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WHITE WALKERS! (Game of Thrones - FULL Ep. 5 - A Nest of Vipers)

3122 ratings | 168518 views
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Text Comments (892)
Jane Yzon (2 months ago)
RIP Finn-the human😂
Epnm All day (3 months ago)
Ramsey you little wanna be fuck
CyberneticGamerHD (4 months ago)
i like rodrik more than asher cause rodrik is more serius and wise and he is the true king
Angeles Redreagast (4 months ago)
First Ethan Now Asher why!!!!
will_para9 PS4 (5 months ago)
Poor choices lol
Mohd Azwan (6 months ago)
Mohd Azwan (6 months ago)
Captain Pepsi (6 months ago)
Ark boys War (8 months ago)
No Asher
KS SQUAD (9 months ago)
You make the worst choices
Angelina Sanchez (1 year ago)
why the fuck am i crying?
Jesse Vaneman (1 year ago)
47:37 mic drop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ninja guy TheGamer (1 year ago)
I know what happens if you leave them behind just go to watch mojo.com #not sponsored 😎
aditya golani (1 year ago)
watching Jon punch him and his dogs then kill Ramsay was better than sex(not really)
Alex Renthlei (1 year ago)
I have to say....ur a frigging noob mate...im sorry
Akshat Agrawal (1 year ago)
Ya fackin idiot
Vanilla Ice (1 year ago)
You can't kill Ramsay because he was in the show
Randy Oh (1 year ago)
yeah let the younger, NOT CRIPPLE, healthy, trained fighter brother die who has an ARMY instead of the old cripple
Tony Legend (1 year ago)
awng (1 year ago)
Nick Al (1 year ago)
Kj Dill (1 year ago)
you make the shittiest decisions
Uldarico Morales (1 year ago)
Graeme Thomas (1 year ago)
Rodrik should've stayed i feel Goldy makes the worst decisions every time
Alonne Forever (1 year ago)
wait is bloodsong hanzo or do they just sound the same
Khylekhier Deluna (1 year ago)
you made a wrong choice
AyoN (1 year ago)
The voiceactors, are they the real actors of the show?
Vtel 'Zolam (1 year ago)
1:04:10 Nothing more awkward than your little sister walking in on you with a naked woman.
joao guerreiro (1 year ago)
Leave Rodrik behind is the right choice
That one ginger boy69 (1 year ago)
nooooooo Asher my favourite character.WHY DIDN T YOU KILL GRYFF WHEN YOU HAD CHANCE YOU FOOL !!!
That one ginger boy69 (1 year ago)
and he is not fish face but he is turtle face
That one ginger boy69 (1 year ago)
sylvi  aka fucken snowball
Juanita Grino (1 year ago)
fuck you and your shitty decisions
Alvin Lin (1 year ago)
omg why do you always choose the worst decisions
Plamen Garvanski (1 year ago)
You did the right thing killing Royland but fuckd up leaving Asher like shit at the end !
Obi Wan Kenobi (1 year ago)
jesus christ.. this guy is a fucking pussy
ImShoe (1 year ago)
TacoEatingRino (1 year ago)
Goddamn Ramsay and his plot armor!
MakingPeopleMadDaily (1 year ago)
he is so bad at telltale games lol
rah kajaj (1 year ago)
yes could have spared the traitor he would told you what will happen
Mayonnaise Dad (1 year ago)
so fucking stupid for choosing asher
N0bLy_Hades (1 year ago)
Chris Pandaz (1 year ago)
u are stupid...
Hard Boy (1 year ago)
thank pewdiepies laziness for me subbing to you lol. if he'd have finished this series id have never found you. keep at it bro!
Snotty Taco (5 months ago)
The gold brick 84 (11 months ago)
Me too
Mayonnaise Dad (1 year ago)
HelloLaddieGames LMAO SAMEEE
Yajaira Joy Segaya (1 year ago)
I don't know but i won't make most of his decisions. I was raging every time he decided like wtf
Bleach. (1 year ago)
this guy has so many inactive subs holy shit.
Rutwik Kulkarni (1 year ago)
worst decisions man lol
Aiden Evans (1 year ago)
You should've told her she's a slave!!!!!!!!!!!
123street cleaner 2.0 (1 year ago)
1:17:18 he just got prison gang banged
JudeTheDude 213 (1 year ago)
Samer Suheim (1 year ago)
Rip finn
Haley Keating (1 year ago)
wow super balanced on the last choice... holy shit
Borat (1 year ago)
Asher would be alive if you let Royland speak you dumb fuck
yu mi (1 year ago)
I so sad because Asher die
Barbarian 2625 (1 year ago)
Dislike cuz u kill asher
Callum Engel (1 year ago)
RedVexeD (1 year ago)
The fuck did you pick the cripple to go for? Jesus, fuck. You sent the guy that might get JUMPED by his new 'army' instead of the guy who could actually command them?! You killed the guy with the WHOLE body instead of the cripple struggling to command respect? I can't even.
