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PUBG: Fails & Unlucky Moments Ep. 25

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► Submit Clips Here: https://goo.gl/xYCFra ◄ Clip 1: DETHRIDGE Clip 2: asis124 (https://youtube.com/channel/UCKjhU3tGkUmgZct7Z9mRgVw) Clip 3: dexcellent (https://twitch.tv/dexcellent) Clip 4: sadfacenspc Clip 5: ToX (https://youtube.com/channel/UCXQwPrcSwYc3YUWMrdnTYYw) Clip 6: Spartan117echo (https://twitch.tv/spartan117echo) Clip 7: thisricklive (https://.twitch.tv/thisrocklive) Clip 8: WillsonLive (https://.twitch.tv/willsonlive) Clip 9: AJ1108 Clip 10: krawesomeLIVE (https://twitch.tv/krawesomelive) Clip 11: Mojogriffo (https://twitch.tv/mojogriffo) Clip 12: qlimax (https://twitch.tv/qlimax_) Clip 13: toxictomtwitch (https://twitch.tv/toxictomtwitch) Clip 14: ajhel (https://youtube.com/c/ajhel) Clip 15: HomeOwner (https://youtu.be/ZQEaxDR0DE4) Clip 16: Darkzephyr (https://youtube.com/channel/UCGUuHmCkwuKEhNFxWCRRq3Q) Clip 17: Just Koky (https;//youtube.com/channel/UCy6L7U0w3yNly2nVJ36l7tQ) Clip 18: QuakeC (https://youtube.com/channel/UCvkVa7rIxojrBoSY7g5FjSQ?) Clip 19: Captpoopypants (https://youtube.com/watch?v=LMj_thGFSKA) Clip 20: Lunchfisk (https://reddit.com/user/IamEzalor) Clip 21: ThinkTwiceIsNice Clip 22: 1cePrime (https://twitch.tv/1cePrime7) Clip 23: Danny-2k Clip 24: HCStrike Clip 25: lecryjamesgaming (https://youtube.com/lecryjamesgaming) Clip 26: Naellza Clip 27: SierraTi Clip 28: Majinbuu Clip 29: soloRideR (https://youtube.com/user/mrlv1998) Clip 30: esuleague (https://twitch.tv/esuleague) Clip 31: Sacriel (https://twitch.tv/Sacriel) Clip 32: ELITE_R1VAL Clip 33: pgl_pubg_team8 (https://twitch.tv/pgl_pubg_team8) Clip 34: garterdota2 (https://twitch.tv/garterdota2) Clip 35: HenryG (https://plays.tv/u/HenryG) Editing by Dream & HoHoJoe Twitter: https://goo.gl/nj3oh6 Youtube: https://goo.gl/9syvwY
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Text Comments (304)
PUBG TV (6 months ago)
Thanks for watching :) You can submit clips at: www.pubgsubmit.com
sahil sharma (4 months ago)
PUBG TV last one was too funny
Bio Hazard OG (6 months ago)
do you exept pubg mobile clips my friend
Maine Mori (4 days ago)
My teammates were saying I fucked your mom go kill your self because I was ten years old.
faruk ibrahim (1 month ago)
Ԁȏ ʏȏȗ ɢȗʏṡ ṭһıṅɢ ıṡ ƿȗɞɢ ıṡ ɞєṭṭєя ṭһѧṅ ғȏяṭṅıṭє
faruk ibrahim (1 month ago)
ẇһȏ ѧɢяєє
Rhendis Adimas (1 month ago)
Wkwkwkkwkw. Crazy moments
Gabriel Marcellino (1 month ago)
6:05 wiro mau nabrak. Wiro mau nabrak kita
Spediously (1 month ago)
0:36 magyarok :)
Wilford Brimley (1 month ago)
4:28 one of the best things to ever happen like what are those damn odds!!!
Thivaness shanmugam (1 month ago)
2.20 noob vs pro
yankee doodle (1 month ago)
That last one was hilarious
SpRiNg _FiElD (1 month ago)
Like aki magyar és meg örûlt hogy van benne magyar !
neel patel (1 month ago)
can you pls give me a licence key for pubg pc
Bagus G (2 months ago)
Menit 6 Indonesia
Sir plzz give pubg pc link
Edgar Mendoza (2 months ago)
The last part they suck
NICK CHANNEL (2 months ago)
Isaac Chiu (2 months ago)
This are hackers and cheaters
Francco Frieiro (2 months ago)
Muy buen video
accurate pant (2 months ago)
90% того будто они подыхают от машины
Guri Rai (2 months ago)
That’s osm
Ádám Molnár (2 months ago)
Hanuman ៚៚ (2 months ago)
Haha xD
Its Me Again ! (2 months ago)
I loved that outro
Game Stream (2 months ago)
Lololo really
Bbm Geny (2 months ago)
Anang Sakhaa (3 months ago)
ada orang indonesia
M.P. Nation (3 months ago)
This is like watching Final Destination 😂
Emad fawzi (3 months ago)
Pie Eyed-Piper (4 months ago)
That last one was painful to watch
how to pubg pc plz hlp
NigelTheWeirD_o (4 months ago)
The last one got me good 😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂
ndcouch (5 months ago)
that last clip killed me "its gone wrong!"
Romire Entertainment (5 months ago)
Sub mitted a clip in
Sensen Abraham (5 months ago)
the last is frucking crazy
WhiTe KiNG (5 months ago)
Throw a grenade and run through it BOOM
X Kyle. (5 months ago)
Moral of the game , DON'T DRIVE VEHICLES
kazumari kun (5 months ago)
Never trush a car
Gulyás Géza (5 months ago)
Dexecellent. Sok sikert a többi menethez
Justin the nerd (5 months ago)
That was amazing.
bhad bhoba (5 months ago)
i yesterday accidentaly threw a molotov at my self
Johnneh590 (6 months ago)
Damn, T0w_T0w is the GOAT
ICE WOLF NATION (6 months ago)
Hey guys check out my fails if you could!
