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How To Make PUBG Run Better On The Xbox One

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How To Make PUBG Run Better On The Xbox One-The Frames Are Ugly As Of Now But There Are Ways To Improve The FPS In PUBG Give PUBG an fps boost - PUBG gameplay - PUBG on the Xbox One Follow Me On Twitter-https://twitter.com/streakzc Streakz cL
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Text Comments (546)
Duggy (1 month ago)
Input lag is the delay between your controller and your screen
Alien Network (2 months ago)
I always used wireless, try usuing Ethernet cable , and having a good internet is a plus . I’m usuing Ethernet and it’s so much better
Weirdo Mane (3 months ago)
Is this the original xbox one or the xbox one s
Happee Birthdae (3 months ago)
This game is straight dogshit
Streakz cL (3 months ago)
It's funny cause one of the people on my comments swear I'm playing on PC and switching back and forth during the video....lmao it does work maybe not a major change but it's something
Happee Birthdae (3 months ago)
Streakz cL btw idk why i havent heard of doin this but it actually worked a bit better. Wont get to capture anything but its all good
Streakz cL (3 months ago)
TwiStedTentom (3 months ago)
So we have to sacrifice the option to record clips so we can play the game somewhat properly?
Streakz cL (3 months ago)
Unless you buy a external capture device yes that seems to be the case I haven't tried turning back on and off to see if you can do that mid game
RINGLEADER (3 months ago)
Looks like he's on the Xbox one x at the end almost like he changed the system. Pay attention to the lighting and coloring
Streakz cL (3 months ago)
Well you just go ahead and continue to believe that lmao
RINGLEADER (3 months ago)
Streakz cL. That must explain why you didn't show the settings or anything or proved it was on the same console you wouldn't be offended if it wasn't true and clearly the lighting is different I know the difference and no I'm not trying that because its clearly retarded and false
Streakz cL (3 months ago)
Are you mentally handicap? Why would I change systems to make a video? I could just say anything and people like you would try it regardless lmao
Mr Pengwen (4 months ago)
Oh u can load onto spawn island... i Can't.
Tony staton (4 months ago)
I have a Xbox x in living room and Xbox s in bedroom and they both crash the same but the x makes the house render in a lot quicker than s
Nicholas Carpenter (1 month ago)
+Alex Torres Maybe he bought it with his own money
Alex Torres (1 month ago)
Bruh your spoiled
Nicholas Carpenter (1 month ago)
The X has more power bud
DROC0528 (4 months ago)
"Look it up, its every where on YouTube" but imma gonna make a video about it.
DROC0528 (4 months ago)
Streakz cL haha i bet you would be the pussy....
Streakz cL (4 months ago)
Get off my dick hatin ass pussy
DROC0528 (4 months ago)
Streakz cL im good thx
Streakz cL (4 months ago)
Do it bro follow the wave my man
Zay Gootee (4 months ago)
What fucking option you idiot
Streakz cL (4 months ago)
Give off my comments with the name calling pussy
Will Strickland (4 months ago)
People really lose their shit about the 1st few seconds of the game lol
Streakz cL (4 months ago)
You ain't lying
Christopher Grimaldi (4 months ago)
Your voice is similar to cdnthe3rd’s
Streakz cL (4 months ago)
i guess thats not a bad thing lol
Streakz cL (4 months ago)
aye i guess thats a good thing i stream as well check me out sometime
J purrp (5 months ago)
Pubg is more frustrating on consoles then forrnite
DrewSpeedDemon (5 months ago)
What fuckin option?
No Life (5 months ago)
i love this game just a little bit better than fortnite. i honestly don't like the fantasy aspect of fortnite. but this is what i hate about pubg on xbox .is if you drop early. on xbox the houses are blobs and you fall through roofs.
Habodude 05 (5 months ago)
It's weird that it plays better on a phone! Lmao
Streakz cL (4 months ago)
hahahaha it really does
Its lagging cause your shit wifi
James Backwardz (5 months ago)
1000th like
Christopher Griffin (6 months ago)
My samsung 8s has better graphics then xbox and its a phone 🤣🤣🤣
JBFan99 (6 months ago)
Casually finds an AR suppressor on that first run like no big deal, nice.
Kermit DaFrog (6 months ago)
WhiteBoi 55550 (6 months ago)
Cryptic Ice (6 months ago)
The xbox one X is probabley better looking
Cryptic Ice (6 months ago)
Pubg needs to be added to ps4. The graphics would probabley be in more control. And the lag would lessen. But i got to admit the game is gross compared to the PC gameplay
XmX Dragon (6 months ago)
I'm pretty sure it helped the graphics, the graphics before made it look like a drunk 4 year old designed the game.
