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10 Best Star Wars Games

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Text Comments (2256)
Splitzerx (1 day ago)
The puns are strong with this one
pastorkev777 (1 day ago)
KOTOR 2. Otherwise good list!
Superweapons (1 day ago)
star wars galaxies?
Plant Changer (2 days ago)
Nope lego Star Wars should be first
THE META (2 days ago)
remaster these games and watch the money roll in
Sonnensturm (6 days ago)
My list (a bit late lol) 1. SWTOR 2. Clone Wars Adventures 3. Star Wars : The Force unleashed 4. Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005) 5. Star Wars: The complete saga That's my list, because I didn't played most of the other games
Sonnensturm (6 days ago)
But... But Swtor?
Sukio Winchester (8 days ago)
Star Wars The Force Unleashed 1 & 2... Not in this list???... Seriously??
arden bro 40 2018 (9 days ago)
Those games was idion vs force uunleashed
arden bro 40 2018 (9 days ago)
Oh my gooooooooooooood.!! Wat about the force unloshed and force are?
DeadlyFox303 (10 days ago)
YES A LIST THAT FORCE UNLEASHED (my least favorite Star Wars game) WASN’T IN!
Mehe fe (14 days ago)
No revenge of the sith episode 3?
Isaia Paun (19 days ago)
The Force Unleashed 2?!
Malhar Athavale (22 days ago)
what happened to the force unleashed
IROCONIAN (27 days ago)
Star Wars rp- gmod. clearly you gents losing the hip in your hop. new games, new list do not fail me!
dedley01 (28 days ago)
I have never seen better combat in a game than Jedi Academy and Outcast.
Cosmo Kramer (30 days ago)
Star farter
CyberTiger 45 (30 days ago)
I owned all these games before, and bought most of them on my PS4 recently
CyberTiger 45 (1 month ago)
Here’s my perfect Star Wars RPG it takes place in the Prequel Era btw, and only this Era The game will feature many character customization options here’s some of them Your first given the choice to choose a faction both factions are given split roles and options that would change the gameplay and story REPUBLIC JEDI: As a Jedi your forced to go up the rankings and learn knew skills and abilities such as the following ex. Force Push, Force Pull, Persuasion can be used to turn enemies against each other, you unlock these abilities by leveling up and learning from Jedi Knights such as Mace Windu, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Asoka Tano, And etc. but you can only meet these Jedi Knights by going up the rankings and eventually you will become a Jedi Knight yourself, customization options range from Lightsaber types such as Lightwipes, Lightstaffs, Duel Wielded Lightsabers, And Double Edged Lightsbers, you can also choose the color but the best part of that you yourself must gather the materials you make yourself your own Lightsaber much like how Jedi do in the Star Wars mythos, you can change the weight of the Lightsaber making it easier to swing around and faster, or the damage an opponent will take when using the Lightsaber so basically making it stronger, when you start the game your given materials to make your own Lightsaber but you have to unlock more materials to upgrade and make unique Lightsabers you can even get new Crystals and that’s how you can make new colors, although the colors are just asthetic, as a Jedi you also customize your race, many races are available and with all those races your still given to choice to change your color your hair styles your ears, jaw, eyes, and length of all, they’re all preset but you can change it to your hearts content, the preset aren’t like Xenoverse where the presets are your limits they’re just their so that you can get close enough to what you want so that you can change it from their. CLONE TROOPERS: As a clone trooper your appearance is limited as your stuck to a single race but like I said every role feels like your playing a new game, as a Storm Trooper your still Abel to customize by choosing armor shapes and sizes along with helmet shapes and sizes, you can also make markings on your armor unique by putting tattooed esk things on your armor, you can also choose weapons like explosives, guns and sometimes even knifes, but where the Clone Trooper side of things is unique is with your fellow Clone Troopers as in this mode your forced to work with your teammates and you even get times in between wars and battle to change your relationship with your fellow soldiers by talking to them, preset dialogues can change the way others see you as you can be the biggest asshole in the galaxy or a charismatic teammate who listens for once, this doesn’t just change your story as you also change your working on the battlefield as others who’ve grown a liking to you will listen to you more and have your back while other may astray but much like the Jedi you can go up your rankings and even become commander and lead your fellow mates into battle, your actions have consequences and people will remember your actions and words, sometimes your teammates will even die in battle to never come back leaving you and your fellow teammates molds changed, your decisions have weight SENATE: As a senate you greatly affect the story, those role is more for storytelling and cinematic scenes as you will only rarely take place in battles, your purpose as a Senate is to go to distant planets and change the tide of the War by spreading peace and prosperity you also take place in any debates and your given preset dialogue that can change the outcome, if you have good arguments outcomes will be to your advantage but if you don’t then the tides of war will change like all and