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All highlights are from my stream :D ► Follow me! TWITTER → https://twitter.com/shroud TWITCH → https://www.twitch.tv/shroud YOUTUBE (2ND) → https://goo.gl/e4dRqE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👌Channel Manager - https://twitter.com/stun_empire ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (1956)
Jauzan Kalo (1 day ago)
09:39 - 10:06 LMAO #hahahahamoment
XClown Team (1 day ago)
Waduuuuu hekkkk
Wadu crying😿
Beyagie Kabb (3 days ago)
Who is wadu
Ravinder Kaur (5 days ago)
1:22 one bullet kill
Sophea Meng (5 days ago)
8:24 hahaha
Bảo Thái (5 days ago)
Zhar borneo (5 days ago)
play like a god😀
Steve Bricks (5 days ago)
Why is shroud silent at the beginning?
Nitish Sharma (6 days ago)
What is wadu
Swagnik Dutta (6 days ago)
anyone seen the name of the player AlooGobi XDD
YT Princemoon (5 days ago)
Swagnik Dutta Lol U Kahta Hai Aloo Or Gobbi
Eureka ryn (6 days ago)
Wadu is like groot.. only chosen people can understand what em saying 🤣
Titik savianingrum (6 days ago)
Shourd are you not play with wadu?
Hasan Dilshad Husain (6 days ago)
0:26 only Indians will understand
Evan Jones (6 days ago)
8:05 yo wadu came down like a badass
twixt (6 days ago)
1:22 nice nose ;)
Tinopinoh (7 days ago)
Wadu hek
Republic of Braveland (8 days ago)
Wa Du Hek! Wadu hek!
Roy Rehi (8 days ago)
Anyone know who real waduhek ?
Wadu hek
tam cô nương chane (8 days ago)
He like you waduuuuuuuuuu hek
no0nehates you (10 days ago)
8:41 caption : *“ Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider Wider... ”* 😥
amiel torres (10 days ago)
best duo haha WADU WADU WADU!!!!!!
Luna (11 days ago)
I pissed my pants when Wadu mocked Shroud 😂😂
Sucuk Bey (12 days ago)
Wadu hek
Stephen Ryan Sevilla (13 days ago)
Wadu say lol
GrazQuesWexExort (13 days ago)
Hadu Wek?
Jbbwckz SKT (13 days ago)
what server shroud play?
Gokul Patil (14 days ago)
0:27 you killed aloo gobi(potato-cabbage)
Danish Iman (15 days ago)
Who is wadu
FdnRIOs (16 days ago)
G zero gaming 77 (16 days ago)
Wadu Is King Of Parkour
Mack Savage (17 days ago)
Wadu is so underrated! He's an actual G at this game! 💯💪
TheToxicman2000 (17 days ago)
Why you play with that asshole? He is like Groot.
TheToxicman2000 (8 days ago)
Well, im not a comedian, but i don't get the humor of saying "wadu wadu waduheck"
Rice Krispy (9 days ago)
TheToxicman2000 Well, wadu is a pretty humorous guy that you i guess?
Thijs Doornbos (18 days ago)
ARMY男飯佈雷澤 (19 days ago)
Ankit Tandel (19 days ago)
Wadu hek.
Emily Duerre (19 days ago)
I thought you were wadu!?
dank dank (19 days ago)
Shroud speaks wadu
Frizzy FX (21 days ago)
Wadu Heck!!
*CYKA* *BLYAT* (21 days ago)
Only Shroud and Gods Can speak wadus language
*CYKA* *BLYAT* (18 days ago)
Cornbob Free Fire I think
Cornbob Free Fire (18 days ago)
i can speak wadu's launguage, am i a god?
vinny (21 days ago)
We want more wadu duos
vinny (21 days ago)
Spyder Gg (21 days ago)
Wadu Hek sounds like a Pokemon.
carol elevado (21 days ago)
I like Wadu and Bananaman
truong le minh (22 days ago)
i hope i will be watch video like that duos or squad with wadu
Kats072307 (23 days ago)
I love watching you 2 together PUBG at its best
10:02 Wadu Hek : (Get off From Shroud) Shroud : Stop Wadu I Will Revive You Wadu Hek : Wadu....(Cry) Shroud : Come On Stop I Need You
Vile Säteraas (24 days ago)
I like the part when he says wadu
FearLess (24 days ago)
8:46 😂
FearLess (24 days ago)
!Wadu Hek Wadu Hek !
