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The Dangers of Saggy Pants -- The Doctors

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Subscribe to The Doctors: http://bit.ly/SubscribeTheDrs LIKE us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/FacebookTheDoctors Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TheDrsTwitter Follow us on Pinterest: http://bit.ly/PinterestTheDrs Family physician and sex specialist Dr. Rachael Ross explains the dangers of wearing saggy pants and the origins of the dress style.
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Text Comments (204)
What this white dawg talking, in my hood we all likę this and we good at banging
DreamRust (20 days ago)
Ha ha ha. I cannot believe we are even having to talk about this stupidity. 😂 But....... here we are. Dubbed down generation!
Sagging is a sign to be buttfucked in prison.
dreamofdealers (1 month ago)
While I don’t sag my pants the prison thing is made up, people need to stop telling these fake stories and talk about the actual negative effects.
Jeffrey Griggs (1 month ago)
sagging is aa good thing
minimonkey gaming (1 month ago)
No it ew From -a girl
SirJohn (1 month ago)
He's gay. He just wants to get a nut in his ass crack.
JoeJoe TheGray (1 month ago)
If you ant to sag then take out the belt
Metal Head (1 month ago)
i all ways knew jb was little girlish rofl.
Jeff Calvin (1 month ago)
Is it called brosil
Jeff Calvin (1 month ago)
D. Fity sang
Jeff Calvin (1 month ago)
B.r.ing it!
Fort4CE (2 months ago)
My niggas in middle school are already sagging
forever spinnin18 (2 months ago)
Ever heard of the saying, "Beauty hurts!"
forever spinnin18 (2 months ago)
I wear pants that can sag as low as you want it without showing the butt or underwear!
Jesus Christ (2 months ago)
It's just easier for my boyfriend to y'know 😘get in therrre
NoelleTheTheatreGeek (2 months ago)
sagging pants is wildly unattractive. it’s the only component of the school dress code I full on support not to mention wish they would enforce much more than the tank top thing
5ive (2 months ago)
NoelleTheTheatreGeek damn g in my schoo they ain’t care cause everybody be sagging even em lil ass nerds 😂 saggin in my schoo doesn’t mean you’re inna gang it’s just a trend
PYT29 (3 months ago)
This show is ADDICTING!!! I wish we had LONGER clips! It annoys me that you tell boys and men where this trend came from, and they don’t care! There is meaning behind the sagging, it’s means your someone JAIL HOUSE BITCH!
Andre (3 months ago)
that's no true about the starts of saggy pants
gierer (3 months ago)
i don’t sag but i wear extremely huge clothes, i’m just kinda used to it, i don’t know why
Riley Smith (3 months ago)
Sagging pants at my school in California can get you detention, alternative school, ISS or OSS.
LaMusicero (4 months ago)
Sex Therapist... hehe... giggity...
HalfEatenMedia (4 months ago)
As long as woman have low standards in men how wear their pants like this, they will keep wearing it this way.
Justin Jimenez (4 months ago)
Ight that's not saggin that's showing your ass to the world, I wear baggy pants I don't sag the motherfuckers its comfortable asf it keeps my dick loose instead of bunched up like regular jeans #truthmothafuckas
rhaven50 (5 months ago)
Stupidest fad ever
clarification unknown (5 months ago)
This is bullshit it just that white people don't want their kid's or you can raise sagging. And it's not true about that prison shit they said gay's get beat up in jail etc especially if your Mexican ask an OG that done time in prison it's all about swagg will never die
jadewolfthecat jade (5 months ago)
lol me I love saggy pants lol
Hilai Karim (5 months ago)
Sagging pants looks soooo stupid....i don't know how people find sence in wearing thier pants like that.
Kyle Bolton (5 months ago)
Since when is sagging leading to erectile dysfunction? According to what unbiased science? This entire episode was stupid asf so much fake information here.
Ibem Khan (2 months ago)
+jeremy fautner who wears it tight there
Kyle Bolton (3 months ago)
jeremy fautner dude if you let your penis get restricted and fall asleep you will feel that and adjust. Lmao what type of idiot do you have to be to do that to yourself or believe that people allow that to happen to themselves? Your logic is so dumb. People don’t let their belt lines constrict their penis.
jeremy fautner (3 months ago)
Kyle Bolton sagging pants tightens around the penis and drains away blood flow circulation. You need blood flow to get a hard penis. Now do you get it.
Kyle Bolton (4 months ago)
jeremy fautner I’m mad because it is ideological bullshit that completely disrespects the actual method of science. They presented 0 proof of their claims and never explained the scope or details of the research studies.
jeremy fautner (4 months ago)
Kyle Bolton your just mad because you know it’s the truth. Stop sagging your pants bro.
