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PUBG shroud - 24 KILLS WIN (VSS) | Highlights #81

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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Highlights. Shroud Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/shroud
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BeetsbyDwight (20 hours ago)
Jack Adamo (1 day ago)
Abhigyan Sharma (1 day ago)
In which emulator do u play pubg in PC ??
Frederic Rorison (1 day ago)
He actually stayed on the win screen for more than a second!!
Alone Dargon (1 day ago)
Rathna Kumari (1 day ago)
You are playing awesome
Amit Kumar (2 days ago)
where the fuck i am.
I got 22 kills on mobile why aren't I famous getting paid for doing jack shit?
FARROS GTI (4 days ago)
Damn vss is easy
sean game (4 days ago)
Nice Try (4 days ago)
Don't tell me I'm the only one that got the stewie reference at 5:40
Srikar Kamesh (5 days ago)
not that a big player but i would love to play with you @shroud
Yashpal Kumar (5 days ago)
I kill shroud in 1match
Ethan H (5 days ago)
What a fuckin game
Kazem Polat (5 days ago)
how can I dowlanad this is game in my computer ??????????????????
roel obligacion jr (6 days ago)
Tran Long (6 days ago)
I got VSS and AUG in my hand !! I kill 20man and win ( the last guy die by his bomb...lol )
mr! ahmed (6 days ago)
Kolson Mulligan (6 days ago)
hi my naem is kolson
Kolson Mulligan (6 days ago)
my naem is kolson
Łukasz Olejniczak (6 days ago)
somtimes i dont understand why he is not dying, because my gameplay looks the same.
Atul (6 days ago)
Me in pochinki - I need to hide. Shroud - Romes freely and shout come at me .
P o K p O n G (7 days ago)
trung Nguyen (7 days ago)
There is a hack that streamer user and no one can tell. Only streamer see on his screen but u cannot
Samuel Kang (7 days ago)
1:14 "hey hold on to this for me?" and throws a grenade haha
Letuz La'Fleur (8 days ago)
When people without a weapon come at u like a zombie apocalypse, u know that's ur dinner.
Online God (8 days ago)
can you show your pc spec please
Iron Man (8 days ago)
I have a question who says that "where the fuck I am" it's you or the game
DaMasteRyu (8 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJkfXWRybnQ Dead Shroud is the only good Shroud. Likewise with any streamers like him.
Abeer Raza (8 days ago)
why you move so much😑😑
Someone hears that sound white the duck I am
Phong Vo (8 days ago)
Play pubg mobile
Ismail Shaikh (9 days ago)
Where the fuck u r
Denie Tox (9 days ago)
Elmas Kantarevic (9 days ago)
Hey shroud my friend said he wants to challange you in pubg you guys play duos who ever gets most kills win
Parth Mehta (9 days ago)
Shroud : Introducing the Human Aimbot. He's a man with hands of Gaming Gods.
Ludi Pera (10 days ago)
HITECH HACK (10 days ago)
Who says where the fuck I am
GORTUKOT JO (10 days ago)
you Heaker
John Matthew Johnson (10 days ago)
Nick D. (10 days ago)
Most of the players he killed had no gun no attempts to shoot him nothing.. Is this not setup or what ? What a fake dude.
Nick D. (10 days ago)
Not one attempt of anyone teying to kill him the first 5 kills. Its like this this kid arranges potatoes to play against
Armend Shabani (11 days ago)
rohit kumar (11 days ago)
He is insane
Sam Tuimauga (12 days ago)
Shroud not afraid of any1 🤣🤣🤣
Brady Avender (12 days ago)
What a scrub.. half of his kills are stream snips
frank patrick (12 days ago)
Im not afraid of you... Moments later "im scared to leave this house" bruh!
Juhan Oliveira (14 days ago)
i wanna play pubg someone please gift me a pc that runs it, can be a gtx 600+, id be grateful lol♡♡♡
riko julian (14 days ago)
good & perfect
Harsh Ranjan (16 days ago)
Mofijul Ali (16 days ago)
plz play on pubg mobile ....can u....
