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Text Comments (29809)
Tickle mypickle (23 hours ago)
What happened to the baby bird?
Lucas Vanhandenhove (2 days ago)
Virgin 8
Sadat Samin (2 days ago)
8:22 song name please
Petropavlovsk Gulag (2 days ago)
*_HOWS IT MADE: Crabs_*
LIL MOXY (3 days ago)
these videos give me so much life
Ridwan Mumin (3 days ago)
Ridwan Mumin (3 days ago)
Who are you to talk?
entity 2006 (4 days ago)
every time pewdiepie says: "MANEEEN" i yell: "🄹🄴🄵🄵"
Julia Bruton (4 days ago)
Krabik Kun (4 days ago)
fuckin' Skyrim make me skrattar((9(
void eyess (4 days ago)
3d glasses didnt work
desmond saiz (4 days ago)
Pewdiepie if u don't respond u are Russian
Evan Ames (4 days ago)
Well I put on the 3d glasses and it didn't work........ RIP five minutes of my life trying to find 3d glasses.
Thomas Murphy (5 days ago)
You know its gonna be a good one when its exactly 10:01
Danil Strateychuk (5 days ago)
8:47 how to stopped a lot of problems
Jonah (5 days ago)
Butt can you do this!!! \🤯____ ———|—|
Judah Baggerman (6 days ago)
the baby bird get destroyed and a little girl comes along and eats it
Cuz of My name (7 days ago)
The aot got me
NINA MANLEY (7 days ago)
I don't wanna play that 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Emilx 2000 (8 days ago)
I förlora
Veyvovv Sapkota (8 days ago)
Anime For Life (8 days ago)
6:08 That Laugh though!
Springtrap 87 (9 days ago)
The one with the green bird looks like it was recorded on the jurrasic park set
Felix Kjellberg (9 days ago)
Beka Emery (9 days ago)
i did laugh or win... but i had fun
Soviet Dragon (10 days ago)
8:45 when you buy a computor from a dodgy website
Blatant Blueness (10 days ago)
I actually have 3D glasses and that didn't work. I want my extra 5 bucks back!!!!
Zasiasis (11 days ago)
heyyy at 6:27 pewds says fuck and did not get monitized hell yeh
Trackless (12 days ago)
MaxxDrawss (12 days ago)
Snakecharmer (13 days ago)
Son Goku (14 days ago)
0:04 are you a Hollow 😰
Glenn (14 days ago)
5:22 crooked cart. glitches are the best.
which version is this I'm speaking to notification squad
X[Shikitzu_Chan]X 76 (14 days ago)
I Take Pride In Being In The 1%
Anais (14 days ago)
Might be the best intro for the video of all time.
Keaten Stout (15 days ago)
i put on my 20/20 glasses
DA LI'L POTATOE (15 days ago)
I'm literally playing skyrim on my computer and watching this on my phone..
thiện dũng Nguyễn (15 days ago)
Andrew David (16 days ago)
You know you’re in for a rough ride when the first two seconds of the video make you semi-laugh.
My favorit is that one with the bird
sam d (15 days ago)
had me in tears xD
mohamed sawaf (16 days ago)
What is your group name
Ear rape (17 days ago)
4:40 xD
*insert cool name* (17 days ago)
When I read SNSD I couldnt belive my eyes and then the song played and I couldnt belive my ears
lolol ;-; (17 days ago)
@ 5:00 isn't that a dragon Ball song?
jan witak (18 days ago)
you like jaz?
Vincent Jones (18 days ago)
invalidcookie (18 days ago)
I lost it on the dbz WWE lol
Aiden Barta (19 days ago)
No pewds you laugh you lose is to easy ima make it you laugh you win cause what is this eugh non original content errrr get it out and you know what flex tape can fix anything but it cant fix you #DuSkrattarDuVinnerMannen
Miko Semotjuk (19 days ago)
meme review
Roshan Russain (19 days ago)
I did not even laugh for a second so i am one of the 1% that can not laugh at this video?
Owen Price (19 days ago)
who put on there 3D Glass's on?
Zarhen Valentina (19 days ago)
mamá salí en la tele somos el mejor país de chile
Carl (20 days ago)
When I was watching this I was taking a dookie and 2:27 perfectly shows how much it hurt my intestines
sprinklez (20 days ago)
i lost at "You ate all my beans Nn!..."