P64 Raceing (5 months ago)
She is hot
Joseph Atnip (5 months ago)
Sagging your pants did not come from gays in prison it did come from prison though they just spread the rumor because people don't like sagging pants the truth is most of us we got a few extra pounds on us when you go to prison you get your prison clothes and they fit but after you've been locked up and you ain't got no money for commissary you start to get skinny and drop all that extra weight so you went into prison with a 36 inch waist and now you got a 30 inch waist well guess what they don't give you a belt in prison and you're not going to get any new clothes it was a way to determine Street cred how long they've been in it was easier to spot a new guy because his clothes still fit good versus somebody who's been in for a while hard to maintain body weight in prison a lot of prisons have a 1200 calorie a day diet you have to get commissary or you're going to starve to death
jeremy fautner (4 months ago)
Joseph Atnip it came from fags in prison. Your answer is wrong.
Parker Williams (5 months ago)
I sag without a belt and my legs and ass are fine
Yu HaDeN (5 months ago)
No daddy disease
Floyd Wheatley (5 months ago)
My dad and me hate this I wear skinny jeans but I don’t sag my pants
rj doggman (6 months ago)
letting your pants ride a hair below the waist line for comfort isn't a problem but hanging with your whole ass hanging out is fucking disgusting. And these ppl got the origins wrong or at least the reason for sagging cuz it did come from jail but not for gay ppl advertising,that's fucking retarded. In prison everyone already knows who the queers are. It started in jail because the poor inmates that couldn't afford their own clothing had to wear whatever they were assigned and usually the clothes were way bigger and this is how and why they were sagging in jail,had nothing to do with being gay. I remember when i was young and got sent to juvey hall they assigned you the next mans underwear and you had to tie that shit in a knot on the corner of your hip,and this is from experience. They do the shit on purpose to humiliate you. But sagging with your ass out is the stupidest shit i've ever seen. I like letting my pants ride a hair below my waistline for comfort but letting your ass hang out and front parts too because the shirts nowadays are all short and small and tight. I say why even wear pants then.They might as well just come out with their underwear on
candirockstar135 (6 months ago)
This is completely ridiculous clearly pseudoscientific propaganda piece. There’s a reason they had a black doctor featured on this. You’re not that slick
TheRPGentleman (6 months ago)
Oh yes! Thank God there's actually some negative health effects involved with being a fucking moron! I hope this fad dies as it's completely stupid.
NYC Girl (6 months ago)
This is stupid if you sag with comfort
Julia Melone (6 months ago)
his sagginess 😂😂
Gator 157842 (7 months ago)
Sag your pants if you want, but a limp d**k spells loser in every language
Ruis Leipä (7 months ago)
Sagging is cool if you have oversized shirt that covers yo ass cos if you sag while showing yo ass is gay
Sophia (7 months ago)
I wonder why white people call them saggin..... oh saggin backwards is.... uh... nibbas
Aznee (6 months ago)
FilthySalad (7 months ago)
all the retarded people saying its cool 😂😂😂 get a life
Alivia Stienen (7 months ago)
samy lynch (7 months ago)
I wouldn't date a guy with saggy pants anyway
Imran Knight (1 month ago)
I wouldn't date a girl showing her cleavage either. Both saggy pants and cleavage looks ridiculous
Amari Herman (1 month ago)
samy lynch why?
Silver’Tf2 (2 months ago)
a cup of tae two suga cubes and one kookie Very Cool!
Silver’Tf2 (2 months ago)
Thank You TheTMG Specialist, Very Cool!
TMG 365’z (2 months ago)
Silver’Tf2 SAVAGE!!
fang bang (7 months ago)
Hell no people don’t go that much
Cat Elkins (7 months ago)
I'm young and omfg I HATE that trend! I'm not interested in your ass!
EricaYE6 (7 months ago)
That's so ugly. I would NEVER date a guy who does that.
Stella SW Chalue (8 months ago)
I saw someone in ny over 10 years ago wear his pants similar to this but around his ankles with a belt holding his pants around his ankle to keep them in place and no he wasn’t wearing underwear in care you were wondering
Tenisha Stephenson (8 months ago)
Most men and boys now wear their pants so tight that they can barely put them on
Lori Beth (8 months ago)
A woman wants a man to wear a nice fitting pair of pants to show off that nice a$$
jeremy fautner (3 months ago)
Lori Beth that’s right. Women don’t want saggy pants. That just shows you have a funky ass. Men who sag got a sweaty hairy Shitty ass with shit stains in underwear and dingleberries. Passing excessive amounts of gas that stink so bad it could kill someone.
