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PUBG: Epic & Lucky Moments Ep. 27

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► Submit Clips Here: https://goo.gl/xYCFra ◄ Clip 1: JacobIsFunni (https://youtube.com/channel/UCSF5G0-4imHzgAb1M3poORw) Clip 2: ArcDaDa Clip 3: FrozenLegend (https://reddit.com/user/TheFrozenLegend) Clip 4: Devel_Techs (https://twitch.tv/devel_techs) Clip 5: Jac3-T Clip 6: MidNightLover86 Clip 7: Mr_Whistlebone Clip 8: DriFtyZ Clip 9: REMUS907 (https://youtube.com/channel/UCH2DtqUvRJlrUMdXMiyb_VA) Clip 10: Weefreemen (https://plays.tv/u/Weefreemen) Clip 11: brotato69 (https://twitch.tv/brotato69) Clip 12: Chad (http://twitch.tv/Chad) Clip 13: pavacsgo (https://twitch.tv/pavacsgo) Clip 14: RandomFew (https://twitch.tv/watchraccoongaming) Clip 15: BarannTV (https://twitch.tv/baranntv) Clip 16: brassfit (https://twitch.tv/brassfit) Clip 17: CaptainMac (https://twitch.tv/captainmac) Clip 18: Domen_TV (https://twitch.tv/domen_tv) Clip 19: FeralWife (https://twitch.tv/feralwife) Clip 20: JaeorJay (https://twitch.tv/JaeorJay) Clip 21: manseedcannon (https://twitch.tv/manseedcannon) Clip 22: MissLumii (https://twitch.tv/misslumii) Clip 23: Mistrbluesky (https://twitch.tv/mistrbluesky) Clip 24: mrcannubins (https://twitch.tv/mrcannubins) Clip 25: RaptorDaRaptor (https://witch.tv/raptordaraptor) Clip 26: sev1 (https://twitch.tv/sev1) Clip 27: Shroud (https://twitch.tv/Shroud) Clip 28: Sneakiiii (https://twitch.tv/sneakiiii) Clip 29: XiiravenZ (https://twitch.tv/xiiravenz) Clip 30: Shroud (https://twitch.tv/Shroud) Clip 31: AboHagos (https://youtube.com/AboHagos) Clip 32: Papa Foles Gaming (https://youtube.com/channel/UCXgB0_fF0NJo2dSmB3vcHnQ) Clip 33: zombiecrew (https://youtube.com/user/zombiecrew/) Clip 34: Tipp7322 (https://twitch.tv/tipp7322) Editing by Dream & HoHoJoe Twitter: https://goo.gl/nj3oh6 Youtube: https://goo.gl/9syvwY
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Text Comments (340)
MC legend (3 months ago)
Guys Pubg or fortnite Comment if fortnite Like if pubg
Shoto Todoroki (3 months ago)
~kills with luck~ SCREAMS LIKE A DYING GOAT
ZaveGan CH (3 months ago)
KETTREMOTE (3 months ago)
The moment when the enemys dont shoot in this video and when you play they would have killed you 20 times
Miško sk Good poop (3 months ago)
Wot is that?
Jankue PUBG (3 months ago)
minidragon L (3 months ago)
I once just hid there in a patch of grass for the whole match and somehow won. Interesting.
TakimoDubs (3 months ago)
U cant tell me Misslumii is actually a girl...
Ravenous Crow (3 months ago)
Would anyone be interested in an IRL replica of the ballistic mask? My brother has an etsy shop and makes them. Im trying to help him get a bit of exposure so hopefully anyone who sees this actually is interested in getting a mask. ^~^ (He also has other stuff like a flashbang replica and plague doctor masks, but my favourite is the ballistic mask. His store is called Rooker's Replicas if anyone wants to visit)
MaximilianMus (3 months ago)
Hey I private messaged you an invite to my secret Discord on Youtube. check your youtube messages. it might be under spam though since it contains a link to the Discord
PUBG TV (3 months ago)
Ah yeah it was spam, I got it now.
