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Termi-Nate Them - Rainbow Six Siege

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Text Comments (306)
Killer Keemstar (2 months ago)
D looks like that guy from myth busters
the wolf studio (3 months ago)
3:57 and that is why you never underestimate the guy with the pump action.
Paul R (4 months ago)
the back seat gaming from niko and D kinda gets really really bad.
August Zink (6 months ago)
yo nate is really good
Daniel DonGod (7 months ago)
Most intense and Brandon got kills too :D
Ethan Joson (9 months ago)
watching back now really shows me how different and worse players were.
Big Big Thonk (9 months ago)
Nate carries the team.
cc.Shizou (9 months ago)
So ass
The two beast gamers 0 (11 months ago)
He said"you little niggas
Frosted Flakes Eater (1 year ago)
You can tell Nate is a professional
Yxung FX (1 year ago)
When did Nate become a G
Professor Albert (1 year ago)
Honestly the shot at 6:18 was diamond/plat tier.
The Slurpbird (1 year ago)
Plz make more r6s plz
derek butler (1 year ago)
when Sam shot the hostage he's probably like "cough" " cough" I'm good I'm good.
Lil Trappy (1 year ago)
No offence you guys are horrible at siege.
Alexander Massey (1 year ago)
They should play more!!!
Weston Balvanz (1 year ago)
more siege please!!!
IM SQUIDWARD (1 year ago)
I thought that pc players were supposed to be good...
Paul Pham (1 year ago)
U guys should not have laser sight on your weapons cuz it would give your enemies the advantage of finding u easy due to the laser sight on your weapon
jake featherstone (1 year ago)
Like D subscribe
Cheng Xiong (1 year ago)
They should record longer like if agree
Madcrafter13Gaming (1 year ago)
Brandon is actually really good at tap firing
Ehawknut (1 year ago)
Niko: contact there, contact here, there's a contact their
John Michalak (1 year ago)
More pls
Jun Ha Kim (2 years ago)
Guys make more of these vids they're so funny
Chaoticbrad9599 (2 years ago)
Brandon "1 left he got scared" Hahaha even tho the game just has the worst connection problems
Purple Super (2 years ago)
do this in nerf
Isak_Elof (2 years ago)
the difference talking makes. wish that every teammate had a mic and used it
jaydog8 (2 years ago)
can we have more
victor sels (2 years ago)
1:55 was a brutal kill
Adam Miller (2 years ago)
no offense but they'rebad
antix (2 years ago)
Oh god I loved that terminator bit.
Kid Makes Weird Videos (2 years ago)
LOL at 5:04 you can see in the background a guy is putting on the vive. I want one sooooooo bad. pls.
Blarg King (2 years ago)
As someone who plays this on Xbox One (All my friends have it on Xbox so I got it to play with them) the gap between console and PC graphics is pretty large. Like Xbox one theres barely anti-alias, the textures look like crap, the lighting is okay at best, and theres a horrendous amount of screen tearing.
zilo phinex gaming (2 years ago)
Do terrorist hunt mode
That was SICK!
Crystal Dragon (2 years ago)
lol nodes
Adam Simmons (2 years ago)
Will you be doing anymore Siege games?
Thimios Mattos (2 years ago)
Does Anybody here know What Nate sounds like??
michael thomas (2 years ago)
the "great nate"
Fire Fox (2 years ago)
Does Nate ever talk?
Anson Nguyen (2 years ago)
Nate with the carry
Sam Bart (2 years ago)
u guys should play cs:go competitive would be cool
Victor Martinez (2 years ago)
I like watching people play the game but u guys are just a little bit bad
Dillon Matson (2 years ago)
i like watching rainbow 6 siege, can you post more videos
Xenibalt (2 years ago)
love the R6 seige vids
Desendent Knight VLOGS (2 years ago)
Can you do a lan party on terraria
Tony Luz (2 years ago)
This was some fuckin tactical porn. I'm gonna stroke my AR to this.
dudenugget nugget (2 years ago)
everybody hide inside the hostage.
Brendan Matelan (2 years ago)
Play Article 5.
Scott Mann (2 years ago)
unskipable adds are the only ones on? *activates add block plus and now unsubs from the channel*
Scott Mann (2 years ago)
+INFINITYGaming sometimes content gets boring
RicebowlJohnson (2 years ago)
Why unsub when you got AdBlock on?
The Hatch (2 years ago)
You guys should do some Siege airsoft scenarios, and use the drones from the Judge Drone video.
eli elliott (2 years ago)
Joaquin Garcia (2 years ago)
I ask please that series q rise more often, this very well
Sparkz (2 years ago)
Do Pulsar: Lost Colony!
