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Bioware Assures Mass Effect is Not Dead

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YongYea (8 days ago)
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Jessica Mehrtens (7 days ago)
So. Advise for bioware if they really want to save mass effect. Go back to 3 and FIX the endings. Give us the dark matter story. The promised 16 unique ending. Cause i know i ceased buying ea or bioware after that. The issue started with 3. Fix that. And they might win back alot of people. We still hold the line.
Bourne legacy25gaming (7 days ago)
YongYea yea it's not dead if that's true why did they quickly abandon it in my personal opinion if my baby was like mass effect andromeda I'd bring it back up to date with updates hell bring in DLC and make it worth my time and love it needs and take lesson from the game and make it better and using the unreal engine
Mistress Pirotessa (8 days ago)
There already was a Mass Effect mobile game: http://masseffect.bioware.com/mobile/
Eirexeyes (2 hours ago)
A lot of upspeaking.. Like the way those dumb dumbs from Hollywood speak..
Forexalised (3 hours ago)
Mass Effect is more dead than my Dad's Father.... who died before I was even born. This is what happens when you think putting all your efforts in appealing the casual masses is better than doing games how you used to do them, with passion for gamers by gamers.
Aleksandar Vidaković (4 hours ago)
There will be no more good games, mostly because big developers like Bioware always want to cut corners to make creating games cheaper, so they will let off good developer searching for more money to make a real good game, and leaving employed kiss asses that do not care about the game, only their employment. That is how we got Dragon Age 2, a huge step down, and Dragon Age Inquisition, which is downright stupid and boring, and Andromeda, a tasteless piece of poop. That is how capitalism works. For current game developers, they have found it, up until recent, that it costs less to invest 100 mil$ less in development and 10 mil$ more in PR so nobody sees the poop the game is before they buy it. The same thing happens with Fallout 76 now in Bethesda, they are making people buy the game to test it in beta, it is THAT bad.
d e a t h d r e a m (5 hours ago)
Everyone's got a patreon these days. Give me a fucking break.
Cylant Justice (6 hours ago)
Please please please fix it BioWare. I love the Mass Effect Universe, and it would sadden me greatly for it to go away.
xoltarr424 (6 hours ago)
I felt like Mass Effect Andromeda was treated like the Star Wars KOTOR series. Bioware hit productively with Kotor 1 and then hands it off to Obsidian for part 2. I know that Bioware went to work on the Mass Effect series after kotor 1 in which I absolutely love mass effect. However, I'd rather wait years for a quality game than to buy something sooner and it doesn't remotely live up to hype.
Kat (8 hours ago)
I was not very happy with the ending of mass effect series! Commander Shepard never got to be with Garrus! That I was playing with!
“An unfortunate travesty?” Ahem, Yong... I believe the term you’re looking for is “Dumpster Fire”. The launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda was a “Dumpster Fire”, and believe it or not, that IS Putting it lightly.
Graeme Mcconnell (10 hours ago)
Casey Hudson lied to us before.....
karlmarcs31 (10 hours ago)
It's dead. Bioware just doesn't realize it. Anthem will fail because it will be rushed out and they're out of their element with that game. EA will shut down Bioware. Since Bioware makes Mass Effect, Mass Effect will be dead without Bioware.
Mr.Binks (11 hours ago)
Mass Effect died when you sold out to EA.
Bartosz Skorupa (16 hours ago)
Say what you want EA: Mass Effect is alive post third game just as your claims about singleplayer games being dead.
Mack Peters (17 hours ago)
Tbh andromeda could’ve been better but there wasn’t anything that ruined the game for me and honestly are there any actual complaints other than reiterating facial animations for the millionth time? It just gets to a point where gamers just gotta get over themselves.
gjchgmdm (17 hours ago)
Good! Love all the Mass Effects!
Mike Allen (20 hours ago)
How about Bioware and EA apologize for the butchering of ME:A first. The game had great potential and in my opinion had the best combat mechanics of the games. Allowing EA to cut 6 months of development time was insane as was dissolving an entire division of Bioware. I doubt I will ever support Mass Effect again.
wulfe Argent (20 hours ago)
Mass Effect barely survived the ending of ME3, it is buried beyond chance after the cluster fuck of ME:A and EA abandoning Single player DLC and patches
Ateesh James (21 hours ago)
But PLAYERS assure it is.....
PlatinumG101 (1 day ago)
Yongyea. Let me re-confirm, it’s dead. Andromeda was the funeral.
DRmaechen (1 day ago)
But can EA assure Bioware's not dead?
Ben Walker (1 day ago)
Dont forget EA has control, they wont be given more than 2 years for Mass Effect or Dragon Age. Will force them to pump it out with less time
mdredheadguy1979 (1 day ago)
No, just let Mass Effect stay dead!!!! No more!!!
zaLinuxDev (1 day ago)
Of they insist on catering towards feminists and SJWs then I'm sorry, but it is. And then so is their studio, soon.