Bandito mandito (6 months ago)
When you look right at a lvl 2 backpack and have a lvl one but say that’s all that was here
TEZE foe (6 months ago)
Captain Plunder (6 months ago)
For more pubg xbox one content search "Captain Plunder" on YouTube
KhrOpiE (6 months ago)
Because of your internet
Rich YAC (6 months ago)
How would you be able to improve the FPS anyway
rylo14 (6 months ago)
Knowing the game is in beta, i would just like to hear the devs propose something that could make the graphics and load times better. They dont have to get it done like rn but id just like to know what they can do in the future
GamingOnABudget (6 months ago)
Even the one S runs it better. It only costs 299.
Lil G (6 months ago)
What setting do you disable
Mr. SlippyFist (6 months ago)
Its so much better now with new updates.
joe bloggs (6 months ago)
I wish you would just say what option you just go on and on get on with it bro
Pascal Boivin (6 months ago)
It' a PC capture fonny post only to get views this guy is a joke look look at the backpack up ass ...
Streakz cL (6 months ago)
Look when I jump from the plane dumbass its an Xbox One fucking ignorant fuck boy
Daryl Ramos (6 months ago)
Sometimes I wonder if Microsoft is making games laggy on purpose to encourage One X sales 🤔
Will Beachem (6 months ago)
Xbox One X does not have this issue.
Streakz cL (6 months ago)
Oh but it does for anyone that believes this guy look up digital foundry's video the original Xbox One runs just as good sometimes better than the X once again DigitalFoundry
XxDat GuyxX1 (6 months ago)
My game is fine idk what ur talking about probably ur internet
Pascal Boivin (6 months ago)
This is not running on Xbox one or Xbox one S or...X Because there is no " the ultimate life and death experience" at the loading screen under P...U...B...G right before the island where all the players are waiting to board the plane on the consoles version
Streakz cL (6 months ago)
Are you mentally retarded like the guy above you?
Pascal Boivin (6 months ago)
Streakz cL to get views maybe ....😁😀😁
Streakz cL (6 months ago)
Are you really that dumb? Why TF would I fake it?
TalentOverLuck Branscome (6 months ago)
Thx man I appreciate that
CristianVD (7 months ago)
Xbox one x?
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
No this was an S but the X runs like trash as well
Wildcard (7 months ago)
refers to it as "the setting" before saying what it is 6 minutes into a 7 minute video. Dog...
Daryl Ramos (6 months ago)
Waited 6 minutes to find out something I already do lol
Wildcard (6 months ago)
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Hater Alert Again!
K3 - Breezy (7 months ago)
Thanks I'll check it out. My cousin sent me this link
Michael Quigley (7 months ago)
Poorly done video. Not helpful and for views only
Streakz cL (6 months ago)
Another Hater! Thank You So Much! It definitely is useful tho....
Masterhalo012 (7 months ago)
When you kept lagging back that's your connection
Lucas Kirkland (7 months ago)
You sound like a white piece of prison trash.
Streakz cL (6 months ago)
I'm sure you do lmao but yet don't own a PC to play pubg on
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
You sound like a very uneducated human being. Your probably 25 with no job an a supporter of Donald Trump lmao
Fire (7 months ago)
This is why I quit console gaming....
Unknown Error (7 months ago)
The only problem i have is inside buildings not rendering and getting stuck in a fkn barrel good times
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
It's better then when I made this video at least
Dan Del Aguaro (7 months ago)
Step one: Unplug your Xbox One Step Two: Throw it away. Step Three: Join PC Master Race!
BasicallyDed __ (7 months ago)
Thanks good vid may consider this
Amir Zareie (7 months ago)
Your connection sucks
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Lmao my dl an upload are amazing so...... I don't know how you're assuming that
Jedidiah Clark (7 months ago)
Wonderful video! Thanks!
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Np man I appreciate it. They actually added a new way to enable and disable the DVR in the game options now so it's a lot easier
Laughing Coffin (7 months ago)
Disliked due to fortnige refrences
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Do whatcha do homie
Runen Rayray (7 months ago)
I hate when things spawn in late.. I got stuck in between a couch and the wall when that happened .. Look like i was free falling..
hoodhawkTV (7 months ago)
Had to come back and leave a like and sub it really that junk really worked.
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Thank Ya Man update videos and pubg news coming soon
KDiiX (7 months ago)
Dropping frames is not the same like rubber banding. In the first building of that video the game was rubber banding. That had nothing to do with frames!
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Yeah rubber banding is network lag but the frames them self are here horrible in this game
JJ Garvey Rodriguez (7 months ago)
I have a regular Xbox and it runs with like 40-45 fps without disabling the feature.
