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The new weapon skin update is finally here. It introduces the new raider and triumph crates which contain various weapon skins. ► Become a part of the PG family: http://bit.ly/ThesaurusPG. ► Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thesauruspg. ► Find me on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thesauruspg. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. New weapon skin update. Thanks for watching. Leave a comment!
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ThesaurusPG (5 months ago)
New videos and regular uploads coming as soon as the new map drops. Can't wait for it!
Scooter (5 months ago)
I. Got a gold. Plate AK but can find anything about it anyone know what it's worth?
Luuk Evers (5 months ago)
Orange m4 is 17 euro right now wtf
ThesaurusPG (5 months ago)
TheCool Kid (5 months ago)
Desert digital for kar98 , is it a good pull?
TheCool Kid (5 months ago)
ThesaurusPG its not available yet
ThesaurusPG (5 months ago)
You can check the price on the steam market.
TheCool Kid (5 months ago)
ThesaurusPG do you think it will sell for a good price?
ThesaurusPG (5 months ago)
Nice. I like it!
Marcus Marshall (5 months ago)
pls no. now pubg is going to be a punk game like gay colourful fortnite
Hunter Delape (5 months ago)
Marcus Marshall whomst the fuck doesn’t like customization
Hunter Delape (5 months ago)
Marcus Marshall wot
vetalm (5 months ago)
Massive stuttering after this update, it never ran this bad. Do you guys experience the same?
Nicolas Reinartz (5 months ago)
the game has never given up on me before, but after the update it just sucks man. I can't even pick up wepons properly so I can't drop school or hacienda anymore :/
Nicolas Reinartz (5 months ago)
r33Dw1nG (5 months ago)
even opening crates in this game is boring, they didnt even add effects or sounds when you open a crate ffs and the skins are just sad
ThesaurusPG (5 months ago)
It is not really exciting. It feels like the update was rushed in order to get the skins out as soon as possible. Most skins are not even worthwhile equipping.
blackthye (5 months ago)
The orange skins for the weapons are tragically bad... but by all means, use them (I'll be able to spot you easier)... ;)
ThesaurusPG (5 months ago)
Orange skins + yellow track suit = hardmode.
ChevyRedneck (5 months ago)
I see that youre a growing. I stumbled upon your channel from recomendations. If you are willing, id like to ask you if you would sponsor our amino? If you dont know what Amino is, its a social app full of thousands of communities for people who are of the same interests whether it be games or sports or whatever. For instance theres pokemon yugioh minecraft gridiron art gaming etc. The amino i am a leader in is PUBG Amino, and right now we are one of those small communities having issues growing. It seems you have some influence. And no i am not those channels that trick you into subbing to them or some ad. This is genuine. If you are willing please reply to my comment and maybe we can discuss it
adi segev (5 months ago)
800 $
ThesaurusPG (5 months ago)
For which skin?
But how can u get keys?
ThesaurusPG (5 months ago)
You have to pay for them. Search the steam market.
AsapVasian YT (5 months ago)
when i waited 6 hours for this game to download and now the servers are down :(
ThesaurusPG (5 months ago)
K. Satō (5 months ago)
Nothing says "stealthy sniper" like a fluorescent orange sniper rifle.
ThesaurusPG (5 months ago)
I wonder if the suppressor(if you attach one) will be orange too xD
Your Father (5 months ago)
That pic is a sks you fucking idiot
Elijah Miller (5 months ago)
Do these come over to the main game?
ThesaurusPG (5 months ago)
Well, it was a misunderstanding. Unlocked skins from the test server do not carry over, but the skins in general are now added as well for the main game.
DJheineken1 (5 months ago)
and they are added ....
ThesaurusPG (5 months ago)
I don't think so. Those skins are only for test servers.
Jaro350z (5 months ago)
Orange best skin
Jaro350z (5 months ago)
Strange orange skin?????
Cleo (5 months ago)
Loved the video! i prefer the orange M4
Sebanese The Lebanese (5 months ago)
Tbh adding skins to this game is a very nice edition.
Sebanese The Lebanese (5 months ago)
Amir Dlykan 😂😂😂😂 yalla come subscribe to my channel
Fuggulite (5 months ago)
Sebanese The Lebanese kol 5ara lol
ThesaurusPG (5 months ago)
See an overview of all the new crates and weapon skins here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/1653258341515442673.

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