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PUBG XBOX - 24 Kill Duos Win w/ BigTexas!

1165 ratings | 114241 views
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Text Comments (229)
Keaton Tillman (1 month ago)
Wanting to play with a YouTuber for fun, hope you consider it😝
MasterMan[IT] (1 month ago)
Games. Tv45 (2 months ago)
Follow me my twitch name ramizqaqanetersen i m pubg gamer all day live from tiwtch
Taegeon Ahn (2 months ago)
Like these console plebs are so pathetic
Dragon SteelGamer (2 months ago)
I got 8 kills on solo once
Claypot10 (2 months ago)
1:55 you didn’t hit him haha
Kuruptoid (2 months ago)
Anerxic (2 months ago)
I need that sensitivity though😍
GTA TRINISAGE50 PUBG.7 (2 months ago)
great video bro
E-TownVlogs (2 months ago)
I got 99 kills in a solo
Money Money (2 months ago)
That guy is a fag “was up youtube” like stfu
C Sherm (3 months ago)
Wish this game was on PS4 . Xbox always getting the good ass games
edgar donato (3 months ago)
What system is this on sir
DEAD sherlock (3 months ago)
Nice duo dude.subbed n liked. . And don't mind those guys in the comment who says your using a keyboard it's just that they'v never felt or seen a controller before 😂
Steve Last (3 months ago)
Can anybody tell me what the red spot means?????
TwoFive (3 months ago)
y'all boys put in work!!!! real nice
Holliday Season (3 months ago)
That's some good stuff! Liked and subscribed 😁. I upload Xbox PUBG Highlights and funny moments, check me out, then hit me up so we can play 👍🏼
Yaimdan (4 months ago)
Looks like the biggest fucking faggot
Proximitty (4 months ago)
My mom says that to me every day :'(
Court Sullivan (4 months ago)
Hell yea, love the Juturna poster!
Psicopata Cabronazo (4 months ago)
broken game
Tyga187 nTL (4 months ago)
is xbox one s tun battleground with 60 fps ?
NathWhite2000 (4 months ago)
PUBG on XBOX is sick got 35 wins so far and 2208 kills my goal is to get a 100 wins
Joris Dumont (4 months ago)
Slinkier TV (4 months ago)
ADD ME SGG Slinkier i hold world record for 24kills on my half plus whatever my team got on na severs . I have proof to show you if you dont believe i just want people to know the actully rec is higher than what you got
Joseph Bonaparte (4 months ago)
GG guys!
EasyyBakedd (4 months ago)
your going hard, whats your kill rating? i got a 2100 rn
JackDaise (4 months ago)
Love the vid but why get exited when you win lol does that not happen to often for you guys, anyways gg
xloserx 62 (4 months ago)
I like how pubg is more realistic then fortnite like no double pump or double revolver but fortnite is still an awesome game but I have ps4
Why not Live green (4 months ago)
Ever down to play duo or squads with subs? I’m pretty damn good and always looking for better people to play with.
No Body (5 months ago)
"is that a guy? [aims] that's a bush" literally me almost every game 😂
Lexy Anh (5 months ago)
Where are they going?
Cris Pastrana (5 months ago)
I liked but had to unlike cuz it was at 666 if I liked I’ll come back latr to like
Austin Bertrand (5 months ago)
Good shit
Stash PHL (5 months ago)
Anybody knows if he plays on Xbox one s or Xbox one x?? My game isn't this smooth..
Joseph Williams (5 months ago)
Stash PHL this before patch 7 lol.... xbox one x is almost unplayable at the moment
claire M (5 months ago)
Any info on the new maps coming to Xbox?
Michael Israel (5 months ago)
Fuck ya dude
Speros (5 months ago)
Yo Prox, I'm top 100 kill rating for duo. I create PUBG content now but I'm looking for a duo to make gameplay content with that is also a content creator. If you're trying to play let me know! Add me on xbox: Speros OG. Just shoot me a message or an invite.
Chiza Chinda (3 months ago)
I watch u
JDaveSb (3 months ago)
If you are looking to make money off playing this game message Out Sb on Xbox and we can play some tourneys together. I have made 150 bucks from this game alone.
John Patrick (5 months ago)
Guy gets a 1 hit knockdown with a kar, yet I shoot someone 4 times with the kar...and they don’t even go down smh.
jessie lopez (3 months ago)
John Patrick yeah I agree I think this guy is cheating some how
Erik Back (5 months ago)
I think johny long hair here might be my favorite streamer for this game on xbox.
