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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Strangles Your Child Avatar Until You Pay Money or Wait

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YongYea (6 months ago)
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Broom Boi (2 months ago)
These have been around for too long. Just search up Kim kardashian games for mobile.
Cxkafrosamurai # (3 months ago)
YongYea you muthafuka... hahahahaaaaa ahh ok you get me everytime with the thumnail
Final Cartoon (3 months ago)
YongYea now i wonder if this game was made to show how bad micro transactions can be or if the devs thought it was a good idea... ..
the ultimate quarts (3 months ago)
Nice video my guy! I have to say "you're pretty good"😉
jetnight 88 (4 months ago)
YongYea the users need to grow the fuck up
Buzz Type (8 hours ago)
This game is best
david arriola (16 hours ago)
EA , dungeon keeper garbage basically
Ruslan Lagashkin (1 day ago)
So this one teaches kids reverse engineer apk and hack energy. Very nice game.
y2kplus9 (1 day ago)
But this is easily mitigated! DoN'T YoU GuYs HaVe PhOnEs?
TheMemester (1 day ago)
Yeah games with energy systems are trash, its like they don't want you to play their game.
Jesus Hesus (2 days ago)
That horsehair on your head be looking slay as hell man you sexy with that deathmetall rock punk hair gamerhair i love your videos
itzalion (3 days ago)
Video games: they tentacle rape your child until you pay them.
big deezle (3 days ago)
That is soooooooooooo dirty☝😡
César Sánchez (3 days ago)
This game is casual, so you play it for short periods of time, it's not like a PC game, it's just to kill time, if you don't respect this way to play, you'll have to pay for it
NkyOua x (3 days ago)
Technically you need to use energy to do ANYTHING in life, so there not wrong
Wild Mike (3 days ago)
I played this. Let's not forget. That timer at the top of the screen. Heaven forbid something comes up and you can't check in for a few hours and run out. You have to START OVER!
Jousty Birdington (3 days ago)
Next stop: energy bar in cookie clicker.
Sky Software (3 days ago)
Lucky Patcher hack gems 💎
Extant (3 days ago)
To be honest, for patient people the waiting aspect means nothing.
Your Father (3 days ago)
game is too shit to be bothered waiting
MewMewSun (3 days ago)
The only game I play on my phone is Cat Bird. There are ads and no in game purchases (when I really don't feel like looking at ads and its before bed, I put my phone one Airplane Mode). I highly recommend this 2d playformer. No microtransactions. It's a damn solid game. And it's cute.
Julija Kordić (4 days ago)
Nah I play this game and I am at the ending od fifth year. Never spent a dollar. Just wait till it recharges and spend it again. And once again. I mean you do have enough time to recharge but people that can't wait well then let them pay. But the game is interesting full of new discoverys. 😎
CLOUD (4 days ago)
If anyone wants to play this, just use Lucky Patcher
Xios 15 (4 days ago)
I remember when microtransaction went as far as 6 dollars, with this game you can spend up to 100 dollars. what has Microsoft done
Daniel Asgaard (4 days ago)
Fuck mobile games and microtransactions.
MatthewTB (4 days ago)
Is this Diablo’s future strangling my toons 😩
Samugremus (5 days ago)
Devs should be in fucknig jail. This is made exactly to mess with a mind of a child, so he or she will spend real money to save their character. Holy shit...
Hoàng Nguyên (5 days ago)
Yo ho yo ho a jailbreak life for me !
walkamanka (5 days ago)
Imagine that in Diablo Immortal, they implement this "energy" system ... "you cannot loot the legendary axe, you don't have enough energy..." "you cannot use fireball now, if you want to use it anyway, pls buy this 9.99 USD soulstone fragment bundle and fire now." "sorry, you must have 666 Soulstone Fragment to kill Diablo, buy it now! You have a sale package just for 19.99 USD"... -.-
L B (6 days ago)
dont play anything with any purchases... ever. duh.
Jorge Two (6 days ago)
This reminds me of the MKX mobile game. I grind it like crazy because I don't want to pay real money for a gold character pack. I can save up the souls but then it's again, another back breaking grind. I enjoy the game, but they've made coins useless other than buying powerup cards that hardly boost your stats. It's a fun game and somewhat quickly paced, but it wraps it's hands around your neck and wallet.
pierrebe4492 (7 days ago)
any game with energy system is a trash pay to win game.
[GD] Asri3L (7 days ago)
*Buy microtransactions* -5 energy
Olivier Renken (7 days ago)
Eye twitches - 14 energy
Lestat (7 days ago)
So whats the problem...this is how all mobile games operate.
Fake Channel Police (8 days ago)
altrogeruvah (8 days ago)
I love this video title so much haha
TheMaster1 (8 days ago)
Everyone involved in making games like this should be tased in the genitals, repeatedly.
Brandon Ramos (8 days ago)
7:10 So, the lottery?