Glenn Turner (1 day ago)
Casey can suck his own dick!!!! ME was not broken so why did they have to change it for the worse???? Because that's what idiots do!! They take something that works just fine then fuck it right up!!!! Couldn't even finish playing ME andromeda due to the bugs... These ass clown game devs are raking in our cash and for what??? Total shit!!!!! Better off reading a book for entertainment these days as my imagination won't crash or stall out like all new games do these days. Fuck EA!!!
Luke Luke (1 day ago)
There is only one Mass effect that would be worth it for me at this point. Continuing Shepard's story.
MrHustler (1 day ago)
As long as they make the next one better I will be happy!
acetraker1988 (1 day ago)
Mass Effect Survive coming SOON TM
eric tyson (1 day ago)
It might not be dead to Bioware, but it's dead to the rest of us
Jake Goodwin (1 day ago)
As a for hard fan who knows by heart the majority of the lore, politics, history of almost everything developed in the games... I sorta don't want EA to further damage it.
Darryl Wallace (2 days ago)
Mass Effect 2 was a great game and I consider it to be the best one. However, I would like to see Mass Effect 3 and 4 get re-made. All three endings of the third game were pretty bad, and the fourth one was just a disappointment from start to finish. If both games are remade, I’d like to see Shepard and the gang stay alive in the third one, and come back into the fourth one, and have the story involve Shepard trying to unite the Alliance and Cerberus
jenerix (2 days ago)
Let it die please, it's memory doesn't need to be spat on any more.
Dr DreadHead (2 days ago)
They should've stuck with the Commander Shepard story line. Once they announced that they were going into a complete new direction in Andromeda, I figured it would be crap. Which is disappointing if they're done making ME. I enjoyed the trilogy. I do still believe they can bounce back and come up with a better game in the future. Tough to write them off because of one game.
Aljeane A (2 days ago)
I just hope commander Shepard and the gang hopped on the qunari ark a year later.
AnarchyJesus (2 days ago)
fuck u Bioware make the andromeda dlc if its not dead
Lucky Smokes (2 days ago)
Mass Effect: Androgynous was the work of SJWs with even having a Dev spewing racist shit about whites.
Thomas Bargas (2 days ago)
Unless Anthem doesn't make "enough" money for EA and they kill Bioware.
Serafine (2 days ago)
Coming soon: Mass Effect Mobile "because players want it"
2024 seems about right for Mass Effect '5'.
WhiteHazeGruntz (3 days ago)
Its dead after them swearing campaign dlcs n then selling dlc edition n then after release saying ya so we took ur money n decided to be liars and not release campaign dlcs now. Like i only bought for campaign. So they royally screwed me after personally telling me it have that. Idc if they make another game. I aint never gonna buy crap that says mass affect on the title. Idc if its good. They owe me after that last thing n they aint gonna make it up. So im done
YukitoOnline (3 days ago)
Please guys... Stop buying EA games... So they'd FEEL our WRATH
Usul Muhadiv (3 days ago)
they trying to sold Anthem...
Andrew Zollweg (3 days ago)
The real question is if Bioware is dead. EA just made the a Husk.
Pedro G Cominal (3 days ago)
Just as Command and Conquer isnt dead, right guys? face it casey, Bioware is finished when Anthem bombs
khamza111 (3 days ago)
I can't help but believe in Hudson and his team to bring Mass Effect back. I still remember watching the ME1 documentary on my x360 for the first time, seeing all the passionate souls working to bring it to life. I'll wait for you, Mass Effect.
SGuy OuttaNoWhere (3 days ago)
Are they going to completely re-master/re-edit that last craptastic episode called Andromeda?  Are they going to give a discount to those that actually purchased it the first time  (heck 10 to 15 dollars would be something) as they try to make amends?  No.. didn't think so.  After episode 3 of the original it will take a lot to get many to give it another shot.  I like may others was waiting to see what they produced that  could lure me back.  In the end, glad I never spent the money.
Joe Locker (3 days ago)
really liked these games till they make the main character a pussy with no options then I lost interest.an the last one felt to childish for me anyway. the only option I remember in the game was should a bitch run a city or a gay French guy and do u like ur dad or not.boring as Fuck.
Yes, Bioware: it's dead. You can stop lying now.
Guys! Bioware is 'totally' the company we all used to love! You all just hate change, amirite (sarcasm)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HszbOsSztFk&list=PL5Xmaffy27HCCGLCcEcN3RbaoG1IQFqJ3&index=121&t=0s
Buki Regalado (3 days ago)
With Bioware and EA at the helm, it might as well be.