Proximitty (5 months ago)
Erik Back “Johnny long hair” lmfaoooo
MrMacusM (5 months ago)
This guys a bit of a B...., “come get me! Come get me!”😑
Robert Wojdyla (4 months ago)
You'll be alright
MrMacusM (4 months ago)
Jack Daise how is that at all calmly ? Trash? 😂😂 Okay mate
JackDaise (4 months ago)
MrMacusM he said come get me calmly lmao how is that acting like a bitch lol just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you should talk trash to others
MrMacusM (5 months ago)
Still acting like a b****
Robert Wojdyla (5 months ago)
I don't think it's selfish. Desperate and risky? Probably. He ended up helping the team win in the end so the risk paid off.
Andrew Bowman (5 months ago)
You look like one of the kids who hogs the basketball
Lawrence Yeomans (4 months ago)
Andrew Bowman lmao
Awstrich (5 months ago)
Do you ever play with your subscribers
PeaceKeeper 229 (5 months ago)
Awesome.... very nice..
Pablo rios (5 months ago)
Can you do First person videos soon, it’s way Harder & more competitive.
Civ God (5 months ago)
If you wanna play with the best player ever on Xbox drop your GT.. I’ll add you and we can win.
DragonzBall Peh (5 months ago)
Civ God same as my username. Except the second "L" on ball is an uppercase i
Civ God (5 months ago)
DragonzBall Peh yet you didn’t drop your gt
DragonzBall Peh (5 months ago)
Civ God All the proof I need
Civ God (5 months ago)
DragonzBall Peh it’s the best. That’s all you have to know
DragonzBall Peh (5 months ago)
Civ God How are you the best? What's your final 10 and win rate?
EvG_Zxro (5 months ago)
what is your sensetivity bro?
Soldado Perneta Xbox (5 months ago)
Monster's ! nice gameplay man ! Cheers from Brazil !
PruneJews (5 months ago)
Mouse and keyboard good job
Manny M (5 months ago)
jyobah listen closely it’s a controller
Donald King (5 months ago)
X is the way to play looks and plays better
Micah Chester (5 months ago)
GuttralPanda48 (5 months ago)
Love the xbox pubg vids keep it up!
Trey Williams (6 months ago)
Dude. You guys are beasts!!! Love it.
Cammy Adams (6 months ago)
Cocky white guy get ur head out yo ass
Proximitty (6 months ago)
Blake Lego icon721 (6 months ago)
Beauty, I'd love to see some controller gameplay of PUBG. Great vids man
Proximitty (6 months ago)
This is on controller though :P
Arbiter (6 months ago)
You should play fortnite
Eyzac (6 months ago)
KRIBZ 45 (6 months ago)
This was a great watch keep them coming
GX Gamer (6 months ago)
Hey Prox GX here wondering if you could help me get my first win ???
GamingCentral (6 months ago)
Wylie Blackhurst (6 months ago)
Will you do another video about Pubg tips for Xbox please.
Omega8kilo (6 months ago)
What are all your sensitivity settings?
Soul Killer 87 (6 months ago)
Blake Lego icon721 Nah, playing on high sensitivity or not doesn't make you any better or worse.
Blake Lego icon721 (6 months ago)
Omega8kilo everything is on 10 cuz I'm MLG
David Ferro (6 months ago)
sensitivity settings please!! thanks
Omega8kilo (6 months ago)
Proximitty. Well hurry up Prox!! We are all waiting patiently
Proximitty (6 months ago)
Gonna make a video about that today :)
BastonTV (6 months ago)
PUBG The best game of The YEAR 😍😍
Osprey Gaming (6 months ago)
Nicely done. Gotta try and stop moving while youre shooting so much though man. Force of habit from Halo im sure but its hurting your accuracy.
Lyle J (6 months ago)
DUS x SSJ4 x yes if you have the choice to not move while shooting it’s always better as it minimizes the bullet spread and makes it much more accurate.
Osprey Gaming (6 months ago)
I completely understand what you are saying. And I agree, standing completely still is asking for trouble 100%. When you are in the open you have no choice but to try and strafe between shots. But youre much better off when available to use cover to peak. Just noticed Cole's moving ALOT when shooting, even when not under pressure. Scaling back a bit will improve his shot, as I said its muscle memory from other shooters. Halo you are basically holding forward 90% of the time lol.
Lyle J (6 months ago)
DUS x SSJ4 x but standing completely still leaves you vulnerable to easy headshots, I say practice strafing while shooting and get good at it cuz people will miss a lot of shots on you doing that. People who stand still and shoot are easy kills
Anthony Ferreira (6 months ago)
this game looks terrible on console
Alexis Roanoa (3 months ago)
Thats highly Subjective, i think it looks fine. Compared to pc? Yeah, it objectively looks worse. But so do ALL games on console contrasted/compared to pc.
