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Mansion Killing Spree - Gmod MURDER

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Text Comments (1269)
Hakob FC (19 days ago)
I wish I was one of the friends but I’m lonely 😔
CameronDoesCrafts YT (1 month ago)
Poor wren, though. How many times has he died in the silliest way possible? My favorite is, *kicks down door* Police! *gets stabbed* all my years of training...
Joshua Lee (2 months ago)
Is that the same house as that Netflix movie Open House? I swear they appear identical
Bosco (2 months ago)
That first round was amazing! That last half was straight out of a slasher film!
Stannis Baratheon (2 months ago)
“The chances of the clown getting the murderer card are very low” what do you mean it’s the same as everyone else.
FlipFlopNerd (2 months ago)
Ivy last girl
Jonathan Berthelot (2 months ago)
The funny thing was,that Brandon said he chose the murderer card in the beginning,and that it was a good choice.
Midori (2 months ago)
thanks! yes, hello, i'm still on my journey of traversing the videos loool! brendan's beginning kills were like 3 in a row haha! and it's so hilarious that the clown was actually the murderer! ahaha!
Jorgerally35 (3 months ago)
The bystanders shouldnt be able to run so much. This way they can just run till the end scaping from murderer
Arios! reviews! (3 months ago)
D is a badass
Wolf Boy (3 months ago)
Poor Wren
D&DTips (3 months ago)
Brandon killed 7 people in 1 minute shiiiitttt
D&DTips (3 months ago)
Just saying the only reason D didn’t save niko is because D had to jump and kill Clint instead of just shooting him
Phantom #13889835 (3 months ago)
Wat mod you have installed to make it look so realistiC?
Dominic (4 months ago)
D fucking would be the one to get a headshot while jumping over a fucking chair.
Ryan Chapman (4 months ago)
I like the way you guys have your faces and what you are at the top, I think it would be even better if you guys had a gun icon directly under whoever has a gun.
Slightly Sour Soap (4 months ago)
why does it look like ethan from h3h3 popped a fat vape in your living room?lel
Jase Douglas (4 months ago)
8:12 matrix
Xobyla Marxovki (4 months ago)
lmao Brandon legit looks like a serial killer, like elijah wood's character from sin city
Xobyla Marxovki (4 months ago)
I found the airbnb where they rented it. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/5969627?
Discomfort (4 months ago)
i have played this before, it was fun. when i was murderer, i was too short and quick so i won.
Zach Fringer (4 months ago)
Did d have a solider 76 shirt on?
Tylor (4 months ago)
wow D's jumping snipe
Xea (4 months ago)
Clint DEFINITELY should have taken off his outfit there...Everyone was looking for a clown. They wouldn't suspect him in regular clothes.
Aaron Baldwin (4 months ago)
Wow that final kill tho, he ran, jumped into the air, then shot the clown in the face 😂😂😂
David Gomora (5 months ago)
Is the knife real
Pixel950 Gamer (5 months ago)
is it me? or is this the house from that movie on Netflix, Open House.
Danny Rogers (5 months ago)
Ivy is a cheater
shelley Thiel (5 months ago)
Did a Scp 173 not blink or look away
oriel e (5 months ago)
What if the murderer gets 5 bands?
Rachel Hoff (5 months ago)
What happens if the detective gets 5 bands?
InTheBeat MC676 (5 months ago)
Clint is a killer clown! They should have given the clown costume to brandon :)
camden ostrem (5 months ago)
you guys should play payday
Christopher Perez (5 months ago)
I'm not going to assume how many subs u had but I started watching u in 2016
Nasser Diesel (6 months ago)
Damn Brandon just killed 7 people in a minute
Post Foxx (6 months ago)
D’s trick shot tho!
Archerman (6 months ago)
what's the chance of the Killer Clown getting the Murderer card? hmmmmmmm
Kain Holden (6 months ago)
Points for Brandon at the start of the first round, quick and quiet*slow clap* bravo
I dont wonna se the video enymore I saw the Clown mask and I hate clowns so much
GDay (6 months ago)
Every XCOM player ever at 4:28-4:41, and at 6:16
okaneji (6 months ago)
Ryan Anderson (6 months ago)
Watching these mansion vids, I've realized - Wren is the Gavin of NODE.
Polyphemus Psyclops (6 months ago)
Gotta love D's Skillz!!!!
Derek Nations (6 months ago)
Thats the exact same house that's used to film "open house" that came out this year. I was watching and realized i had seen it before!! Thats ironic af lol
Rampster27 (6 months ago)
Man these videos always seem like so much fun.
Jason Le HDGamingChannel (6 months ago)
D's Jumpshot is soo satisfying
Ghozt Lik Me (7 months ago)
Why the fuck does that one guy look like Jacob seed
What d has friends what!!!!
