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The Impossible Quiz.

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Text Comments (38237)
TheMintyTurtle (8 hours ago)
2:04 IM CRYING!!!😂😂😂
my birthday in December 2nd совпадение???
Pratik Poudel (2 days ago)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=COkHiJXU4so here are answers
COC FAN (2 days ago)
See this 'in his hand' there are seven letter in 'his hand'
Alexander5 (4 days ago)
ExplodingGarbage (5 days ago)
The 7th letter of thealp*H*abet is *h*
ThunderBreather (5 days ago)
"I have eaten a yellow glove and tastes like yellow glove" Best Quote Ever
JumperCat TM (6 days ago)
7th letter of the alphabet is h.. seventH?
Krish Goel (6 days ago)
Part toooooo
I HAVE ONLY MADE IT TO QUESTION 107 WITH THE SKIPS. I saw the update that there are now Moron Marks (Checkpoints).
Latest Movies (7 days ago)
what is the name of this quiz i wanna play
Camelia Rosioru (7 days ago)
its a pun, chews food, choose food, it ryhmes
Andreea's FunWorld (7 days ago)
On question 19 you didn't have to search boogy because you could know it from his name in order B for blue O for orange O for orange again G for green and Y for yellow
Andreea's FunWorld (7 days ago)
On question 16 it was "H" because if you count the last two words "the alphabet" the 7th letter in them two words was "H"
Andreea's FunWorld (7 days ago)
On question 11 it was the grandma teeth because chose comes form chew
Andreea's FunWorld (7 days ago)
On question 9 pewdiepie was confused cause he cliked the right one and he did but the one with the right answer had an arow pointing to the answer to question 2 and said that one
Pixel Ejder (8 days ago)
10:06 its wingdings
Zuzuki-chan (9 days ago)
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lill gabriela (9 days ago)
im just here because pug
ReineDesChats Undercat (10 days ago)
Question 45 : potatos fly. 1: indeed 2: W RONG 3: Why not? 4: ROLF
Voltaik Thunder (10 days ago)
10:06 gaster!!!
Antonio Beltran (11 days ago)
Henru Not Henru (11 days ago)
Choose food sounds like chews food
Daniel justixe (11 days ago)
The 7th letter is g
ErkiPerki (11 days ago)
Classic Pewdiepie
imyourcocoapuffer (11 days ago)
I finally understand the Mary Rose question 😂
Ryan Jones (12 days ago)
When he did not look like a homeless cunt
Virus EXE (14 days ago)
108=4 8 15 16 23 42 was in the vid question 48 I think anywho do any of you know the reference
nina kiknavelidze (15 days ago)
Your genious
jsbd hsvsbs (15 days ago)
8:01 can't get it help
2ez4 Fikri (16 days ago)
2k18 recommended video
SuperNova (16 days ago)
Artists stuff (17 days ago)
choose food= chews food= teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG HOW DID I NOT GET THAT
Ìsräféēl xD (17 days ago)
Any one? 2018
FearTheDear34 (18 days ago)
i Cry every time i watch old Pewds
Momchil fan of ninjago (19 days ago)
On question 16 What is the 7th letter of the alphabet they mean in the word the alphabet.
Chelsie Protz (19 days ago)
This in my opinion is Felix at his best😂
JamesTheGamingBoy YT (19 days ago)
"oh look, a fucking Spingebib"
Aim Doggu (20 days ago)
Rip 2013 pewds
Potato (21 days ago)
Still laughing my ass here. Alone. I guess. ;_; .
Nikoletta (23 hours ago)
Potato you aren't 😂
xxAlicexx (1 day ago)
Potato noup
Youtrippin Gt (1 day ago)
Potato no
Potato (11 days ago)
Νικος Βογια Ty
Νικος Βογια (11 days ago)
Potato here I am too
Purria Chan (21 days ago)
the alp*H*abet.
cookie crisp (22 days ago)
I’m in the future
Alisa Dales (22 days ago)
Choose food = chews food
Alice Beddoes (22 days ago)
This is so cringy haha choose food = chews food = teeth. 7th letter if The Alphabet = the alph. There is logic to the questions 😂
Hyper Hex (22 days ago)
The denchers (Felix: Grandma Teeth) look like shredded cheese whenever you put your mouse on it
Raquel Azmitia (22 days ago)
I'm watching this in 2018 like if you watch this in 2018
Robocop _YT (23 days ago)
SuperNova (23 days ago)
arvidsniper (23 days ago)
2018 ???? june
Martín Rodriguez (23 days ago)
Good old times.
MrTrex oOoOo (23 days ago)
Choose food - chews food, OMEGA FACEPALM
Bella Beattie (23 days ago)
Chews food Felix im so disappointed in you
Bella Beattie (23 days ago)
SpiringStone360 - (23 days ago)
Choose food *chews* food
Elite Moses (23 days ago)
Answer to question 10 Choose(chews) food.