Caio Caldas (3 days ago)
Why there's no battle tanks in Mass effec ? obs: Mako vehicle don't count.
ARC Trooper Nox (3 days ago)
I know its 2018 but talking about a possible 2024 release window just makes me feel like we should have some flying cars or some crap...
BlackSkullArmor (4 days ago)
Please god no. Let it die. Just let it die in peace.
Owen B (4 days ago)
Well i enjoyed Andromeda much more than Final Fantasy XV and im a big fan of both
IllusiveSR2 (4 days ago)
That's great and all, but I'm not buying another BioWare game that isn't Mass Effect.
Spunky Brewster (4 days ago)
And Lucasfilm insists that Star Wars isn't dead either. Also, if Mass Effect was Hudson's baby, why did he he allow the babysitter to shake it to death?
Yes it is, anthem will fail and ea will murk you dawg
Kira Reilly (4 days ago)
You're not dead yet commander...Get back up...And....SUFFERRRRR!!!!1!!111!!!11!
Kong King (4 days ago)
nope its dead
Autumn Wolf Anna (4 days ago)
Everyone else will tell you IT IS dead
liquidangelus (4 days ago)
Wow Mass Effect in 2024, that'll mean my boycott of EA games will be at 11 years. #BoycottEA
Wray Day (4 days ago)
Maybe ArenaNet can swing by Bioware and clean up their SJW problem for them.
TheShadowOfHumanity (4 days ago)
What they mean is they are going to make more garbage spin-offs for quick cash grabs. 50 bucks says they do a shitty mmo.
Jaime Hing (4 days ago)
You die at Mass Effect 2 or live long enough to become Mass Effect: Andromeda
Happy Heretic (4 days ago)
Not to raise any concerns, but doesn't it sound quite like Bullfrog's Dungeon Keeper? EA bought Bullfrog while they were working on DK3, EA froze the development to "work on bigger projects" and then Bullfrog and the Dungeon Keeper series got officially killed. And now all we have left is a short, old teaser of a Dungeon Keeper we will never see.
Ryuko E. Lee (4 days ago)
SJW Studio, everything they make will be trashy failures weighted down in leftist propaganda.
TankedThomas (4 days ago)
"It's not dead, we just buried it six feet under." - Bioware
Nathan R (4 days ago)
I had more fun exploring in Andromeda than working on the main campaign. The main story was cliched and typical and I really didn't like it much. The quests that went with the explored zones, however, were more interesting. I can't remember which planet it was, but one of them was covered in ice, and you had to do a long quest chain to enter this cave, where you found this ancient AI inside that tries to gaslight you into letting it live when you find out that it's causing some kind of harm. You had to make a major story decision about how to deal with it. That was such a cool story (literally). I wanted more of that.
Eric Wagstaff (4 days ago)
I have no doubt that Casey Hudson wants to go back to Mass Effect, but would it make sense under the new EA model. EA has been very adamant in their stock holder meeting that they are only publishing games with some sort of live service or monetization over the life of the game, aka multiplayer only type games. This means the days of Bioware making a single player story driven RPG are over, and why Anthem was conceived, and Andromeda was thrown under the bus to begin with. The main reason Mass Effect is on hold, and probably dead, is because they don’t know how to move forward with a franchise that pretty much requires the type of game they are not allowed to make anymore. If Mass Effect was to come back it may have to sit in something like the Anthem model, which sacrifices story elements for shared world multiplayer. To me, that wouldn’t feel like a Mass Effect game and would sour the franchise. The real test is going to depend on what happens with Anthem’s story and how it gets integrated and is perceived. If somehow, they can pull it off but that’s a huge maybe. In my opinion, Anthem’s story will be second fiddle to the “world” and serve as an intro maybe a few hours then be over. Bottom line if the Anthem’s story sucks or feels like a bolt on, don’t be surprised if Dragon Age and Mass Effect are never heard from again.
Jarrod Aruseanoex (4 days ago)
Yes the one problem it hade with faces amazing ruin entire franchise idk why they recover Serious problem with game were blast out proportions this why I ignore reviews Glade hear mass effect not dead because most people hade one complaint about a good game Edit:also say not live up to last mass effect not valit complaint because it a new Galaxy not mass effect 4
Helldog_spawn Gaming (4 days ago)
Thing is, given EA being EA, Mass Effect should have concluded before Andromeda.
7synns (5 days ago)
"Bioware Assures Mass Effect is Not Dead" ... it should be
Han Yolo (5 days ago)
No, I'm pretty sure Bioware killed the series.
DarkBerserker Gaming (5 days ago)
It should have stayed dead tbh for the IP own good.
