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Dr Disrespect's Trolls Mexican Teammate (FUNNIEST GAME EVER)! ♦Best of DrDisrespectLive♦

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Text Comments (968)
Joaquín 2x (5 hours ago)
Fuck Dcc 🖕🏼
Aaron Bowley (7 hours ago)
1:37 i want more of this doc
Powerman2442 (1 day ago)
Slick Daddy Club... miss them days!
Mercer (2 days ago)
Tu mexicano is very bad x'd
Moselroemer (2 days ago)
No respect for disrespect!
Tom FuckItDudeCx (2 days ago)
Back when Dr D was not sober coz him wife told him he couldn't drink and was fucking any bitch he felt like. This is when he was gd. Now he's tamed and he's meh.
5cre4my (3 days ago)
Is somebody in this twitch chat over 14 ?
Exploring L.A (4 days ago)
This streamer is cancer to pubg and I hope he goes away for good.
Wade Pana (5 days ago)
This mans doh. 🤣🤣
Scott (6 days ago)
omg so funny!
Amine Work (9 days ago)
h1z1 is so hard
BaranGmr (9 days ago)
he is turkish btw
Ayman Dexter (10 days ago)
I love this guy loll.
Graham Gibson (11 days ago)
6:24 first ‘Do u know da wae’ meme
Steven Aguilera (11 days ago)
What's this game called ?
Daniel Cannon Cannon (12 days ago)
He sounds like Micheal Jackson with that voice
John Paddy (14 days ago)
"Hey, your mother i'll drop you so fast" LoL
prodevel (16 days ago)
Idiot with a wig and sunglasses - no thanks.
Era Blaze (20 days ago)
racist bitch
Morgan k (20 days ago)
I killed one.
Claw Controller© (23 days ago)
Shootchyo pistol lol
WAXEN-JAXON-FLAXIN #1 (23 days ago)
Ibrahim Hamed (24 days ago)
J.A Salazar (25 days ago)
:/ Dude this guy is not Mexican
Drew J (25 days ago)
He sounds like Michael Jackson
Julius Novachrono (26 days ago)
the dude was so nice hahahaha
Lady Mogwa (26 days ago)
wtf lol
Ish Ahmad (28 days ago)
Pro 7 (28 days ago)
Wat game is this
how i can get in? F xD DDDDDDD THX
Daniel Karlsson (29 days ago)
His teammate was really nice about it though.
Deniz Gökberk Koçer (1 month ago)
he's turkish not mexican
Michael Masters (1 month ago)
this is stand up comedy i love it man thanks for the luaghs
Branislav Lukanovic (1 month ago)
What redneck is this doc.
Seans Extreme Gaming (1 month ago)
wait did michael jackson come back from the dead haaha love the voice dr dis
Ornstein 241 (1 month ago)
LUL this chat is totally mayhem, golden quote
James Ledoux (1 month ago)
Which game is this?
Jodie (1 month ago)
This is like he is doing a roleplay of me playing pubg. Literally.
XxFrostfangxX (1 month ago)
Never Itis (1 month ago)
Night Playz (1 month ago)
So white! Atleast he got sum tan
omfgimgettingpissed (1 month ago)
Still one of my favourite Doc vids
Raphael (1 month ago)
The guy is not Mexican. He sounded more like an Indian or Turkish. The video sucks.
Shackaloo (1 month ago)
The dude is European, not Mexican
Just Sub (1 month ago)
That game is worse than any original xbox game we played kids these days but into garbage
daimon hellstrom (1 month ago)
When does it get funny what's the timestamp
13Wayz (1 month ago)
Thoughts of a Human (1 month ago)
Thoughts of a Human (1 month ago)
6:51 comment top
azkalikesturtles (1 month ago)
6:25 time travelll
icuabc 123 (1 month ago)
Ok, ok ,,,ok,shoot your Pistol.. I hated to see this game end so quick, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.18:58
Marko Räty (1 month ago)
Well that was a pretty good team mate anyway..hope to see more players like he..not salty and very kind one!!