Kevin Thériault (8 days ago)
These type of games ruin the mobile genre. There's nice games hidden away in the store that are loved by their developers and don't force you to spend money.
Raklödder (9 days ago)
What the fuck did I just watch?
Secret Passion (9 days ago)
Why do games like this even exist?
Nathan Durrence (10 days ago)
No energy no money. Welp guess its Japanese tentacle noises
super killer 24 (10 days ago)
*Takes a single step.* --7 energy.
Impartial gamer444 (10 days ago)
T-pose at 1:51
Astral Fennec (10 days ago)
I love how half of the video is just showing the girl getting strangled. It really is the perfect metaphor.
Katherine Clinesmith (10 days ago)
Lol that's literally when I quit playing. It was already a trite, annoying storyline with disappointing gameplay and then when I realized it was basically pay to play I uninstalled pretty quickly
Duckman1616 (10 days ago)
Did you expect to be able to play it entirely for free?
Stephen Ferris (12 days ago)
soooo it's an average mobile game?
Assassin gaming YT (12 days ago)
The game : More money please more money please
Shahin Hossain (12 days ago)
*exists* -100 energy
It's a phone app. Don't use it. Problem solved.
Jack Blackthorn (12 days ago)
And now Star Wars is DEAD
Electrics Source (13 days ago)
2.1k people that dislikes this vid are retarded
GI Jack (14 days ago)
This is nothing new, especially for mobile games. This has been the STANDARD for probably half a decade at least!
Wobbly Yapper (14 days ago)
The story is pretty good
Julian0505z (15 days ago)
Dang, thank goodness the mobile app game I played when I was five years old was angry birds before it had microtransactions, not this. Rip kids born after 2010.
Richard Ford (16 days ago)
You hated Bethesda don't you?
Hakan Karaağaç (16 days ago)
Joke is on you, i love seeing children strangled with tentacle monsters..
Electric Dreams (18 days ago)
Omg, energy model? Wtf? I thought that abomination died in ignomy a while back. Jeez, who designed their monetization? 2012 is calling...
Marco Martins (18 days ago)
Welcome to mobile games
Slytherin Star (18 days ago)
Gryffindor? Really?
Shady (19 days ago)
i hope game developers like these get cancer and see their children die from aids
Boruto2665 (19 days ago)
If your favorite franchise gets a game by ea, don’t play it unless u wanna pay to do anything.
Daniel Lazzara (22 days ago)
Mobile games are a cancer since it is precisely where microtransactions and the like originated from. I told my friend many, many years ago that it will get much worse as time goes by and it will leech into 'real' games. This was so easy to see coming it fking hurts. Its like watching a slow moving train wreck and being completely powerless to save it.
Harry Potter and the pay to breathe mystery
HMS Daedalus (23 days ago)
I wouldn't be surprise this become a new meme for pay-2-play.
ruub (23 days ago)
Uni Factory (24 days ago)
Hentai Eroge game is way better than this
Chris Nieves (25 days ago)
worse yet the game is still not complete it gets weekly updates only adding one chapter at a time currently stalled out around the middle of year 5 the only aspect about the game i can give any credit is the storyline
Jaccl (25 days ago)
this is awful but we need to talk about why people are just simply not quitting these games - I'm not sure when and where it happen but we went from boycotting/not supporting games to if I "love" the IP so much demand the games to change - this doesnt fix the larger issue. The game will just lessen the cost of the predatory practice and the player will feel "heard/appreciated" and think halving the cost of a predatory mechanic is progress. This has moved the goal post from No loot boxes to some loot boxes but game is still f2P to loot boxes and some p2w is needed but hey whats 5- $20.00 to support a game to P2P and then we say hey it's a free game why complain to Hey what does it matter if costumes or units cost 100.00 you can grind them f2p in 6 months to yes this is a made situation but the devs are working on it give them time It's a circle jerk with Mobile Gacha - No IP and or game is held accountable for the predatory practices anymore. and they intentionally start prices high to combat the first stage of player outrage when 50% cost is still ridiculous. At the same time if the playerbase puts up with it and supports the game what are we to do ?
Jason Bond (26 days ago)
A clickable title that isn’t clickbait? A lot of YouTubers can learn from you.
Carlos Moreno (26 days ago)
You know your right this reminds me of good fellas Robert onces say give me my money give me my money today today 😁
Chosen_Undead (26 days ago)
So basically just a normal mobile game.
ItzDawx (27 days ago)
I feel like your breath is wasted here, it’s a mobile game, 90% of them are the same if not so much worse. I don’t personally care that it’s the Harry Potter franchise, it’s a mobile game.