Roma B (3 months ago)
Why all thouse morons play with webcam?
Miguel Rivera (3 months ago)
Why the blood is green? Are they aliens
Saladgirl 420 (3 months ago)
how the fuck you bring up an emote wheel???
Zak Keith (3 months ago)
Whoever the first clip is from needs to turn off motion blur
IGame&Tech (3 months ago)
please give me one copy of this game
Adam Blyth (3 months ago)
Why was the blood green in some clips?
Ant Hill Gaming (3 months ago)
I have a clip how do I send it
BG Infimus (3 months ago)
do you accept pubg mobile video's
BG Infimus (3 months ago)
5 20rbeasrt why not is the same thing, or he can do a separate segment
CLAW WER (3 months ago)
AggressiveFox (3 months ago)
omg omg omg grow up jeez
GHOST CRAFT HD (3 months ago)
Fuck you fortnite lovers
knee gear Uzumaki (3 months ago)
Pussyslayer69 is in so many video
The Darter (3 months ago)
i got a fortnite ad on this vid XD
Nitto Hawj17 (3 months ago)
Am I the only one who majority of the time skips over the 3rd person perspective(yes I’m on the hate train of third person)
Markus Jericho (3 months ago)
if this is my enemy in pubg i would quit
Mahmoud Kefaya (3 months ago)
old clips
Bunny (3 months ago)
I really love the outro <3
Oreo_Pug 22 (3 months ago)
Anyone wanna play pubg with me? Username:DcBiscuit
Fadly (3 months ago)
Pc ?
carlos lopez (3 months ago)
Winner winner chicken dinner ? Lol cute and y’all call fortnite a childish game 😂
carlos lopez (3 months ago)
Shit laggy ugly game that never adds anything new
Aaron Alonzo (3 months ago)
Why do people say kobe after getting the kill? You say it as you through the grenade. You don't "do" a kobe after it's all done.
DirtBikeAdventures (3 months ago)
midnightlover86 killed pussyslayer69 yall asain people need some jesus
He-Man-u :3 (3 months ago)
Why no have recoil ... I shot with any weapon in full auto and my acog is in the moon jajaja
Kiel Deluna (3 months ago)
1st video when noob sniped like thst for the firsttime
Inderjit Singh (3 months ago)
Wadu hek wadu wadu waduuuu hek wadu hek
Brandon Hall (3 months ago)
Add me for pubg mobile: Bookisha . Don't care if you have mic but preferred (am level 23)
Everyday Sway (3 months ago)
what a sad bunch of normie noobs
MALAYSIA GAMING (3 months ago)
I call pubg pup-G
YOU CAN FULL AUTO WITH AN MK14? i feel stupid now
Benjamin Bünger (3 months ago)
ye if you cheat xD gotta love when streamers and other players use the no recoil macro -.-
Devils Hunters (3 months ago)
Winner winner sniper chicken dinner
Bob Bill (3 months ago)
Why do they have green blood like a predator
Chip Chandler (3 months ago)
Anyone want to play duos? I breathe into my mic very heavily
Frederik Claeyssens (3 months ago)
Every time you kill a bridgecamper, an abused and mistreated puppy finds a new loving home. Keep doing it goddamned!
cj base (3 months ago)
kar98 is the best weapon or scarl
Pete Amaro (3 months ago)
All their faces🤣😂😂
Andrew D. Royappa (3 months ago)
updoot for the flying chocoAWM
- Xentoro - (3 months ago)
Every moments video/compilation in this channel ain't complete without Shroud
MrSwagzila (3 months ago)
This is why I’m scared to hop on pubg on PC. man I’m already nice On XBOX now I gotta restart my skills to 0 on pc
SAdigitalproductions (3 months ago)
"Did he just no scope that guy?" "Yeah he did".
John Lee (3 months ago)
*gasp* "GOBY!"