Undertaker guy (6 months ago)
Remember to use hand breaks guys
Skala 333 (6 months ago)
BigTFx (6 months ago)
😂😂 MojoGriffo made the fails feel before he made the epic reel XD
Assassin Of good (6 months ago)
Man vs bike. Bike won...
tonmai09 not (6 months ago)
fuck !!
Hans Bustamante (6 months ago)
The last one was very good haha
Robert sisk (6 months ago)
Fix. Fucking. Vehicles
Terrance Sutherland (6 months ago)
Bunch of third person scrubs . If you play third person you fucking suck lol
kimchi 19010 (6 months ago)
Isabella Eyzaguirre (6 months ago)
Ta bueno del minuto 7.31
Veenixs (6 months ago)
not unlucky just retards
Støne Guy (6 months ago)
Got a Rule of Survival ad in the beginning
OldlKing (6 months ago)
How is it i NEVER encounter anyone this bad
Street Lethal Garage (6 months ago)
i really dont wanna see pubg mobile clips mixed in with these...
alifewith abrother (6 months ago)
This should be called why pubg sucks
The creepy guy (6 months ago)
That last one..... da hell XXXDDDD
hidayet baysal (6 months ago)
Fucking geforce did the same thing to me
Christian Purba (6 months ago)
Indonesian player 6.06
Pandu Dewanata (4 months ago)
Christian Purba wkwkwk
Christian Purba (6 months ago)
There is an indonesian player, i heard it
Jonathan Allard-Moreno (6 months ago)
And this is why pubg is better than fortnite
Akhirnya ada klip orang indo
Simon Staudinger (6 months ago)
Stas Stas (6 months ago)
Такие бомжи в конце ахах
F.J. Havenport (6 months ago)
*xSNIPEDxDOWNx killed YOU with a Crossbow* PogChamp
KaiEagle (6 months ago)
He is CRAZY!!! Ahhh!!!!
VAINGLORY5V5 (6 months ago)
hodetergoblok :v (6 months ago)
I need make my unlucky moment ever on pubg mobile ;v
Joey S (6 months ago)
These dudes are just pure stupid in its rawest form
LUGGY (6 months ago)
Pro-tip for anyone who hasn't figured it out yet (Like many in the video), STOP THE FUCKING CAR BEFORE LEAVING THE FUCKING CAR.
virpil (6 months ago)
Who downloads NVIDIA drivers while playing?
SPOOKIE (6 months ago)
You better play Fortnite
Bryanah Rose (6 months ago)
thought the Steam popping up was mine lol
Felix Soto Constenla (6 months ago)
Dude you are showing the same clips from your other videos just from a different player's perpective, come on dude!!!
abloogywoogywoo (6 months ago)
That last one was an epically retarded moment, as opposed to a fail.
Der Pwny (6 months ago)
Most of them are just Idiots that don't know how to play. It's rather cringy than funny. My top cause of death is wrong decisions not being a complete tool and jumping out of driving cars or walking into my own grenades.
Rudy Yulianto (6 months ago)
Yashas Vishwakarma (6 months ago)
I really loved the last one 😂😂
DJ O (6 months ago)
Why do people jump out of their vehicles mid flight? And walk in front of their vehicles before they stop moving lmao
Chris Loizou (6 months ago)
Watching console gameplay is just painful to watch....
Razvy Razvan (6 months ago)
Snapper (6 months ago)
Bus is funny😂last part
Makki (6 months ago)
Why do ppl jump out of moving vehicles :/
blindwillie99 (6 months ago)
good episode ;)
XERXES Beatbox (6 months ago)
Ahmad Riezki (6 months ago)
Martin Hrabec (6 months ago)
Majority of these clips are just pure stupidity.. not even laughing, stop beeing a fucking retard and maybe you won’t die in such a retarded way
Some Guy on the internet (6 months ago)
who else went to close steam when you saw that clip and felt like and idiot.
uvion (6 months ago)
Time for me to start submitting some clips because these are lame as F..........
Penso (6 months ago)
Did channel is dead with stupid clips
NoMore Savage (6 months ago)
IMO , its not "UNLUCKY" , 80% of it just how they are not understand how the game physics work, it just like "STUPIDITY" Disgusting , but nc video then
Bud052 (6 months ago)
No Shroud, 0/10
Ravenous Crow (6 months ago)
Would anyone be interested in an IRL replica of the ballistic mask? My brother has an etsy shop and makes them. Im trying to help him get a bit of exposure so hopefully anyone who sees this actually is interested in getting a mask. ^~^ (He also has other stuff like a flashbang replica and plague doctor masks, but my favourite is the ballistic mask. His store is called Rooker's Replicas if anyone wants to visit)
Dimitri R. (6 months ago)
Why does every jackass have to go full throttle. They do have breaks you know, would have prevented nearly all vehicle related deaths.
GODCR4FT (6 months ago)
have seen indonesian people in here😂
Komplex Zed (6 months ago)
Jesus watching these clips makes me think how chill these people are, I would lose my shit lmao
aaronimpactnz (6 months ago)
Mommy why do people throw grenades into windows then run into the house? Why mommy why?
falaflani (6 months ago)
How to ruin friendships simulator
Epic Gaming Party (6 months ago)
Second Clip: This is why you get a legit copy of windows. Screw morality, I just don't want my game ruined.
Epic Gaming Party (6 months ago)
Christopher Yang look again and you'll see the activate windows behind it
Christopher Yang (6 months ago)
he was downloading an nvidia driver lol

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