•• ___ (28 days ago)
I’m in year 5, have a cap of 37 energy, and haven’t paid a cent
mirmarmau (30 days ago)
to this day my avatar is still stuck in the closet with the devil's snare
Kim Jinsoo (1 month ago)
Fucking money grab
Hawk Light (1 month ago)
Your character is having a major workout, it takes energy to _listen_ to someone
Dylan Carrier (1 month ago)
I'm typing a comment, but I'm gonna run out of energy before I
Emo Sky (1 month ago)
i need energy TO FUCKING REST
jejeakle (1 month ago)
To sum up mobile games: This or evony online copouts that are all EXACTLY THE SAME GAME
zah feltom (1 month ago)
I know that its a scam but i’m still playing it 😅 wtf is wrong of me ???
Harris T49 (1 month ago)
Pay $50 to move
TheWorstAnimeEver (1 month ago)
I highly doubt that hacking the game to try to mine for energy points/gems would work at all, as though Jam City is clearly scamming the player, trying to stop them that way still could probably count as stealing from them and cause one to face legal charges...
Agent Exeider (1 month ago)
wow, so on the nose.
404 Error Not Found (1 month ago)
Fuck WB they ruined shadow of war
Calvados / Rezo (1 month ago)
Games and developers like these should NEVER be supported. Dont download their game. Dont give them your money.
Neon Link (1 month ago)
Wow, that got pretty dark quickly
Sailor Sedna (1 month ago)
God, this is the worst scam I've ever heard of since that MMPR fan film fiasco. I wonder if there are people who have tried to create hacks for unlimited energy for this game (not that I would do that but you know what I mean)...the Lego Harry Potter games for the PC are on sale on Steam for $19.99 each you only have to pay once and that's a much better deal than this!! I also heard on another review the game story is just a rip-off of the seven books/eight films, so we wouldn't be missing anything.
Scotty Höek (1 month ago)
Mobile games blow. Micro-transactions blow, and both are purposely aimed at little kids with no money and loud crying faces. Their parents have money....and little patience for the ungrateful brat, because they're letting the internet and it's devices raise them.
Sailor Sedna (1 month ago)
Agreed, parents need to wise up and read books/take kids outside.
Lyftedd (1 month ago)
It should be renamed "Microtransaction simulator"
Milek (1 month ago)
I play that game everyday, i'm not spending my Money on this game however. i play since august and i am at 3rd year. Maybe i finish the game before spring. *Find out for only 100 energy*
DrewskiTheLegend (1 month ago)
Reminder: microtransactions only exist because idi... I mean people are willing to pay for them. Can’t blame the game devs when fools are willing to pay for things that used to be free.
Logan Brown (1 month ago)
Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets
Sofie Nielsen (1 month ago)
I have taught myself that if i see an energybar in that kind of game, to just uninstall it immediately.
Max (1 month ago)
Free to Launch
Helskrim (1 month ago)
There is only one way to play freemium based games such as this one without interruptions and actually enjoy it and that's hacking. I understand saying that out loud on a video could get your video blocked by Youtube but you were probably thinking about it. Many people may find this repulsive and wrong but in this case it's totally justifiable, only someone gullible and naive would say it's wrong but you're forgetting the scum developer of this game is out to get your money, luckily most of these developers are quite stupid and blinded by greed so they don't make things such as currencies server-sided even though game requires internet connection so in case of this game everything is hackable from currencies to xp to attributes and more or you can download modded apk too and enjoy the game how it's meant to be!
hypnojon32 (1 month ago)
As to the Devil's Snare scene...well...it's an 8 hr countdown! Yeah... it's gonna take a while! You're warned b4 you start it. Plus...that little door symbol at the bottom right of the screen....let's you out of the scene back into the hall ... PLUS.... there are one or two hidden areas on each floor that give out a free point of energy every so often... PLUS.... every flying class you finish adds to your energy bar. I'm start of year 4 and up to 32energy on the meter
hypnojon32 (1 month ago)
As to the gameplay, is it overly simple? Stupid waiting? It absolutely is! But that's because it's meant to be a story rich RPG interactive novel! So they threw in a bit of tapping and focus puzzle tapping things to make you feel involved before the next part of the story comes along. Imagine if you were faced with some overly hard logic puzzle or word search that NEEDED to be solved b4 you could continue. See? Now you're bored, confused and can't continue the game! So they went the other way and made the answers simple enough to be found in the books.
hypnojon32 (1 month ago)
OK< this about the third of these types of vids I've seen but I must admit yours was the most entertaining by far! OMG! What a fuss you people are making! Things are not so bad! Before you even download the game you are warned that there are in game purchases. And that's with any phone game! I myself have spent maybe $15-24.50 over the course of 4 months. That's over my entire course of playing and was mostly to get the pets. That's about 2 visits to a local coffeehouse and less than a t shirt that I paid for as someone's merch: $29.98. Everything else can be waited for or gotten in game. _ Getting those pink gem things are easier than you think
8 Bit Nation (1 month ago)
You’ve had pay to play You’ve had pay to win But now we have pay to lose.
ShadowSora8491 (1 month ago)
This is worse than any mobile game I've played.
Monkey Nut (1 month ago)
Just wait until they cast insidious pridus accomplishmus

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