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PUBG shroud - 24 KILLS WIN (VSS) | Highlights #81

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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Highlights. Shroud Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/shroud
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Text Comments (436)
kunal chaturvedi (54 minutes ago)
In a match I have kill 29
memz (11 hours ago)
0:54 perfect timing
Rhine Ocampo (12 hours ago)
my eyes can't keep up
Nelytry Nelytryy (22 hours ago)
I like your speed skill
Asian Boi _ (1 day ago)
They should just add the AS VAL
khusal kr . verma (1 day ago)
Can you put a scope in vss?
LittleKeddy (5 hours ago)
khusal kr . verma no its just there
GachaStudio N Vlog's (2 days ago)
I remmember when shroud dont know hot to play PUBG yet but know hes a REAL pro gamer
Hung Dinh (2 days ago)
Outro please
Alexandru Dumitru (2 days ago)
Once in a team I had 21 kills and my teammate 5.....
Senpai (2 days ago)
I fucking hate the VSS tbh
EdwardKing Hellen (3 days ago)
100℅ hack
Fikriansyah MUFC (4 days ago)
he is crazy
Diar Ademi (4 days ago)
my uncle son do a questio if you are hacker? But my otion is you dont are
Joaquim Cunha (4 days ago)
this guy its a garbage, full of macro to take out the recoil, and still saying he is good. ( - L- )
mech_tv (5 days ago)
ебать он пидр - нахуй он вообщем игарет в эту игру
LoP oXD (5 days ago)
Yo S12k is op with silencer and red dot AT CLOSE RANGE OR MEDIUM
Porcat.D. Ace (5 days ago)
Jonathan Lees (6 days ago)
The more i watch shroud the more i think he uses an Aim bot . .... if not then i apologize but look at the aiming when he shoots out.
Dude why the fuck do you record peoples streams for your money
Elmar Votri (6 days ago)
Script made easy!!
Sir Wilo (6 days ago)
Este wn vee a traves de las paredes -.-
K3ntucky (6 days ago)
Why shroud kill them quickly, me i shot them 20 times and it didnt die
baagii baagii (6 days ago)
tommy challange
Bouchentouf Mohamed (6 days ago)
nice game
TheQuitoo (7 days ago)
4:40 Realm Royale?
Tha Vann (7 days ago)
Bro stop saying where WTF i am
over watch (7 days ago)
*6 scope how
Dipankar Das (8 days ago)
Good game bro
jonathan 16 (8 days ago)
the babo man (8 days ago)
1.00 doneted 30.00
Sleepy Fox (9 days ago)
its so satisfying seeing him play
Fdijrkff Djjfkf (9 days ago)
You are big BOOS
WË R THÊ GÄMÈRS (9 days ago)
My highest kill is 20..
WË R THÊ GÄMÈRS (9 days ago)
Well played 😙😙
Sothea Vanny (10 days ago)
Shut men why you said bad words
Gavier Sim (10 days ago)
Nice throw
Elman Usupov (10 days ago)
nice walhack
Nischal Rai (10 days ago)
Dhawal Patel (10 days ago)
"where the f**k i m"
Théo (10 days ago)
He could never have done that if everyone had a GTX1080TI... If Fortnite is more successful than PUBG it's because it's more accessible and more childish.
Lawdg (11 days ago)
How do you go through the loot so fast? I didn't even see what they had to make a decision on what to take before you we done and moving on to the next kill.. amazing .. was the video sped up or is that real time? Mind blowing... GJ
Richard1 (11 days ago)
AJigglyCupcake (11 days ago)
doesnt appreciate the new subs smh.
young rebel (12 days ago)
That is why I love the vss
kartik singh (12 days ago)
Pochinki: I'm death ground Shroud:I don't give a shit
k2In1 (12 days ago)
Vss is underestimated.
Rizki Wiranda (12 days ago)
Gile lu tong
Willian Tatico (13 days ago)
tecknosh melhor do mundo em Pubg Tchau e Obrigado
Rizky Maulana (13 days ago)
Allah is my GOD
Anuradha Sahu (13 days ago)
10:10 Oh shit, Shroud is coming.
Zakki- -Kun (13 days ago)
I tried VSS and if u play good its a good weapon, but only at medium, short distance
Mael (13 days ago)
90 % is stream sniper
Very nice I love you man I am arabic
its Sha4 (13 days ago)
https://youtu.be/9L5-Ubon9_U guys take your time watch this
Dragon Ball Fighter Z (13 days ago)
I like this game
nam nam (13 days ago)
ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose (13 days ago)
Did you know about the squishy sound when people get wrecked? 10:07
-Jorem Gameplays- (13 days ago)
What is that " *Where the f*ck I am* "
GEMS## (13 days ago)
visit me channel like&subscriber
Pekka Mao (14 days ago)
Vss is good weapon?
Tyler Williams (14 days ago)
mmhm, he's a good player, but this should be a 10 kill game max.....fucking stream feeders
Chris White (14 days ago)
Shroud is good, but this was definitely a potato server.
GD SDGNX (14 days ago)
2:41 Enemy 접근?
Kim Nam Joon (14 days ago)
I like this game
Conceição Barroso (14 days ago)
Роман Рыжов (14 days ago)
3:35 he's got aim, what the hell?
Mujaddid S Islam (15 days ago)
CS veteran player lol
ZMZ OMGgaga (15 days ago)
StoLy CH (15 days ago)
You noob !!!
Andrey ProSto (15 days ago)
3min 32sec hack
Ellis Blatt (15 days ago)
7:38 He got me!
wayan x gaming (16 days ago)
Very very very nice
Baya Imuet (10 days ago)
wayan x gaming Weh ada bang Wayan buat lagi spintires
Red Eyes (16 days ago)
Shroud can we play sometimes?
Minh Boys TV (16 days ago)
Oh My God Shroud
정영록 (16 days ago)
Korean vss=브스스
Russell Dsouza (16 days ago)
Where the fuck I am??
Shivam Dhar (17 days ago)
*That Intro is Awesome though.* _Shroud: Holy._ _Behind voice: Where the fuck I am?_ 😂😂👍👍❤❤
Mayank Singh (17 days ago)
Where The fuck I am , why I constantly hear this in his vids
積分微分 (17 days ago)
JD Gameplays (17 days ago)
ŮoŮ -V- / \ ~ ~
Idanger Wesley (17 days ago)
Jogar de mais vey
malay fuck (17 days ago)
Pro player 😊😊
K_O_R_Y_U_N GT (17 days ago)
👍 nice
Carnell Stallworth (17 days ago)
How do u move so fast bruh
Adam Shortell (17 days ago)
He makes pubg look like farcry lol
Adam Shortell (17 days ago)
Your a freak
galih pratama (18 days ago)
When i use vss the enemies is invincible
Roman Mac (18 days ago)
this is no skill, only free kills. people are idiots
NAruto KiddJ (18 days ago)
shroud How do use Aimbot On any game, if u Know Tell me plz
Bliss Wong (18 days ago)
He have 14 first aid kit 😐
Jhay Em Marmita (18 days ago)
He totally shrouded his oponent in a bits😂😂😂
mr perfect (18 days ago)
Shit I always liked the vss
what about counter strike
Dulguun Ch (20 days ago)
i get 28 or 27 kills with winner winner chicken diner in PUBG MOBILE :D

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