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Lmao them you have no clue what fps is hahaha pubg is capped at a Max of 30 fps on console facts
Ian Deese (7 months ago)
@streakz cl you realize its a game preview right? Like the developers are letting you play the game before its all the way finished idk why thats so hard to understand lol thats why everything is fucked rn
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
It's been a game preview on PC forever now and still isn't "fixed" so.......I'm not sure what your trying to say
Rick Svendsen (7 months ago)
As long as you don't have Walmart internet it runs smooth. Just started playing on Xbox one x.
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Untrue I have 300 download 50 upload
SCRUMBLEDMUFFIN ! (7 months ago)
Your roasting the fuck outta all these haters streak lmao I like it! Ima subscribe
SCRUMBLEDMUFFIN ! (7 months ago)
Streakz cL I got you my man
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
More videos coming soon bro I appreciate the sub frfr
Alucard (7 months ago)
Why the fuck does pubs g look like shit with hdr on it looks so dark i have to play with hrd off to have a normal picture
BreakdanceTutorials (7 months ago)
Nice, so whenever you've got a nice kill you can't record it. Nah I'mma stick to the lag then.
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Whatever floats your boat my guy but for the ones with an external capture card it's helps the gameplay
LANG DANG CHANG (7 months ago)
I miss my PC lol, but good video man!
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Thanks bro I appreciate it
Bethebest (7 months ago)
Don’t know what everyone’s problem is I’m on Xbox running 20mb sky internet and always renders in fine think your all looking to far into it and try looking at your connection first “kinda the only thing that will differ between us all on Xbox” if ya connection is wack it’s WACK
Quentin Hacker (7 months ago)
What setting is he talking about ?
Gabe Garcia (7 months ago)
He's playing on original Xbox one
Gabe Garcia (7 months ago)
Streakz cL I have PC version too but there's to many cheaters on PC. If it doesn't run good on your Xbox x it sucks to be you.
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
I have an X an it's far from running good lmao but I guess you've never touched pubg on a PC before
Gabe Garcia (7 months ago)
Streakz cL WOW mine never loaded in tables n stuff so slowly when I had the one s. I upgraded to Xbox x though so mine runs pubg cherry.
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Actually this was the S
Alex 99 (7 months ago)
You sound like Eminem lmao
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Alex 99 (7 months ago)
Streakz cL yup all in one 😂
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
I've got that and Snoop lmao and Eddie Griffin
Pacmanhits Pac (7 months ago)
He landed far away so the houses can load
Random Ice lol (7 months ago)
It works a lot better thanks
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Your welcome bro
Viking Gaming (7 months ago)
its a game preview. the game is still being updated. sometimes it may be laggy, buggy, that should be expected
Freddy Bauer (7 months ago)
You need the one x for this not to happen. The xbox one is not powerful enough.
Hector Lopez (7 months ago)
I have an Xbox One Day One Edition the game runs very well, I have the game installed in a external seagate 2tb USB 3.0. The house load 3 times faster vs installed on the internal hard drive.
KingJay504 (7 months ago)
How much did I cost
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
That's what I was told using an SSD speeds it up well 2
Hector Lopez (7 months ago)
And most of the time I play while streaming on Mixer.
Brian Briseno (7 months ago)
Disable broadcast and capture. That’s what he does, he may delete this because he wants you to see the whole thing. You’re welcome
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Why in the world would I delete it lmao? I don't make a cent off of YouTube. I just think it's annoying people are so lazy nowadays to not watch a 6 min video hahahaha
The Ish (7 months ago)
Buy a one x and you'll be fine. Still an occasional crash but all g
The Ish (7 months ago)
The Ish (7 months ago)
Streakz cL lmao....ur too easy man. Get butt hurt about ur monitor. I just do this shit for fun bro😂😂😂😂
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Not sure if you've heard of an Acer Predator. I'm assuming not just because of this argument lmao but that's what I play on
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
I play on a $650 4k monitor lmao but it's your lies my man. The fps has been tested jackass smh boy know your argument before you argue
The Ish (7 months ago)
2nd box
only_zero_subs (7 months ago)
Microsoft or EA needs to publish this game on Xbox just to give to better servers
Robert Nickell (7 months ago)
jesus dude this is 6 minutes too long
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Don't watch it then square ass mfr
Daniel C (7 months ago)
Anyone know when the game fully releases?
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Not sure it ever will be I guess we'll see
Daniel C (7 months ago)
Streakz cL I meant like out of "preview mode".
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
It kinda is lmao but just "a work in progress"
SuicidalMarty (7 months ago)
Thnxs you helped a lot!
