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Follow: twitch.tv/meclipse Facebook.com/c9shroud twitter.com/c9shroud Video edited by: twitter.com/isagon_ intro: Thron - Izotope
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Text Comments (145)
Hydrokhein (2 months ago)
You're the best shroud!!!
TURST67 / Zäa (8 months ago)
Hmm worst strat ever for the other team, wtf
LET'S TOUCH! (2 years ago)
Bryan Ham (2 years ago)
U still got da ace doe
Stroyed (2 years ago)
thug lyf
SwayD SkyKnight (2 years ago)
Omg hes so calm If i would clutch 1v5 My heart would raze the fuck up and i would get nervous even i dont want to be nervous Thats bad You do wrong things if you get nervous Always stay calm like shroud thats why i subbed him :)
24Garrett (2 years ago)
What mouse do you have shroud? Love the videos <3
m4gdelen4 (3 years ago)
He knows they will think it's planted for short because of the time left so he plants it slightly off. Kills the last guy who came ran up looking at cat. SO SMART.
Swift Mate (3 years ago)
How come when he sprays it seems like the ak shoots faster than when I play. Is it a perspective thing?
nic (3 years ago)
About that ending..
81k kills with ak. OK
Harry (2 years ago)
6k+ kills with Scout rn, and counting.
Cute JW (2 years ago)
shark | CS:GO And More! Lol
CULTmk (2 years ago)
If you play the game since the skins came out and you DM regularly its really not that big of a deal. I got over 165k yesterday. I know uber has insane stats on his . like over 200k
Zaires (2 years ago)
+shark | CS:GO And More! 140K...Holy shit
Radius 144p (2 years ago)
+shark | CS:GO And More! he now has around 117k
Seph (3 years ago)
"1v4 ace" hmm
valy0f (1 year ago)
i'd be salty too, youre actually retarded
Seph (3 years ago)
+Harrybarrytts so salty
ingetvet (3 years ago)
Yes, and he got 5 kills. 1v4 with an ace. 1v4 ace
mm23 msa (3 years ago)
nice video
kid (3 years ago)
Shroud... When will u smile :D lol ur da best
Surge (3 years ago)
my nigga shroud
sonny (3 years ago)
Velocety Gaming (3 years ago)
tht ending XD
giants4 (3 years ago)
This was during an ESEA pug, any invite player could easily this. So i wouldn't say it was incredible. And zooming in at the end is just so lame, again its an esea pug, whats he supposed to do jump out of his chair because he killed 4 retards.
Name Optional (3 years ago)
KoolzpritH- (3 years ago)
does esea pugs effect our valve ranks?
charlie landtblom (3 years ago)
Zack Wall (3 years ago)
His face the entire time: "Sigh.....the shit I have to deal with." Legend.
TEX - تيكس (3 years ago)
launders+shroud= 1337
Inverted HD (3 years ago)
hahaha nice 1!
Nikola Randjelovic (3 years ago)
Is he always high when he steams?
ManfreDtheMaN (3 years ago)
Instructions not clear enough, got dick stuck in gun barrel.
alabiz1 (3 years ago)
Shroud can you give me the crosshair you used in this match?
SleepyGaming (3 years ago)
Henry Wilson (3 years ago)
Cake (3 years ago)
Come and Che k out my channel it would mean a lot tanks!!!!
tf (3 years ago)
dude calm down holy shit its just a game
OfficialSeb (3 years ago)
Ur so care when u get good plays :) haha
Luca Jonathan (3 years ago)
1:20 trigger confirmed
Nxck56 (3 years ago)
How does one get 80k kills on 1 ak....
Alexander Sjöblom (3 years ago)
Idle servers or stattrak map can get you kills fast.
Styx (3 years ago)
It's up to 96k now.
Nxck56 (3 years ago)
Aimstep (3 years ago)
+Nick Kolb Scream has 110k+
Nxck56 (3 years ago)
no 80k kills in a ton fuck wad
Allen Doan (3 years ago)
Lmao that ending,  Inb4 The LAD Bible.
Presten Altman (3 years ago)
Worst thug picture I have ever seen
ruttikdhakate98 (3 years ago)
If Cloud9 moved to Europe then we'll not see just9n. :(
MrEpicEternal (3 years ago)
this is so old lol
JaccoFF (3 years ago)
Give us a stream schedule you sexy piece of sht!