Believer 1193 (16 days ago)
watch this 29 kills gameplay https://youtu.be/CA7z4P3UJps
Bugra Karakoc (17 days ago)
türk varmı
Anoop Mukthi (17 days ago)
Playing in computer is so easy ,cause aiming with mouse is very easy than aiming with a touch pad in mobile if I had my computer then I can too play like this ,cause I've played counter strike almost one year in my computer.
danny marinay (17 days ago)
how to play pubg????????????
Big Smoke (17 days ago)
This video show me how dangerous is Shroud in a match of PUBG, even if his my teammate
Reebal mtaoj (18 days ago)
hohoo man ur so pro 💖
Joshua yadav (18 days ago)
pubg noob (18 days ago)
Zula & rules of survival
th4ldy (18 days ago)
ez when you kill stream snipers
Rajkumari sahu (18 days ago)
are you a hacker
mypet mypet (19 days ago)
Luan Monkey (19 days ago)
Omg , good video !
Ceytan Oliver (19 days ago)
Ive been watching your vids!! You are a beast my man
Chandra Gunawan (19 days ago)
Look his nickname is imshrood not his shroud account
Maxime Gallo_Official (19 days ago)
F*cking insaaane
Alone (20 days ago)
Duo tecnosh
Mihael Petak (20 days ago)
Wow Show down
tiger 86 (20 days ago)
한국인 풋쳐핸섭!!!
Harsh Ranjan (20 days ago)
I was also kill 24 enemies
dexterWES (21 days ago)
where the fuck i am
Sonam N (21 days ago)
How is he playing in pc ?? Can anyone pls help Thanks in advance
Alex Candy (21 days ago)
Es un puto hack corre ma's rapido que los demas
Muhammad Yousaf (21 days ago)
at 10.36 how he possibly find that guy.
Swapnil Majumdar (22 days ago)
Hey shroud you down for a PUBG Mobile game with us?
AK47IRA O (22 days ago)
krobyang 2 youtube (22 days ago)
hi all bro and sis how are you
Gaming \w blacksmith (22 days ago)
He’s the reason why I’m gonna use the vss a lot more
Peanuts Butter (23 days ago)
100% cheat game
tuấn minh võ (23 days ago)
11:10 wtf
سجدي l SGDA (23 days ago)
PUBG2013 https://youtu.be/4PBJwGx_XW4
Daniel Lee (23 days ago)
Does shroud even lose games?!?!??
Yuriyzub1982 (24 days ago)
Да ты петушара читачек у тя сука о дачи дудки сучка читорастная, конечно и скорострельность очень большая макросы стоят у сучары
Yuriyzub1982 (8 days ago)
Иди на хуй он ЧИТАК, и ещё один ИДИ НА ХУЙ ДАУН ТУПОЙ, РАКАЛ ТЫ...................
FLA1M3R (8 days ago)
Он не читер у него скилл кушать а у тебя клешни рака
baxi genji (24 days ago)
Whos keep saying where the fuck i am?
salih eristi (24 days ago)
Azaz Pathan (24 days ago)
Your wear in PUBG game .....?!?!
lisa yang (25 days ago)
9.20 your enemy lol
lisa yang (25 days ago)
god nope
Smegul14 (25 days ago)
I did not expect to win hmmmm Take a look in the mirror your shroud lol.
AGUST JUNIOR (25 days ago)
where the fuck i am?
Diego Figueroa (25 days ago)
That aimbot when he shoot the guy in the car xDD 3:37
VSS is sick..
Glory X (25 days ago)
Haha thius guy is cheating af
Bangladesh gamers (25 days ago)
asad khan (26 days ago)
Damn the worst player.... fucking asshole show ous what you have got using mobile.... dickhead
Josh Green Adventures (26 days ago)
this is just LEGENDARY
Dani Adul (26 days ago)
anjir gg
Movie All the time (27 days ago)
What is your Pubg name or character is please tell me
Prasad udaya (27 days ago)

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