this may seem redundant but you can go up the rankings and have more control over others and politics whether or not your arguements make sense, you will have more power than ever before, you can change your race and your clothing like other roles SITH EMPIRE SITH: As a Sith you are much more sinister than the Jedi, now let’s skip the obvious the Sith can do everything the Jedi can And more, including Force Chockes And Force Lightning, your job as Sith is to purr sway young Padawan and Jedi to join the Dark Side in scenes of dialogue or Torture, you grow stronger not by gaining experience the same way Jedi do but by your ruthless nature, the more you kill and murder and the more brutal you are will level you up faster and every time you succeed in turning a Padawin or Jedi evil you grow extremely powerful, this may not seem as complex as Jedi but that’s because I didn’t mention everything I already did with Jedi like I said Sith can do EVERYTHING Jedi can and more SITH SPEAKER: Much like the Senate The Sith Speakers job is to puersway planets into joining the Sith Empire only thing different is that rather than take law in Politics you focuse mainly on planet concurring as your method is in much more depth, you can either turn them to your side willingly or by force, everytime you fail in puerswaying a planet your given the option to take over by force, only problem is that it’ll attract the Jedi and then you will be forced to lead troops into war as your are their leader and your tactics can decide wether or not you lose a battle, you see every time you success in puerswaying a planet it’s hands off for the Jedi as they cannot take action as you haven’t done anything illegal but if you take over by force the Republic will take you down. This is a very tactical role. BOUNTY HUNTER: As a Bounty Hunter you take on a very GTA IN SPAAAAAACE kinda role, your job it to take deals from big time crime bosses and sometimes even the Sith Empire and carry out jobs, every time you get a job down you get money, you can use the money to either use it to become a better Bounty Hunter by get new armor and guns, or you can help your well being by getting a house and food to eat, to heal up sometimes, the more jobs you take and the better jobs you do will have you become better well known, you can play it solo and be a one man army or you can join a faction and this way you only take a job your that faction and you get a team, if you do well enough you become Team Leader, you also can have many skis and quirks wether it be, being a hacker, sniper, gunslinger, or tactition on the battlefield, Bounty Hunting is probably the most choice driven role as you can replay this role is so many different ways. I’ll be making an edit soon I’m watching a Star Wars marathon
Diego Vasquez (1 month ago)
5:55 Not the battlefront i thought it was
Hansel Planos (1 month ago)
Star Wars Revenge of the sith,you missed that one
Justin Dougherty (1 month ago)
Something i Find odd is that lightsabers are suppossed to be anle to cut through almost anything with little effort. So why in games can bosses and other enemies take multiple hits from one and so can your character.
Rick Gutierrez (1 month ago)
force unleashed? glad batttlefront 2 was on here
-Shadow- eZ (1 month ago)
Jedi knight:jedi academy is awesome
Connor Richard (1 month ago)
Star Wars the Force Unleashed and Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2
Jan Klajban (1 month ago)
What is the name of game?
Force unleashed 1, Battlefront 2 (2017)
MoreAwsomeMetal (1 month ago)
No Force Unleashed in the top 10????
Isaiah Boisseau (1 month ago)
republic commando is basically halo but star wars
Bob Malone (2 months ago)
Empire at war?
SHIN BAKI HANMA (2 months ago)
This is a shit list. None of the FORCE UNLEASHED games make this list?! Bullshit!!
Shogun Destruidor (2 months ago)
braaap 509 (2 months ago)
Dark forces 2 was by far the #1 pre 2000 game
Sonn sobek (2 months ago)
Old battlefront beter than new !
Sonn sobek (2 months ago)
Republic comando !
1.Battlefront 2 2.KOTOR 3.KOTOR 2 4.TFU 5.Jedi Academy
The Gamer Version C-137 (2 months ago)
Episode 3 for the Xbox and PlayStation was fun as heck
Nabil Fatnassi (2 months ago)
empire at war i love dat game
Jason Martin (2 months ago)
What about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed? That’s by far my favorite Star Wars game.
NEX RAX (3 months ago)
What about The Force Unleashed??? That game was awesome!!
cpnrob (3 months ago)
KOTOR is complete shit
snugs (3 months ago)
hey guys, look! it's an A.T.-A.T. ! no, it's obviously spelled @@ dumbarse
SavageGamerPlays (3 months ago)
Classic Battlefront 1 is awesome ;)
The Star Wars Code (3 months ago)
What about swtor I love that computer game
Where is Old Republic?
AZ Brothers (3 months ago)
Star Wars Jedi knight Jedi outcast wars good
HalloFrame (3 months ago)
Yeah if Lego Star Wars 2 wasn't on here it would automatically be wrong. I was a star wars sucker growing up until sports and anime took over. I went back to play it 10 years later, and lets just say it aged a lot better than most games. Half of the games on the list in fact. I'd only put Battlefront 2, Episode 1 Racer and maybe Bounty Hunter over it.
RBH-Executor (3 months ago)
Miklós Szabó (3 months ago)
I understand you didn't want to put in 2 games from the same series but even so i still would have chosen Jedi Outcast over Jedi Academy and Kotor 2 over Kotor 1. Good list though
Supergavingaming SGG (3 months ago)
SaNdMaN 02665 (3 months ago)
Starwars the force unleashed on ps2 is still the best!