Dimi. Bet (3 years ago)
hahahahaha that 1:54 face
oddisss (3 years ago)
Anyone who knows the thug life outro song? lol, sounds like a song from a gta game or something, really like it though :D
noahhs (3 years ago)
I think it's Snoop Dogg ft Dr. Dre - Nuthin But a G Thang.
Lithuanian boy (3 years ago)
0:50 Shroud- Ok......
Cuenta Cs (3 years ago)
shrouds advanced video settings anyone pls?
LevK!ng I'm (3 years ago)
How many knife have you got?
Der Stibitzer (3 years ago)
Haha nice Shroud THUG LIFE 😁😁😁😂😊
Wayne Graham (3 years ago)
Lol, Shroud never have any reaction, he just grins a little.
Spring Water (3 years ago)
Where can i watch the Katowice matches?
Mike Kirkness (3 years ago)
haha perfect ending!
bond465 (3 years ago)
putting "incredible" in the title is like laughing at your own jokes.
Zac (3 years ago)
Even if shroud did upload it, why would he put a dull title, people wouldn't click on it.
charlie landtblom (3 years ago)
This is not shrouds channel m8. So yeah you're wrong.
myf 8 (3 years ago)
perplexingDANIEL (3 years ago)
shroud doesn't upload these highlights
KoribGaming (3 years ago)
This is so long ago, that knife is like traded away ever since MLG. 
verizy0 (3 years ago)
that sexy bitch launders is in the game 
BanKooBah (3 years ago)
boots (3 years ago)
he may be a clutchmaster but he doesn't have launders' succulent smooth voice
Vibeez (3 years ago)
thug lyfe
Danny Parkin (3 years ago)
Danny Parkin (3 years ago)
packers256 (3 years ago)
That flick at 1:14 is just insane to me. I could play for a million years and never have my aim be that sharp.
Abe (2 years ago)
+Gigga Nigga CharcoalFox
Yuri (2 years ago)
+Abe © whats ur username?
Abe (2 years ago)
I prefer playing osu with a mouse :P
Yuri (2 years ago)
+Abe ©  I used to camp in a corner with the deagle and use my art tablet to flick and headshot. now im vacbanned. Lolol
Abe (2 years ago)
+Gigga Nigga osu is different alot of the time you know where your targets are going to be
Zampzazz (3 years ago)
launders pls
skatersridge (3 years ago)
thug life this is basic thuganomics 
So Lao (2 years ago)
+skatersridge thugalogy
k (3 years ago)
was waiting to hear +LAUNDERS CSTRIKE reaction, rip :(
RequiemHD (3 years ago)
Thug lyfeee
Jan Dogru (3 years ago)
He is a god in this game
Tiviin (3 years ago)
Shroud, can you give some tips to control AK recoil?
Zink (3 years ago)
Shoot a wall without pulling down, do you see a pattern? It goes up right left or some shit like that. So you want to put that into the way you pull down. 
Boris Marinov (3 years ago)
pull down
777 TooTurnt (3 years ago)
+gamenottslad Tell me about, these retards trying to get important people's attention by asking meaninglessly easy questions to answer. Spray control is something you can't really improve by talking about it, and there aren't really tips you can give other than the basics. Only thing you can do is spend 40 hours+ working on spray control only on offline with bots.
Jim Shibo (3 years ago)
Practice, practice and practitce some more
Ben Wallace (3 years ago)
+_Valkyrie thanks silver 
Cody Lee (3 years ago)
M0E's impression on Shroud is right I guess
I Like Turtles (3 years ago)
+Royal Strong TAA reference?
codYx0 (3 years ago)
+Royal Strong hmm?
Royal Strong (3 years ago)
+MaraMuumi no, it's just cody
aku_anka (3 years ago)
You are right...xD
Esivo (3 years ago)
7hg lyf
ryan (3 years ago)
Kelly Nguyen (3 years ago)
Kyuhl (3 years ago)
skyguyhi (3 years ago)
if only i could do something like this
haik - (3 years ago)
Martinez (3 years ago)
LOL the ending.
SunlessLime (3 years ago)
Eldrene Resumadero (3 years ago)
that thug life part
Fredrik Nilsson (3 years ago)
Thug life, GG!
jeremy 24 / 7 (3 years ago)
thug lyfe
Nehs sL (3 years ago)
cy0xgg (3 years ago)
not a human!
777 TooTurnt (3 years ago)
probably isn't and his reactions to everything proves it.
kRIK (3 years ago)
first :D

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