it. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. What ever happened to self-control? Personal responsibility? Parental guidance? And, if an adult wants to spend their money on this, that's their choice. Is it predatory? Probably. Is it scummy? Yes. But these only exist because people pay into them. Also, this sort of monetization model has been around for as long as those stupid mobile non-games have been. This is nothing new. Still. Good video as always! The advice at the end "don't get it" seems like the solution. Haha. Have a good one!
doctorockzo (13 days ago)
Where's Shadman when you need him
Aditya S (13 days ago)
That's why I just watch people play this micro shit game and never bought it myself.
1.5k losers disliked this
Jay Kazama (13 days ago)
this game is an ungodly abomination that begs for apocalypse. fuck.
Mark L (13 days ago)
not true, it's certainly possible to progress without playing. I was managed to get to Year 3 without paying at all, but I stopped because of the repetitive mechanisms and how long it would take to progress since for some 8 hour activities I had to wait for my energy to regen like twice before I could complete activities, which resulted in some portions of the game taking days to complete. But it is frustrating not being able to complete an activity because you have to pay or wait for energy; however, I believe it is possible to complete the game without having to pay, albeit taking an extraordinarily long time.
Hyena (13 days ago)
This is why I root my phone to hack cash values. I'm not paying for this bullshit.
Nelg (13 days ago)
This should not be legal.
Janet Estherina (13 days ago)
And I thought gacha games are terrible...
Madam Salt (14 days ago)
Every time I watch that Devil snare I can't help but Imagine it being a Mob scene where this kid is getting hurt for Money. I babbled my rants online but yours is far more clear-- Glad someone is spreading the message right.
Kendree (14 days ago)
Daniel Aguilar (14 days ago)
There is an apk version that you can buy energy without waiting your money.
jacko2131 (14 days ago)
The title makes it sound like the fact that you're playing a child is the big issue here, I couldn't care less that the fictional character in pain is a child. It is the money grabbing that needs to take the attention here. Also, isn't this the whole business model from candy crush?

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