Osiiris (3 months ago)
What about force unleashed
Gabriel Pereira (3 months ago)
Well what consoles to you need to play these games
Matty (3 months ago)
I liked Jedi Outcast better than Academy but good list nonetheless
LordDoc 2018 (3 months ago)
Chris Straka (3 months ago)
The Old Republic is the fucking Worst Star Wars Game ever !!! Thanks MMOPG !!!😡🤢🤮🤮🤮
Jeff Is Here (3 months ago)
Chris Straka How??? That game was better than the shitty battlefront 2 (2018)
Gábor Ifj. Ambrus (3 months ago)
What abaut lego star swars 3 the cl8ne wars?
Can yüksel (3 months ago)
there was a game named battle of endor no ones rebember huh .(
Fredo 12310 (3 months ago)
Can i play xbox original games on ps2?
JustLeo (3 months ago)
Omg ppl are getting so triggered in the comments because the fav game wasn't on the list. Everyone has there own opinion.
Rain 15 (3 months ago)
are you retarded ?
The GodFather (3 months ago)
What star wars games are best for free roam?
Indurok (3 months ago)
I'd disagree with your number one pick solely because I hate RPG video games with a fiery passion. I have only beaten one game in my entire life where the RPG stuff is the main part of the game: Mass Effect, and my experience with that game was one of the worst ever. I'm not saying the games are bad, I am just so bad at leveling up skills and choosing armor and weapons that it renders the games unplayable.
ZHQReaper (4 months ago)
Jimmy Norris (4 months ago)
The Force Unleashed?
Avengerkiller 69 (4 months ago)
Jedi outcast
Nate (4 months ago)
...the pod race was awesome?
ffp08 (4 months ago)
Star Wars Galaxies pre-cu #1, Star Wars Battlefront 1 (original) #2, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 #3.
Chris Co. (4 months ago)
KOTOR is overrated. Change my mind.
Charlie Wright (4 months ago)
I'm insulted how high up Republic commando was.
Ric Peden (4 months ago)
Is republic commando on ps2 ps1 or pc
ARC Trooper TIES (4 months ago)
Star wars the old republic? No?
Creeper Hunter5 (4 months ago)
Episode III video game
Pacifista Caipi Arts (4 months ago)
Force Unleashed and Empire at war ♡ but old Republic Best One ♡
Sam Pickles (4 months ago)
Shadows of the Empire for 64 though
games1masteruk (4 months ago)
What you didnt put Obi Wan in there anywhere
Wexfordbuccos _ (4 months ago)
Battlefront 2 better be #1
JiffyAU (4 months ago)
Force unleashed?????
Relaxo (4 months ago)
Battlefront 2015 was actually a good game.
Marcelo Soeiro (4 months ago)
Yes, KotOR os absolutely amazing, but, X-Wing: Alliance would be the runner up, on my opinion. Excellent video.
Water Bottle (4 months ago)
Nils 0904 (4 months ago)
Star wars the force unleashed not inside? Wtf??
R2-D2 (4 months ago)
No shadows of the empire ? R u retarded ? Cunt.
StarWarsFollower (4 months ago)
Star Wars Battlefront II (EA, 2017)
Eric Javier (4 months ago)
Empire at War is a pretty decent game
oobi won kenoobie (4 months ago)
What about dark forces
oobi won kenoobie (4 months ago)
What about knights of the old republic 2 really
oobi won kenoobie (4 months ago)
Star Wars the prequel meme generator
Jorge Trujillo (4 months ago)
Star Wars unleashed ?!?!?!
JB_THE_DRAGON Gaming (4 months ago)
Star Wars: The Old Republic... Should've been number 2 in my opinion. K.O.T O.R. obviously takes number 1 due to being the game that broke the mold for most Star Wars game fans. Other than that I think you did a great job putting them in pretty good order.
Sky Banane (4 months ago)
Why no Star Wars empire at war?
Alex Quartz (4 months ago)
I love the old Battlefronts, but having played the newer ones, it's really an insult to say that the originals had "tigther gameplay" and "better designed maps" like really? Did we play the same games? Because when I played them the maps were an absolute unbalanced mess and the "tight gameplay" was usually running around aimlessly across way too large open plains and respawning in the middle of the enemy team like constantly. They were fantastic games, FOR THEIR TIME. Dice could've done better, but if you'd play the latest game, you'd see it's the best Battlefront to have ever been made and it's really really fun. The problems the game has all stem from monetization and greed. The gameplay itself is FANTASTIC.
Bryson Hitt (4 months ago)
The force unleashed, knights of the old republic 2,
irakli04 geo (4 months ago)
jedi knight i want play but :( I cant
Jack Murphy (4 months ago)
Glad to see Bounty Hunter at #2 that game kicks ass.
carter (4 months ago)
SWTOR best SW game
Colton Swindell (4 months ago)
Battle front 2 was the best
Nathan P (4 months ago)
i remember spending hours playing battlefront 2 heroes vs villains mode
Andrey Papin (4 months ago)
Lego star wars 3 so good
roachxyz (5 months ago)
If you like pod racing check out Oban Star Racers. Its a 90s cartoon with racing just like pod racing.

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