Lot Dum (20 days ago)
React to surreal entertainment or pamtri
HOLLY SAUNDERS (20 days ago)
*skips to end of video* I did it without laughing!!
L Riley-Wilson (21 days ago)
399k likes *INCEPTION*
Catix (21 days ago)
5:05 top 10 anime battles
Bell Cranel09 (21 days ago)
The short one got me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Raimbow Trololed (21 days ago)
i skratta i floura, but most importantly, BUT CAN YOU DO THIS?
ostap kuchmiy (22 days ago)
Can someone link the video at 5:00
Uri Yakov Seni Arteaga (17 days ago)
Dragonball Z Wrestling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ATk9IlJUXs
son of sun (22 days ago)
did I say top 20 anime fights
Kay Kay (22 days ago)
Talha Kaan İnci (22 days ago)
what's the name of the music at 6:30 ?
Gerben (22 days ago)
6ix9ine - FEFE
Kristian V-E (22 days ago)
2:15 *when the memories strike you out of nowhere*
d100Productions (22 days ago)
I will always feel that Pewds will never full appreciate this comedy because he never followed the relationship between man and beans and dog through the decade.
*_Lucky LiLy_* (22 days ago)
I am from the future and there the ylyl are cringy
Hisham Hadji Amer (23 days ago)
It was glitched okay? 5:00
SoutoutouOn Roblox (23 days ago)
Verne Oziel (23 days ago)
If u skrata u flora.
Greg Truong (23 days ago)
Don't clickbait me with Rey. That's not cool, man.
Norely (23 days ago)
te amo un chingo
mimi lyly (24 days ago)
Omg what happened to the bird
Mohamed Gafsi (24 days ago)
399k like hmmmmmm🤔
L3 GAL (24 days ago)
399k likes wet
Moovic (24 days ago)
0:50 Gahmora snaps her fingers
Jecho Nino Ruelo (24 days ago)
gohan and cell in 5:03
Myro Van Loon (24 days ago)
ylyl: He's laughing He says he didn't laugh And then he start laughing again
Trey Odell (24 days ago)
The internet nowadays is a bunch of pussys
I am really getting as much of a kick out of the captions as the videos themselves. Lol.
Skrattar du
Skrattar di
Splaashed (26 days ago)
the crazy thing is that the bird actually lives.
enzo carter (27 days ago)
oh god... the last one is from Chile JAJJA EL WEON AWEONAO WEON.
R3IN Levity (27 days ago)
Why are people so sensitive nowadays? Like grow up, it’s your own fault for looking at this cacophony of subnormal (or offensive) stardom. Just suck it up. Analyze from what is displayed. Memes are funny because its the epitome of stupidity and realism to the joke concocted by such a individual. (It’s just dumb how people are on understanding something new if you couldn’t decipher that)
MCDGCD (27 days ago)
the bird at 6:57 actually survives with no scratch, search for "chicks jump off cliff"
KoyTheArtist (27 days ago)
It's crazy how your content can still be funny while being a little bitch about not getting demonetized.
Mr. Original (28 days ago)
Video: "You like jazz?" Me: *laughs at reaction* Video: "YOU LIKE _SMOOTH_ JAZZ?" Me: *dies twice from laughing too hard*
Mr. Original (28 days ago)
0:17 Subtitles: Youtube's YouTube's favorite show of all time (are you sure about that?) XD
Mr. Original (28 days ago)
4:55 Subtitles: *💥💥💥* XD
Shadow Claw (28 days ago)
4:33 That is the roman empire right there and all around The roman empire Is The FBI
Angie Xu (29 days ago)
Bruh that Gee Gee by SNSD tho
Lana Lovrić (29 days ago)
I didn't laugh at all
Trinity Mendez (29 days ago)
Thank you for protecting me from bad pewd~sama
Ben Harbar (30 days ago)
took me an hour to find 3d glasses... it was worth it. 😂
TankyKing (30 days ago)
I have good news the baby bird actually survives
Christian Flower (30 days ago)
9:06 conchetumare
nate1601 productions (30 days ago)
4:44 loud does equal funny
AJK 0007 (1 month ago)
5:00 Mortal Kombat XIIIII with new moves, location(the ring) & audience added * stretch * fly * teleport * and new outfits too !
Šimon Tomko (1 month ago)
4:31 the icecaps are melting

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