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Belgium BANS Cases and Crates! - Steam Market Investing Tips #19

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In this episode we talk about Belgium's decision to ban CSGO cases and discuss how this will effect investing in the future. Remember: There are risks involved with investing! Please leave a like if you enjoyed the video and don't forget to subscribe!
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AL Royal (8 days ago)
i hope every country joins in and bans the lootbox system (Cases) in CSGO. Every item in csgo currently is so pricy that if an average gamer buys a 100USD Knife he is still CHEAP class. Because any good knife is 200$ above which is insane. you can pay 60$ for a full game like COD4 and enjoy many content. while in csgo u pay 4 times that for just a knife that has one animation when using it and dont need it aaaannddd makes u feel good about urself. This is absurd. we havent even talked about the knifes that are 1000s$ of dollars, makes me sick as a die hard csgo player. that u cant even think of owning them u r not allowed unless u win the lottery. These prices are set by Demand and Supply. The lootbox system sets the supply Limit. i want it gone and trust me you want to. I have been victim to this and since i have known CSGO i have opened more than 400cases. i got one knife and its worth 50$. instead of you Buying a case the system should be so that we can just buy a knife ingame instead of a key and a case. the knife price should be CHEAP!!!! There is no Fkin Cost of making these knifes for fk sake. its just copy paste for them. 0cost 1000$ price tag. can we just get these knifes for fk sake and enjoy CSGO. for all those who left CSGO if they hear tomorrow a karambit Crimson Web FN is now going for 20$. everyone will comeback
Abdllah yasen (1 month ago)
This is how to deal With Ea Good job belgium
brad1229 (1 month ago)
fucking belgium gaycommision
-BNS- (2 months ago)
i do have a question as i am from belgium wouldn't a VPN just work to keep on opening cases ?
Jesse Chan (5 months ago)
Hey there, since PUBG now banning personal trade, which means no trade between players but item are still marketable. What do you think will happen to items price on the market?
Static Gaming (5 months ago)
Yes depending on how long this trade ban lasts
Jesse Chan (5 months ago)
Static Gaming so you mean the price will go down significantly?
Static Gaming (5 months ago)
I think it depends on how long it lasts, they say it is temporary but if it lasts more that a week or two then I think we could see a crash
Stavros Nik4 (5 months ago)
I am the 1000 subscriber! I liked your content keep up!
Stavros Nik4 (5 months ago)
Static Gaming (5 months ago)
A truly amazing thing to wake up to see. Thank you so much.
Childish Alpay (5 months ago)
Belgium = capital of EU, all the most important eu buildings and meetings are held here, hope eu doesnt jump on this train
Static Gaming (5 months ago)
Belgium is not the capital of the EU. EU headquarters are in brussels yes, But there is no capital of the EU and if there was it would be Germany. They have 99 out of 766 MEP's, Belgium only has 22.
Childish Alpay (5 months ago)
officialSeri (5 months ago)
bro, you are doing an amazing job. I dont know why you only have like 1k subs, keep it up it will increase shortly :)
Static Gaming (5 months ago)
Thanks for the support man!
HaDe (5 months ago)
Nice video. I really hope that not too many countries join this law.
HaDe (5 months ago)
Well I dont care about them since they dont force you to open them at all. I was just worried about the market shifting and panic sellings which could damage the csgo and pubg economy
hafssiii (5 months ago)
HaDe - CS:GO srsly you okay with lot boxes!?
Jorse (5 months ago)
The EU will probably get into this law aswell, if that does happen what do you think? If they just flat out remove the cases from the countries they are illegal, will that rise the case prices? Lets say EU jumps in to this then they effectively have an half of the playerbase getting cases as an drop so half the amount of crates.
Static Gaming (5 months ago)
I think If the EU were to back up this law then I think Valve would have to Globally change their rules about how skins are obtained. Its hard to think of a way they could do this. Buy offering skins like they offer stickers? But in my opinion valve are then basically handing out chips for gambling sites.
Evan Lays (5 months ago)
Skins are a marketing scam, I hope all gambling in these “grey areas” gets ripped to shit.
Static Gaming (5 months ago)
Yeah thats true. But PUBG are doing it right. They have skins and crates for people who like that but they also update the game really often and are so focused in creating a really good game. The past few years it seems valve just focus on the skins and cases for CSGO.
Evan Lays (5 months ago)
Yeah I feel you, yet the skin game is not a problem it's the greedy developers who want to cash in on games like CSGO, PUBG, etc. Which I don't necessarily blame them for taking advantage of this while it lasts. But making a game 'non-free to play' is start, if the developers plan on pulling in a profit for themselves or to further their game development. I just personally feel that it is wrong to create these gambling money-holes. But everyone is out to make the big bucks, so again I don't blame them. I just hope that things eventually change with games in the future, mainly to focus on content instead of ways to make easy money from risky players willing to roll their dice.
Static Gaming (5 months ago)
I do agree that gambling here is wrong. But are skins really a scam? what about free to play games that have skins that are the only source of income for these games developers.

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