FormdBeast (4 months ago)
You were dropped on your head huh.
FormdBeast (4 months ago)
lol with my PC everything is rendered right when it switches to the plane.
FormdBeast (4 months ago)
Yeah i have 32Gb's ram and a NVidia GTX 1070 8gb GPU and im getting 130-145 fps
FormdBeast (4 months ago)
See the problem with console people are, apparently you all are retarded, and can't spell shit correctly. You pay a base price for a basic console. We pay extra to identify our PC's
Jloo (6 months ago)
Looks badd? or just vid
Bjaxx (6 months ago)
How u use meds etc.. without going to inventory
Donald Williams (6 months ago)
Bjaxx press down on direction pad to cycle through meds/ boosts and hold down on direction pad to use them
John (6 months ago)
Are these dudes playing with controllers or keyboard and mouse?
Aaron Moore (5 months ago)
Paul only youtuber i k ow who uses a bitch ass xim4 is ThedynastyYT he is a pos nerd with a KnM on xbox. Then he talks shit whwn kids call him out and his replys are nit had cause u guys cant afford a xim lmfao. Like all KnM users do thry dont wanna admit its cheating whwn it is. Help report thedynastyt
Nomad AU (5 months ago)
Paul those are buttons my dude and a analog stick
Paul (5 months ago)
You can hear the keyboard clicking away 😂
Lyle J (6 months ago)
Proximitty can you post your sens settings? Even a screenshot of em and just show it in a video?
John (6 months ago)
not too bad mother fucker
ABlaster_12 (6 months ago)
Why buy pubg when there's Fortnite which is free and way better
Manny M (5 months ago)
This kid obviously needs the gay beaten out of him.
Sterilite 15 (5 months ago)
Cuz pubg is way better duh 🙄
Lyle J (6 months ago)
I will say there is definitely more action in Fortnite and you get a lot more kills but I don’t agree with aim assist in BR games. Pubg can be aggravating sometimes but it’s still fun, just gets annoying sometimes getting like a kill in beginning then not seeing anyone for like 20 mins and you didn’t find a car so you spend that time running circle to circle. I think if they had a smaller map there would be a lot more action and gunfights throughout.
EvilestRenn (6 months ago)
John better if your a kid and less skilful ;)
Lyle J (6 months ago)
Soul Killer 87 you must be dumb if you thought I was stating that pubg needs aim assist...
Johnny Wilburn (6 months ago)
What's your setting??
VeNoMz (6 months ago)
wow stop bullying christmas noobs Cole i would've never done this.
Deathknowz Gaming Gaming (6 months ago)
bluehole didnt reply to bug i discovered on xbox so heres the glitch. when match starts run to a table that has something on it still. Press X and then A immediately after to vault the table. it glitches you out the map and you don't die to zone. 100% winrate please spread so blue hole will fix asap.
Noah Munir (6 months ago)
What fps does Xbox get now
Brittani Henley (6 months ago)
Like 20-30
Notorious 23 (6 months ago)
What are your settings
Oculus Mikki (6 months ago)
I got 18 kills alone in duos.
Mansoor Anwari (25 days ago)
I got 15 in a solo duo
Zachary Wagner (2 months ago)
I just went straight from your video to this one. Don’t understand why you feel the need to be commenting something as stupid as that on a video like this. Seriously, I don’t think any good came out of such a stupid comment
heat4yoass (2 months ago)
yeah...okay. Video or it never happened.
Tyler Scott (2 months ago)
Oculus Mikki I've never gotten more than 7
Matthew Russell (2 months ago)
20 in duo
Best gameplay ive seen of pubg yet
Ancient Behemoth (6 months ago)
Just got my first chicken dinner solo on PC, all while watching your video :)
Warren Paul (6 months ago)
Great video! Could i ask what sensitive your using?
FC Orange (6 months ago)
Hey could you tell me how you have your weapon switcher on the bottom? For me mine is on the right side of the screen? Thanks
Lyle J (6 months ago)
Yo proximity this dude pointed something out and I now notice that you also don’t have the vest/helmet or backpack logos above your health bar. The first update and the second didnt apply for some people unless they uninstalled and reinstalled the game. You should have those logos so I believe you need to uninstall and reinstall yo. I had to reinstall mine and then the logos of ur gear will appear over your health bar on left side and it weapons will all be on the right.
CudoesSmith 79 (6 months ago)
Is there anything you guys are not good at? What a win!! Well done!
cosgrove360 (6 months ago)
At 5:20 how did you start healing like that without going into your inventory? What do you need to press?