Awenda (9 months ago)
Gross. Yuck. 🤢. Not attractive at all. Wait till you get older? I’ve been sick a long time, don’t hurt yourself, life will bring you pain. Ban saggy pants!
casey bakes (9 months ago)
Who is the doctor
casey bakes (9 months ago)
She fine I’ll fuck her
kursna (11 months ago)
The erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation studies are April fools jokes you knobs
Queen Persephone (11 months ago)
Let's make the fine 10k or more, not $200, then maybe, just maybe these idiotic boys will pull their pants.
Pontiac65Cat (1 year ago)
Stupid fucks sag. So gay
Evelyn Alvarez (1 year ago)
Maybe if a popular star made fun of this in a song, people would listen. Like maybe recreate the scene from the Mary Poppins movie where Dick Van Dyke is dancing with the penguins? That would be so funny and nobody likes to be laughed at.
PointlessPlay (1 year ago)
I wear pants that are bigger than me
Emmy Abe (1 year ago)
i never knew there is a sex therapist??????????????????
Rashida Nelms (1 year ago)
they need to buy jeans that fit..noone wants to smell that junk anyway..so pull that shit up on your ass.
Sk8 Kingz (1 year ago)
Rashida Nelms some ppl don't have much money so they buy bigger sizes to save money...
Bertlove Morleo (1 year ago)
sagging their pans is gay
PP MONSTER (1 month ago)
+Mike Cimini it's actually to show off designer boxers dumbass.....
forever spinnin18 (2 months ago)
Technically yes it was gay in prison to do it as a way to pick a partner!
Silver’Tf2 (2 months ago)
White people
jeremy fautner (3 months ago)
Umar C wanna go with me to Aaliyah concert
Peter :/ (3 months ago)
Umar C me?
Logan Quiton (1 year ago)
east L.A. TriHard
Johnny Price (1 year ago)
Qrow you're an idiot. How is what I said racist? Because I said the color, "black" next to the word "youth"? Learn to choose your battles properly. I'm black and I'm critiquing my fellow youth culture in order to encourage uplift. It's a trend that puts a mark on our black youth & contributes to the negative stereotypes that exist about my black youth. I raise my son to be an intellectual and because of the ignorance of certain trends, it may put him in a "box" or classification of a loser who has no proper vocabulary, vision to go outside of his comfort zone socially or geographically or mentally because he'll be forced into that same box of idiots where he never wants to be and lose opportunities for career-advancement. You feel me? You probably don't. Try... Just try.
lady vin (2 years ago)
Ibem Khan (2 months ago)
+Kim Gustafson that theirs alot of revealing trends
Kim Gustafson (5 months ago)
What’s the point
Angel Carrillo (10 months ago)
lady vin so what’s your point here
MONEYBAGS603 (2 years ago)
can i sag my balls?
BabyRex (30 days ago)
Dontai’s Crusty Headphones can you suck your own religion and god
jeremy fautner can you hang yourself?
jeremy fautner (4 months ago)
Can you get a gf
mridk (6 months ago)
Yes u can
Aron Kyro (2 years ago)
The "prisoners like butt sex thats why they sag" is stupid and a lie, the real reason is because prisoners didnt have belts ! Get ur facts straight !!!
Drxus (2 years ago)
No it's because in jail they don't want the guards to catch them so they would say their pants down as a signal
Guns4gogo (2 years ago)
prisoners get pants with an elastic waist. they still sag them though, likely for butt sex.
Klaas Vaak (2 years ago)
propaganda, fuck off!
Guns4gogo (2 years ago)
Yeah! fuck belts! I say no pants at all!
Terry Gascay (2 years ago)
I'm very down on sagging. Get some self RESPECT. Pull up your pants or get harassed, laughed at, shot or sodomized. Saggers are just asking for this.
Amari Herman (1 month ago)
Peter lullaby so true
Peter :/ (3 months ago)
Terry Gascay the only time we pull up our pants is when we bout fight
Bethany Vega (4 months ago)
mridk Read again. Down ON, not WITH (or wit’).
mridk (6 months ago)
U just said u were down wit it😂😂
GAY CAPRICE (2 years ago)
Joseph Sarno (2 years ago)
that is not where sagging pants came from
Mike Labonte (5 months ago)
GucciReacts it did not come from prisons. that's a dumb myth. poor black inner city family's had no money for new clothes. kids wore older siblings clothing that didn't fit. now you have a ton of black kids with saggy clothing. it eventually became it's own fashion trend.