Eduardo Polo (1 month ago)
Steve Theedens (1 month ago)
If all gamer community is like that guy, everyone will play happily, and we can finally have some fun helping each other.
iLL 619 (1 month ago)
Austin Boyd (1 month ago)
What’s this game?
Daniel G. (1 month ago)
Not Mexican, his accent sounds Eastern europeanish
DAVE (1 month ago)
*W H I T E S U P E R I O R I T Y*
Jacob Amidon (1 month ago)
I got someone
Chris Broseph (1 month ago)
Do you know dey way
Reaper 430040 (1 month ago)
So what game is this? and is it only for pc?
Chris Broseph (1 month ago)
Reaper 430040 h1z1 PC game but was also just released on ps4
Bash Em! (1 month ago)
Their coming gg.
Greedy Baron (1 month ago)
yoyo Doc what game is this?
pain (1 month ago)
This really isn't funny at all...
Dee DaDee (1 month ago)
Liked, subbed, and hit the bell. Watched a few of your vids and enjoyed them all thus far. Keep it up!!!
Matt Petch (1 month ago)
lol, now he really thinks youre a chump,,
St0rm Ranger (1 month ago)
If you want I can drove you. Rofl
micah vanbeek (1 month ago)
we all heard docs real voice lol
Anyei Konyak (1 month ago)
LoL you are funny guy man
Zeo11 (1 month ago)
Go Nord
sanasam suvmanta (1 month ago)
what is that game
pygmypoledancer (1 month ago)
does this go towards DrDisRespect or not?
Ulluman (1 month ago)
Doctor D: how do i get in "[E] Enter Vehicle" DenizZoro: F :( 3:50
Aden Young (2 months ago)
For some reason your picture ended up on my phone. It said the picture was taken from my phone at 5:07am. This was on April 14.
MaestrO Frags (2 months ago)
do yo no da wae
Angry Chicken (2 months ago)
jassim al-thani (2 months ago)
5:24 كفو كفو ؟
eyes open (2 months ago)
This shit is funny 😆
Kimboy Pedro (2 months ago)
Why do people make excuses?. Even thought they know they suck!!😂
ANGALVA (2 months ago)
What game is this, still pub g or?
Lol... How u get in....*crow on the background*hahahahaha.....
A.I.R (2 months ago)
whats the best weapon....i dont know the AK.....ehhhhhhhhhhhh. lmao
Richard O (2 months ago)
wow i’m dead😂😂😂
Karl trembath (2 months ago)
This is pubg? The gotta upgrade Xbox.
Karl trembath (2 months ago)
Oh nm. HIz1. I gotta get this
Karl trembath (2 months ago)
Hahaha. That helmet shit is hilarious
boi (2 months ago)
Dude not mexican. Idk what he is but he aint mexican
XxDJ DBOUDAxX (2 months ago)
i killed someone lmao
Blaze__Skywalker (2 months ago)
I think we'll win.lol
Ian Loehwing (2 months ago)
Should call this DrDisRespect plays with Gin Yang from Silicon Valley.
TOTAL WAR TV (2 months ago)
this guy is turk not mexican
chandrakumar nongthombam (2 months ago)
First time lol
Russell Jennings (2 months ago)
Dude what game is that?
Peanut Brain (2 months ago)
An apple a Day keeps the doctor away
Steven Seagull (2 months ago)
Another straight up pubg ripoff... sad...
Chard Feerazz (1 month ago)
WiHawk1 (2 months ago)
WiHawk1 (2 months ago)
3:25 do you no da wae 😂😂😂😂
ökten yıldız (2 months ago)
he is turkish. check deniz, google it.
Palt (2 months ago)
Do you know da way
Rodrigo Alvarez (2 months ago)
How the fuck does anyone think he’s Mexican he’s Arab or some shit lol
Zachary Borja (2 months ago)
I only laughed when he died. lmao

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