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
No problem Bro
Matt Boodz (7 months ago)
You take the game and uninstall it and never play it on Xbox...that is the only way to treat trash
Moon .Gazer (7 months ago)
In all honesty, the game needs a legitimate hard patch. You've got modders and hackers running amok and even stat sites for PUBG will outright tell you that data mining the game is useless due to code tampering by hackers. Which could be another cause for network lag. (Conspiracy @[email protected]) The hit detection is spotty as fuck and renders some games unplayable and you may as well lay down on a grenade and get it over with. Ie. I shot a dude five times, while he was down and stationary, blood spraying everywhere, but none counted. I now use a Thompson and spray the FUCK out of players to abuse the networking and ensure a fucking hit. Because how the fuck can you miss, in a hallway, with fifty rounds? NVM. PUBG. I'm going to try this trick today and get back to you. But they need to patch the holy hell out of this game
MrMacusM (7 months ago)
1 you used 1 game each so not reliable, 2 you went straight in a house the first time but second ran about like a headless chicken waiting for the stuff to load in, 3 both games looked the exact same but repeating stupid things like “oh okay yeah this definitely seems a lot better, you’re just gonna have to trust me guys” eh what ? 😑
baccwxxds all day (7 months ago)
I play on Xbox One S and a 4k TV
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Yeah but the Xbox one s only runs it at 1080
Trever Poulin (7 months ago)
Disabled it then had the best game of my life. 8 kills with the chicken dinner! Just couldn't record any of it ffs.
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Ik its a huge downfall but then again at least it runs better 😀
Wintersage (7 months ago)
Tried it, and it did help with the network lag, not as much with house and loot loading though, but still helpful.
Wintersage (7 months ago)
Tried it, and it did help with the network lag, not as much with house and loot loading though, but still helpful.
Carlos Lopez (7 months ago)
Do you need xbox live to play this
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Yes you do bro
Caleb Silk (7 months ago)
Yeah but sometimes I like to get game clips
CHRONICK (7 months ago)
If you get a One X the whole map is spawned in the plane
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Yes but still runs like shit
Bass-Slayin! (7 months ago)
Found a damn AR suppressor and you quit?
Diego Hernandez (8 months ago)
Hey man, I’m thinking of getting an Xbox soon and I was wondering what your opinion is on whether to get the S or X model?
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
If you have the $$ get an X cause its future proof but if not the S is nice 2 do
Ryan Fenwick (8 months ago)
you sound like eminem
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Lmao at least it isnt snoop this time
isaiah romero (8 months ago)
Wtf is the option
Michael Dagostino (8 months ago)
Bruh why this guy sound like snoop dog
Streakz cL (8 months ago)
+Michael Dagostino aye your not the 1st to say that shit I'm starting to believe it bro. Check out my streams sometime i stream every night usually around 11 est
Crystal Clod (8 months ago)
The best part of the game lagging is being able to run through the house at the very start.
Splash Lauren (7 months ago)
Lol yes
Streakz cL (8 months ago)
+Crystal Clod lmao
GD SuperDucky (8 months ago)
Thx for help me
Streakz cL (8 months ago)
+GD superducky your welcome man and from the comments someone said you can turn off Cortana an it helps
Its Neiyuuki (8 months ago)
The video is fake, there is no “setting” he is just playing it on the Normal xbox one then the Xbox one x.
Johnny Spirals (8 months ago)
What are you changing for this?
Streakz cL (8 months ago)
+Johnny Spirals watch the video
Johnny Spirals (8 months ago)
Streakz cL yea what setting?
Streakz cL (8 months ago)
+Johnny Spirals watch the video
Alex Moore (8 months ago)
For people that do broadcast you can get same results by turning Cortana completely off
Streakz cL (8 months ago)
+Alex Moore that sounds like it would actually work! The more resources you disable the smoother anything runs. Same as a phone if you have alot of apps open its gonna run like crap. Same with a pc as well
Streakz cL (8 months ago)
+Alex Moore that sounds like it would actually work! The more resources you disable the smoother anything runs. Same as a phone if you have alot of apps open its gonna run like crap. Same with a pc as well
02chalkster (8 months ago)
What was the option he enabled and diabled??
McFlyBro (6 months ago)
twopoint Takedown you're fucking retarded
Streakz cL (7 months ago)
Naw i need that pt regardless brother
Mitchell Sanchez (7 months ago)
twopoint Takedown did you not watch the whole video dumb fuck
Apple Lysol (7 months ago)
Streakz cL you still shoulda started the video with 6:10
Luckie 47 (8 months ago)
Streakz cL go to 6:10 and he says it... should of watched before commenting and looking like an ass

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