Gautam Srivastav (3 months ago)
Moderators, salty deaths and funny chats are long due
Fin CorpoRation (3 months ago)
Норм фанчик,входить подписывайтесь строим топ контент берем топ 1
Ivan Young (3 months ago)
Shroud is a goat
YouTube With Vishu (3 months ago)
There is not a single video without Shroud.😅😅😅
CLAW WER (3 months ago)
every stream shroud makes can make up to a 20 min highlight clip easily XD
Darin Duran (3 months ago)
Just came to unsubscribe
TRippey T (3 months ago)
ouff, i'm in the vid
AstronoTwin Merkel (3 months ago)
How come these people dont seem to have recoil on the guns ever?
MissingSpartan (3 months ago)
No recoil macro which is against ToS.
Xamor 101st (3 months ago)
Really wish they wouldn't include those who cheat in these, but it is what it is.
Frost Lord2552 (3 months ago)
Xamor101st HD-Channel yeah like that zombiecrew fag Teaming is the scummiest thing to do
andus garza (3 months ago)
who was that blonde girl middle of the video who got 4 kills? she's better than me holy poop
PUBGaddict (3 months ago)
PUBG MOBILE IGN:PUBGaddict Add me if you want
D OMEGALUL C (3 months ago)
what retards use motion blur fuck that
MrTjb (3 months ago)
So yet again the same clips in ANOTHER video WTF seriously yous cant find any new content ?
FonderDawn 7274 (3 months ago)
It is not like that for me I just have no friends
John Don (3 months ago)
Why is that supertexan dude Dressed as a girl
GM PR (3 months ago)
green blood? wtf
Tyranosaurus sex (3 months ago)
can u stop wit the kar98k clips the gun is so boring to watch n use
Richard Jones (3 months ago)
People get more excited about random sniper kills than I do about getting my dick sucked.
DilofaRapGaming (3 months ago)
oh yeah
Jonathan Weiss (3 months ago)
Some of these plays are really cool -- but I'm sure I can't be the only one who isn't impressed by plays where your dead teammates are calling out the locations of the remaining players?? Not impressive at all to me, but to each's own I suppose.
Tipp7322 (3 months ago)
yea seriously. last clip was garbo
LIL PUZI (3 months ago)
KngRetro (3 months ago)
1st Clip was really over exaggerated.
Matthew Jones (3 months ago)
What is the green coming off people wen they are getting shot (I don’t play pubg)
Ray Laffin (3 months ago)
Matthew Jones blood it's a setting that you can switch so instead of red it's green
MoloPowah (3 months ago)
Thx for showing my clip. Ingame name remus907
yacineKCL (3 months ago)
i never played pubg because i have a crappy pc and a crappy phone but i love watching this vids. good compilation bro!
Jason Mann (3 months ago)
yacineKCL it for xbox as well
DEVEL TECHS (3 months ago)
ganstazone (3 months ago)
Only cheters?
Fire flying (3 months ago)
i just suscribed
Mr Satan (3 months ago)
dead game
FortNite Mobile Vids (3 months ago)
Anybody else playing mobile pubg? If you wanna add me I’ll give you my acc name also on pubg there at more viewers on twitch then fortnite
Frost (3 months ago)
Almost all of these were just people screaming into their mics over something that wasn’t even that great
YASHUYASH (3 months ago)
Silent_Guy well, it is lucky tho... it's not like everyone can have the chance to do soemthing like that
Frost (3 months ago)
_baKa_ I’ve heard some bad comebacks but that was just horrible. Do you even know what you said?
_baKa_ (3 months ago)
Almost all of your comment is a salty douche
Mike Veach Jr. (3 months ago)
Silent_Guy was thinking the exact same thing
Nathan Drake (3 months ago)
Finally some agressive players on these highlights. I'm sick of players that are YEAH I'M GREAT I GOT A CHICKEN DINNER WITH 1 KILL YESTERDAY.
Mr Turtle (3 months ago)
Anyone know hie to tame a chicken in Minecraft?