JulilaLitten xx (23 days ago)
Follow me
Marcie Law (23 days ago)
Massive Cunt (24 days ago)
This makes me feel suicidal
Omer Neyse (24 days ago)
0:0 stfu old pewds
Chili Cheeze (24 days ago)
Wow, you can just see how he didn't enjoy making this video in the beginning, but he covered it up by a joke. Kind of sad, glad he's way happier and better now
samiksha pandey (24 days ago)
I think the answer to the number of letters question was seven Because the word HIS HAND contains seven letters H, I, S, H, A, N, andD!
lakshay pawar (24 days ago)
I miss the old days
GET_REKT!! (24 days ago)
it chews food dumb one
Big Boy (24 days ago)
Massive Cunt (24 days ago)
Big Boy kill your self
Daniel Xsim (24 days ago)
What a fuckin ni-
Decoy Man (24 days ago)
Old videos! Better than new ones!
Decoy Man (23 days ago)
Massive Cunt You're right but dreaming does not cost anything, I prefer the old pewdiepie that played more games and was more natural and less professional and you prefer the current pewdiepie
Massive Cunt (24 days ago)
Decoy Man isn't that enough?! He has gave us every breath and cell in his brain do you see him trying in this video it's terrible him today yea its stupid but it's what we can get and make content for him so he can make better content just complaining Bout 2012-2014 pewds and just appreciate the memes and 2018 original content... There isnt much left
Decoy Man (24 days ago)
The actual pewdiepie is all pew news and stupid memes, I miss when he was a little more funny
Massive Cunt (24 days ago)
Kill yourself
Dreams Died (24 days ago)
Decoy Man that's a sin to say that
Dylan Layne Does STUFF (24 days ago)
And now we have a jack films wannabe
LizardMane (25 days ago)
why was it H ?
Daft Ninimuggin (25 days ago)
hindukush (25 days ago)
someone watching in 2k18?
Daft Ninimuggin (25 days ago)
Heri Purnomo (25 days ago)
Too hard to thinking or maybe too easy to thinking
Saska Princess (25 days ago)
AshCat Gaming (25 days ago)
Watching in 2019
Kharma Hatcher (25 days ago)
Polo shirt you retard
KRANJONJA GAMING (25 days ago)
3:47 loool
Snowy love Love (26 days ago)
Choose is pronounced "chews" so ur welcome
xXKriler01 Xx (26 days ago)
Subscribe to me pls
JustForTheFunGuys Hi' (27 days ago)
Hello from 2019
Duong Phan (27 days ago)
Btw in question number 33 how many letters in:his hand his=3 letters hand=4 letters
Justin Fly (27 days ago)
what the fuck the answer is n?!?!?!!?!?!
Ayana R (27 days ago)
choose food *_chews food_* i feel like someone did this too sry
it`s bob (27 days ago)
Who's watching in 2k18?😶
Alia Salvatore (28 days ago)
0:00 here he already shows a sign that he’s getting sick of it
imAna (28 days ago)
Droobloski (28 days ago)
It said choose food So chews food
Selena Ivanovic (28 days ago)
kyutie did just fine, you dissapoint me
Maya Jacobs (1 month ago)
Watch Collins Key to know the answer of why the answer is the answer for number 10
ENDERGAMER (1 month ago)
the square of onion. Nice math poods
Mani Fitness (1 month ago)
James Hewitt (1 month ago)
This is the best play through on Pewds's channel.
eminem _ (1 month ago)
I miss old pew
STEVE SMITH (1 month ago)
i dunno why but i hate it when u say my name is PEWDIEPIE arrrrrghhhh...
AetherMinecraft225 (1 month ago)
orgas.. no wait...
Mason Robot (1 month ago)
What j
Aidan Baughman (1 month ago)
2018. Dang he looks different now...
Zayzek (1 month ago)
Teo Laurich (1 month ago)
wow these are shit. im happy he changed
Teo Laurich (24 days ago)
Rosalie Stewart well, its true
Rosalie Stewart (24 days ago)
Teo Laurich LMAO. Now this comment is different than the others
Zorbzy (1 month ago)
2013. FLIP
Star Johnson (1 month ago)
Nikoletta (23 hours ago)
Star Johnson same
xxAlicexx (1 day ago)
Crunchy Dash (6 days ago)
no when u drag ur mouse to it . It will look like hamburger and pommes frites
JammOW (15 days ago)
omg my life is a lie
hila kleiner (25 days ago)
A Long Yellow Thing i used to think it was because it looked like cheese idk
Techno Play (1 month ago)
I genuinely think that pewds searched it up on.. *YO TENGO*
Emma Romilly (1 month ago)
The 9th one was because 'that one' was the second that one The 10th one was because 'chews food'
Harpreet Singh (1 month ago)
7th letter of "The Alphabet". Count the 7th alphabet in it.
Hey Jeffrey Tilialo. Yeah I'm talking to u.👹 I'm watching it

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