Golden Destoryer (7 months ago)
Can Brandon predict the future? 1:16 to 1:19 he says “Right there, that’s the good one” that hen says “that’s the murderer” and picks up the murderer’s card
8:12 that was amazing
Kickv3 (7 months ago)
D fits to be the murderer and the detective and his my favorite character too
ɠɧɷىt (7 months ago)
Clint the clown sittin in the background...lol
Lunar Paradox (7 months ago)
Ricardo Trevisan (7 months ago)
Ricardo Trevisan (7 months ago)
Roblilly Espitia (7 months ago)
Two survived
Ethaniel Fravel (7 months ago)
I have the same exact hat that sam is wearing that was my highlight
Arkon Plays Games (7 months ago)
Is this the house from OPEN HOUSE on netflix?
Alexander Taylor (7 months ago)
That was cool how D did jumped over furniture and hit him mid-air like a pro... In all honestly... D is my favorite outta all of them
Stanzpeterson P (8 months ago)
Don't put gmod over it makes me think ure playing it. Luv channel .luv the vid
zach stead (8 months ago)
The Pithole (8 months ago)
Of course the clown just wow
Weeskey (8 months ago)
Plot twist, one of the bystanders pull out a real knife and takes the game too far..
Steven Smith (8 months ago)
Wait is this the same mansion from the new Netflix horror
The8bitDiNoGaMMer (8 months ago)
That’s the place from the horror movie the open house
Gariel Gamer_508652 (9 months ago)
Killer Clown: 2016
Hyper Nova (9 months ago)
5:27 THat's some quick draw Ivy!
Cody W (9 months ago)
This looks exactly like the cabin in the movie open house on Netflix...
Nikjay (8 months ago)
StartOutFresh that's cause it is. It's the same house.
FlinChayy (9 months ago)
Anyone else relize this is the house that the movie "Open House" made in 2010! Random fact
thefakereal dotcom (9 months ago)
*D 76 reporting for duty*
soul crusher (9 months ago)
The skils
RoBi1 (9 months ago)
I KNEW IT, i just watched a film on netflix called The Open House and i thought i recognised it haha
Roya1ty (9 months ago)
This is where the open house was filmed
Alex G (9 months ago)
Ummm wrens voice sounds like a girl XD
Derek Avila (9 months ago)
Also that was a good headshot by D! 8:14
Armordillo Gamer (9 months ago)
Just watched "Open House" on Netflix. I went back and watched these videos just to confirm, and I'm 100% sure they used this same house/mansion for the setting in that movie. "That played out perfectly like a horror movie." LOL! What are the chances that a horror movie would be filmed at the same exact location just a couple of years later?
Charlie D (9 months ago)
what gun did niko have
zman not (9 months ago)
O hi guys
Dillon The Dark Knight (10 months ago)
That kill by D tho
Joel the wolfy Tixinator (10 months ago)
Charles Griffin (10 months ago)
WeBe Flexin (10 months ago)
7:23 Clint should’ve closed and locked the door as soon as he saw that dude come out the bathroom 😂 that shit would’ve been funny...
Ford Pines (10 months ago)
"I just killed four or five people" Yeah Brandon, try seven.
Mike Kabatt (10 months ago)
1:14 yep he was the murderer Called it
VelvetNemesis02 (10 months ago)
Play in the dark with really crappy flashlights
Kenneth Baker (10 months ago)
Poor Wren DX.
It's David (10 months ago)
Brandon (10 months ago)
Wren missed his shot but he made a good distraction
Brandon (10 months ago)
Wren missed his shot but he made a good distraction
Levi H (10 months ago)
Anyone know where I can buy D’s 76 shirt?
MG1154 (10 months ago)
at 8:20 I thought those to bumps were his knees, then I rewinded to see D shoot him again, but then I realized that he fell on his stomach.
Brandon (10 months ago)
Never give Wren the Joker because around 4:29 HE MISSED BRANDON BY A CENTIMETER,
TheCrazyPotato (10 months ago)
Ive been looking through these commnets and i just have to day one thing,Sam shouldnt have been allowed to go into that closet if the murderer killes everyone but him there would be a long wait to find him
The Perry Hizzie (10 months ago)
D you are a god damn ninja
NolanLadny (10 months ago)
Sapphire z (10 months ago)
Its a game on steam right
EightThreeEight (10 months ago)
This is a real-life version of the Murder gamemode in Garry's Mod, yes.
reddish-light (10 months ago)
Love the Murder series! Hope to see more (especially videos with large groups).
Dolphin Productions (10 months ago)
I thought Clint said c*** for a sec
Vhan Chua (10 months ago)
A Clown as a Murderer, now that's gonna be a thrilling game. xD And now I have no doubt D is a freaking ninja after that shot. Also, I love how Ivy won. :D
zerotohero (10 months ago)
True murderer be like : 5:04

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