Technical Prasenjit (26 days ago)
Black world (26 days ago)
Cooooooool video brooooo
Josh Murray (26 days ago)
Did Shroud really pronounced the U.M.P the ump
Siddhu Shankar (27 days ago)
0:35 how did u spot him? Wowww
TheUnknown: Rusty (27 days ago)
To be this show (27 days ago)
Abdelrahman Saeid (27 days ago)
Damn that was fun as hell
UBER53 (28 days ago)
onlarda wadu türklerde uber rammus53 <3
animeFanBoy 07 (28 days ago)
kulani siki.
Koi (28 days ago)
Word on the street is that Shroud has a fat cock.
You Must See This (1 month ago)
Romeo and Juliet is nothin
John Carlo (1 month ago)
Damn shroud you make pubg look easy. I'm very bad at this game.
Apple Gaming (1 month ago)
I need to understand the wadu language
Abhinav Choudhary (1 month ago)
What is wadu someone please tell new guy
NeXt Gene (1 month ago)
*WADU HEK,WAAAAADUUUU HEK* (it means love this comment)
Comepunk Channel (1 month ago)
Are he's crazy?
jesterzx 2123 (1 month ago)
Wadu wadu wadu wadu wadu WADU HEKT
SepZach (1 month ago)
A wild Wadu appears!
Đức Giang Bùi (1 month ago)
Gaminglizard11 (1 month ago)
Never use a m416 with suppressor its trash, I have experience
Shen Xiang (1 month ago)
What is the result bruv
Savage Dude (1 month ago)
lmao the dude they ran over!
Kunal P (1 month ago)
Was that guy some kind of Pikachu version .. 😂
dill weed (1 month ago)
Press F to pay respects to Wadu F
wholesome content
Shawn Cool (1 month ago)
*WADU* hek is going on at the beginning is it just hell on earth
sambuca619 (1 month ago)
Do you think people should get permanent bans if they keep on cheating or teamkilling?
Fan MrDeeLee (1 month ago)
nenver let wadu take a drive you know what happend
Nachols Xd (1 month ago)
More please shroud:(
old Radio (1 month ago)
that's so annoying! WADU WADU.. fck
Can Feda (1 month ago)
Ammaar Liberty (1 month ago)
Awww, this is love Itll be nice if they meet one day😂👌🏾
Sans Vanoss (1 month ago)
Truckin Rebel Child (1 month ago)
冬日唷CBo (1 month ago)
Bo Meshkowitz (1 month ago)
Its like rocket and groot or han solo and chebacca
larry and lobbi (1 month ago)
Shroud why don't you play PUBG MOBILE
Hingle McCringleberry (1 month ago)
Tene Lux (1 month ago)
wtf was the filthy frank xd
Thomas Woo (1 month ago)
6:17 got hit by your car on purpose and blackmail you = 碰瓷?
Jesher Glendon (1 month ago)
Wadu is freaking CRAZY hahahahahahahahahahah I laugh out loud here hahahahahaha
ARK Officials (1 month ago)
Most Unlucky Headshots https://youtu.be/L5zoZ-vuHtY
Nash Darantinao (1 month ago)
Wadu is so cute
Gabr Val (1 month ago)
Wadu hek
NAZ JAMMING (1 month ago)
shroud can you do the full without cuttung/trimming??
How the fuck are you understand WaDu
Danauygsngtdalam (1 month ago)
HITY QWERTY (1 month ago)
7:55 Shroud: I don't think I can do that Wadu Wadu:Watdu hek 8:01 Shroud: Oh oh~ Wadu help me Wadu: Watdu hek 8:19 Shroud: Wadu use a real gun Wadu: Watdu hek

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