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PUBG: Funny Moments Ep. 35

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Text Comments (769)
Chrisza Malijan (5 hours ago)
Anyone watching this in 2020??
Sleeping Man (1 day ago)
Pubg is better than fornite
pratap jittu (1 day ago)
That guy laughing out hard is so annoying
iiJokeyii Nothing (2 days ago)
Youtuber Bekir (2 days ago)
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Ты российский
Muhammad Haziq (2 days ago)
Muhammad Haziq (2 days ago)
WTF you
김동한 (2 days ago)
아니 외국인 새기들은 별로 웃기지도 않은거 보고 존나게 쳐 웃네
Avezy HD (3 days ago)
The Lord (3 days ago)
Lo roman
Kwai official video (4 days ago)
My favourite was flying truck That was osm
telo tel (4 days ago)
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Brodie is Cheese (4 days ago)
Have a greate day
Brodie is Cheese (4 days ago)
Plz help me to get to 100 subs my YouTube channel is Brodie is cheese
Satria Hanif Rofi (4 days ago)
Laugh laugh laugh and laugh
Rop Lochi (5 days ago)
Fuck intarnet
Maaz Siddiqui (5 days ago)
owsm video
Maaz Siddiqui (5 days ago)
owsm video
Bernardo Gamer (5 days ago)
ABDULLAH BALOCH (5 days ago)
High school musical
Cláudio Henrique (6 days ago)
도티 (6 days ago)
i playing PUBG 2 ALIVE..... BBang!!!!!!! and Die... sorry?
Love Tube (6 days ago)
KD Creativity (6 days ago)
Congratulations for 1m subscriber✌✌
PUBG Live (7 days ago)
Nice, visit my channel also :)
Dennis Mahardhika (9 days ago)
Bang bisa bantu gw donwload pubg ko ga bisa
Muaz Naveed (10 days ago)
the truck was mine lol..
XXXKING MARI (11 days ago)
I play PUBG and fortnite I like pubg bc of the no scopes I do and fortnite cause it’s fun
NEIRO (12 days ago)
Timka Timka (12 days ago)
Make Joke On Joke (12 days ago)
Before that chicken is located or the first egg?
nice pro
Clash Royale (13 days ago)
SantaTheresa (13 days ago)
I cant stop laughing
Ryan Agen502 (14 days ago)
The flying truck one should been put on wtf moments not funny moments
Odair Nepomuceno (14 days ago)
Top de linha
Odair Nepomuceno (14 days ago)
mateus gamer12 (14 days ago)
Samasemo (14 days ago)
it' gtting higher 😂😂
Themightykasey (14 days ago)
Ive played 200 hours, i only have 4 chicken dinners, all came back to back in one dat 80 hours in, all in squads too
حسين العربي (15 days ago)
I'm sorry
Rowell X (15 days ago)
Subscribe me , pleas. :)
BOØWY 1224 (15 days ago)
Alisha Lekurwale (15 days ago)
Goooooood ....I love this channel and this game...if you play send me a friend request at sniperprincezz or urbanalisha 😋😋
PIRATED GAMER 03 (15 days ago)
Vehicles in pubg rocks
Alex Rojas Alvarado (15 days ago)
Cual es la version de pubg donde el minimapa aparese como gris
Levith Gutiérrez (15 days ago)
Que pubg es ese es de pc ?
Guilherme Matos (16 days ago)
This is so funny kkkkk
iGABRIEL-_ -I- (16 days ago)
Very bugs...
Frans Carloes (16 days ago)
It seem the cars drunk...
P4nd3rxD (16 days ago)
Cherry Mantilla (16 days ago)
egha andika (17 days ago)
kak kamu ganteng
PUBG VIDEOS (17 days ago)
Pubg here
SKIN INDONESIA (17 days ago)
Bratan 000 (17 days ago)
Sandra Garcia Tapia (17 days ago)
game mobil việt (18 days ago)
Fatima Davila (18 days ago)
Iiiiiiii De repente un comentario eeeeeeen (Suspenso) Españooool
COLD1gaming (19 days ago)
GREAT VID!!! I got a Dope montage on my channel, i'm new to youtube so show me some love!!! YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!
LickOFF (12 days ago)
Андрій Джурко , если уж и пишешь на украинском, то не "с" , а "з"
9l_HeMHoGo_DHO [BUGON] (20 days ago)
ツMr.Tem4ik! (20 days ago)
ツMr.Tem4ik! (20 days ago)
Gerald3howard (20 days ago)
Hey guys u should subscribe to my channel I feel like I post good content just not Daily but if I get more subscribe I could just bare with me :)
PUBG tamil TROLL (20 days ago)
The way u laugh is the only thing we laugh. Your laugh is very funny
tammy brown (20 days ago)
*wtf did just happen????......hahahaha*
Ahmed Salm (21 days ago)
Cute and Funny (21 days ago)
Pubg funny
Cute and Funny (21 days ago)
Daffa Ahmad (21 days ago)
Santiago Velazquez (21 days ago)
Im the 1millionth view
Thap Bui (21 days ago)
اللعاب (22 days ago)
Hello I want instal this game on my computer How can i install it ??????
prateek dwivedi (22 days ago)
Bhai isme haikar bhi hote h kya Kyo ki isme 1 bande ne divaal ke andar se maar rha tha
Gamers Bone (22 days ago)
good video. i am waiting for your next video
Rahmat Hawari (22 days ago)
erro3017 TM (22 days ago)
Copy Kat (23 days ago)
OKAY...guys..I played the game for a week or so and I need help figuring out EXACTLY where to land WITHOUT any risk... I can play Asia,south east asia,Europe,and Oceania.... My username is gunblade23 Also I am a GOD at Pubg mobile
luge tube (23 days ago)
You hell Fuk On
4ios - Reza Pahlevi (23 days ago)
cek my channel
My name is Supreme (23 days ago)
I love PUBG
XD TV (23 days ago)
Hello donnate me pubg pls and thank. U
Codename: Meow (24 days ago)
why the fuck all the pubg player have the same fucking laugh?
Emmanuel Gornes (24 days ago)
PA add naman ouhhh
Bosnian girl (24 days ago)
follow me ☺️
MaLiK priNce (24 days ago)
This game is available on play store where from u download this game I want to download this game sir...... What is the best way to download From uc browser Or play store For Android
atish adhikari (24 days ago)
Sir plz tell me how to play this game on my mobile Samsung glaxy grand prime 4g plz tell me
Aditya Kumar (24 days ago)
lovewahtittakes (25 days ago)
권태훈 (25 days ago)
pubg=korean game
zonghan Xie (25 days ago)
Aimon Hamdi (25 days ago)
Anson Wu (25 days ago)
ERTAN KOÇ (26 days ago)
Salve gondra (26 days ago)
Were 4 seconds in, and i get a Rules Of Survival ad? 2wowowow
Why i wrote this?
11phoenix (26 days ago)

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