Proximitty (6 months ago)
cosgrove360 down on your D-Pad to select the item then hold it to use it
HeroicASF (6 months ago)
Dude make sure your SEO is on point for this vid, lots of people would click this from a search
Better RunGaming (6 months ago)
Beast ass team work I’m down to play with you guys anytime
ssoboguh (6 months ago)
Okaaay prox, you got me
Nasser Arc (6 months ago)
Weird how I don't want to play this game and still enjoy watching you guys go. I'm sticking with halo but great content, man.
Trey Heywood (6 months ago)
I’ll always love halo but man I have been addicted to this game
chris galeana (6 months ago)
Really glad you are making content on the Xbox version of pubg. People keep saying it’s ass but they just don’t know how to use a controller.
Alexis Roanoa (3 months ago)
chris galeana i agree, ive played it on the xbox one s and loved it, first game i made it to top 10. I had zero problems with lag, movement hitches, etc. The only issue i experienced was rendering while dropping in. Other than that, its great.
Jose Manuel (4 months ago)
It’s not ass because we don’t know how to use a controller it’s ass because it doesn’t run good, you rubber band when you land the buildings are all Minecraft buildings the inside of the house takes a while to load it’s just completely ass.
MegaArmani (5 months ago)
chris galeana That doesn't sound like a good PC then...
GUNzog weed (5 months ago)
BenjaminFairclough Fuck ur PC! I only have Xbox and i play pub g and guess what I enjoy every second of it
Nividia Shits On AMD (5 months ago)
chris galeana Bro you either got screwed or your PC is ass and your lying. I can get a rock solid 60fps on high settings after the 1.0 update. I'm rocking a i5 gtx 1050ti with 8 gigs of ram. About a 600 dollar pre built PC.
Peach SakeBomb (6 months ago)
I love you Cole
mckay olson (6 months ago)
Yesssssssssss more PUBG!!!! I’m addicted to this game!! Great content cole😊
II Dr TStock II (6 months ago)
i need more of this
ASOGAMERS (6 months ago)
Any aiming tips - what are your sensitivity settings - I can’t aim for crap in this game - any advice would be much appreciated
Jake Allen (13 days ago)
Drop places where a lot of people are and just get into fire fights to get better at aiming and to become calmer in fights
ASOGAMERS (5 months ago)
Thank You
GRANT Lawrence (5 months ago)
ASOGAMERS deadzone and aim acceleration set to zero for the best responsiveness on xbox, im ranked top 200 in duos on xbox and everyhigh ranked player ive talked to says the same thing, all the other ones are preference really but i run 6 on general aim settings and 4 on all scopes except 15x i use a 2
Michael Moa (6 months ago)
goldnnation (6 months ago)
You playing with mouse and keyboard?
Soul Killer 87 (6 months ago)
Funny how ppl see a player shooting real good on console & immediately thinks it's a keyboard & mouse SMH.
goldnnation (6 months ago)
Proximitty then nicely done!
Proximitty (6 months ago)
goldnnation nah man this is a controller
Chris Diaz (6 months ago)
Hey dude I just want to know who’s the better player and if you could rank them better (in halo or pugb) and if you could can you explain each of their role ?? Much love man from Puerto Rico ✌️✌️
Chris Diaz (6 months ago)
Hey dude I just want to know who’s the better player and if you could rank them better (in halo or pugb
Benjamin Jeffery (6 months ago)
This video is gonna get a lot of views
G Snatcher (6 months ago)
Damn son, you're getting gooooooooood. How many hours you played of PUBG?
Gamer Jules (2 months ago)
G Snatcher mean days
Proximitty (6 months ago)
G Snatcher not sure... but a lot haha
Miles Therkelsen (6 months ago)
nice vid prox that was awesome!
COMPL3XED SW (6 months ago)
I love watching your videos dude lol
RehabMedia (6 months ago)
Damn this is wild. I’ve been getting like 7 kill wins max and have been getting hype
markimarkslov3story (6 months ago)
Is this game worth getting thought about buying it
Soul Killer 87 (6 months ago)
No, most early access games are automatically upgrade to full version if you bought it early to help out the development of it. But, PubG devs can do it differently though. I got Ark, The long dark full versions & I only paid for the early access version
Michal Šranko (6 months ago)
300h on PC and still fucking fun :D
markimarkslov3story (6 months ago)
Thanks I'll just buy it while it's cheep. Lol every time I don't jump on stuff like this I regret it later
RehabMedia (6 months ago)
markimarkslov3story it’s hard to say. It wouldn’t surprise me if the price goes up at full release (we’re talking about Microsoft here). But, pc just got it’s full release and as far as I know, it’s still $30
markimarkslov3story (6 months ago)
Thanks I didn't realize it wasn't the full release yet
Mad Magikarp (6 months ago)

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