Maluzius Network (5 days ago)
Joke. Mass Effect may not be dead. But Bioware seems to be. Ay
Chuck (5 days ago)
it had squeal fever. They left to many loose threads. Instead of telling a tight story and setup up a story, they wanted to buy DLC to fill the gaps in. Which might have work if we cared about the characters
Gtl Ridge (5 days ago)
It might as well be dead. Lets face it, the talented people that used to be at Bioware are long gone. We will never see another Mass Effect game equal or atleast close to as good as Mass Effect 2. So yall can just erase that pipe dream from your mind.
An 3pic Hippo (5 days ago)
Well it fucking should be. It was my favorite game series and it has been ruined. Just let the damn thing rest in piece. (and I'm not just talking about the launch issues)
tlove21 (5 days ago)
They could even go back to the original story and introduce new heroes. The survivors of the reaper invasion, a story on rebuilding and reclaiming worlds overrun by leftover reapers and mutant creatures. Possibilities are endless with Mass Effect.
Dave Langton (5 days ago)
My father is dead. He made me his successor :D
TVD- The Remedy (5 days ago)
Well, for Mass Effect’s sake, I hope the team that made the last one is dead...
Shoo Go away (5 days ago)
U know.. it’s kinda suspect how EA attains these ips and studios and almost purposely sets them up to fail miserably so that they can inconspicuously pull the plug
George Jones (5 days ago)
There is a thing called remaster, they could remaster the game make the game that you were going to make ,remake the dialogue put paragon and renegade back where it was make it a mass effect game again....combat is good but it could be better ,and there could of been two or three more squad mates ...revamping the game could help you give us that quarian arc dlc you rip me and the other fans off
NikolaiSlapabitch (5 days ago)
When they get back mass effect they just need to act like andromeda never happened..... really.... the best they came up with was blue twileaks from Star Wars fighting green twileaks over who got to play with the forerunner tech from halo..... really shallow story. Credit where credit is due I did enjoy the combat system still really miss all the guns and mod options and RPG feel ME1 had in terms of loot system
Jack Burt (5 days ago)
Hang on...wasn't Edmonton's interference one of the causes for the poor quality of Andromeda? Last I checked they kept poking at Montreal during development...
That Guy (5 days ago)
Anthems gonna suck
James Crimson (5 days ago)
>Mass Effect isn't dead >Krogan head displayed like a trophy Really should've chosen a different prop....
Mark Stone (5 days ago)
Ironic that Bioware announces something not dead given Bioware has been dead since 2007.
Alex Quaesar (5 days ago)
Why let it suffer any more?
Miguel Vd (5 days ago)
God I hope they make a new quality game. I played me3 without playing the other games a long time ago which was a mistake. Now I finished me2 and now about to finish me3. It’s literally the best series I’ve ever played. Andromeda wasn’t as much fun but I still enjoyed it
DarkRipper117 (5 days ago)
I honestly felt something break inside me when I saw how they defiled C&C corpse there for all to see, that they don't have the most minimal respect for a title that was great back on its glory days.... just goes to show you how greed takes over ones dignity....in this case EAs lost soul.!!!!!
The Jam Man (5 days ago)
diego cordioli (5 days ago)
Anthem killed Mass Effect, now we must Kill Anthem to make Mass Effect come back.
Remigius Polański (5 days ago)
Mass effect already died , all they can do is ressurect it .
DarkRipper117 (5 days ago)
Remigius Polański in a form of a Mobile title? nope..... it's best to let it rest in peace instead of turning it into a travesty like a Mobile title!!!!
Blaze (5 days ago)
Cant they just start a new story? We had enough of the ryders's shit and enough bad moments. Make andromeda a spin off
King Daddy C-Mac (6 days ago)
Maybe we will get the original trilogy remastered while we wait
King Daddy C-Mac (3 days ago)
Well thats depressing
Eric Wagstaff (3 days ago)
That would be awesome, but if I'm not mistaken I heard Microsoft still holds the publishing rights to ME1 which is why that would never happen as that game is the one that needs it the most.
Benjamin Anderson (6 days ago)
Ea stop ruining our games :(
Schizo Player (6 days ago)
Bioware may be eager to get back to the Mass Effect universe but is EA?
Eric Wagstaff (3 days ago)
I'm sure they would be if you built it into a live service or multiplayer model. I'm pretty sure this is why Bioware came up with a new IP, Anthem, instead using ME or DA. Bioware knew this model wouldn't work for those franchises, or at least that it would piss off most of the fan base. This is also why those franchises are in limbo because they don't know how to move forward with them.
Adde 1997 (6 days ago)
Let´s hope that next game involves more space fights like the end of ME3.
Gerdie Nurhadi (6 days ago)
2019 E3 : "Here is our new take on Mass Effect , Mass Effect Mobile with P2W mechanics ! Enjoy ! "
Hugh J. Ness (6 days ago)
Sell mass effect to CD projekt.......

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