Angel Carrillo (10 months ago)
Joseph Sarno it came from prison
Joy Strickland (10 months ago)
Joseph Sarno Alright thanks for your comment.
Blood Shed (10 months ago)
Joy Strickland true means you were "broken in"
Joy Strickland (1 year ago)
Joseph Sarno it begin in slavery
Johnny Price (2 years ago)
Swagging in dangerous for your health and I'm glad to hear this... This "fashion trend" should be considered indecent exposure. The result should end in arrests and heavy fines to the offenders. I blame the parents for their lack of structure and influence on their kids & I blame the young girls/women who don't have a problem with it. In the long run, it is they, the young women who can affect and dictate the actions of these ignorant young boys. It takes a village.... folks. The village needs to come together and converge on these fashion misfits. People who choose to sag choose to contribute to the continual dumbing down of America, predominantly in our culture, the black culture. It's amazing that most of the country's black youth don't even realize that. Why do you think our young people are getting killed & having the crap kicked out of them by the police? Our black-American youth are so self-absorbed that they're too blind to even notice. The sagging trend WILL end because many of our black youth have marked themselves through their own ignorance and self-absorbtion to a point that they will become extinct if they don't wake up & see what's happening in their world. They tell the haters (I'm a hater of this fashion & PROUD of it) to have an open mind and not be so ignorant. Consequently, we're seeing the same things thrusted into our faces when we see their skid-mark-ridden underwear, ignorance. This ignorance is frustrating and anger-insuing. Our black youth's rebellion is sense-less and has no logic nor reason. Black youth of today aren't producing anything that's vital to our community other than increased revenues for fast-food restaurants & funeral homes, loud noises on public transportation vehicles and libraries, higher numbers of teen pregnancies, overuse of ebonics, increased murder rates, terrible rap music, the lack of common sense, the death of real Hip-Hop & overcrowded jails & prisons along with those stupid, sagging jeans. It is a joke to be showing one's underwear. Don't they realize that? Or are they just hapless, marketing Holocaust victims of ubiquitous assimilation? I think if the clothing designer who started this god-forsaken trend wants to back & inspire something, he should inspire his fellow black youth to learn to comply with authority figures. They'll live longer, for one. he should inspire them to go to school and embrace properly-spoken English. They'll be well-traveled & be better enculturated for two. He should inspire them to be writers and champions of injustice in our criminal systems. They'll make positive connotative history for three. Our designer friend should inspire them to write awesome resumes & cover letters in order to acquire great careers as opposed to becoming rappers of a failing Hip-Hop genre where too many so-called artists are saying the same things & making the same amount of noise. They'll command respect and get better credibility for four. My god, they even make it socially-acceptable to glorify prison life by shouting in public that they've been locked up, like that's an accomplishment. Give me a break. Making statements like that only shows that the speaker of such a statement is stupid because he didn't possess the wherewithal to avoid getting caught. Man, I've worked too damn hard to achieve my Masters in Education with expectation to witness other fellow African-Americans to follow in my footsteps and create great stories than cater to negative stereo-types set by ignorant black youths with no common sense. I'm sure the black pioneers in our rich history would feel that all displays of black anti-intellectualism would be considered an insult because those displays minimize all of the efforts they've done to fight for and acquire our freedom and civil liberties and rights and to see those efforts get dashed on the rocks through countless displays of ignorance through sagging is bound to make any hard-working, law-abiding black citizen cringe in disgust. Geez, I'm black and I feel that I don't like our today's black youth anymore. There, I've said it... This feeling can change, though. I really want it to change. So, I say (No, I IMPLORE) to today's black youth to change their fashion. My fellow young brothas, raise your image by raising your pants so that I can like you again and want to continue to inspire & teach you again. Would you like someone to wear a piece of clothing that has a derogatory remark on it? I hope not. Why wear your clothes that way? It's offensive. Pull them up. I know my statements will catch some flack from some goofys who condone the sagging trend but I am a strong opponent to this kind of anti-intellect. I understand the need for self-expression however, a line should be drawn.
Franklin Clinton (16 days ago)
+Blex Khorma Same. I wear mines not too high and not too low. I wear them around the middle, it's kinda saggy but not that much, I just feel comfortable wearing it that way ever since I was 7. ╮(─.─)╭ Edit: For some reason, I just read quickly...Please don't hate me for commenting. I'm not trying to offend anyone. >.<
Spikes Depression (1 month ago)
Old heads sagged too,Tupac sagged his pants retard.
i didn't even read that you're wack
MrTeacher Bro (6 months ago)
just read the idiotic comments..um
MrTeacher Bro (6 months ago)
first last (2 years ago)
"Get those pants up!" - Black republicans
FungusMossGnosis (8 months ago)
Literally the only thing I've every agreed with Bill Cosby about. It's a shit fashion for idiot youth who believe it's rebellious. Rebelling against what - being able to walk well!?