Iam watching you (1 month ago)
People on pornhub usually know the answer
Defelater (3 months ago)
full of hackers
Ido Eini (2 months ago)
Defelater uhhh...its pubg 2018 not 2017 i dont see a lot of hackers
DrBlue (3 months ago)
DickySimms (3 months ago)
*Gets a nade kill* *Sends it to PUBGTV*
gamer crew (3 months ago)
Pubg is better than fortnite
ElectroBytez LV (2 months ago)
carlos lopez you can buy it for about 15-20$
Shoto Todoroki (3 months ago)
mobile gamer theyr good at their own ways
CLAW WER (3 months ago)
break it out guyS! what are you doing!!
carlos lopez (3 months ago)
mobile gamer damn you hurt my feelings :( ..
gamer crew (3 months ago)
carlos lopez you know what's funny how all you can do is roast you can't bring any kinda smarts to the table but you know at least I'm not a high school drop out who thinks any game that's 60 dollars is cool because you get to show it off to your non existing friends
David Heran (3 months ago)
Do you also take clips of the Xbox one if so how can I send you the 😁
Asron McGinty (3 months ago)
[deleted] calm down there Billy bad ass
[deleted] (3 months ago)
Do you fucking think he cares about the system
EVXN (3 months ago)
My Passion 4 stuff (3 months ago)
when using idiots who scream loud mute them or lower their screams using music there are people like me whatching at night fuck of.
nightmare wolf (3 months ago)
Hi person reading the comments
[deleted] (3 months ago)
Shit they found me
Jackaboy Is Boss (3 months ago)
Hi notificationsquad a little late though
C0revo (3 months ago)
3rd person lul
danny. (3 months ago)
should i make chicken parm for dinner?
dixielongbocker (3 months ago)
Full auto spray with an acog on an AKM that girl is a LEGEND.
geras (3 months ago)
dixielongbocker my thoughts exaclty
dixielongbocker (3 months ago)
They changed the reticle a while ago, they recently changed it back because everyone hated it.
LEGION (3 months ago)
and go fuck a log darshik
LEGION (3 months ago)
it was
random kid (3 months ago)
The grenade kills are op
YVNG TRXP (3 months ago)
random kid you ever been killed with a grenade?
JxXioR (3 months ago)
I wanna Pc so baddd
JxXioR (3 months ago)
yacineKCL :(
yacineKCL (3 months ago)
OpTic me too bro ..me too
GossamerCross20 (3 months ago)
What system was he playing on in the first clip?
JacobIsFunni (3 months ago)
GossamerCross20 PC
ArchFps (3 months ago)
I wish i had friends who played pubg when i didnt have pubg people really wanted me to get it and play it with them, But now when i got it no one wants to play with me...
Major Gamer (3 months ago)
ArchFps I feel your pain
Nick Atkinson (3 months ago)
Reading through this comment thread has returned a little bit of my faith in the human race. Yay we're not all assholes ^^
Viberant (3 months ago)
Same happened to me and I was new to pc gaming so I just asked for so many people's steam at the end of any game lol. They must have though I was weird. Anyway now I have a shit tonne of good players to play with :)
hasnain ashfaq (3 months ago)
Subscribe to my channel
ItzIronC (3 months ago)
Them Kobe’s though.
Adrian Rădoi (3 months ago)
Again a good video from PUBG TV. Good job PUBG TV. Keep posting!❤
Yaris GG (3 months ago)
I think thats a trap
drzxl tv (3 months ago)
I got a 17 kill solo on mobile today is that good?
Syed Aatir (3 months ago)
That's GREAT Bro!!
Bruno Bedeschi (3 months ago)
You know you're playing with a lot of bots right?
Alex Gaze (3 months ago)
No, they're all bots
Sniperlyfe (3 months ago)
drzxl v you do know.. mobile PUBG, all opponents are bots.. right? I got a 20 kill solo win. They don’t even shoot properly at you. And when running towards them using a vehicle, they don’t run, they just stand there. Smh.

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