KPlechPerez (1 year ago)
I like watching your reactions, I chose for Rodrik to stay...
Jack Dunn (1 year ago)
jon snow kills him so you clouded have
Zubin Trivedi (1 year ago)
your choices make me cringe... and you don't even care to remember the associated story.... so much diss
Far Asap (1 year ago)
unsubsribe because you pick asher to die, he's my favorite. I mean roderick was a dick head
TJ Bescak (1 year ago)
Far Asap Rodrik is a leader he was the main character he is strong smart he's the first born son and he was in every episode Asher is reckless, angry and was exiled
steffanos95 (1 year ago)
your choices fucking suck!!!!!
Happy Guy (1 year ago)
And so you know, u killed Asher...
Happy Guy (1 year ago)
Every fucking time i say that i like a character he dies...
Kevin Jozwiak (1 year ago)
your shit sucks
RADEZ_THREATZ (1 year ago)
RADEZ_THREATZ (1 year ago)
Jacob Dale Newcomer (1 year ago)
Watching Asher die was like seeing Lee from The Walking Dead die again. Asher was the best character. RIP, man, RIP.
Laze_Boi (1 year ago)
Thanas Dushku (1 year ago)
Usually the main character fucks his own sister
Laze_Boi (1 year ago)
I have a theory on the "White Walkers" Once someone dies in Game of Thrones, people light them on fire. Why so? So they wouldn't become them, not to mention the fucking fact that when they were lit on fire...
Laze_Boi (1 year ago)
9:03 Arthur is now Spencer.
Cassidy Tucker (1 year ago)
I've already watched his playthrough before, but I'm rewatching it, and the fact that Asher was the one he left behind *STILL* made me cry. :(
Thanas Dushku (1 year ago)
Are you a fan of Shmitttyy??
Bogdan Manevski (1 year ago)
i didnt understand why joeffrey had to go to jail
monsoon (1 year ago)
Tyrion, you mean? They thought he poisoned Joffrey
Challenge Bros (1 year ago)
They could have held open the gate with a piece of wood or the great sword
Challenge Bros (1 year ago)
And there could have been a lock on the wheel if not that is not accurate
julian Mark (1 year ago)
ask a friend if they can shank em
DJ K (1 year ago)
im sure asher wouldve survived if you hadnt killed royland. smfh
Jamil (1 year ago)
no he wouldn't. do your research before making dumb ass assumptions.
Electric Impact (1 year ago)
I've never seen game of thrones but I want to
Electric Impact (1 year ago)
The Hound I just started watching it. It's awesome
SergPurge 666 (1 year ago)
Electric Impact There's gonna have some nudity but whateves
ExistentialNightmare (1 year ago)
It's awesome. Go watch it.
KobeBryantt237 (1 year ago)
You're not even reading carefully other options! Cmon man have some care for your viewers
jaxon hill (2 years ago)
trouble in terrorist town
Adityo Wahyu (2 years ago)
stupid fckin noob..u just barter a good man for criple one?
banana craft (2 years ago)
im been watchin this all day i like his videos so much that i skipped 2 meals of the day
crowz9 (2 years ago)
Those are wights not walkers
LittlePaddle (2 years ago)
so i started watching this before watching got. how accurate is this compared to the tv show?
ExistentialNightmare (1 year ago)
It starts during Season 3 Episode 9
Thành Nam Phạm (2 years ago)
this one has the same timeline as the movie but with different family, the main story family in movie is the Starks (also belongs to the North)
kaiminshLv (2 years ago)
kaiminshLv (2 years ago)
ur so fucking stupid
Torrence Lay (2 years ago)
She would've if you hadn't killed the slave master
Judit Tóth (2 years ago)
Oh my godness. The last decision was so fucking difficult... :( I loved them both. But it was more logical to made Rodrik stay behind. (or...I hope...)
lance nawahine (2 years ago)
fuck this playthrough i need better choices ugh
lance nawahine (2 years ago)
ugh i need to watch a nother youtubers playthrough these choices suck
Valeria Maurera (2 years ago)
Alex Trout (2 years ago)
What the hell did you do picking asher? Goddamn
Fion T (2 years ago)
I like the play-through but his choices are so aggravating.
RRW25 wzz (2 years ago)
haha can't hit bugs bunny?
K (2 years ago)
I know all the decisions would regardlessly lead you to shit anyway. but man most your choices really startled me
Black Hammer (2 years ago)
your a fucking retard
Mattia Achille (2 years ago)
I know this video is very old but I feel like Rodrik had to stay behind because it's just brutal to see Asher come back to is home and die just as fast as he gets is foot on westeros....
Johnny Torres (2 years ago)
Asher... really... he had more connections... more skill...
Johnny Torres (2 years ago)
... Haven't noticed the violence decisions are the ones that get you killed later on yet? No? k.
Felix Lamarche (2 years ago)
U should have spared him
ADMIRAL OJC (2 years ago)
Dumbest choice I ever saw.. Kill the man who knows what are their enemy planing.

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