Eric (2 years ago)
sagging is swag. swag will never die.
minimonkey gaming (1 month ago)
Eric no it is gay , stupid and ugly
lumber Mcray (2 months ago)
Sagging pants is weird. You look like a dwarf doing it :/
jeremy fautner (4 months ago)
Eric seriously wack and gay
Tabby Ninja (6 months ago)
It just did
Alexander Mirvis (3 years ago)
A flat brim hat or fitted hat with those stickers on them, is a modern day DUNCE hat. As soon as I see someone put it on, I can almost immediately see their brain matter turn in to shit. But nothing is worse than saggy pants where people sag their pants with their asses hanging out like a $5 homo hooker waiting for dick. Being a "G" or having "Swag" is not about race, but is about how early your parents gave up on you.
Roger Peridot (3 years ago)
Scientific and interesting.Sagging is vile,disrespectful and uncivilized.
Jesus Christ (2 months ago)
I do it because I'm swagalicious!
mridk (4 months ago)
ur welcome
xKyle (4 months ago)
This is by far the funniest thing I have ever read.
mridk (6 months ago)
Shut yo white ass up boii
Dustin Jay (3 years ago)
LOL to the people who still wear baggy clothes or clothes that's too big for you. The belt is pretty much a accessory and if it becomes a necessity, it's time to buy some new clothes that actually fits you.
Ruis Leipä (7 months ago)
Tight clothes are gay
Black Bubbles (3 years ago)
this is a great propaganda piece
KS Crosby (3 years ago)
+Black Bubbles uh huh. yup. you wish,  Junior.
yuck fou (3 years ago)
well besides the fools i've seen fall down and but their heads cause they need to change their diapers
Buckfield_Outdoors (5 months ago)
yuck fou nice name
Chidt Tai (3 years ago)
She talking shit!
Douglas VanWormer (3 years ago)
If u loosen the belt and hold ur belt up while ur sagging it's comfortable
Umar C (3 months ago)
Douglas VanWormer ikr
tj Tanner (3 years ago)
I'm glad they didn't just show black people because all races sag.
*Hentai Fapper Supreme* (3 months ago)
Angel Carrillo Yes they do. In my high school people of all races be sagging.
Angel Carrillo (10 months ago)
tj Tanner hell no not all sag
Rosebud Lewis (4 years ago)
black guys sag pants coz their dicks hurt whn their pants pulled up and tight. lol. just kidding. it's african american's culture in d ghetto, and nobody can stop that no more even white guys sag their pants now.
Joy Strickland (1 year ago)
Rosebud Lewis Sagging pants began during slavery called buck belting.. then years later sagging was in prison too.
Tom McWilliams (3 years ago)
Freedom means the right to make a mistake.
mysterygirl20101 (5 years ago)
I agree with u full heartedly doctors.Young Men and young boys should wear their pants pulled up. I ahve seen them all over the place where i live exactly like this, half way down to their thigh, and it makes me roll my eyes around in utter disgust really. It is not a turn on by any means to see this.
Lugztina (5 years ago)
These people are lucky that Fleece Johnson hasn't been released yet. Otherwise he would be all over their asses, literally. "I'm looking for a man's butt"
Emily Manzueta (5 years ago)
YES YEEEEEEES finally i got some dirt on. Beiber
Alexander Phillips (5 years ago)
JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!<3
Angel Carrillo (10 months ago)
Alexander Phillips no just no Bieber is f gay
Screw him.hes a jerk and an ass.
CrimsonCatacombs (5 years ago)
Thank you!!! Finally somebody that people will listen to with regard to prisoners wearing drooping pants to get a 'date'. I have told people this before and they all thought I was kidding . As that adorable elderly man sang ''lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground''.
Domelgaming (5 months ago)
CrimsonCatacombs actually sagging didn’t start in prison nobody new were it started and new people would come into prison and they would sag and since they were so young they were easy targets and gaymen stated doing it so they can get action that’s how the myth started
Kyle Bolton (5 months ago)
CrimsonCatacombs I worked in prison and that urban myth of sagging to get dick isn’t accurate and it’s stupid asf
Bryan M (1 year ago)
CrimsonCatacombs except she's wrong.
Anissa E (5 years ago)

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