Aquarica (2 years ago)
I started watching it in x2 speed and wow it was funny >///<
rootsnanny (2 years ago)
can you guys please do another big Minecraft lan party please
BitSavvy (2 years ago)
dude nates a tatical commando. the rest of node sqaud was taken down by the enemy and nate moves in an end the rest of them
Lol that shotgun sniper is op
ShinFutang (2 years ago)
English (hi about my sorry)
Baked Potatoes (4 months ago)
No. (Yes)
AniUser (8 months ago)
My* (Hi, sorry about english.)
マユキクオ (1 year ago)
*Hi (sorry about my english)
zurida omar (2 years ago)
sorry (hi english about my)
LazyTroodon (2 years ago)
you guys should play the division when it comes out, that would be amazing
Questionz Gaming (2 years ago)
play heroes and generals
Spencer Hagan (2 years ago)
You could say he's the Termi-nate-or
Gertjan Bezem (2 years ago)
I'd love to see more R6 of you guys
GamePhysics (2 years ago)
Man that teamwork on the last round of the video was impeccable. Nice work, guys.
SuperBoredGuy (2 years ago)
D says that Brandon would kill his team to show off but in Due Process I remember D doing just that😂
WorldofSoup S (2 years ago)
Just play ranked already
The Hatch (2 years ago)
I fucking love this game. I hope I run into you guys sometime.
TotalClone (2 years ago)
Man I wish I could play this game but my ps4 is stuck on creating squad
Seijin (2 years ago)
You all don't play much, do you? There's nearly no point of playing Jager is hostage since no one is ballsy enough to use a fuse or something.
Adam Tellez (2 years ago)
was that the terminator lullaby of epic fade away music at the end of the vid?... if you.... can even understand that lolz.'
RicebowlJohnson (2 years ago)
Applegamespot (2 years ago)
Dude your channel is well good
JackSather (2 years ago)
3:43 for TERMINATOR-like target acquisition.
Sameerghulam (2 years ago)
Node could be just a fucking RS6 channel and I'd watch it all the time.
kingeric0810 (2 years ago)
Title game - on point
Jacob Andrews (2 years ago)
Somewhere somehow a dyslexic person accidentally sold their soul to Santa
Zyvere (2 years ago)
No secret tunnel jokes about Avatar the Last Airbender?
VicenteFelipe (2 years ago)
Who watch these vids for pro playing tips or strategy guides? Noone. So stop saying that they are bad or average because the point of the video is to show NODE having fun.
SilkeSmooth (2 years ago)
text me node [email protected]
Jacob Carlson (2 years ago)
Brandon: "I saw you go down Niko. I'll tell your mom."
AKIO (2 years ago)
Well... Nate is making You guys look stupid
Laughing Castle (2 years ago)
There has been something up with D lately. It seems like the others and him aren't really getting along.
Stevie Pogue (2 years ago)
Very end Brandon says third quarter and their is only three rounds😂
gunjo141 (2 years ago)
Sam: (puts on sunglasses) "Just barrel-ly".
Deantre Pruett (2 years ago)
are yall gonna be playing more arma 3 and attack on titan
DatGuyWithNoName (2 years ago)
Can you guys please play more Spyfall?? I loved that series so much omg
SilentFish (2 years ago)
What happened to spy party? :(
Noah Santiago (2 years ago)
play ranked please.
InsecureCrab (2 years ago)
"They put up a fight in the 3/3 quarter..."
Enclave Soldier (2 years ago)
Dude, no way. They are starting to be mean to Bradon, NEIN.
Ben (2 years ago)
slowly getting better and better, now all you need to do is learn cameras.
Alexander Fong (2 years ago)
Is it me or are they've gotten better during each videos?
LikeOrigami (2 years ago)
Of course they are. The more you practice the better you get
cocoaman20 (2 years ago)
Sam says "what are you doing you little niggas" at 50 sec
Lil Har (2 years ago)
9 hours only 12 dislikes
David Ayotte (2 years ago)
Brandon is kinda good at rainbow !!!! Better than all previous FPS !! good video guys by the way !
David Hasselhoff (2 years ago)
I like how D 100% walks into Brandon's bullets and everyone gives Brandon shit for it
Name of the Rose (2 years ago)
FTW! Fun To Watch!
Iceman (2 years ago)
More Siege and GTA Online.
Thelastgamer 1456 (2 years ago)
Play war thunder plz

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